Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter – Review

May 20, 2010 - 3 Comments

minidisplayport to dvi adapter

I recently bought this Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter from Amazon for my MacBook Pro. It cost less than $8 including shipping, and it arrived at my house in about four days (for comparison Apple’s official adapter is $29 + shipping).

So how does a cheap third party MiniDisplayPort to DVI adapter work compared to Apple’s official adapter? Identically. A coworker has the Apple model and other than some graphic printed on the adapter itself I can’t tell a difference in either the build quality or the performance, even the packaging is really similar (see picture below). Setup is as easy as it gets, plug the device into your MacBook Pro and connect it to your monitors DVI cable, it’ll instantly work.

I’m really happy with the purchase, I saved a couple bucks with the third party cheap adapter but there’s certainly nothing wrong with Apple’s version. Considering the huge value of having a second monitor I consider this and an external display an absolute must upgrade for any MacBook or MacBook Pro owner. So what are you waiting for? Grab a good LCD monitor (be sure your MacBook supports the maximum resolution), the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, and enjoy the screen real estate!

mini display port to dvi


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  1. mark says:

    Here in Brazil, the mini-to-dvi in apple store costs U$56 sold separately and U$57 sold with a macbook pro (go figure…). What I find pretty expensive for just an adapter. So I went to eBay and bought one for like U$8, it works well, no problems so far and I saved almost 50 bucks. If eventually it stops working or presents problems, I could just buy another one, but I bet I’ll never have to buy U$56 worth of adapters. So yeah, I’m pretty happy about it.

  2. Nago says:

    When I bought my MB, I got a MiniDisplayPort to HDMI adapter.
    It worked great for several months, but after that it started to do weird things. Failed to be reliable.

    And that is the main reason I try to buy Apple products. Reliability.
    I bought the original adapter and have had no trouble for now.

    Best of luck!

  3. Peter Bjorn says:

    I’ve always wondered about the quality of these knock off display adapters.
    At first I was going to pick on you for spending $1500 on a laptop and then being stingy on a cheap video adapter but I’m glad to hear they work just as good. I think I’ll pick one up myself and, hell, save $20 from the Apple logo tax.

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