Find Out How Much Storage Space Photos Take Up on iPhone

Jan 12, 2013 - 6 Comments

Check storage capacity used by Photos in iOS

Opening the Photos app in iOS will tell you how many total photos are within albums and Camera Roll, but how much space do they take up? If you want to know the actual storage size of all those pictures are consuming on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you’ll need to dig a bit deeper:

  • Launch Settings and tap on “General”, then choose “Usage” to find general storage information broken down into categories, wait for the loading indicator to finish gathering storage and usage info
  • At the top of the list, next to “Photos & Camera” will be the GB of storage taken up by the photos and camera roll

Checking the Photo storage size in iOS

If interested, go a step further and actually tap on the “Photos & Camera” list item to see a more precise drill-down screen about where the space is actually used up and by what photo services.

The screenshot below shows us that the generic “Camera Roll” – that is, photos taken directly with the iPhone camera and photos saved from the web and emails, are consuming 4.5GB of space. Photo Library are photos synced with iPhoto on the desktop, in the screenshot example there is nothing there. Finally, there’s Photo Stream, the iCloud-based photo sharing service that will easily sync pictures between iOS devices and a Mac, but again in the example screenshot this is taking up practically nothing, only 3.2kb, because it has been disabled for this particular iPhone.

How much space photos are taking up on iPhone

Knowing how much total space photos are taking up on a device can be really useful information, since photos in particular can often be the culprit when running out of device storage. Each picture taken with an iPhone’s multi-megapixel camera can weigh in at a couple megabytes each, and if you’re running low on storage, oftentimes photos are one of the easiest things to transfer to a computer, then free up space on an iOS device by deleting them all so you can make room for new stuff, whether it’s more pictures, new apps, videos, or whatever else.

This walkthrough is aimed at iPhone users primarily because the iPhone is becoming an increasingly prevalent camera, but the instructions would be the same on an iPad or iPod touch too. If you’re running low on space check this first, almost anytime I hear that someone ran out of storage in iOS it’s because they haven’t taken the time to regularly copy their photos to a computer so that they can make room for new ones.

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  1. sam says:

    9GB for me, time to back these up to the cloud!

  2. Olda says:

    Is it only iOS 6 advice? I don’t have camera & photos app in settings>general>usage either on my iPhone 4S iOS 5 or iPad 3 iOS 5. Strange.

  3. mike sanders says:

    You might also add that if the camera roll gets too full the camera will no longer function, only by deleting photos can the camera be restored.

  4. Robbertvdd says:

    19.4 GB.

  5. CrazyJaney says:

    IMO 〜 the generic PHOTO Album on the iPhone 4 your photos is the WORST thing I’v؏ ever seen !! Talk about SPACE (or LACK thereof !!) w/iPhones … hmmm~well, THIS would be an EXCELLENT place 2 start to undo & RE-DO… IF peeps at Apple are ever so inclined!! {& please, correct me if wrong) bc it is very v. v. REDUNDANT! The main place for photos (taken, downloaded… etc.) keeps Αℓℓ PHOTOS THERE! So, if you put them into an ALBUM~and~THIS makes SENSE BC THERE IS NO OPTION TO “RENAME” your photo/s!! That is for now, the easiest way 4 me 2 (only sort of) find a picture quickly… BUT, in doing THAT– the original PHOTO remains in that “general” ROLL -AND- DUPLICATES in the ALBUM you wish to place it IN . . . RATHER THAN MOVING IT— THIS, IMO is sheer STUPIDITY! Seriously?!!? UnFrigginBelievable! [@ least, thats how it works on MY STUPID iPhone— w0w —does ANYONE know WHY this IS?? … WHY can’t pictures be “renamed” … WHY can’t the picture simply MOVE OUT of the Main Roll and INTO an ALBUM ~~~?? Enlighten me…pleez!! 〜 Anyone~??
    TIA! ړײ

  6. Gianna says:

    I only have 14 photos and my camera roll takes up 3 GB

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