How to Delete Microsoft AutoUpdate from Mac

Jul 20, 2019 - 10 Comments

Delete Microsoft AutoUpdate from Mac

Want to delete Microsoft AutoUpdate from a Mac? Perhaps you uninstalled Microsoft Office or some other Microsoft applications from the Mac and thus have no further need for Microsoft applications to automatically update themselves. In any case, you can remove the Microsoft AutoUpdate application from Mac OS.

If Microsoft AutoUpdate is currently running you’ll need to quit out of the application first. You can also forcibly quit the Microsoft AutoUpdate app from Activity Monitor if needed.

How to Remove Microsoft AutoUpdate from MacOS

  1. From the Finder of MacOS, pull down the “Go” menu and choose “Go To Folder” (or hit Command+Shift+G) and enter the following path:
  2. /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/

  3. Locate the folder named something like “MAU” or “MAU2.0” and open that directory
  4. Locate and drag “Microsoft” to the Trash
  5. Delete Microsoft AutoUpdate application from the Mac

  6. Empty the Trash as usual *
  7. Close the MAU folder and continue using your Mac as usual

With Microsoft AutoUpdate deleted, Microsoft AutoUpdate will no longer be on the Mac or run to update software automatically.

If you still want to have and use Microsoft apps on the Mac, deleting the Microsoft AutoUpdate application may lead to some unintended consequences besides having outdated software from Microsoft, so it’s probably best to not remove it if you’re a heavy Microsoft software user, whether that’s Microsoft Office, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Edge, or anything else.

* You can also delete the file specifically from Trash if you want to leave other items in the Trash alone for now.

If you know of any other ways to manage, tame, or remove the Microsoft AutoUpdate application on the Mac, share in the comments below!

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  1. Jessica Lee says:

    I was so upset about this Microsoft auto-update option in my mac system. I could not delete from my mac os. Your article process gave me a solution.

  2. Isidore says:

    Another way of taming autoupdate is to use Little Snitch to block connections to Microsoft’s servers

  3. Djay says:

    it works. thankyou!

  4. Hardwoodhal says:

    Does this process work for eliminating updates to uninstalled Malwarebytes?

    • Paul says:

      No these instructions are only for removing Microsoft AutoUpdater.

      MalwareBytes is a totally different application from a different company, but that app should include a separate uninstaller if you want to remove it. You should also be able to uninstall Malwarebytes from that applications “Help” menu.

  5. Daniel Wells says:

    Thanks for the information – I’m getting the autoupdate window everytime I start up and the only microsoft software I’ve ever had on this machine was Silverlight…Silverlight in long gone, but the updater still remains.

  6. Bogdan says:

    You should also delete from ~/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools, from ~/Library/LaunchAgents and from ~/Library/LaunchDaemons

  7. 1252 says:

    Thank you, but this information came for me 2 days late.
    I spent some two hours to find this autoupdater and I think it was placed in a different folder as displayed on the printscreen.
    I don’t know why Microsoft do not provide an uninstaller, are they thinking that once installed the user will not swap to iWork or some other free Office?

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