iPhone X Ringer Volume Very Low? Here’s the Fix

Mar 30, 2018 - 12 Comments

iPhone X ring volume very low and how to fix

Have you noticed the iPhone X ringer volume goes from loud to low? Often iPhone X users notice that the iPhone X ringtone will sound very quiet after initially sounding loud, but despite pressing the volume up buttons they can’t get the iPhone X ringtone to sound loud again, it’s just stuck quiet. Don’t fret and there’s nothing wrong with your iPhone X for exhibiting this behavior, in fact this is actually a feature.

If your iPhone X rings loud but then gets quiet and stays quiet, but you’d rather have the iPhone X ringer volume stay loud all the time when getting a call, read on to learn the proper settings adjustment to stop this behavior. The end result will be that iPhone X sounds loud on incoming calls all the time and the iPhone X will stop quieting the ringtone volume itself.

What causes the iPhone X ringtone volume to be very low after initially sounding loud? It’s actually a Face ID feature. And yes, this ring sound volume lowering capability applies even if Face ID is not being used on iPhone X to unlock or authenticate the device, and much like how Animoji uses the Face ID camera to scan your face even if you aren’t using Face ID authentication, the front camera for face scanning is active for other features too, and that includes the ringtone volume.

How to Stop iPhone X Ring Volume Going Quiet

You can disable the attention awareness feature that scans your face and determines you’re looking at the iPhone X, which in turn lowers the ring volume on the device. With this feature turned off, the iPhone X will stop lowering the ring volume of calls automatically when you pick up the iPhone and look at it.

  1. Open the “Settings” app on the iPhone
  2. Go to the “Face ID & Passcode” section
  3. Locate the “Attention Aware Features” option and turn the switch to the OFF position
  4. Exit out of Settings

Disable Attention Aware Features on iPhone X to stop quiet ringer volume sound

You can confirm this works by getting an incoming call on iPhone X, it should now be loud as your settings were set to beforehand and no longer quiet the call to a very low volume automatically.

Another helpful step is to make sure your iPhone ringer volume is turned up all the way to the loudest setting, since sometimes users have inadvertently made the iPhone volume low.

How to Turn Ringer Volume Up to the Loudest Setting on iPhone X

Here’s how to adjust the Ringtone Volume so that it is up all the way to a loud setting:

  1. From the “Settings” app go to “Sounds & Haptics”
  2. Under the ‘Ringer and Alerts’ section slide the volume indicator all the way to the right for full volume
  3. Optionally, toggle the switch for “Change with Buttons” if you want to be able to adjust ringtone volume with the physical buttons on the iPhone*

* Some people turned this Volume button adjustment feature off long ago, particularly if they have kids that like to fidget with their iPhone. But many new iPhone models ship with this feature disabled by default. Whether you want to adjust the ringtone volume by the volume buttons is a matter of personal preference and your individual usage.

Finally the other options to make sure are not enabled is the physical hardware mute button on the side of the iPhone (if you can see the little orange indicator, mute button is on), and also check for Do Not Disturb not being enabled, since Do Not Disturb mode will cause an iPhone to not get incoming calls or make sounds at all.

Keep in mind that if you press the volume buttons on an iPhone when a call is actively incoming, you will mute the incoming call sound on the iPhone just temporarily for that specific individual phone call. That’s a completely separate feature and it’s quiet useful if you’re in a meeting or talking with someone and you want to quickly silence just that single call without muting the phone entirely.

That should cover all the bases, and your iPhone X should now ring loud for incoming calls as usual just like other iPhones do. No more automatically quieting down after the first ring, as long a you have the facial attention awareness feature off this behavior will stop.

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  1. rickey flatt says:

    Thanks ever so much. After spending $1000.00 I couldn’t hear my darn phone. Appreciate you taking the time to make these helpful posts.

  2. Linda Fischer says:

    I love love love my iPhone X.
    Worth every cent because you always have the answers to my dumb questions.
    I was an Android user for 10 years and I’ll never use anything except an iPhone in the future!

  3. Robert says:

    So, to adjust ringer volume to work correctly, you go into Face ID & Passcode settings? Just think for a moment at how ridiculous that is. Worked for me.

  4. Jordan- NYC says:

    Thank you so much as this fixed my issue after trying everything else. Weird as this never happened before and I never changed the setting. Who knew to look at face id..you saved me as I was missing calls!

  5. Scott says:

    Thank you so much for this fix. I spoke to three senior advisers and all of them thought it was a glitch with iOS 12 I have the brand new Xs phone. I wasted three hours of troubleshooting time on the phone with these idiots. Plus an hour on the phone with Verizon trying fix this. Apple is a bunch of idiots for even making this feature default on and not even telling us.

  6. Myo says:

    Thank you so much. You are awesome.

  7. Poppa Lew says:

    This is a great article and offers very useful information on fine tuning your new iPhone X

  8. Lita says:

    Thanks for the info! I have the Max xs and I couldn’t understand why my ringer would ring high then low. Not sure how Apple expects users to know that this is a feature that would need to be turned on or off. I was definitely about to contact Apple, but decided to google the issue first.

  9. Ahmed Adel says:

    Thank you so much , you really help me on that issue

  10. Mike says:

    I tried all of the suggestions in this tutorial and my volume is still really low took it to VERIZON and their only suggestion is to replace the phone so I will try again with anew phone and see what happens

  11. Albie Wong says:

    Thank you!!

  12. Gray Blanchard says:

    Googling this helped me to not look like an idiot, as I work in an indirect sales channel.

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