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New Years Resolutions for the Mac

Jan 1, 2011 - 8 Comments
mac new year resolutions

Is this the corniest geek joke ever? Thanks Terry!

iPad Setup: iPad for Couch Potatoes

Oct 27, 2010 - 1 Comment
ipad couch potato

How about a custom floating iPad stand that sits in front of your face while you’re lounging around in a lazyboy? Hmm, as if the iPad needed any help in being couch potato friendly, this comes along. I’m sort of speechless. More goofy pictures:

iPad Shirt

Oct 18, 2010 - 8 Comments
ipad shirt

The internet is always full of surprises, but this is quite unique, it’s an iPad shirt. Literally. It’s a shirt with a clear front pocket that you can slide the iPad into and wear it on your chest. I found this in our inbox and figured it was a fake, but no, you can actually … Read More

Printer broken? Try this instead

Oct 8, 2010 - 3 Comments
how to print

This is taking ‘print screen‘ quite literally. It’s Friday, what did you expect?

Shooting an iPad with a Shotgun

Oct 5, 2010 - 7 Comments

Here’s your daily bad idea: shooting an iPad with a shotgun. Leave it to the internet for someone to shoot an iPad and record a video of the carnage. Interesting video in that ‘Myth Busters’ kind of way, but man, what a waste.

The iPad evolves… into the iBoard and the iMat

Feb 28, 2010 - 21 Comments
iboard imat ipad

This is stupid enough that I had to post it. First there was the iPhone, then the iPad… what’s next? The iBoard… then the iMat! [ via BeGeek ]

This MacBook Was Shot with a Gun… Oops!

Jan 10, 2010 - 4 Comments
mac shot with gun

It’s Sunday funday again… and though this doesn’t really fit into a ‘fun’ category it’s sure interesting anyway… we bring to you a rather unfortunate incident that caused a MacBook Pro to be pierced with a bullet hole, right through the screen! Yikes!

Mac Mini Toilet Paper Dispenser

Oct 16, 2009 - 2 Comments
mac toilet paper

It’s Friday so why not have a little fun with a Mac Mini used as a toilet paper dispenser? This is the most creative (not to mention silly) use of a Mac Mini that I’ve seen yet. Not quite what I would do with an extra Mini, but to each their own… [ TwitPic via … Read More

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