Unjailbreak an iPhone

Aug 3, 2010 - 260 Comments

unjailbreak iphone So you’ve decided that you want to reverse the jailbreak on your iPhone, no big deal. All jailbreaks are reversible, but what most users don’t know is that you can easily unjailbreak an iPhone by using the Restore functionality within iTunes, and then you can restore your apps, contacts, and iPhone customization to the device as well. This process is the same to undo a jailbreak on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or even an Apple TV. We’re covering the iPhone here as an example, but it’s the same for all devices and all iOS versions.

Undoing a jailbreak is a two-stage process that requires iTunes, a USB cable, and a Mac or Windows computer, you won’t lose any of your data except for the Cydia apps and anything related to the jailbreak itself (which is why you are undoing the jailbreak in the first place, right?). If you don’t have a backup to restore to, you can still undo the jailbreak, but you won’t be able to get your stuff back – that’s one of many reasons why it’s so important to regularly make backups of your iOS devices.

How to Unjailbreak an iPhone

It is a simple process to undo a jailbreak on an iPhone (or iPod touch and iPad). Here are the exact steps to unjailbreak and then restore your iPhones data:

  1. Connect the jailbroken iPhone to your computer and open iTunes
  2. In the left iTunes column, select your iPhone
  3. Under the Summary tab, you’ll see a ‘Restore’ button – click this to start the unjailbreak process
  4. reverse jailbreak

  5. A message will pop up asking if you’d like to backup your iPhone, click yes and let the backup and restore process go
  6. Your iPhone will automatically restart itself when it is finished restoring, you will then be asked if you want to restore from backup – click Yes if you want to restore all your non-jailbreak related apps and iPhone customization to the iPhone
  7. When the backup and restore is complete, your jailbreak has been reversed and your iPhone is no longer jailbroken!

This process works the same on every single iPhone model ever made, from iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, 4S, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch, all iPad models, and regardless of what version of iOS the device is running. You can undo jailbreaks from iOS 7.1.1 or iOS 4, it doesn’t matter which, just simply restoring from the most recent backup does the job and reverses the jailbreak.

If you ever want to redo the jailbreak, be sure to find the newest jailbreak available here, always back up the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch before beginning, and understand the potential risks involved in performing a jailbreak. As always, regardless of what jailbreak tool you use, you’ll find that reversing all of these is just as simple as any other unjailbreak process.

Note: If you have created custom IPSW firmware packages with something, you will need to select a fresh IPSW file to restore to instead of the customized IPSW that was created by the tool you used to make the custom firmware. You can download iPhone firmware & IPSW files from Apple’s servers, we always have the latest IPSW links available here so just check to be sure you get the iOS firmware version you are looking for, appropriate to your device.


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  1. Yelbin says:

    Quiero ayudar a un amigo

  2. Dimsk Flemmy says:

    This was really helpful, though weird and it really change the process for me , it was a feeling of freedom of information technology from the following link$ above !

  3. Krishyanis says:

    Should i jailbreak, what oppurtunities it gives me, if not why?

  4. Simon says:

    I need an app that letting me record calls so what can i do? My device is IOS 9.3.1. I was thinking to jailbreak to get the app could anyone help me please ?

  5. Kiani says:

    If I unjailbrake my iPhone will it still have some of the faulty issues that it had while it was jailbroken eg. Lag, viruses etc.?

  6. Hello says:

    Thx really made my life different that thing I’m not going to speak of again at first I thought it was a really good idea but when I actually got into it well I say that but I Diddent get into it I was locked out of my iphone but you guys saved me but this thing made me spend £500 on a new iphone 6s

  7. Nathan says:

    I got sick of the hacking and all the space cydia and stuff took up (10.45 gigs)

  8. Jahanvi shah says:

    I tried undoing jail break by this process but everytime i do it itunes says error 3604.

  9. Sally says:

    I jailbroke my ipod 5 and forgot the andriod password and its not letting me restore the ipod. WHAT SHOULD I DO? HELP!

    • Kelp says:

      Undo your jailbreak. Then you should hold your breath for 10 seconds, then take 5 deep breaths in a slow methodical fashion, then unjailbreak your iPhone. What your Android has to do with the jailbreak or your iPod, nobody knows, nobody.

  10. chaitanya says:

    cant we un jailbreak using reset option available in the settings menu?

    • Kapit says:

      No, not always, you must unjailbreak from iTunes with a complete restore. Using the device reset with Reset Factory Settings can lead to some weird behavior depending on the jailbreak. Best to use iTunes to be safe.

  11. Cody Smith says:

    What if Itunes keeps freezing every time I open it?

  12. Edward says:

    My iphone 3g won’t restore properly. It keeps having errors.

  13. jay says:

    my iphone just gotten me to configure mode. now the no searching problem is back again :( what should i do

  14. annann says:

    iTunes doesn’t let me restore, it says something about the connection, I try to update straight from my phone but it just stay loading, idk what to do to get the jailbreak off my phone.

  15. when i connect it to itunes it shows that there is an iphone in recovery pliz help

  16. khadijahnakibuule says:

    i also have a problem with my iphone3g i tried to update it with ios4.2 from itunes but when t try to restore it it brings me error 1015 it show a usb connecting to the itunes how do i restore it need help

  17. littlelost says:

    and will my appstore be able to return cuz i really need more games but my dad jailbroke my ipod and i rlly need it back

    thanks for the help

  18. littlelost says:

    if my ipod is jailbroken will it still work… and if i do unjail break it will all my games STILL work and be able to run?

