What is the iPad 1 Commercial Song from “iPad is Electric” TV Ad?

Aug 18, 2010 - 39 Comments

Apple released a new iPad commercial called “iPad is Delicious” that features the text “iPad is…” followed by images of someone browsing a pictured recipe book, playing games, reading books, writing on a virtual chalkboard, etc, the video is posted above if you haven’t seen it yet.

Playing in the background is a piano song with fingers snapping to a gradually increasing energy level and soon come handclaps, a bass line, and the whole shebang… of course since it’s an Apple commercial this song is about to get very popular and two people have already asked me what the song is.

Watch the commercial for iPad 1, and read on to hear the full song that soundtracks the commercial and to learn learn what it is.

What’s the name of the song in the iPad 1 commercial?

The iPad commercial is embedded on this page to listen to, it has a really catchy song playing in the background.

The song playing in the commercial is ‘Never Stop’ by Chilly Gonzales, from an upcoming album titled “Ivory Tower” that will be available on September 14. There are actually two versions of this song available, a ‘rap mix’ and the ‘original mix’ which is an instrumental version.

Where can I get the song?

You can download the Never Stop EP on iTunes, which has three versions of the song.

You can also order Chilly Gonzales albums now from Amazon on multiple formats, including as MP3 downloads.

The record label also offers a look at Chilly Gonzales albums on their website.

A quick note: If you like the song used in the iPad commercial you should review the full album which it is contained on, it includes both versions of “Never Stop” and the other songs are just as good, providing a solid mix of funky piano riffs, catchy beats, smooth instrumentals, and electronic goodness.

Can I listen to the full song online?

Yes you can find the complete version of the song that is featured in the iPad 1 commercial. Here are the full songs in both versions (via YouTube videos)

The instrumental original mix:

In case you’re wondering how I always find out what song is playing in the Apple commercials, I just use Shazaam on my iPhone.

Update 10/2/2010: Apple released a new version of the iPad ad, titled “iPad is electric” and it features the same piano song playing in the commercial as was in the other similar theme commercial for iPad.


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  1. sudfghiudshfiuds says:

    All of you are dead wrong by a mile, you should be ashamed. This song is a ripoff of Lost Souls, by 2pac. FACT.

  2. […] out what song was playing in this new iPod touch commercial as well as to discover what the new iPad commercial song is. It’s a great app and worth a place on any iOS device. […]

  3. freeman says:

    do you know what is the song number of the latest ipad 2 ad,
    soft music with piano..
    any information will be appreciated

  4. RecallVaguely says:

    You could hear the exact music in Japanese movie,Yojimbo (1961) by Akira Kurosawa. Music by Masaru Satō.

  5. […] for all the iPad commercials they are using a recurring song.From the article on osxdaily.com:https://osxdaily.com/2010/08/18/t…What’s the name of the song in the new iPad commercial?The song is ‘Never Stop’ by Chilly […]

  6. […] latest iPad commercial starts off with the turntable DJay app scratching the now widely known iPad commercial song “Never Stop” by Chilly Gonzales, followed by more apps and words: fresh, tickets, news, stories, 60,000+ apps, students, teachers, […]

  7. George says:

    Reminds me of a poor imitation of Brandt Brauer Frick – Orchestral instruments with a “house” vibe.

    It’s alright.

  8. Jimney says:

    This song sounds like nothing….and everything…..just like any other song. Just listen…or don’t, you douche-bags.

    Cole Porter, King Crimson, nina Simone, for chrissakes.

  9. Mike Gauvin says:

    Does anyone have the sheet music, or notes?

  10. […] the video, it’s pretty amusing and by using the same song in the iPad commercial you get a nice parody effect which is good for some laughs too. This would make a fantastic app to […]

  11. […] you have seen the others, you’ll notice the catchy piano song in the iPad commercial has been the same Chilly Gonzales track across the series, leaving no doubt that you’re […]

  12. sstarmer says:

    cole porter rip off.

  13. Thomas says:

    Who is girl in red dress walking down street using iPad?

  14. […] to the MiFi hotspot as well. I don’t think the TV ad is quite as catchy as the Apple crafted iPad commercial with it’s funky song, but it’s a decent […]

  15. […] fantasy, electric. The latest TV advertisement features the same finger snapping Chilly Gonzales piano song from iPad commercials airing earlier in the year, except at the end there’s an electric guitar playing the same […]

  16. Blaine says:

    That song sounds a lot like a piano version of Fly Me Courageous by Driving N Cryin. Anyone else hear it? Does anyone remember that song?

  17. Angel says:

    No, it sounds like Starchild by Level 42. Check it. It’s in the same key even.

  18. Paul Carr says:

    Sounds like a less interesting version of King Crimson’s 1982 song “Waiting Man.”

  19. jeanlouise says:

    And I think it sure sounds like a rip off of Nina Simone’s version of ‘Sinnerman’.

  20. voted against carter says:

    The intro is really “Anything Goes” from the 30’s – Cole Porter

  21. boo boo says:

    I think the song’s rhythm sounds like a rip off of the song “Changes” by Yes.

  22. […] me frequently how to find out what music is playing. I just recently used it to figure out what song is playing in the new iPad commercial after a few people asked me about it, everyone is always amazed that I can quickly come up with an […]

  23. […] würde sagen, Apple hat sich das Beste aus dem Songs für die Werbung genommen… via OS X Daily Chilly Gonzales, delicious, iPad, Musik, Never Stop, Song, Spot, […]

  24. Scott Rose says:

    We used to use Shazam too, until we discovered Soundhound a few weeks ago. There is no going back at this point. Soundhound is better than Shazam in just about every way possible.

  25. musicalpedant says:

    The beat is static – ~96bpm throughout the entire song. The overall volume/energy level increases, sure, but not the beat.

    • Devon says:

      Yep, the music is yuck… It’s very generic and not very interesting or compelling in any way.

      It’s the kind of music goofy “artsy” people listen to and rock their heads side to side and call it “nifty”, hahaha. :)

      • EskimoKing says:

        I think it’s simplicity is what makes it infectious…if you want interesting/compelling music, according to your standards, go pop in a widespread panic cd

      • GenSTL says:


      • Dom. King of the musically inclined. says:

        I think the beat is cool and groovy. A beat doesn’t have to have a lot going on in order to be good. It’s simplicity and arrangement is what makes it so addictive and right. Maybe you just have to be “artsy” in order to appreciate good music. I do agree that some parts are unnecessary because of all the add ons, but other than that, the beat is grade “B+” work. I have heard better, but for the genre, it’s pretty cool.

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