The Ultimate Resource for Building a Hackintosh Netbook or Hackintosh Desktop

Sep 19, 2009 - 13 Comments

hackintosh_logo_by_kossnocorppng First a quick note, we absolutely adore Apple and all it’s software and hardware offerings, but… Hackintosh machines offer an impressive alternative to the official Apple hardware that we all know and love, and in some cases even fill a niche where Apple has yet to dabble (eg: Netbooks). If you’re in the market for a new Mac and you don’t mind sacrificing Apple hardware’s good looks, and you either want to save some serious cash or just want to geek around a bit, building a Hackintosh is a great solution. The Hackintosh movement is growing strong and steady, so grab a Netbook or build a Desktop PC, follow these hackintosh guides, and join us!

Hackintosh Netbook

hackintosh netbook Here’s a whole slew of guides for creating a Hackintosh Netbook, and some other very helpful links. I’d personally recommend the Dell Mini 10v for ease of use and functionality, but my own hackintosh is actually an Acer Aspire One (which works great with 10.5.6 but wasn’t easy to get there, required a wifi card upgrade, etc).

Hackintosh Mini 10v – this is our guide on how to get a Hackintosh Dell Mini 10v that runs Mac OS X for just over $200. In my opinion, the Dell Mini 10v is the best option for a really awesome Hackintosh Netbook, it’s got good looks, a 10″ screen, and you can get one extraordinarily cheap by following these steps. Only downside is the RAM upgrade hassle.

Dell Mini 9 / Vostro 90 – if you can get over the awful keyboard on the Dell Mini 9/Vostro 90, it makes a great little hackintosh netbook

MyDellMini Forums – Snow Leopard – the most helpful forum group for the Hackintosh Netbook community is catered to Dell Mini owners, check out the Snow Leopard guides and if you have any questions or problems the MyDellMini forums should be your first line of defense

Asus EEE 1000h – a Hackintosh walkthrough for the Asus EEE PC 1000h

HP Mini 1000 – guide for hackintoshing the HP Mini 1000, just about everything works

Lenovo S10 – onboard ethernet does not work but otherwise following this guide you’ll get a fully functional Hackintosh S10

BoingBoing Netbook Compatibility Chart – a pretty solid chart to see which Netbooks can be turned into a Hackintosh and what works and what doesn’t, last updated in July 2009

Virtually Scale Window Size – very helpful hint for Hackintosh Netbook users with limited screen resolutions and real estate to virtually scale down window sizes

Desktop Hackintosh

desktop hackintosh Here’s the best information I know of for building a desktop Hackintosh machine, it’s all based around the infamous Lifehacker guide that shows you how to build a really sweet desktop Hackintosh PC for around $900. The process has gotten even easier thanks to a PKG from Stella and it requires no hacking, just a simple pkg install.

Lifehacker: How to build a Hackintosh with Snow Leopard from Start to Finish – a breakdown of all the hardware and procedures required to build a smoking desktop hackintosh machine, use their newer guide for installing Snow Leopard though

Lifehacker: Install Snow Leopard on your Hackintosh PC with no hacking required – after reading the “how to build” guide from Lifehacker, read this for a much easier method of installing Snow Leopard on your Hackintosh

InsanelyMac Discussion on the Lifehacker Guide – a helpful forum with other Hackintosh users that have followed the Lifehacker guide, and any issues they’ve encountered along the way

Stellarola: Snow Leopard Hardware Compatibility List – repeated below for convenience, Stella is the genius behind the Lifehacker “no hacking” guide

Snow Leopard Hackintosh Compatible Hardware List for a Desktop

* Dynex DX-WEB1C 1.3MP (Fixed Focus Cam and mic built-in)
* Xbox 360 Live Camera (Manually adjustable Cam only)
* Logitech Quickcam Vision Pro for Mac (Autofocus cam and mic built-in)
* HP KQ246AA (Autofocus cam and mic built-in)

Wired Ethernet Cards
* Netgear GA-311 (PCI)
* Trendnet Gigabit TEG-PCITXR (PCI)
* Rosewill RC-400 (PCI)
* Encore ENLGA-1320 (PCI)
* SMC9452TX-1 (PCI)
* Sonnet Presto Gigabit GE1000-E (PCI-e)

Wireless “Airport” Cards
* Asus WL-138G V2 (PCI)
* Dynex DX-BGDTC (PCI)
* Dell Wireless 1505 (PCI-e)

USB Audio
* M-Audio Jamlab
* Griffin iMic

(above desktop hardware compatibility list courtesy of Stellarola):

Got anymore Hackintosh information or links? Share them with us!


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  2. Kunlun says:


    I tried to look everywhere for it but I can’t find what I want :(
    I am trying to make a hackintosh for my office. It will primary be used for Skype and videoconference (no serious gaming). I would like to have:

    * around 400-450$
    * decent graphic card (the output will be a 32” HD TV LG 32LD450 1080p (2560×1080))
    * the smallest possible (if it can be a cube, it is perfect!)

    I also have a question, is the webcam logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 will be compatible with the hackintosh?

    Thanks a lot for any help you can bring me :)

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  4. […] you can run Mac OS X Leopard on a Sony PSP? Me neither, I think I’ll stick with my hackintosh. Anyway, this might not be the most useful hack in the world, but it is pretty cool. Here are some […]

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  6. […] although some users in their comments are reporting update troubles with identical systems. Various Hackintosh Netbook reports vary widely, but the Dell Mini 9 and 10v is fairing well thanks to the folks at MyDellMini […]

  7. […] wonder if this is one of the kernel extensions that gets replaced or modified with various Hackintosh […]

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  9. marie says:

    we from girly-power love too hear this. mac is so nice

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  11. Maxx30 says:

    A2 And companies are scaredy-cats. ,

  12. jnani says:

    The easiest way to get osx working on netbook is this guide: seriously, one step process and totally automated.

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