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Aug 8, 2010 - 36 Comments

starcraft 2 cheats

It’s no secret that I’m basically a Starcraft 2 addict, whether it’s multiplayer or singleplayer doesn’t even matter I just love playing the game. Of course it’s also fun to get a little extra help in the form of some cheat codes, so here is the complete list for SC2. These cheat codes work for either PC or Mac versions of Starcraft 2.

Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes

You activate the cheat codes within Starcraft 2 by hitting the Enter or Return key and then typing the cheat and hitting return/enter again to enable it. You will get a notification saying the cheat is active and letting you know that achievements are disabled (see note below).

  • God Mode – terribleterribledamage
  • Create Units at No Cost – moredotsmoredots
  • 5 Billion Credits – whysoserious
  • 5000 Vespene Gas – realmendrilldeep
  • Unlimited Energy – jaynestown
  • Upgrade Weapons, Armor, and Shields – iamironman
  • Disable Ability Cooldown – hansshotfirst
  • Disable Tech Requirements – sosayweall
  • Disable Victory Conditions – tyushasleftthegame
  • Play “Terran up the Night” Song – overengineeredcodpiece
  • Cinematics Menu – eyesofsauron

Remember that cheats only work in Single Player, either in Custom Games, Tutorial, Campaign, or any other Single Player mode.

Starcraft 2 Cheats Disable Achievements

This is very important to note; if you use cheat codes in Starcraft 2 you will lose your ability to earn achievements while the cheat is activated for that game. This is the message you will see:

“CHEAT PlayerName Achievements have been disabled due to cheat usage. To enable achievements again, start a new game or load a saved game.”

You then need to either start a new game or load a previously saved game to get achievement unlocking back again.

The cinematics cheat can cause Starcraft 2 clients to randomly crash which is likely part of the wider bugs but the framerate cap listed on the Starcraft 2 bugs and fixes page seems to help.


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  1. mikeyboy says:

    When i go into a game playing VS Ai and enter th cheats, i am unable to activate them it just says what i typed nothing about the cheat being enabled or anything. im certain that i have typed it in correctly, i just dont know why they dont activate

  2. jjj says:

    doesit work in multiplayer?

  3. Shasha P says:

    Im new on Starcraft II and still trying to figure out how to use cheats. On the old starcraft multiplayer game, you have the option to compete with the computer. I don’t know yet if you can compete with the computer on Starcraft II. If we do, I hope we could use cheats. I don’t know why they will disable achievements on campaigns you’re not even competing with anybody.. its just a game.. :(

  4. AcGam4r says:

    This Game Just Like Warcraft But Look Better
    And More Options i Think

  5. person says:

    I tried a cheat and it completely kicked me out of the versus AI section. It hasn’t let me back in far a while now. Don’t cheat, it’s not worth it

  6. Leroy Jenkins says:

    I know a way without starting over

    You have to load a game like 2 autosaves before the latest save. H?ard to explain and if u knwo what im talkign about help them out please LOL btw i hate how u cant earn achievements i mean its dumb
    i wanna beat it on brutal but its hard like anyway hi guys

  7. Thanks for the bunch of cheats. great post bro.

  8. CN says:

    I get the message right when I click “Continue Campaign”. Right then, on the mission selection screen, it says my achievements are disabled due to cheats. Like, WHAT?!

    I have tried playing games over and over. I have tried loading ANY game. Nothing works.

    Blizz still has lots of bugs in SC2, that’s a fact. Hopefully they’ll fix it.

    I have written to them about this problem, but they have not given me any answer yet.

    • guest11 says:

      if you use a cheat on the campaign you will have to start campaign again before you can use cheats

  9. gmlucid says:

    @JME @hello
    SAME PROBLEM here with “Achievements have been disabled” after the SCII update today, whenever loading ANY savegame from prior to the update, and then playing again until back on battlenet.

    I have *NEVER* saved a game after using a cheat code.

    Beware of cheat codes… it’s not worth it. It can corrupt your entire account!!

  10. Cenote says:

    Thanks a million for the fog of war cheat code, I HATE FOG OF WAR AHHHHHHHH

  11. hello says:

    @ jme

    yeah i’m having that same problem. does anyone know if you have to have a save game PRIOR to using the cheat? in which case that means that you’d have to start an ENTIRELY NEW campaign? or does it just mean that you have to save a game and then load that game at any point. even if a cheat is active?

  12. JME says:

    So it says to start a new game or load one in order to reactivate achievements, but I can’t find a way to do that. I just get sent to Mission Archives, where loading my old games doesn’t reactivate achievements and replaying old missions doesn’t seem to count as “starting a new game”. How do I do that?

  13. demand says:

    5,000 Minerals – “stroaksmolts”
    5,000 Gas – “realmeddrilldeep”
    5,000 Minerals & Gas – “smoldersbolds”
    5,000,000,000 Credits – “whysoserious”

    God mode – “terribleterribledamage”
    Free units – “moredotsmoredots”
    Disable tech requirements – “sosayweall”
    Upgrade weapons, armor, and shield by 1 – “iamironman”
    Disable ability cooldowns – “hanshotfirst”
    Disable food requirement – “mintmansoperator”

    “Terran up the Night” song – “overengineeredcodpiece” (sound must be enabled)
    Cinematics menu – “eyeofsauron”
    Disable victory conditions – “tyuhasleftthegame”
    Disable defeat conditions – “ypoonsvoicemail”
    Disable fog of war – “sawnoutofmemory”
    Lose the current game – “cadeasygoin”
    Win the current game – “cmethodfeedback”
    Disable time of day – “qrotero”

    Lost Viking Mini-Game Cheats
    Add points to score – “score [number]”
    Extra life – “addlife”
    10 Extra lives – “life”
    Extra life – “addlife”
    Spawn power-up – “pu”
    Level skip – “levelclear”
    Man ends – “bonus”
    Boss appears – “boss”
    Wave of enemies – “behind”
    Alternate background – “mb”
    View end sequence – “end”
    Hide quit button – “no quit”

  14. Randy says:

    The two that have “unknown resource” in the description, I haven’t seen what resource they give, though that’s what the game says “Resources granted”. I included them

    for completeness.

    cadeasygoin – Lose the current game.
    basestarsprimative – Fast build.
    fsbcomunicacion – Fast heal. (Medics)
    mintmansoperator – Disable food/psi requirement.
    smoldersbolds – 5000 minerals and gas.
    stroaksmolts – 5000 minerals.
    ypoonsvoicemail – Defeat conditions disabled.
    dzmhairspring – Resources granted, unknown resource.
    sawnoutofmemory – Fog of war disabled.
    qrotero – Time of day disabled.
    cmethodfeedback – Win current game.
    lyingpect – Mission graph dialog / selectable.
    furabranchery – Resources granted, unknown resource.
    wapboinkers – Research points granted.

  15. riflexd says:

    how do you lift the fog?

  16. dd13 says:

    its HanShotFirst i belive

  17. charlie says:

    dose it need spaces like hans shot first

  18. charlie says:

    the cheat hansshotfirst dose not work

  19. […] It’s no secret that I’m basically a Starcraft 2 addict, whether it’s multiplayer or singleplayer doesn’t even matter I just love playing the game. Of course it’s also fun to get a little extra help in the form of some cheat codes, … Check out the original source […]

  20. xeonhl2 says:

    here’s another
    select a marine, press enter and use this
    command–> /dance
    and the marine and other units will dance
    only selected units will dance

  21. Bromana says:

    Good stuff, any idea how to reveal the full map? Lift the fog of war like Warcraft?

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