Clear History, Cache, and Cookies from Safari Browser on iPhone & iPad

May 16, 2011 - 15 Comments

Knowing how to clear browser history, cookies, and cache are absolutely essential for all web users, and this is no different for anyone using an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This is particularly true when you’re using a someone elses hardware or when you’re testing out iterative changes on websites. Keeping this in mind, here’s how to delete all your browsing records from the default web browser Safari on iOS:

Clearing Browser History, Cache, and Cookies from Safari on iPhone & iPad

Instructions are the same for all iOS hardware:

  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Scroll down and tap on “Safari”
  • Scroll down again and tap on each “Clear History”, “Clear Cache”, and “Clear Cookies”

Clear History, Cookies, and Cache from Safari Browser on iPhone & iPad

You’ll need to tap each item individually to clear it, and if you want to remove all traces of your browsing make sure to do all three. If you just want to clear out saved passwords from web forms and what not, clearing cookies is usually adequate.

This really isn’t much different than doing the same in Safari for Mac OS X, and it’s always good practice when you’re using either Mac, Windows, or iOS devices that aren’t your own.

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  1. David says:

    I wish there was an “Incognito Browser” option for Safari iPhone…. LOL

  2. Chris says:

    Also, remember to open a new browser window and close any open browser windows where you have surfed. Safari will still retain some history in the back button even though you cleared the history and cache from settings.

  3. Mike says:

    However, this doesn’t clear website address matches that popup when typing directly in the address field. How is that cleared?

  4. [...] you don’t want the recently closed tabs to show any history, you can either clear mobile Safari history and cache or just use the new Private Browsing mode to prevent them from accumulating in the first [...]

  5. [...] you don’t want the recently closed tabs to show any history, you can either clear mobile Safari history and cache or just use the new Private Browsing mode to prevent them from accumulating in the first place. [...]

  6. van says:

    how can I get all my safari history back??? I deleted all safari history & cache??? Is it saved anywhere else on my mac????? Is there any way to check????

  7. Emmey says:

    My iPad 2 does not gave a clear cache just history and cookies so where is the cache. It’s on my iPhone but not the iPad.

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  9. [...] at the bottom of the settings window. If you’re looking to remove all site data, there is a faster way to clear all cookies, history, and cache [...]

  10. craig says:

    If I delete a Youtube video from my Iphone can it been seen later? Not that all Youtube videos are bad, but some are rather questionable, and I would rather not experience it again, nor have someone ‘track’ it as a seen video. Also, if I view a Youtube video, I know it uses data, but is that data translated back to the video watched?

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  12. [...] you’d rather not be viewed, recovered, or found by others, you can always choose to manually clear out the browser history and caches instead by going to Settings > Safari > Clear History. [...]

  13. Gloria says:

    All my history is still there in my history folder and option is greyed out..i looks like a bug to me. Installed ios 7.1 on 32gb 5S

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