MacBook sharp edges quick fix

Apr 17, 2010 - 3 Comments

macbook sharp edges

The MacBook can have some pretty sharp edges near the wristpads, and some people find this uncomfortable if they’re resting their hands on their laptop for extended periods of time. The solution to your MacBook’s sharp edges: use a nail file. Yes, just a generic nail file.

fix macbook sharp edges

Basically you’ll just want to treat the sharp plastic edge of the MacBook as a giant nail, and just gently file it down a tiny amount so that it smooths the corner edges a bit. Really you can use anything that is abrasive and harder than the plastic: nail files, fine grain sand paper (watch for scratching elsewhere!), a knife sharpener, a friend of mine even used a dull butter knife by sliding it back and forth. You aren’t trying to file the thing down to oblivion, just a few quick light rubs and the sharp edges will be gone, creating very little plastic dust and leaving behind a nice smooth edge.

Not all MacBook’s have the really sharp edges, it seems to be a random quirk that occurs in the case molding process. Obviously if yours isn’t bothering you, don’t mess with it.

What about the sharp edges on a unibody MacBook Pro?

You can do the same thing you’ll just need a tougher file (like a metal file) since you will be filing down aluminum instead of plastic. If you need assistance or a guide, there’s even a video of a guy filing the edges on his unibody MacBook Pro. I have no direct experience doing this with the MacBook Pro since the edges on mine don’t bother me.

Obvious disclaimer: We aren’t responsible for you damaging your MacBook. If your MacBook or MacBook Pro has extremely sharp edges that are seriously disrupting your computers usability, a visit to the Apple Store is probably wise.


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  1. […] this seems unimportant, keep in mind that some users actually went ahead to file their MacBook edges with nailfiles or otherwise to smooth out the edges themselves (see link, or video […]

  2. Spock says:

    Found an easy solution to the sharp edge. It is selling on ebay. Simple to apply and looks good too. Search for: MacBook Pro 15″ sharp edge adhesive strip.

    It’s a rounded black rubber strip with an adhesive backing that you can stick on to the edge of your Macbook sharp edge. Simple and looks decent.

  3. Tracy says:

    I did this with my plastic MacBook using the back of a house key. When I first got mine the edge was so sharp it had an upward facing lip on it, a few swipes of the fat edge of a car key and the problem was solved.

    Is the alubook that bad? I can’t imagine doing this with an aluminum MacBook Pro though, I think it would corrode if you removed the protective finish, and if you inhale some aluminum shavings you’re going to be cursing that video guy all year.

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