How to uninstall limera1n and install greenpois0n or vice versa

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So you installed the limera1n jailbreak and now you want to use greenpois0n instead (or vice versa), what do you do? Using a tool called APTBackup, we can backup all your jailbroken apps, and then reinstall another jailbreak complete with all your previously installed jailbroken apps.

Yes, this process works to uninstall greenpois0n and install limera1n too. The procedure is the same on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Uninstall limera1n/greenpois0n and install greenpois0n/limera1n

This is a several stage process. You’ll backup your jailbroken apps, then uninstall the existing jailbreak, then re-jailbreak the iPhone, and finally restore the jailbroken app backups. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1) Backup Jailbroken Apps
The first thing you’ll want to do is backup your installed jailbroken apps:

  • Download “APTBackup” from Cydia
  • Run the APTBackup app and tap “Backup” and then sync with iTunes to store the jailbreak backup list

Step 2) Uninstall the Jailbreak
Next you need to uninstall the jailbreak. We’ve covered how to undo a jailbreak before, but we’ll cover it again here in case you aren’t sure:

  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes
  • Click on the “Restore” button with iTunes
  • Select “Yes” that you would like to restore your iPhone and backup your files
  • Let the restore process go, your iPhone will reboot itself and your jailbreak will be gone

Step 3) Re-install a New Jailbreak
Now that you have a restored jailbreak-free iPhone, you can go ahead and use the other jailbreak you want to install.

That’s really all there is to it. APTBackup isn’t a true backup solution, it just makes a comprehensive list of all the apps you had installed previously and then that list can be referenced again through APTBackup to restore all your jailbroken apps, allowing Cydia to re-download all of them.

Limera1n vs Greenpois0n, why either?

Other than some people having trouble installing one or the other, I don’t see the difference. The end result is the same, you have a jailbroken device. Why pick one or the other? Personal choice I guess. I have no opinion on the greenpois0n vs limera1n debate, both jailbreaks work fine for me and I’m not really concerned with the iPhone hacker politics that have caused much of the debate between the two releases. Pick one and go with it, or if one doesn’t work for you, use the other. They’re both made by talented hackers and each deserves their own credit.

You can also completely unjailbreak the iPhone if you’d like, this is highly recommended if you intend on bringing your iPhone to Apple or AT&T for service. Jailbreaking is not illegal but it will generally void your warranty with Apple unless you undo it before service.


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  1. xOriGiiNz-- says:

    Yo, I donate 10 $ aswell it really makes a big effort towards there making of new untethered jailbreaks it does go along way :) bsides try blacksn0w it worx aswell its actually pre good ;)

  2. cheezitzzzz says:

    ok i had limera1n and i deleted it and instalous and cydia and i have tried to install greenpoision after that but didnt work and i tried installing limrain again but again it doesnt work like i dont see the limerain icon as an app on my ipod even though i do it right how do i get limerain back even though i deleted it

  3. CHEZARD says:


  4. SPC Ryan says:

    @bi, do your research b4 you think you know what your talking about. Limera1n used a different exploit then greenpois0n, this is why greenpois0n hackers were smart and delayed a few days. they implemented the limra1n exploit into greenpois0n, saving their exploit for future jailbreaks. If apple patches the limera1n exploit then greenpois0n can possibly release an updated ver. with their exploit. not to mention both were created by “THE DEV-TEAM” they all work together on the jailbreaks and help each other out. (ie.) Comex helped Geohot by making limera1n untethered. they all deserve the up most respect and for anyone who uses the Jailbreaks should donate even if its just $1 I donate $10 every time i use a new jailbreak, they work very hard and offer the jailbreak for free. a small donation goes a long way. (possible quicker release of future jailbreaks if everyone donated a little bit.) Wouldn’t you work harder if you were getting money for what you do.

  5. aarick says:

    How can limera1n be stolen when it’s a completely different exploit and greenpois0n had to implement it to their jailbreak? The only reason everyone is so mad is because they didn’t want two exploit to be released at once and Apple will be able to close both at the next software update.

  6. bi11y says:

    limera1n was basically stolen from greenpois0n and released before it was ready, that’s why everyone is so mad

    • SHADY420 says:

      That is the most uneducated comment i have ever seen. Do your homework before making accusations!! Geohot (limera1n) beat the Chronic Dev-team (greenpois0n) to the punch. Geohot stole nothing he actually used a different exploit that he found on his own. Greenpois0n decided to save their exploit for future devices, and adopted geohots exploit and used in on their tool.

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