iMac Wall Mount

Oct 19, 2010 - 19 Comments

imac wall mount

This has to be one of the coolest iMac mods you can do: mounting the iMac to a wall.

Does this look awesome or what? The mount in the picture above is the VESA iMac Mount Adapter Kit which for $29 is actually quite a bit cheaper than I thought it would be (compare to LCD TV mounts at $100+).

I’d never seen this done so well before but one of our readers sent in a couple pictures of this VESA iMac wall mount kit, it works for both the 24″ and 27″ iMac models, as well as the new Apple LED Cinema Displays.

A wall mounted iMac would make for a great Mac media center, or just a super clean looking desk. If you’re curious about installation, it doesn’t look too complicated. Basically you unscrew the existing iMac base and then replace it with a bracket that attaches to the VESA mount system.

Here’s a video (in German) of a guy performing the installation and setup on a 27″ iMac:

I don’t have any idea what he’s saying but he looks and sounds happy about it.

And here’s another picture of the mount in action on another desk:

imac wall mount kit

Typically I just post Mac Setups on Saturdays, but this way too cool. Suddenly I want an iMac. The above pictures are from Flickr: (1) and (2) and you can buy the VESA iMac Mount Adapter Kit for $29 at


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  1. Usbeeber says:

    Were USB hubs not invented in 2010?

  2. Nilesh says:

    Do you know if the 21.5 imacs (mid 2010) can be wall mounted?

  3. Mark says:

    Also, Monitors above eye level reduce productivity, like a low chair. My monitor used to be higher, I just felt too far away from it.

  4. Mark says:

    USB port access looks like it would be a pain. Looks cool and minimalistic though.

  5. Jamie says:

    I’ve had my 24 inch aluminum and glass iMac mounted with an articulating arm since I bought it in November of 2007. The metal on the mount finally gave way to gravity this month (Dec 2011), and it came crashing down. My advice to everyone is to check the weight capacity of your mounting hardware. The iMac is a heavy computer, and the joints of the mounting hardware will wear and weaken over time.

  6. Laura says:

    hey everyone,
    our company has designed a bracket that you don’t have to go out and by a vesa kit for. it holds the mac perfectly without any other accessories needed. visit: to see the two different versions. just a fyi, we developed it for doctor’s offices that were needing to have the macs mounted to the wall. thanks!

  7. Gabriel says:

    If you go for a wall mount you lose access to usb ports etc? How can you access then in picture 2?

  8. […] must say, ever since seeing the iMac wall mount I’ve wanted to get hardware mounts on my desk. They definitely look great and I love the idea […]

  9. Feltonamus says:

    Thats pretty sweet, wow!

  10. Saxophoneeee says:

    DAMN that top iMac desk is sexy, do want!

  11. Cakes says:

    great idea, the whole point of VESA standards are so that you can attach things like swivels, arms, and adjustable stands to them. put this one on a full swivel and you’d have a very ergonomic and adjustable work station.

  12. Alex says:

    Well, the lower one is certainly more ergonomic. The top edge of ones display should be at about eye hight. The eye hight one is most likely to be at while using it. So unless he’s planning to stand allot, that’s going to lead to neck and eye strain.

    I suppose the other option is to sit in some sort of sling chair that sets your whole back/neck/eye angle to naturally point up that way.

    The real pro to VESA mounting is making things harder to steal. Properly mounted and secured of course.

  13. Keith says:

    While this mount will work with the newer Macs, it is important to know that the base is not removable on some of the older iMacs such as the Mid-’06, Mid-’07 series. You can find out if yours is removable by looking at the manual, or by looking on iFixit’s site.

    For those that don’t have the removable base, has one that will retrofit your mac.

    The main thing to know though – is that you will also need a monitor arm which is capable of supporting the weight of the mac (over 20lbs), and/or a wall mount which is capable of supporting the weight. is a great place to get information on which arms will support the weight as well as

    I used to work in the ergonomic industry and can verify that having the right mount will make all the difference in the world. :)

    • Kim says:

      For the iMacs that the stand cannot be removed, there is a very cool option available from They provide a VESA mount adapter bracket that attaches to the stand (the next best thing), and the iMac can then be attached to a VESA compliant mount. I personally prefer the stand remains on as it allows me to quickly remove the iMac from the arm and place it elsewhere. I also take my iMac with me in my RV and moving it from my desk mount arm to the arm I mounted in the RV is quick and easy!


    • Henry says:

      The new iMac coming out this month is more like 12 pounds v 20.

  14. