iPad Pro Touch Screen Unresponsive Randomly? Try These Tips to Fix It

Sep 3, 2019 - 7 Comments

How to fix Unresponsive iPad Pro touch screen issues

Some iPad Pro users report the touch screen is unresponsive at random. This can mean sometimes iPad Pro is not responding to any touch at all, or sometimes it may intermittently ignore touches or swipes or gestures, or the screen may appear to stutter or freeze after a touch, or even drop deliberate touches like typing letters on the onscreen touch keyboard of iPad Pro.

If you are experiencing random unresponsive touch screen issues with iPad Pro, try the tips below to see if they can help to improve or resolve the problem for you.

1: Clean the Screen

Before doing anything else, clean the iPad Pro screen. Press the screen lock button so that you don’t accidentally tap on anything you don’t want to, and then you just need a simple cloth and a tiny amount of water.

You can use a lightly damp cloth, don’t use any abrasive chemicals or cleaner products.

Sometimes gunk, grease, or food smudges on the iPad Pro screen can make the screen unresponsive to touch, thus cleaning the screen can be an easy solution to resolve this problem.

2: Remove the Case and/or Screen Protector

Many iPad Pro users use a case with their iPad Pro to protect it, and often those cases either include a screen protector or have a screen protector built in.

Lock the device screen, then try removing the case and screen protector from iPad Pro and seeing if the unresponsive touch screen issue continues.

Oftentimes simply removing an ill-fitting case or screen protector will resolve touch screen issues.

It’s worth pointing out that iPad Pro users with both glass and plastic screen protectors report this issue, so it’s not entirely clear if either type of the screen protector makes the problem any better or worse, or is even related at all, because there are reports of users without screen protectors that also have the randomly unresponsive iPad Pro touch screen issue.

3: Update System Software on iPad Pro

Back up to iCloud (or a computer with iTunes, or both), and then install any system software updates that are waiting on the iPad Pro by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

It’s possible that the intermittently unresponsive touch screen issue is a bug or some other issue specific to some versions of iOS / iPadOS, so updating to the latest version of system software on the iPad Pro may help.

4: Turn on Touch Accommodations

If the iPad Pro screen is still randomly unresponsive to touch, you can try enabling a system setting option called Touch Accommodations.

For iPadOS 13 and later: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch Accommodations > turn on “Touch Accommodations”

For iOS 12 and earlier: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Touch Accommodations, then turn on ‘Touch Accommodations’

Apparently you don’t need to enable or toggle any other setting within the Toufh Accommodations section, simply turning the feature on can resolve the unresponsive touch screen issue for some iPad Pro users. Thanks to a user on Apple discussions forum for offering this particular suggestion.

5: Turn Off Tap to Wake

Some users report that disabling Tap to Wake has improved their unresponsive touch screen problems on their iPad Pro.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > find “Tap to Wake” and turn that OFF

6: Forcibly restart the iPad Pro

Some users have reported that forcibly rebooting the device will temporarily resolve the unresponsive touch screen issue with iPad Pro. If you’re not familiar with the procedure, here’s how you can do this:

Force restarting iPad Pro (new models without Home buttons): Press and release Volume Up, press and release Volume Down, press and hold Power button until you see the  Apple logo on the screen.

Force restart older Home button models of iPad Pro: Press and hold the Power button and Home button until you see the  Apple logo on screen

When the device boots back up again, the touch screen should be responsive and work as expected again, at least for a while.

7: Have an Apple Pencil? Disconnect and Reconnect it

Curiously, some users have reported that disconnecting and reconnecting the Apple Pencil to their iPad Pro can improve the unresponsive touch screen issue.

Of course if you don’t have an Apple Pencil, this will not be relevant to you.

8: Backup and Restore

Backing up and restoring may resolve the issue as well. I know this is the lamest advice for troubleshooting, but it’s also a step that Apple will require of you before you have a device serviced through warranty programs, so whether you want to do it or not, you should. Just backup your iPad Pro to iCloud or iTunes, then restore it from iTunes, or reset it and restore from backup using iCloud.

Misc other tips to try resolving unresponsive touch screen
issues on iPad Pro

  • If the touch screen problem only happens in some apps, try deleting those apps and reinstalling them on ipad Pro
  • Make sure the iPad Pro has sufficient storage available on the device, if the iPad Pro is completely full performance may suffer
  • Make sure the iPad Pro display is not cracked or damaged
  • Inspect the entire iPad Pro for physical damage, as any physical damage may impact the performance of the device and would have to be fixed before regular behavior may resume

You can also try some of the other tips and solutions for when iPhone touch screen is not working and there is some crossover between the two, like cleaning the screen, updating system software, and so on.

iPad Pro touch screen still unresponsive randomly? Consider contacting Apple Support

If you have tried all of the above solutions and the unresponsive touch screen problem still persists on your iPad Pro, then you may want to contact official Apple Support directly and have them try and work the issue out with you.

It’s not entirely clear how common the unresponsive touch screen iPad Pro problem is, but the issue is reported with nearly all iPad Pro models and appears as a complaint on a wide variety of threads on the official Apple discussion boards (1, 2, 3) and elsewhere on other discussion forums on the web (1). At one point, MacRumors even wrote a post about it and described the issue as screen stuttering or general unresponsiveness, often with a touch screen that appears unresponsive or that is dropping keys when typing.

If you have experienced any problems with the touch screen on your iPad Pro becoming unresponsive at random or intermittently, and you either found one of the tips above worked for you, or you discovered another solution, then share it with us in the comments below!

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  1. john harrison says:

    1300 dollars down the drain. I hate Apple now. Good way to lose a 30 year customer. Ready to throw this POS out the window.

  2. Grabobbe says:

    I had the same problem. Non responsive screen for a while and then it was working again. It happened more and more to the extend where it got REALLY annoying after a few month. It seemed that touch screen was not working when holding the Ipad Pro a bit too close to the actual touchscreen also.
    I returned it to the store, they sent it to a repair center and Apple sent a brand new one. I have no problem with the new one, and I can hold it however I want. I think Apple is aware, that they had a problem with a large batch of Ipads.
    Off course it might not be the same issue on all users Ipads having these symptoms.

  3. Justin says:

    Yup same exact issue, however went to my Genius Bar appointment and since it couldn’t be duplicated they sent me on my way. Imagine, paid $1300 for a device, had a bunch of tech support over the phone with Apple, sat at the Genius Bar, spoke with the manager, and I still have a broken device that is still under warranty I might add. My frustration and disappointment with Apple is unreal.

  4. MA says:

    Yes, I have the same problem. It appears certain parts of the screen stop working. I have the larger iPad Pro. Not sure if its a HW issue or a SW one. Frustrating either way….

  5. KH says:

    I have this happen quite often on my Pro. Usually a reboot cures the problem, but sometimes I have to reboot multiple times before it goes back to normal.

    • A says:

      Yup this is my experience as well, have to reboot and it solves it for a short while then returns again. Weird issue for iPad Pro… is it a display issue or software or electrical or what?

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