  19. Emad says:

    Hi , my itunes says that i must upgrade to ios 6.1.2 to restore when i hit yes it cant connect to apple (though i am aware that i must install a firmware for the update ),

    Please help


  20. kels says:

    wiil i lose my music if its all not transferred to itunes?

  21. […] up your iOS device with iTunes or iCloud – this is important because it allows you to unjailbreak without losing any of your files or personal […]

  22. Anon says:

    My brother jailbroke his iPod and you could still use it, just it got retarded. They brought the iPod to Apple and they gave him a completely new one. They did not even know the jailbreak was on it and he got the new iPod. Will that happen if mine becomes retarded as well?

  23. Kelvin says:

    omg thanks this worked, although it took a while

  24. Diego says:

    PEOPLE… Firstly read all the posts before repeating questions over and over again. I am no pro on this topic hence why my “pro” mate is about to come over and unjailbreak my phone.


    This was written in the instructions at the top of this page :-
    Note: If you have created custom IPSW firmware packages with something like PwnageTool, you will need to select a fresh IPSW file to restore to instead of the customized IPSW that was created by Pwnage. You can download iPhone firmware & IPSW files if this is the case.

    This is where most of you i assume are going wrong and getting error messages and basically making things difficult.

    When your iphone was originally jailbroken chances are you DO HAVE A Custom IPSW Firmware.. You must download original iphone files in order for your phone to work..

    I am unaware of how to and what to do for this, hence why i am using my mate who knows all there is to know…


  25. Rhys says:

    What is the app called swell please :)

  26. Rhys says:

    My phone is open to all networks will it erase that if I unjail break it …

  27. Ineedhelp says:

    Hi will I lose all my apps and data and will iAP Cracker be removed? ( I want every jail broken part gone)

  28. […] need be, use iTunes to unjailbreak the iPhone with a restore process.

  29. mosho says:

    I undid the jailbreak on my iphone acording to these steps, and everything was restored but the apps from appstore, can i get them back or are they gone?
    plz help!!

  30. Aleks says:

    iTunes wants me to update the new version! iOS 6 to restore
    how do i just restore and not update?!!!

  31. Anas says:

    Hey im using iphone 3Gs which is a jailbreak and was unlocked after i brought it to India from UK. Now my problem is my iphone’s firmware is 06.15.00 and someone asked me not to update ios through itunes or i’ll ruin my phone. Now im using ios 4.1 and want to upgrade to ios 5.1 is it possible? Can anyone tell me how??? Plz plz plz

  32. Sophia says:

    i bought an iphone online from Trade me. This is what the seller said but I want to unjailbreak it? Am i still able to do this without the phone being locked? HELLLP :/


    itunes will give you the option to update the firmware, or restore your phone when first plugged in to your computer, but with an unlocked phone you should decline this invitation, as the phone will lock up when updated by itunes. If you want a fully unlocked phone then just keep with the operating system you have already installed when you receive the phone.

    Do not restore and choose the second option when you reset the phone, it will make phone lock again.

    This Iphone is unlock and jailbroken, the current IOS is 4.2.1 which is the highest and stable running software on the Iphone 3G.”

    • anon says:

      Why buy such an old iphone? lol

    • Iphone guru says:

      i would reccomend you finding the guy and asking for a refund, theres not much you can do with that iphone. Or you can find your closest Apple store and ask the Geniuses, they can fix almost everything. If you cant do either, you may as well sell it to a man called FPS Russian, he will use it to shoot at (he makes high popularity youtube videos)

  33. John says:

    Whe i try to restore my phone it pops up saying unable to be restored. unknown error occurred (40), also all my phone will do is say connect to itunes (have i bricked my phone

  34. Kayla says:

    I only want to unjailbreak my iPhone so I can get the new updates but I’m scare if I in jailbreak my phone will become locked not locked with a password but where I can’t use it because I did not get my phone with a plan will it be fine and not locked or will it be locked until I get the new jailbreak for i0s6?

  35. ceeeel says:

    HEY! I bought an iphone 4 off ebay, locked to the same network that my sim card is on. However, it cannot identify my sim card and just says ‘no sim’ /’no sim card detected’.
    I see that the phone has cydia on it which I assume means that it is jailbroken?
    Can anyone offer advice as to how I can fix this? I have no idea about jailbreaking and have never had an iphone before! thanks x

  36. Eli says:

    It says it will take up to 40 hours to finish… am i going to have to wait 40 hours to use my phone again…?

  37. steve says:

    just brought a second hand iphone3 and tried to upgrade it and ive lost everything and wont upgrade with the code 1015.
    Ive found out its jailbroken and need to reverse it but my iphone only has a picture with the usb cord to plug into itune and thats all,any ideas?

  38. Kelly says:

    do you lose your pictures?

  39. ashleighbaby says:

    if i unjailbreak my iphone, will i be able to update the softwear on it? because i’ve heard that if your phones jailbroken and you update the softwear it can screw up your iphone..

  40. confuses guy says:

    hello, I got an iPhone 3GS 4.1 , my cydia diserpered some were? But now I wanna restore it , just have it normal, but can I? If I do will I loose my apps? My music? My pictures? would I be able to put music on there, like free music, copy paste put it on iPod? could I still do that? as soon as pos please!?

  41. Anusha says:

    thanks this really helped
    but now could you update it then jailbreak it again?

  42. Andrew says:

    So I have an iPhone 4 with version 4.2.8 iOS, and it’s jailbroken. (I used jailbreakme.com). I want to unjailbreak it so I can update it to iOS 5. I never hooked it up to iTunes in the beginning, I just had a worker at Verizon(I have Verizon) get it running for me. I’ve tried to update it to iOS 5, but it just says that there’s an error and it cannot be completed. What am I doing wrong/what should I do? I want to keep my data(photos, music, apps, contacts, etc) and I don’t want to totally brick my phone. I hear a lot of people are having trouble, and I want to know what to do before it’s too late. Thank you!!

  43. Halli says:

    okay, so i jailbroke my iphone 3gs when i did it erased everything even my meesgaing and caling apps that came with the phone.everything is erased. my computer is to slow to download the upgrade to restore it! WHAT DO I DO?? i regret jailbreaking my iphone so much! my phone is ruined now i have no clue of what to do

  44. Mari says:

    Okay, so I was in the middle of jailbreaking my iPhone and I accidentally unplugged it.
    1. is it jailbroken? there’s no cydia or anything.
    2. I backed it up and restored it to the factory settings and put all my stuff back up there
    3. Will they be able to trace that I jailbroke it if something happens to happen to it?
    thank you!

    • Answer to ur question says:

      they won’t be able to trace you and it is probably jailbroken now but i don’t recommend trying it another time! :D

  45. Ken says:

    I’m trying to restore my iPhone 3gs running 4.1 and am locked in the registration loop where it asks for language, country etc. It was recommended that I go in and get a new sim card which I did but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

  46. daniel says:

    didnt work :(

  47. Sam says:

    Will I still have my pictures when i unjailbreak it or will I have to save all pictures to computer then have to put them back on?

  48. penny.s says:

    ive decided to unjailbreak my iphone 4, and i restored and cleared all memory, but since that, my iiphone hasnt turned on. it has that twirling white circle in the middle which has been ongoing for about 20 minutes. how do i get my phone to turn on and how do i fix it?

  49. Max says:

    It keeps on saying ” The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1602). I tried to put the iPhone on DFU mode, but the jailbreak just won’t let me, when I shut down the iPhone it just spins a little, freezes, then goes back to my lock screen. What do I do? Is this what they call a “Brick”? Please help! :(

  50. Michelle says:

    Guys, I just attempted to Un-jailbreak my Corona Untethered iPod 4th generation running on iOS 5.0.1 and it is not working. I went into the Settings App and reset to factory (didn’t wipe clean) and then Restored it on iTunes from a previous back up. I thought it would get rid of the Jailbreak, but it didn’t. So I uninstalled Corona Untether and rebooted (I have read that it would work to get rid of the jailbreak completely). It is now stuck on the lock screen in a reset-loop. It will sit there for a few seconds, then go to the black screen with the circle that goes around (like a loading thingy) and pop back up again. It will not let me turn it off at all. I don’t know how to fix this because my internet is too slow to download the new iOS and do a complete wipe clean on my iPod from iTunes. However, I am going to a library tomorrow to try to update and restore from my laptop, and was wondering if that should work or should I go into my Redsn0w to boot tethered and/or go into the Recovery Fix that is included in the software.

    Please Help. I don’t want to be out $400.. :(

    I regret even jailbreaking. \:

    • Mat says:

      Put in DFU mode and restore, done

      • Michelle says:

        Okay, thanks! I’ll try that if what someone else told me to do doesn’t work.

        They told me: “You should try booting your device tethered with Redsn0w, then at the library, update to the latest version of iOS.”

        But I’ll definitely try yours too if that one doesn’t work:)

  51. LAC says:

    i want to unjailbreak my phone but it has a T-mobile sim card in it now. itunes does not recognize the sim card. What do i do?

    • LAC says:

      i should add that i no longer have the original sim card :-(

      • Glen says:

        I had this issue, upgraded my iPhone 3GS from 3.1 to the latest 5.1.1 via iTunes which obviously removed the jailbreak… But also removed the unlock too… I knew the phone was originally on Orange and although I didn’t have the original sim card I popped to my local supermarket and bought an orange pay as you go sim for £1 popped that in and connected via cable/laptop to iTunes and restored the phone from backup then installed Cydia via my home wifi straight to the iPhone. Now I have the latest version (5.1.1) and a signal (via orange pay as you go sim) and Cydia is installed… Next step is unlocking to get back to using my contract O2 sim…

        Unfortunately I cannot unlock my phone to use my O2 sim card though as all the unlock tools i’ve tried so far have been disabled by Apple’s latest security update… I think I need to downgrade my baseband but to do that I need to unjailbreak and then rejailbreak my iPhone…. I’ve read some scary stuff about bricking phones when downgrading/unjailbreaking so I’m taking my time with this next step…. Any help/info would be much appreciated!

  52. dillon says:

    if i restore it will all my apps and music and photo still be on here :/ please help

  53. Vicky says:

    I av a iPhone 3G I’m trying to unjail break it it’s only restoring so far and a error MSG is cumin up its not restoring 100% I’ve tried it on vista and xp I’m getting worried now cud it b because I file share iTunes on computer and laptop

    • maCcAt888 says:

      There is a way to unjailbreak by going to cydia->manage->packages->(chooseon)->click modify->click remove-> click continue queing and repeat to all until last one and remove all.
      Hope that helps :D

  54. […] once it’s finished so everything works as intended. If you ever get sick of it, you can unjailbreak just by restoring the iOS device from […]

  55. […] version of Redsn0w has been released to jailbreak iOS 5.1 tethered. While easy to do and easy to reverse, be sure to understand the difference between a tethered and untethered jailbreak. Put simply, […]

  56. alice says:

    Unjailbreak seemed to go ok. Phone is up with old songs, contacts, etc. However, the sync with computer keeps starting and balking with “waiting for changes to be applied”. This step isn’t in the directions. Should I do something?

