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Ad Blockers for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

While some web ads are unobtrusive, others are really annoying. If you’re tired of seeing web ads, you can install adblock extensions in every major web browser and never see another ad again. Obligatory notice: blocking ads prevents web publishers from supporting themselves, ad revenue is what pays the bills for websites like this one … Read More

Fix for “Close Firefox: A copy of Firefox is already open.” error

“Close Firefox – A copy of Firefox is already open. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time.” You may have gotten this message if Firefox has recently crashed or you killed the process. The reason this error is appearing is likely because there is a lock file on your Firefox profile. … Read More

How to block a website from Safari, Firefox, or Chrome

Do you want to keep yourself or your employees from wasting time on certain websites? Maybe you don’t want your child to see some of the virtual trashbins of the internet? By editing the /etc/hosts systems file, you can block any website, and here’s how to do it.

Use Firefox to Stop Annoying Web Encounters

MouseOver popups, self-starting blasting audio, auto-refreshing webpages, random sound effects, obnoxious flash ads, resizing of your browser window… oh the web is filled with all sorts of things that are sure to annoy web browsers a world over. Lifehacker came up witha great list of fixes that you can implement in Firefox to reduce the … Read More

View PDF’s inside Firefox with the Firefox-Mac-PDF browser extension

I like Safari but find myself in Firefox nearly always because of a multitude of reasons. One thing I’ve long missed though is the ability to view PDF’s within the browser within Firefox, which Safari does wonderfully. If you’re tired of Firefox launching the Preview app (or even worse if you’re settings are different: Acrobat), … Read More

Run Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 simultaneously

Life is officially easier for front-end web developers, you can now easily test browser compatibility by running Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 concurrently with a great utility called MultiFirefox. Simply install MultiFirefox, then rename one of the Firefox applications (to say, Firefox 3), and upon launch you can select either application version to run. MultiFirefox … Read More

Instant On-Page Text Search in Firefox with This Easy Tip

Here’s a really cool Firefox tip that was just passed along to me that allows you to instantly search on page text. Here’s how this works: You can instantly search for any text on a web page by hitting the forward slash and typing that word. So for example, you want to find “Firefox” on … Read More

Enable Spell Checking in Firefox Text Input Fields

Here’s a great Firefox tip that I think you’ll appreciate as much as I do, which allows for a spell checking function in web based input forms. To accomplish this, you’ll start by editing an entry within the about:config configuration menu of Firefox, where you can enable spell checking in text input fields. For example, … Read More

Learn a Firefox Keyboard Shortcut to Retrieve Closed Tabs

Ever closed a browser tab in Firefox and wished you hadn’t done so? A simple keystroke can retrieve that closed browser tab! I can’t count the number of times I have been closing windows or tabs and have accidentally a tab that I wanted kept open. In the past, it has been annoying at best … Read More

15 Must Know Firefox Shortcuts for Mac

Firefox is a great web browser for Mac that offers a lot of benefits, and one way to really improve your Firefox experience is to learn and master some keyboard shortcuts for Firefox on Mac OS. Whether you use Firefox as your default Mac web browser, or as just one of a variety of other … Read More

How to disable tab scrolling in Firefox 2

One of my biggest peeves with Firefox 2 is how the tab system works with the scroll bar. Prior to version 2, tabs would squish in size to accommodate more. Being a tab heavy user I found this to be perfectly adequate and I got used to how it works. Enter Firefox 2; instead of … Read More

How to Disable browser window auto-resizing in Firefox

Hate it when a web site resizes your browser window? In Firefox, you can stop that. While development etiquette has generally made web browsing a more pleasant experience over the years, removing such horrors as blinking text and the background midi. Unfortunately, there are a few annoyances still left on web sites, and one of … Read More

How to disable automatic image resizing in Firefox

Tim Russell, the man behind the disabling favicon tip for Firefox, sent us another good Firefox tidbit today: “The worst thing about Firefox is undoubtedly that any image larger than your browser size is automatically resized, which has the effect of distorting pictures and generally being annoying. For some reason, Firefox didn’t include the ability … Read More

How to Disable favicon Support in Firefox

Don’t like favicons in Firefox? You can disable the showing of Favicons in Firefox with a settings adjustment. Tim Russell writes in with this tip: “If there’s one thing I hate about websites out there it’s the accompanying favicon’s that litter my browser tabs and bookmarks menu. Surely I’m not the only one that dislikes … Read More

New optimized Mac-Firefox builds available

The folks at the Beatnik Pad have released new builds of Firefox The Firefox update includes many security fixes some of which were deemed “critical”. For those of you are unfamiliar with Beatnik Pad’s Firefox’s builds, they are optimized at compile time for the G4, G5 and the x86 Mac OS X architectures. Beatnik … Read More

How to Ignore Cache When Refreshing Web Pages in Safari, Firefox, Chrome

There are many occasions where you may need to refresh a webpage and that web sites cache, ignoring any locally stored cache files on the Mac so that you can pull a fresh version of a website from the web browser. Being able to ignore existing cached pages when loading a website is very useful … Read More

How to Set Default Web Browser in MacOS Sonoma

If you’re wondering how you can set the default web browser in macOS Sonoma to something else, maybe to Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or perhaps even back to Safari, you’ll find that it is relatively easy to do so. However, like so many other adjustments and tweaks to the latest macOS versions, it is different compared … Read More

Fix “Gmail is having authentication problems. Some features may not work.” Error

Some Gmail web client users may occasionally see a red error message at the top of their Gmail inbox that says “Gmail is having authentication problems. Some features may not work. Try logging in to fix the problem.” The error can persist sometimes even on a logged in account, and if you have logged back … Read More