PS2 Emulator for Mac

Oct 3, 2009 - 25 Comments

ps2 emulator for mac

Looking for a PS2 Emulator for Mac OS X? Look no further then PCSX2, a full blown PS2 emulator for Mac OS X that works surprisingly well. I say surprising because it seems development work is a little infrequent and there are some features left to be desired, but it certainly works and the frame rate is pretty high on my MacBook. Finally, I can play all my favorite PS2 RPG’s right in Mac OS X! You can download it for free at the Developer home or just jump to Download now. You may want to check to see if newer versions are available, but as I mentioned, development is seemingly sparse. Enjoy!


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Games, Mac Apps, Mac OS


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  1. Peter says:

    Wowow! Installed it and works pretty well. I inserted ratchet and clank and the result was awesome . Now I intallled splash top on my iPad and streamed the games in it . Same for my android htc

  2. chris says:

    sorry to say but this is a rushed job of an emulator every other emulator works great on its own this one you have to go way to many steps to still get a sub par program, i have dolphin and i can play wii games with out a problem so you would think ps2 should do great it dosent. and i have gone thou the guides which were made in 2010, what the programers need to do is make an actual working ps2 emulator like the ps1 emulator or even dolphin wii and gamecube on the same emulator all of it works with out a hick-up

    • Peabody says:

      My thoughts exactly. The Dolphin emulator is a breeze to navigate and, most importantly, runs without a hitch or hair tugging hiccups. Sadly PCSX2 is the inverse to Dolphin (or a number of other emulators). As many have mentioned prior, the setup is not easy. However, I enjoyed the challenge but my enjoyment quickly ran-eth dry once I ran a game. The frame rate sat around a much respectable 60 fps but the sound lagged and gurgled and the video was distorted. I spent a good time tweaking my settings but to no avail. I applaud the creator for his efforts but I can’t give this emulator my recommendation. I will be sure to change opinion if I should somehow manage to make it work right.

  3. Brent says:

    AWESOME!!!! :)

  4. Kelvyn says:

    Thank you! a lot!

  5. Vince says:

    OSX Lion compatibility?

  6. Kenji says:

    if you download the moviestorm installer for mac, it comes packaged with the NVidia CG framework installer which is no longer available for download if you follow the link on the developer’s site.

  7. carlo says:

    doesn’t work:

    dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Library/Frameworks/Cg.framework/Cg
    Referenced from: /Applications/
    Reason: image not found line 2: 5027 Trace/BPT trap ./pcsx2

  8. daiyu says:

    but how are games played on it?

  9. bubblebuster says:

    check this for installing guide, it requires more stuff than just the emulator.

  10. Hello,guys,your blog is really great! I like it.

  11. Bimaaaa says:

    lol…emulator is not working for my mac … what is this program? none qualified

  12. […] PS2 Emulator for Mac – PCSX2 is the best PS2 emulator for Mac OS X that I’ve seen so far, it’s not perfect but it works. […]

  13. Steve Jobs says:

    Does this run on Snow Leopard?

  14. blitrick says:

    dont know how to get it

  15. Anshuman Gupta says:

    I have it installed, but when it starts up, the terminal window reads “dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Library/Frameworks/Cg.framework/Cg
    Referenced from: /Applications/
    Reason: image not found line 2: 5241 Trace/BPT trap ./pcsx2″

    the program runs, but doesn’t do anything…
    I have the latest pcsx2 and m using leopard….
    someone plz help

  16. bolo says:

    david the problem in ur case is that it doesnt run on snow yet..

  17. Ruben says:

    hey i installed pcsx2 but when i put a ps2 game is no working do you know how to make it work

  18. david Ween says:

    I have it installed, but when it starts up, the terminal window reads “dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Library/Frameworks/Cg.framework/Cg
    Referenced from: /Applications/
    Reason: image not found line 2: 5241 Trace/BPT trap ./pcsx2”

    the program runs, but doesn’t do anything…
    I haven’t put a game in yet, as I don’t own a PS2, or any games.
    I’m running the latest versions of both PCSx2 and snow leopard,
    does any one have any idea what the problem might be?

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  21. Zedr0n says:

    Well, the package approach is simpler, just install and run, i need to remove old scripts/info on trac project.

    Anyway, you are right, the updates are infrequent but i’ve made some progress ;) In recent news, 0.9.6(r1762) is on its way to release, built and runs bios :)

  22. Bill says:

    Installing this is near impossible, only for the very hardened Unix geeks. Finding the install guide is a challenge in itself.


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