  57. thomas says:

    That depends. If you are resoring it to a previously made backup, then i would think that you would retain whatever data you had during the last backup. If you are starting from scratch, then obviosly not. Also, if any of tjese apps were downloaded from installous, then they will be deleted with the other jailbreak stuff.

  58. thomas says:

    Hey, i have an iphone 3gs with the ipad baseband, running 4.2.1. I know from ecperience that you cant just push restore, or shift restore, or a DFU resore, or even a pwnd DFU resore without sending it into the restore mode loop. This is where the iphone gets the sync witb itunes screen whenever you turn it on, and itunes says that it detects an iphone in resore mode, but gives you an error message whenever trying to take it out. When i did this, i gave it to a friend to fix, and i have no idea how he did it, but it used to run 4.3.3, not 4.2.1. I really want to upgrade to ios 5, but i dont for fear of putting it in this restore mode loop thing again. Any suggestions on how to do this?

    • desperado says:

      i dont recomend to upgrade to iOS 5, it runs a little bit slow on 3GS, i did that and i downgrade to 4.3.3.

      but i hope someone will tell me if restoring will restore the baseband to factory and fix the GPS and Notification problems.

  59. Kaileigh says:

    I want to unjailbreak my iPod, but I don’t have a computer, can I unjailbreak it without a computer and still keep all my stuff??

  60. Josh says:

    if i unlocked something in an app with it jailbroken, will it be lost

  61. robert says:

    my iphone was jail broken and updated now its lock on a grey screan and it says no sim card or service any tips or help please!!

  62. Brendan says:

    Will un-jailbreaking delete all my in app things, like high scores of files that i have used to make music on my iPhone?

  63. Telisha says:

    I jailbroke my phone using redsnow and now im trying to restore it but it wont let me saying check network connection once it gets into the restoring process then it says that its going to take two hours. Please Help I really want to get this off!!!

  64. john says:

    See if i restore my phone do i lose all texts and photos on it?

  65. martin says:

    will i lose my 200 songs i got free from a jailbroken app if i unjailbreak my ipod?

  66. K99 says:

    I restored my ipod touch but wheen it backed up everything was erased… pls help!

  67. dylan says:

    I would just like to know, will the whole tethering scheme be removed? Another words, will I be able to return to the normal setting where I can power the device back on without connecting it to my computer?

  68. Taz says:

    nevermind i figured it out……the point of backing up before jailbreak is for cases where you need to restore your phone. So dont click back up when prompted after you click restore…IF and only IF you have a pre jailbreak back up to restore to

  69. Taz says:

    I did a back up before jailbreaking.Do I need to back up again when prompted after i click restore?

  70. sagar says:

    form me its not working coz in my phone its saying NO SERVICE what can i do and even in my itune its telling SIM CARD INSERTED IN THIS I PHONE DOES NOT APPEARS TO SUPPORT

  71. Jess says:

    I have a JB 3g that I’m using as a backup since my 3gs crapped out on me. The problem is that I’m trying to sync it to my Itunes and load my previous backup onto it but can’t. So far, I’ve manually loaded my music and apps but I want my contacts and everything on there as well. The last time that I got a new iPhone, when I connected it to Itunes, it asked me if I wanted to replace all the info and make it my new phone…or something to that effect. It’s not doing that this go round. It just says “iPhone”. Also, my computer is not connected to the interenet. I’m living out of a camper right now and cannot connect. (No jokes please:)

  72. kait says:

    my Ipod (4th generation) was jailbroken and now is unjailbroken and now when i go to connect to itunes and sync, it sits at backup. I think my backup file is gone how to i create a new one?

  73. Bleu says:

    I tried to unjailbreak my phone by clicking restore but it keeps tellin me it can’t and my firmware is not supported what can I do???????

  74. Jdog says:

    So I did this and it came up with error 3194. What should I do?

  75. 52 says:

    My brother stole my iPod and jailbroke it, and now the whole thing is screwed up. I really have no idea how to do any of this stuff. I plugged it into my laptop and tried to connect it to iTunes, but it just froze on the loading screen. How do I fix this!?!

    • Brendan says:

      There isn’t much you can do i dont think, a full system restore will delete everything and start again, but none of your old stuff will be there…

  76. Fretx says:

    Can you help? I have a jailbroken phone and want to restore to update to iOS 5, but when I click restore it loads halfway and then an error (3194) comes out saying that the restore failed. I’ve checked the apple site, it says 3194 happens because my iTunes isn’t the latest version, but I’m positive mine is. Anything you know about this?

  77. Maria says:

    Does anyone know if unjailbreaking a phone will restore the pre-jailbreak baseband?

  78. anonmouse says:

    Will restoring iphone affect my phone contract in any way? like will i have to pay for texts or anything?

    • Diego says:

      Yes you will have to pay $800 for all the texts you sent during the time the phone was jailbroken…. i’m sorry but that is the most stupid question i’ve heard… You phone has nothing to do with your contract.

  79. zhenni says:

    wait a minute.
    do u mean iTunes on iPhone or pc?
    and if u reload it will it still have all my contacts and my settings?

  80. Burtis says:

    Can you restore an iPhone to unjailbreak it but will your phone stay unlocked if it’s unlocked

  81. curvybabe34 says:

    Iphone 4 jailbroken

    I need to un jailbreak the phone.However it would like to restore and update. 2 questions:

    1. Can I restore my iphone without updating? if so where do I get the software/steps?

    2. If I restore and update will my phone be stuck in safe mode

    Please help!

  82. bailey says:

    so i followed all instructions and put my sim card back in and it says my sim can not be read….what now?!?!

  83. kennedy says:

    i’m confused. do you loose all of your stuff or does it go back after the restore because you backed it up?

  84. dan says:

    I have a 3g, 3.1.2. and it’s jailbroken.

