Six Ridiculously Useful Shortcuts for Mac OS X

Apr 1, 2007 - 2 Comments

When it comes to increasing productivity within Mac OS X you can never know too many keyboard shortcuts. Found on the Mac developer blog, Theocacao, we’ve covered over half of these shortcuts before, but those that we haven’t are worth knowing, and those that we have are worth a reminder. Shortcut #6 is probably my favorite on the list, Option-Command-H, which hides all applications other than the frontmost one, immediately reducing distractions and clearing clutter. Repeated below are the rest from

There are some truly invaluable keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X and related apps that can get lost in the noise. Here a few I found or was reminded about recently.

  1. Space goes down one page in Safari. Shift-Space goes one page up.
  2. Command-Shift-A summons the Applications folder in the Finder. Command-Shift-U brings up Utilities.
  3. Control-Command-D will bring up a floating dictionary panel over any word in a standard Cocoa NSText-based view or WebView.
  4. Option-Esc will offer autocompletion in just about any standard Cocoa text view. I’m not sure exactly how the list is constructed, but most of it seems to come from the built-in dictionary (see the Daring Fireball post about this)
  5. A subset of Unix-style key bindings work in many text contexts. Control-E goes to the end of a line, Control-A goes to the beginning, and so on.
  6. Option-Command-H hides all apps except the frontmost one.

Read more at Ridiculously Useful Shortcuts Easily Forgotten


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  1. Omdurman says:

    bleh, these are old news

  2. anonymous says:

    Hitting space bar brings the page down in nearly every web browser, Internet Explorer and Firefox in Windows included. While useful, it is certainly not limited to Safari (although I bet Apple would like everyone to think it is).

    Autocomplete is a bit flakey for me too

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