Download & Play Angry Birds for Free with Google Chrome

May 11, 2011 - 44 Comments

Download and play Angry Birds for free with Chrome

Sick of Angry Birds yet? Too bad, because now you can download and play Angry Birds completely for free with the Chrome web browser. This was just released at Google IO 2011, and the game should run on any OS with the Chrome browser. If you somehow avoided downloading Angry Birds, Rio, and the 56,000 other variations for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and whatever else, now you have no excuse to not be assimilated.

Grab the free download from the Chrome web store

You’ll need to be using the Chrome (or Safari!) web browser to download and play this. The game is practically the same although there’s an extra set of Chrome specific levels for some new gameplay. Angry Birds Chrome plays reasonably well although sound doesn’t appear to work (in Mac OS X at least) and if you have more than a few browser tabs open the gameplay gets choppy, but for a web game it’s pretty good and it does make sense to exist in a browser. Happy gaming.

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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Games


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  1. Land Of Tech says:

    Yah its free and i spent $4.99 for the mac version and i dont play it cuz of a stupid level i cant get past!

  2. grumpgramps says:

    i’m so tired of seeing angry birds dominate EVERYTHING to do with gaming, its played out

  3. Luke says:

    Sound works fine, you can play it in Safari by going to

  4. Isaias says:

    Anyone else getting just music running this in Chrome under OSX?

  5. Colin Fox, Halifax NS Canada says:

    Game works fine however it ran my CPU usage to 90% and temp to 75F!

  6. Isaias says:

    OS X 10.6.7
    Chrome 11.0.696.65

  7. jm says:

    If sound does not work on macosx, try to load the page in Safari. It works :-)

  8. […] browser. This is because both Safari and Chrome are based on WebKit, which allows Chromes web store free version of Angry Birds to, theoretically at least, play on any other webkit […]

  9. Probably one of the best games of all time

  10. armiller45 says:

    Same problem – sound but no game. OS 10.6.7

  11. Parakeet says:

    audio won’t work if you use a flash blocker because audio is using flash

  12. uuwalnut says:

    Worked with Firefox 4.0.1 on Mac

  13. dennis says:

    how to download it free

  14. Bonita says:

    Thanks for the tip about flash blockers – I set my FlashBlock to always allow this site (, and now I have sound! Woohoo! Not nearly as fun without sound. Thanks again. Would be great if they updated this article with that fix.

  15. majestyne says:

    i want this game this is great and nice

  16. sara says:

    good game but its not downloading

  17. angel says:

    love angrybirds so much!!!

  18. Mindy says:

    Downloaded fine but wont go past opening sequence so I can’t even play

  19. rachel says:

    Im lovin it

  20. Tarika says:

    :) :) :) :)

  21. aaron says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just have pc won’t work

  22. […] but you can usually load the game with Safari or Firefox as well. Similarly, you can download and play Angry Birds for free with your browser too, just in case you haven’t beaten that dead horse enough yet. […]

  23. john says:

    its a free wahy did you pay 4.995

  24. Alvaro says:

    I am using this under Chrome on Windows 7 Professional but I have no sound at all. I can play it fine but no sound. Any recomendation? Thank you in advance…

  25. Hussam says:

    Nice angry birds :)

  26. vikas says:

    nice angry birds i play all angry game because is very nice game i enjoy all game

  27. jin says:

    angry birds is a super-duper cool game.

  28. ishaank says:

    i wanna get angry birds space , halloween , seasons , seasons 2012 , friends #)

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