    I want to restore it. If I do this, will I lose any photos or contacts?

    Also I called Apple, they will not answer any questions due to my JB. But he did warn me that there is a very good chance if I try to restore my phone, it could be “bricked” and basically beyond repair.

    Any thoughts?

    • Endscrypt says:

      For a start “Unlucky for you’a 3G slowww!” No you wont lose photos or contacts on a restore. Now your the kinda of person that goes and f**ks it for everyone asking Apple about jailbreaks. Did ya expect them to do it for ya or put ya on to a cpl of good Cydia tweaks you numbnut. Apple talk shizit ofcoare you can restore yer iphone 3g without worry of it being bricked. Its a widley used fruit company scare tactic and a great way to sell you a new iphone.

  85. Valerie says:

    Is it safe to restore my jailbroken iphone with itunes? ’cause I want to install ios5. :)

  86. Beka says:

    I have a jailbroke iphone 4 with 4.3.5 and i dont want the jailbreak anymore but i tried to restore it on itunes and it says error (3194) How can i get the error to go away? Help!

  87. iphoneguy says:

    I have a JB iphone 3gs with 4.3.3, problem is it doesnt show up under my computer or in itunes. i dont want to a factory restore because i need to back up my notes, contacfts etc., anyone know what i can do?

  88. Blah says:

    What if there is an error in the restoring process?

  89. Chrissy says:

    My iPhone is jail broke but the phone is an orange network but iam o2 see if I I unjailbreak it will it go back to orange?

  90. BILLYBOBBITY says:

    so would installous app be deleted too?

  91. manoj says:

    it is showing an 1015 error what should i do for that?

  92. Tracy says:

    I currently have a jailbroken 3GS. After waiting months and months for iPhone 5 I was gutted to see the iPhone 4s looked exactly like the iPhone 4. However, I decided to get the 4s on a 12month contract and wait for iPhone 5 (fingers crossed for a design change). Anyway I wanted to know if I need to unjailbreak my 3GS before getting 4s on Friday? Surely I don’t need to do this as it’s not been jailbroken very long and everything had been recently updated/restored? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Matt says:

      If you plan on syncing your 4S with the content from the 3GS, you will lose jailbroken apps. For that reason, it may be a good idea to unjailbreak before upgrading.

      • Tracy says:

        Wow, quick response. Okay this is were I’m a novice. I had previously jail broken my phone then unjailbroke it. It bricked and had to restore it. So as far as my iTunes goes that has everything I want on it. All unjailbreak apps and all my music. Once I get the 4s I will jus plug it into my pc to get it started. Therefore I can’t see that I’d need to unjailbreak my 3GS as I won’t be updating or using it?
        Thanks for your advice.

        • Matt says:

          Correct, as long as iTunes has all of your backups, you can just sync your new iPhone 4S to iTunes and transfer all your data over. No need to mess with any jailbreak stuff.

          • Tracy says:

            Thanks for your help Matt. It seems like to much effort for a phone I won’t be using. I guess once my new phone is set up I can’t unjailbreak my 3GS if I was to sell it on or give it to someone as that iTunes account will be used on my new phone.

          • Matt says:

            After your 4S is setup, you can unjailbreak the 3GS and format it so that you can sell it or give it to someone else, that will remove your iTunes account and all other data from the phone.

  93. Sophia says:

    I contracted with T-mobile for an iphone 4, and it was jailbreak. I don’t know why my iphone turn off automaticlly when I was listening to music. It happened 4,5 times and I had to turn it on. Now, I want to bring it to Apple store to ask them change a new one. My phone still have warranty until November. So, Do I need to restore it at home before bringing it to Apple store?

  94. Nick says:

    Why would anybody want to unjailbreak anyway? it makes the device capable of soooo much more!

  95. marcos says:

    It says it cant be restored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. ryan says:

    Every time i go on itunes to restore it it says my iphone is not eligible to restore

  97. Ana G says:

    what if my iphone is not being restored it says it can restore and to try again but i keep trying and it wont resstore it just stays in the blue itunes icon and the pic of the usb cable

  98. anon says:

    i jail broke my ipod and it says plug into itunes but after the jailbreak itunes wont work i tried putting it into recovery mode but that doesnt work either oh yeah on itunes it says i dont have internet connection even when the ipod isnt plugged in idk whet to do does anyone know thank you

  99. Kyro Ericson says:

    Soo i unjailbreaked my iphone 4 and when it was hooked up it said my iphone was overheating and it exploded.

    • Nick says:

      Wait, your iphone exploded? Like, physically exploded? Crap, you’re screwed. whatever you do, unless you know what you’re doing, DO NOT touch it.

  100. Gabriela says:

    So…the problem is..I jailbraked my iPod 4 and then i accidentaly erased all contents (from settings menu) and it died…so i tried to restore the ipod but it wouldnt turn on it’s stuck on the apple logo…I used limera1n to jb it. What can I do? I dont want to jb ir again i just want the latest iOs…help!

  101. Simon says:

    I have a JB Iphone 4, I never sync the phone to my itunes account. I got tired of the JB and wanted the newest IOS so I went into settings and used the restore feature. I am now stuck on the apple screen of death lol I have gotten to the point where I can connect it to the computer and do a restore. My question is, the message that pops up when I click on restore is, it says something about restoring to previous version and checking with apple etc. Is this the way I should do it since I never synced the phone to Itunes and it was JB before freezing on apple screen?

  102. anon says:

    what about warranty?

  103. martinez says:

    If I unjailbreak(restore) wouldnt my phone require unlocking again. Cos i had to jailbreak and then unlock before it discovered network.

