Apple Releases a Helpful Mac Cheat Sheet for Keeping Track of Important Mac Info

Feb 27, 2007 - 2 Comments

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If you’re new to the Mac, you’ll probably appreciate this handy tip;

Apple has released a handy printable cheat sheet for Mac users to fill out with relevant system information, which can be very useful in the event of any trouble, for support, and for other reasons too.

Here’s what Apple says about the cheat sheet:

“Whether your Mac asks you for certain information or you’re seeking help from Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), there may come a time when you need to have your various passwords, dial-up numbers, mail server addresses, email addresses, hardware specifications, serial number, and other information handy. And then you discover that you’ve either forgotten or misplaced this information. If you forget it, don’t sweat it—pull up your Mac Cheat Sheet instead.”

Download the Mac Cheat Sheet here

Update: Apple has removed the cheat sheet PDF file but continues to offer a helpful “Mac 101” series on their website to learn various aspects of the Mac.

As for the cheatsheet components, you can replicate it on your own by creating a list of the following data, and storing it in a note or printing it out and keeping it somewhere safe and secure:

  • Important passwords and account information
  • Serial numbers of devices
  • Hardware information, including model number and model year
  • Email addresses
  • Mail server information
  • Phone numbers for tech support, hardware components, Apple Support, and your own phone number too
  • Other handy information related to your computer usage

Obviously if you write down passwords and other important account information you will want to be sure that the paper (or document) is safely stored in a secure environment – like a safe, safety deposit box, an encrypted file on an encrypted hard drive, or some other similarly secure environment. Never let a password or account information go unguarded or into the hands of untrusted!

Of course the site you’re reading right now – – is almost entirely helpful pointers and tidbits for the Mac and Apple platforms too. Don’t forget to check out our own collection of helpful tips and tricks for Apple stuff, including for Macs and other Apple hardware and software!


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  1. Diplas says:

    My HDD just passed away and I lost all the funny things I had on it including my tips&tricks data.

  2. alrighty says:

    This is exactly what my Mom needs

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