How to show FPS in Starcraft 2

Jul 28, 2010 - 23 Comments

starcraft 2 fps

Starcraft 2 is out and it’s pretty much eating all my free time at the moment. I’m still in the process of tweaking my graphics settings for optimum performance, and the easiest way to benchmark Starcraft 2 performance on machines is to check the FPS (frames per second). Here’s how to do that on both a Mac and Windows SC2 install:

Check Starcraft 2 FPS on Mac

To check the frame rate on a Mac, while you are in a game hit: Control+Option+F

Show Starcraft 2 FPS on Windows

Checking FPS in Windows is basically the same key command, in SC2 hit: Control+Alt+F

On either operating system, once you hit the command to display frame rate, the FPS counter will show in the upper left corner and look like so:
display starcraft 2 fps

If you’re wondering how well SC2 will run on your machine, check out the Starcraft 2 system requirements for Mac. Later I will post some preliminary findings on how well the game runs on a few different Mac setups.

If you’re a fan of Blizzard and real time strategy games and you haven’t gotten this one yet, you can order Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty on and get free shipping. I love RTS games, and I can say it’s definitely worth it.


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  1. Cory says:

    I know that this is super dead, but I get anywhere from 65-75 fps during game play using recommend settings for my setup(everything on high with reflections and physics turned off) during cut scenes I have seen the fps go up to 300.
    I play @1080p
    I’m using a zotac GTX 1050ti oc, with firestorm settings as high as possible and an A10-7800 for cpu.

  2. Velveto says:

    I had serious problems on my new 2001 iMac 27″. The game was laggy even on 1280×1024 medium settings.

    I ran the repair tool and now I can run ultra on 2500×1440 without problems.

  3. andrew says:

    2008 toshiba satellite labtop ati 3100 graphics card everything on low at low res i get 19/20 frame rate max…any way to increase it? any ideas?

  4. daricson86 says:

    26 – 35 fps on Ultra with 1080p for monitior settings = MINT Graphics but lags a little in big battles. My machine is an Acer Predator G series.

  5. […] can test your own game performance by showing frames per second within Starcraft 2, just hit Option+Control+F while anywhere in the game and a framerate counter will appear in the […]

  6. Arty says:

    Hey i have a i7 980x and a radeon 5970 black edition but the frame rate on sc2 is 12 – 13 i dont know how to fix it. Shouldnt it be better?

  7. Wordslinger says:

    I have a core i-3 pc with 4gb ram and geforce250gts and i run the game on around 45 fps on extreme settings 1600 x 1200 resolution.which isnt bad at all :D

  8. BCSHroyer says:

    I just build a new PC core i7 950, 6gigs DDR3 ram, GeForce 470 1280mb, resolution at 1680, graphics on Ultra, I’m getting as high as 150fps, I don’t think i’ve seen it below 50 or 60.

    Here is a good article on starcraft benchmarks,,2728.html

    Maybe its overkill, but half my PC matches the specs in the article.

  9. MtlGuitarist97 says:

    What!!! I am using an ATI Radeon 4330 w/ 256 MB of dedicated RAM and I average about 100 FPS on low settings, and then it drops to 30-20 in the med-high/ultra range on 1366*768. I don’t understand how it can drop 70 FPS from one quality setting. I also use a Core 2 Duo @ 2.2 ghz with 6 GB of ram. Does this happen to a lot of people?

  10. Sun says:

    This game is partially CPU dependent but you really need a decent video graphics card. I got a GeForce 8600 GTS with 256MB and I can barely run on medium for decent performance. HDstarcraft on YouTube did a product review of the GTX 460. I think it costs around $200 last time I checked. I read 768MB version is good value, while 1GB costs more with negligible performance benefit.

    You should be able to run your game with Ultra settings.

    • MurderFace says:

      nope. dont listen to sun the game isnt that hard to run on ultra settings at all

      i only have a i7-860 3.6ghz
      8mb kingston 1600 ddr3 and ati 5770 which is clocked at 965 , 1425 mem hitachi hdd 7200. . and i run on ultra and never go under 60 unless its a 8 player battle royal going on.

  11. Stuart says:

    This Game is CPU dependant … but im running 4 gb 800mhz ram … phenom 9500 2.2 quadcore … gtx 480 (Gainward) 1.5 gb…. and still in 3v3 heavy battles will run at 1 fps WITH EVERYTHING LOW!! how does that even work out?

  12. Tonic says:

    Macbook Pro i7 (2010) 10-19fps on lowest Graphics. Is that normal?

  13. mcflurries says:

    1 fps….lowest settings. 2006 dell inspiron 1300


  14. […] can test your own game performance by showing frames per second within Starcraft 2, just hit Option+Control+F while anywhere in the game and a framerate counter will appear in the […]

  15. Steve says:

    max fps god knows, it’s capped to screen refresh of 60

  16. Steve says:

    Set my onboard gfx card to phys x min 50 fps now =)

  17. Steve says:

    I’m getting an average of 60fps, drops to 30 in really heavy battles all maxed out at 1920×1200 x4 forced AA, on my 2 470 Zotac Amp!s SLI, Phenom II X4 955 (oc 3.6ghz) M4N82 Deluxe 8gig DDR2 1066 Win7 64.

  18. sadk says:

    I get 50fps on a MacBook Pro Core i5

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