  104. Lol says:

    I have never synced my iphone 4 to any computer and i have taken it to a store to jailbreak it. Now i want to unjailbreak my phone. Will syncin and restoring it remove my text messages??

  105. grrrrrr says:

    so i bought this phone that was already jailbroken….i wish to unjail break it, but i am worried that if i do it wont work on my network…does it work that way? i mean it uses sim card, but any other phone that i have purchased “used” were locked and i had to pay to get them to work for my network…does the iphone work that way also? cuz if so i am just going to leave it jail broken….

  106. mee damnit says:

    i wanna know if any of my pictures or messages will disapear??? especially ones in photo

  107. Josh says:

    Just wanted to point out to a few people.. If Cydia crashes right after loading it make sure you are booted tethered through redsn0w unless you have an untethered jailbreak then ignore this.

  108. Gustav says:

    Isnt it easier to just update to the same ios you have in your device than restoring it? Isnt it just to press shift on windows and hold and then press look for updates? Then you should be able to get the same ios as you have and it should be syncing your device so it is exactly is it was before getting the ios again but all jailbrake be gone? Just a theory, does it works?

  109. Shiva says:

    I bought a used jailbroken 3g iPhone and now when I try to download some apps it says iPhone 4 something version software required, so can I undo it? Btw I I had iPhone before (which I broke obviously) and my laptop has iTunes synced to my previous iPhone, so can I still undo by hitting restore button, will I lose my songs, contact details? I just want to undo this and upgrade the latest software

  110. jon says:

    will un-jailbreaking my iphone delete all the apps i downloaded from installous during the jailbreak?

  111. carla says:

    I haven’t started another instance ofcourse – but went head reconnected my iphone(4).
    All is well and okay now – sorry I panicked

  112. carla says:

    so it’s not really as simple as all that

  113. carla says:

    I have done what you told me to do – but I got the message that I have to download another instance of i-tunes before proceeding because the phone is locked…
    what to do now?
    I am in the middle of the process

  114. Govorunb says:

    Many LEGAL apps

  115. Govorunb says:

    Yeah? What if I SYNCHRONIZED it long ago, and I bought many apps after backup, and I jailbroke my iPod without backuping?

  116. Tyler says:

    For all people having trouble restoring, put the iPhone into DFU mode instead of straight-away hitting restore in iTunes.

  117. Brandon says:

    If I jailbreak then sync, then restore, then back up from my jailbroken sync will it have any traces?

  118. Pablo says:

    I’m having trouble with this method. When I click Restore iTunes wants to update firware to 4.3 (I am running 4.2). When download of 4.3 starts I get an error 3259 (network connection timed out). Is this because Cydia does not let Apple

    • Pablo says:

      (prematurely clicked Submit)

      …Cydia does not let Apple contact the device properly? Does anyone know of a fix? Please help. Thank you.

    • Endscrypt says:

      You could be calling Sauriks Server instead of Apple,
      Check out your cert if it has #gs.apple (whatever whatever) remove the #. And you should be good to go! if not google your error code’ GOOGLE is your friend. GL

  119. Henke says:

    will i have my messages and pictures when i restore my iphone or will them dissapere?

    • Nick says:

      Yes you will lose everything. But Just back it up before you do so and you won’t. the only thing you might lose are your messages, not sure about that.

  120. Kate says:

    Does this work in 4.2.1?

  121. tim says:

    i did a full reset on my iphone 4 to undo a jailbreak.
    and now its stuck on the load screen with the green poison symbol how do i fix this and undo the jailbreak correct

  122. […] BrowserChanger requires a jailbreak to install. Jailbreaks are easy to perform and just as easy to undo, but it does add an additional layer of complexity for the average […]

  123. […] it will void your warranty. For this reason if you ever need iPhone warranty service, be sure to unjailbreak your iPhone before taking it into Apple. There are mixed reports of Apple caring and not being concerned that […]

  124. Hadi says:

    I just did the following… now my iphone won’t restore and get out of “safety mode.” i think i’m completely screwed

  125. April says:

    I want to restore my iphone 4 because I lost cydia. When I try to restore itunes wants to update to IOS 4.3. I don’t want 4.3 I want to keep 4.2. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  126. Nicole says:

    i’m just curious, because i’m considering purchasing a jailbroken iphone from craigslist, whether or not restoring changes the unlocked status of the phone. i’m a tmobile user and am interested in an unlocked 3g, but am concerned that i wouldn’t be able to connect to my itunes without running the risk of losing all use of the phone.

  127. Bruce says:

    If you unjailbreak it, can you put on the apps that you downloaded for free from installous

  128. bbyhd says:

    I have a jail broken i phone, and the last time i restored it through i tunes twice with out un jail breaking it i lost 500 mb. both times……. is there another way to un-jailbreak it with out syncing it to itunes? and wit out losing 500 mb? my 16 gb iphone is now a 14.23 gb iphone. :-/

  129. :/ says:

    Oh, and I’m referring to restoring your iPhone back to factory settings… I want to get rid of my jailbreak.

  130. :/ says:

    What if you can’t access the internet through the computer on which you jailbreak your phone with? And the jailbreak is tethered? My computer is on the verge of a breakdown, and from what I’ve read, the reason my internet no longer works is another one of the symptoms of my darned HP laptop. Apparently the wireless chip or something got burned, which makes sense since my laptop overheats all the time.

  131. Lauren says:

    Hi, my friend jailbroke my phone last night but it wiped EVERYTHING and reset all the settings i had, i’ve tried SOOOO many things, but it wont sync or restore original settings (by phone or pc) even when i put it in both of the ‘modes’ holding buttons down to do it…nothing is working! Me and my friend searched the internet for 2 hrs trying to figure out how to UN-jailbreak it last night after spending a few hours previous trying to jailbreak it. I’ve read loads on how to undo it but nothing has worked so far, any ideas?

