How to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS with Limera1n

Oct 10, 2010 - 22 Comments

limera1n iphone jailbreak
Limera1n jailbreak was just released, allowing you to jailbreak iOS 4.1 on the iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod touch 3G and 4G. It’s not the simplest jailbreak in the world but it’s also not the most difficult, just follow the instructions and you should be able to get it working. We’re going to cover using limera1n with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

How to jailbreak the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with limera1n

First, before you do any jailbreak, backup your iPhone!

  • Download the Limera1n jailbreak app from here (Windows and Mac versions available)
  • Connect the iPhone to your computer and launch the limera1n app
  • Click on “make it ra1n”
  • limera1n will now place your iPhone in recovery mode, follow the instructions carefully
  • When prompted, press both the home and power buttons
  • When prompted, release the power button but continue to hold the home button
  • Your iPhone will now be in DFU mode, continue to hold the home button
  • You’ll notice the limera1n logo appear on your iPhone (or iPod touch, iPad, etc)

limera1n jailbreak

  • When the jailbreak is completed, you’ll see the ‘done’ message from the limera1n app
  • Now you need to restart your iPhone, so boot the device as usual
  • Notice the newly installed limera1n app on your iPhone screen, tap the app to launch it, and then select Cydia to install it

limera1n jailberak iphone

  • After Cydia is installed, you’ll want to reboot your iPhone again
  • At this point you can uninstall the limera1n app since it is no longer needed

That’s all there is to it, enjoy your jailbroken iPhone!

There’s certainly more steps to limera1n than there is to the super easy jailbreakme but that’s the price you pay for jailbreaking iOS 4.1 on the iPhone 4 I guess right? I think the other thing that makes this a little more complicated to the less geeky is the le3tsp34k within the jailbreak app, which looks like gibberish to those who don’t know what it is.

Limera1n also works on the iPad and iPod touch 3G and iPod touch 4G, and the process is very similar. Again, just be sure to follow the instructions and you’ll get it working.

Enjoy the jailbreak!

Update: In case you missed it, Limera1n for Mac was just released.


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  1. Lindsey says:

    I do all the steps and it says its finished and to turn my phone on but the raindrop never apears and ive tried 3 times, HELP

  2. wc says:

    My Cydia won’t work.

    • Parakeet says:

      Without details it is hard to troubleshoot for you, but reboot your iPhone/iPod. If it’s a newer model make sure you do tethered boot through redsn0w.

      If you’re running iOS 4.2.1 you shouldn’t be using limera1n anyway, use the latest redsn0w instead.

  3. dawn says:

    I can’t get the icon/logo to show u. Pease help!!!!

    • Manish says:

      It’s likely that you are not entering DFU mode correctly, follow the instructions carefully.

      Remember, limera1n does not work with iOS 4.2.1, if you upgraded to the latest iOS version, you need to wait for a new jailbreak to be released.

  4. yoyo says:

    Does it take very long for the app to work in DFU mode? It seemed like eternity. I’ve already let go of the Home button and the app still says “in DFU mode…….wait”.

  5. odm says:

    Help!!! i did the first 6 steps and it the iphone just turned off and now it will not start again. it only show the recovery mode screen!!!
    please, any help will be appreciated!

  6. NOy says:

    ok so when it finish in dfu mode then the rain drop symbol shows up, tellin me its finsih so i boot up my phone and it still has the apple logo? i didnt jailbreak anything

  7. natsu says:

    i jailbreaked the iphone 3gs.
    But it’s sim won’t work
    or any carriers.
    So unlocking is the deal?
    I think i need cydia
    but we have no internet connection at my area
    so i couldn’t install cydia
    which gives me a hard time T_T

  8. gabz says:

    It didn’t work on my iPhone 3G . . .follow the above steps. It stops in DFU Mode and waited forever.
    Restored to 4.1 again and restore from backup in iTunes.
    Will wait for further updates for iPhone 3G.

  9. EGG SPLEEN says:

    I also have a 3g iphone. will this jailbreak app work with this phone??


  10. manu says:

    Great! The Mac OSX version of Limera1n works! I jailbroked my iPhone 3GS in less dann a minute!
    Thanks a lot geohot!

  11. […] the Limera1n jailbreak is pretty easy, just follow the instructions in the app or learn how to jailbreak iPhone 4 with limera1n on our site. The process is practically identical for Mac OS X and Windows, and a Linux version is […]

  12. Paul says:

    I was having a lot of trouble getting this jailbreak to work. I always get stuck where the software says everything is finished, but the iPhone shows the graphic telling me to connect it to iTunes.

    Turns out, you are suppose to RELEASE the HOME button when it enters the DFU mode!! I originally had kept holding it down.

  13. […] is now available to download. Currently the release is Windows only (much like the earlier launched limera1n jailbreak) but the fact that there’s a Mac download icon is a promising indicator that a Mac version […]

  14. Jerry says:

    Does Limera1n also allow for unlocking of a iPhone 3g to be used on TMobile network? If not any idea when and how this will be available?


  15. Wolfgang Amadeus says:

    Oh and you forgot to mention that limera1n works to jailbreak the new Apple TV too. Unfortunately there is no use for it at the moment… but soon I think this will be fun indeed.

  16. Wolfgang Amadeus says:

    Used this right away when it came out, works beautifully on iPhone 4 w/ 4.1 although what a pain to use bootcamp

  17. […] Now that’s straightened out, go ahead and jailbreak iPhone OS 4.1 with limera1n. […]

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