iPad vs Kindle screen comparisons

Aug 17, 2010 - 2 Comments

ipad vs kindle screen

Have you ever wondered what an iPad and Kindle screen would look like up close? Not just to the naked eye, but really up close… say at 26x and 400x magnification. Despite the fact they are serving completely different markets, I know people compare the iPad and Kindle frequently so these shots are quite interesting.

These pictures were taken with a Veho USB Powered Microscope, which I had no idea you could even get a 400x USB powered microscope for $65, that’s amazing in and of itself. Anyway, more pictures:
ipad vs kindle screens

At 400x the iPad looks like any other close up of a LCD display, while the Kindle amazingly enough actually holds detail and, well, resembles ink.

Admittedly this isn’t the most fair comparison considering the current iPad screen is using a traditional LCD display while the Kindle uses the wildly complex MIT creation known as E Ink. Of course, the Kindle also isn’t intended to compete against the iPad and vice versa (try playing games or browsing the web in a meaningful fashion on a Kindle), but it’s neat to see these detailed pictures. I’d really like to see this test done using the 326ppi iPhone 4 retina display, which is rumored to appear on iPod touch and iPad models in the near future.

These images confirm the opinions I’ve long held: if you’re looking to get a handheld device for only reading books, the Kindle takes the cake. If you want to do more like play games, browse the web, email, listen to music, watch movies, etc, the iPad is a no brainer.

The above pictures originated from microscope shots by Keith Peters at his website, Bit-101. There are several more pictures and also comparisons with real printed ink if you’re interested in seeing them.


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