  132. Tanner says:

    Will i lose my music?

  133. Nick says:

    By these ‘artifacts’ left behind I can give some small examples of what I have noticed, I used mim (make it mine) to edit my carrier and banner, when I restored they remained some of my jailbroken apps remained as well of some items in settings

  134. billy says:

    can you restore it on the phone itself?

  135. Rossie says:

    I would love to be able to restore my ipod 4G but it wont even turn on it gets the little loading icon on the startup and then freezes everytime and when i connect it to itunes, my ipod doesnt pop up it wont show that its connected. Do you know how to fix this? (its Tethered).

    • jOHNCY says:

      I’m having this as well when i tried some changes in the General Settings of my iPhone.
      Now, I can’t even unjailbreak it.
      May I know how did you fix yours?

    • Endscrypt says:

      Have you tried putting it into DFU Mode and letting itunes pick up the flack!

  136. Hawtsauc3 says:

    Ok I wanna kno if I do this will my iPhone will stay at 3.1.2 or update??

  137. Nicole says:

    I have did the whole restore setting in iTunes but Cydia is still on My iPhone4 can someone guide me thru on how to take this off completely?

    • Becca says:

      Same here, I tried restoring it through iTunes, and it came up with the Error code 1015, but the cydia app is still there, but It wont open. HELP!

  138. bert says:

    my iphone is jailbroke and unlocked. i want to restore it and un jailbreak it with itunes so i can update it. my sim is BT so wont work when phone locked to o2.

    Basically i want to know if unjailbreaking my phone will also overwrite the unlock?

    any info would be great.

  139. LOL says:

    LOL! This is what happens when people that need to buy electronic devices that “just work” and tinker with them! LOL! Good luck un-bricking your $700 paper weights! If you don’t know what you’re doing, you probably shouldn’t be dabbling in the hacking department! Good luck!

  140. Dan says:

    My phone is jailbroken, but its not a full jailbreak. The fact that is I have 4.2.1 software, so It means I can’t turn off my iphone at all. Since jailbreaking it, some apps have stopped working, such as angry birds and also safari. All very annoying. I want to do a full restore, but just worry, that in doing it i might do some harm. As I am not meant to turn my phone off. Can anyone help? please

  141. Madi says:

    Can i unjailbreak by restoring my ipad and still keep all of the not free apps that i downloaded with appcake? Or do i lose them?

  142. Axl says:

    I tried to restore my iPhone because it won’t connect to iTunes anymore and I want to download songs but I can’t because I keep getting error message 3194 every time I try to restore it. Please help me.

  143. David says:

    So Ive tried to acsess cydia a couple times on my ipod and it loads up then crashes immediently. Should I restore my ipod then re-JB it? It really hasnt done this till lately so i deleted a few of my most recent downloads and that didnt help

  144. Vatan says:

    by mistake I have removed cydia from my i-phone 4G now, i want to uninstall limeran1 from my phone..plz someone guide me…what to do…

  145. Bean says:

    I just can’t get out of “exit safe mode” I’ve tryed everything..

  146. Karl says:

    I bought a new iphone 4 and jailbreak it after i got home, all went well and my device is jailbroken, then i did a full restore, i just plug my iphone and hit restore and itunes ask me if i wanted a back up, since its new and dont have any data on it i just did a full restore and delete whatever is in the iphone, after the restore itunes ask me if i wanted to start fresh and so i did and voila! A fresh iphone but sadly itunes also update my iphone to the latest iOS 4.2.1 which doesnt have a legit jb atm so, im at apple’s iron grip atm till the next big thing in jailbreaks comes along, if u want a fresh iphone and no trace of jailbreak just do a full restore dont back up, just re add what have been deleted and start from scratch, jope this helps peace…

  147. jesssieee says:

    I don’t have the music on my computer anymore so is there anyway to unjailbreak it and still keep music ?

  148. Dms says:

    Does jail breaking have any effect on memory? I’m having trouble downloading tv shows from iTunes. Never had this problem before.

  149. Adrian Flasher says:

    I thought Limera1in did something to the hardware. Does a restore actually reverse the change? Will they be able to check it in an Apple store?

  150. Don says:

    Won’t ‘Restore’, goes thru the whole “Restore” process then error message pops up… iTunes says it can’t restore, error message information refers to Code 1015.
    iPhone still opens to “Plug into iTunes” screen.

    • dree says:

      So how did u fix the issue that stop ur iphone from fully restore the firmware to ur iphone. could u please email me if u fix that problem ur iphone.

      THANK U

    • ally says:

      Same problem here. what do u do if during recovery error 1015 says cant restore????

      • Michelle says:

        Did anyone manage to get passed this error and get the phone workable again?????? Seriously panicking!!!

        • Matt says:

          what is the error?

          • hana says:

            The error is the same as I’m getting, a 1015 error to do with the version of the software being “reversed”.

            I only wanted to do this to my 3G so it’d be unlocked from o2 to Vodafone, but it didn’t work and it turns out that o2 have agreed to do it anyway – now I can’t get the phone to be back to normal!

    • luke says:

      did you sort this problem out i’m trying but cant

  151. beto says:

    so if i jailbreak my phone and download free apps with installous then unjailbreak it will it keep the apps or delete them?

  152. […] 2) Uninstall the Jailbreak Next you need to uninstall the jailbreak. We’ve covered how to undo a jailbreak before, but we’ll cover it again here in case you aren’t […]

  153. Alex says:

    Just wondering if I follow the advised process above whether I will lose all my emails and sms/texts?



