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How to Get Discounts on Apple Products

Where to get discounts on Apple products

Apple makes some of the best tech gadgets, phones, and computers out there, but devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and AirPods, do not come cheap. Thus, it’s completely reasonable to be looking for deals on Apple products, and wondering how to get a discount on Apple stuff, whether it’s buying a discounted MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or anything else in their product lineup. Who wants to pay full price when you can get a discount and save some money?

We routinely post deals on Apple products on our Deals pages here, but those deals change quickly so if you see something you’d like, you generally want to act quickly. Apple product discounts are elusive, but we’re going to cover several different ways you can get discounts on Apple products. If you’re in the market for buying some new Apple gear at discounted prices, whether it’s an iPad, AirPods, MacBook Air, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or even accessories, don’t miss out.

Buy Discounted Apple Products from Amazon

Amazon is one of the single best places to get consistent discounts on Apple products, with a dedicated Amazon Apple Store. Not only does Amazon routinely take $50-$200 off the price of brand new MacBook computers, iMacs, Mac Mini, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, AirPods, and Apple Watch, but you can sometimes find whopper deals that are marked down as much as 25% off.

The best part about Apple discounts at Amazon is that everyone is eligible for them, and you typically don’t need any discount coupon codes or promo codes to get the deals.

Buying Discounted Apple Products Directly from Apple

Several groups of people are eligible for discounts when buying directly from Apple, and that includes students, educators, military, and veterans.

Student, Teacher, and Education Discounts on Apple Products

Apple offers generous discounts to students, educators, faculty, staff, teachers, homeschool teachers, college students and their parents (including university, college, many trade schools, and community college). These discounts are typically available on the honor system, and do not require verification, which is convenient if you’re recently accepted or enrolled at a school and don’t have an associated email there yet, or if you’re a new hire, etc.

It’s fairly common for the education stores to take 5%, 10%, even 15% off of new Apple products. This can translate to roughly $100 off something like a MacBook Air, or even up to $200 or $300 on a high end MacBook Pro. Plus, Apple’s education discount system works for upgrades, so if you’re interested in getting more RAM or SSD storage, you’ll see some discounts on those hardware upgrades during your configuration as well.

Bonus Discounts: Apple’s Back to School Deals!

Every year, when it’s back to school time, Apple will typically run an incentive program that pairs the education discount on Apple products, with a promotional item or promotional gift card.

In the past this has been things like; get a $100 Apple Store gift card with the purchase of a new Mac at educational pricing, or get a free iTunes gift card with the purchase of a Mac, or get free AirPods with the purchase of an educational priced Mac, or something similar.

These deals are seasonal, and tend to align with the “back to school” season, which in North America is usually the summer. If you’re patient enough to wait for the back to school season, and you’re eligible, these can be some of the best deal combinations around for Apple products.

Military Service Members and Veterans Discounts of 10% on Apple Products

For military service members and veterans, you can get 10% discounts directly from Apple. You just need to verify your service with an login.

Apple Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Every year, Apple typically offers discounts on their products for the Black Friday shopping day (the Friday after Thanksgiving), along with Cyber Monday (the Monday after that). These discounts are typically a little more limited and not as significant as the education discounts from Apple, the military/vet discounts from Apple, or even the deals from Amazon. But, these are worth considering, and if you’re shopping around the holiday season anyway, it’s well worth reviewing what discounts they have available for those limited shopping windows.

Apple Refurbished Discounts

For those looking to purchase Apple products at a discount, and who do not have access to the education discounts or military discounts, and who aren’t finding what they want on Amazon, the Apple Refurbished Store is another excellent choice. Apple will often take anywhere from 10%, 15%, sometimes even 20%, off the retail price of a product that has been refurbished through them.

Apple goes through an extensive refurbishment process to make sure everything is working as it should be, plus they offer their regular full warranty on their certified refurbished hardware, so you can rest assured that you’re covered if there’s any issue with the device.

Other ways to find and buy discounted Apple products

There are other options available for getting discounts on Apple products, including the occasional deals from major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Costco, etc. Some of these deals are absolutely fantastic, like getting a free iPhone with a longterm service contract from a mobile provider, or getting a big discount on an iPad with a service contract, or sometimes there’s just blowout sales on things like Apple Watch’s at Walmart or Best Buy.

You can also find discounted Apple products on third party reseller sites, auction sites, classified listing sites, and services like Swappa. A note of caution when using auction sites and classified listing services; make sure the device is legitimate, sold by the actual owner, and is not locked by iCloud or an Apple ID.

Whatever the route you take to find a deal on Apple gear, it’s essential to verify the source and authenticity of the discounted products. When in doubt, shop directly through a major retailer, or Apple directly.

We’ve reviewed a variety of the best ways to find discounts on Apple products, and to buy discounted Apple products and gear. Discounts are great because you can pay less than retail price for a fantastic product, and offer a great way to get into the Apple ecosystem at a lower cost. Not only is Apple known for high quality products and services, they’re also known for high prices. With Apple, you tend to get what you pay for, so while your initial cost may be higher for buying something like an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch, you tend to get an excellent product and build quality, backed by a fantastic warranty and support, and you have the added bonus of a really great surrounding ecosystem and online network of communities, enthusiasts, and Apple experts (like the site you’re on now!) to bolster your experience. So shop around, check out Amazon, see if you’re eligible for one of the discount programs through Apple, check your local electronic retailers, and happy shopping!

FTC: OSXDaily is an affiliate partner with Amazon, meaning if you click a link to Amazon and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment which goes towards keeping the site running.