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How to Enable Siri on iPad

Sep 20, 2012 - 29 Comments
Siri on iPad 3

Siri has made it’s way onto iPad thanks to modern iOS and it’s actually one of the best reasons to upgrade to a newer device. Though you should see the option to enable Siri during the first reboot and basic setup after updating to a new iOS version getting a brand new iPad, if you … Read More

New iPad “Do It All” Commercial

Jun 19, 2012 - 6 Comments
iPad 3 "Do It All" commercial

Apple has begun to air a new iPad commercial, focusing on a variety of tasks being accomplished through various apps on the 3rd generation iPad. The narration says: “Send a note. Stay informed. Catch a show. Make your point. Make a memory. Make a… masterpiece. Read something. Watch something. And learn something. Do it all … Read More

Save High Resolution Images from Safari on iPad 3 Despite Downsampling

May 28, 2012 - Leave a Comment
iPad 3 Safari downsamples high resolution images but you can save high quality pictures anyway

Have you ever noticed that some very high resolution images are downsampled when viewed on the iPad 3 in Safari? With certain image file types, high resolution pictures that are larger than 1700×1400 or so will be shrunk down and not display at any greater resolution within Safari, not even sizing up to the native … Read More

How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on iOS 5.1.1 with Absinthe 2.0

May 25, 2012 - 47 Comments
How to Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 with Absinthe 2.0

The newly released Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak app may be one of the easiest to use jailbreaking tools of all time. If you’re interested in exploring the jailbreak world or running third party tweaks on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, here is how to jailbreak any such device that is running iOS 5.1.1, yes that … Read More

13 Beautiful High Resolution Retina Wallpapers for the New iPad

Mar 24, 2012 - 11 Comments
Spring leaves wallpaper

Looking for some gorgeous high resolution images for your new iPad? Here are a handful of gorgeous retina wallpapers, each measuring 2048×2048 pixels. Click on any of the images below for a full sized version, though some of the links go to InterfaceLift and the iPad 2048×2048 version must be selected manually from their drop-down … Read More

Solution to the iPad 3 Heat Problem [Humor]

Mar 23, 2012 - 13 Comments
iPad 3 in the snow

If your iPad 3 is getting too hot to handle, the solution is to use the iPad outdoors in three feet of snow. Three feet of snow is required because there is a direct correlation between the iPad generation and the amount of snow required to cool the device, thus iPad 3 requires 3 feet … Read More

How to Quickly Fix iPad 3 Wi-Fi Reception Problems

Mar 21, 2012 - 83 Comments
iPad 3 No Reception

If your new iPad 3 has poor wi-fi reception, you’re not alone. After getting a shiny new iPad 3rd gen, I immediately noticed it wasn’t registering any bars of wireless reception, and wi-fi was strangely slow regardless of the network I joined or the distance to the router. It must be defective and I should … Read More

iPad 3 Jailbroken Already

Mar 16, 2012 - 6 Comments
Jailbroken iPad 3

The new iPad 3 is barely getting into peoples hands but has already been jailbroken by renowned hacker @MuscleNerd (BTW, you can follow us on Twitter too). At this point, it’s more a proof of concept and MuscleNerd cautions it’s “Just a first step, still lots of work to do!” There is no estimate on … Read More

How to Transfer Everything from an Old iPad to New iPad

Mar 16, 2012 - 49 Comments
Restore from iCloud Backup

So you just upgraded to a new iPad, and you want to move all of your apps, pictures, settings, and data from an old iPad to the new iPad, right? Doing this is easy, you can go the post-PC route with iCloud (recommended), or the old fashioned way with iTunes, we’ll show you both. Transfer … Read More

Get a New iPad 3 Tonight at Midnight from Walmart, 15-25 iPads in Stock Per Store

Mar 15, 2012 - 7 Comments
Walmart iPads

Walmart was listed in our “where to buy a new iPad” post as a good place to get the third gen iPad, but today they sent out an email to several sites stating they will actually start selling the hotly anticipated device tonight at 12:01AM local time. This means if you want to beat the … Read More

iPad 3 Reviews Roundup

Mar 15, 2012 - 2 Comments
New iPad 3 Reviews Roundup

Early reviews of the new third generation iPad are starting to appear and they’re all pretty much glowing. Whether you’re still trying to figure out which model to get and where to buy one or you just want to pass the time until the FedEx truck arrives this Friday, take a peak at a handful … Read More

Where to Buy a New iPad 3

Mar 14, 2012 - 5 Comments
iPad 3

Update 3/15/2012: Walmart will begin selling the new iPad tonight at midnight, 12:01AM local time. We confirmed this with several Walmart stores, each apparently has about 15-25 units on hand. The new iPad will be released this Friday at 8AM. As usual with a new iPad or iPhone release, you can expect to see some … Read More

iPad 3 Benchmarks Show 1GB RAM and 1GHz Processor

Mar 13, 2012 - 9 Comments
iPad 3 Benchmarks with Geekbench

The iPad 3 has been benchmarked to reveal tech specs of 1GB of RAM and an A5X 1GHz processor. The RAM is double that offered by its predecessor, and the CPU appears the same as that found in iPad 2’s A5 chip, suggesting the only major changes to the processor are in graphics capabilities. Benchmarks … Read More

Which iPad 3 Should You Get?

Mar 8, 2012 - 74 Comments
Which iPad 3 Should You Get

The new iPad is a beautiful thing and will attract many more people to the platform, and so the big question is; which iPad 3 should you get? The answer is pretty simple: buy the 16GB Wi-Fi model. Here are four reasons the base model is perfect, and an attempt to answer questions about color … Read More

iOS 5.1 Released [Direct Download Links]

Mar 7, 2012 - 55 Comments
iOS 5.1 Download

iOS 5.1 has been released, alongside the new iPad 3 and new Apple TV. The update brings a variety of new features and bug fixes to iOS including the ability to delete images from Photo Stream, camera shortcut visible by default on lock screen, improved camera face detection, Japanese language support for Siri, genius mixes … Read More

Pre-Order the New iPad Now, Release Date is March 16

Mar 7, 2012 - 12 Comments
New iPad release date

The all new iPad (iPad 3?) has just been announced, and pre-orders start now March 7! The actual release date is March 16, and you can expect the traditionally giant lines and sell-outs as usual. because of this, pre-ordering is highly recommended if you don’t want to wait in lines at Apple Stores, or deal … Read More

New iPad 3 Features, Specs, & Prices

Mar 7, 2012 - 33 Comments
New iPad

The new iPad has been announced by Apple! As expected, it has an amazing retina display, a big performance boost, and a new model with high-speed 4G LTE capabilities alongside the standard Wi-Fi fare. Here are some more details of the latest iPad: iPad 3 Features & Specs Here is what we know about the … Read More

iPad 3 Release Set for March 16?

Mar 6, 2012 - 5 Comments
iPad 3 Release Date

The next iPad may be released to the public on Friday, March 16, just 9 days after the products launch. It remains unclear whether pre-orders will be possible before then. This information comes to us from 9to5mac, who cites a reliable source within Apple Stores who noted that significant preparations are being made for an … Read More

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