    What if the Restore doesn’t work and it says error and I tried everything apple told me to do but it won’t work!!!!

    • Jackson says:

      The same thing happen to me!!!!!
      Noe I am just tryin to update it and see if that works!!

    • Michelle says:

      The same thing happened to me and I reckon the phone now is useless to me. I know this comment is old and I was just wondering what happened to your phone in the end?

  155. zahadum says:

    what about the baseband unlock issues that emerged for 4.x?

    i recall reports cautioning to wait until the 4.1 jailbreak was perfected so that it didnt irreversibly change the firmware (ie to impede unjailbreaking or de-unlocking).

    i dont follow these details — so i will apreciate direct facts from anyone who actually KNOWS about the specific caution coming from the *sn0w world (and not just repeating urban legends, like me lol)


  156. […] void your warranty with Apple. If you have a jailbroke and unlocked device, it’s best to unjailbreak it before you take it into Apple for any kind of warranty service or […]

  157. propmahn says:

    watched a you tube today, re: Iphone4 “unlocking” and warranty voiding. Short story was that apple records, with apple warranty service centers on a every 14 day bassis , the state of your Iphone’s content.
    If you unlock, they know it. and your warranty is toasted, before it gets to the repair shop.
    Can anyone confirm the accuracy of this possiblity

    • dmz says:

      Totally untrue. Un-jailbreak your phone before showing up at the Genius Bar though… they won’t un-jailbreak it for you!

    • Nick says:

      No they don’t know, I jailbroke my old iPhone and then after having problems, used a stupid process I created to purposely fry my iPhone, I sent it in and got a new one straight away. No problems

  158. kyrstin says:

    I would love to be able to restore my iphone but it wont even turn on it gets the little loading icon on the startup and then freezes everytime and when i connect it to itunes my iphone doesnt pop up it wont show that its connected. Do you know how to fix this?

    • michael says:

      just put it in DFU mode! i did it and it worked when i had the same problem :)

    • iphone man says:

      do a hard reset hold power + home for 10sec then let go of the home and hold the power for 3 sec that should fix it that fixes any problem i have with my ipod

      • Notaclue says:

        I didn’t know I bought a 3gs jailbroken iphone, so I have no idea how this was done or what a IPSW is. Can I follow the steps to unjailbreak and restore and can I update to the latest IOS in itunes? I want to be able to receive imessages which I can’t currently.

  159. James says:

    I had a backup on itunes that was before I jailbroke it. I did a restore to it but it remains jailbroken. For some reason cydia is gone and i try to rejailbreak it using jailbreakme.com but all it does is crash on safari.

  160. Edog says:

    Here’s what I had to do
    …since Itunes OVERWRITES the previous backup every time you to do a backup, instead of archiving
    I (using TIME MACHINE on my MAC) restored an old backup I did the day before I did my jailbreak, then restored my iphone to that old pre-jailbreak backup. No problems.

    • anon says:

      Archiving? Do you know how much space it would suck up on your hard drive if Apple decided to ARCHIVE backups?! Good god.

  161. James says:

    I need to unjailbreak without restoring. I’m trying to redo a jailbreak on my iphone 4 because something happend and cydia disappeared. now it wont let me rejailbreak using jailbreakme.com. I dont want to update to the new ios4.0.2. So what do I do now?

    • Mark says:

      Well u could find the cydia deb file on the Internet. Download it from safari or ssh it into your phone. Then install it via ifile. Then you should get the cydia app on your home screen.

  162. James Roving says:

    can I unjailbreak it without losing my movies and music?

    • mason sheets says:

      yes u will still have your music when u restore becouse its just backing ur iphone up

  163. Max Stevens says:


  164. Max Stevens says:

    Does this restore the warranty??

    • Paul says:

      If you unjailbreak the iPhone properly and remove any traces of the jailbreak, there is no way to determine that the warranty was ever voided.

  165. alex says:

    It doesn’t always work that way. I tried jailbreaking to see what all the hubbub was about. Every time I restored, then restored from the backup, there were still sometimes jailbreak apps, other times it was just parts, or ‘artifacts.’

    The only 100% sure way is to just abandon all your old settings and what not from the backup, don’t restore from backup, start 100% from scratch.

    For example, even if the tethering hack app, or the BT stack app is gone, parts of it can and will remain, interfering with the legitimate software and compromising the system.

  166. Martin says:

    So even if I made a backup while it was jailbreaked, if I restore from my latest backup, which I did when it was jailbreaked it will become unjailbreaked?

    • Armada says:

      yes that’s how it works, you restore it will unjailbreak

    • Solomon says:

      When i try to restore, it tells me that “iPhone could not be restored because of an error….” I did download the 4.3.3 firmware which is what my iphone had. Any ideas. I try restoring to previous firmware with the same results. Maybe i’m missing something?

      • luke says:

        hi did you find a solution for this my phone is doing the same?

        • Soundlessbeat says:

          I got the same problem, can someone help with this ..

          • Thor says:

            Same with mine. I had to get my iPhone re-jail broken because I could not access my phone.

          • Tester says:

            Two years too late, but just use redsn0w’s tool. They have an option for IPSW restores. It took me a couple of tries, but just match the stock IPSW with your current version, and it should complete successfully.

      • Scarlett says:

        I have the same problem too. I tried backup and update to IOS 5 or even restore. It gave me the error message! I have the same 4.3.3 firmware as well

        • =KRAZY-K= says:

          It is because you have a jailbreak software on your computer… Delete what ever it is that you used then flushDNS on your computer… Look it up on YouTube for help

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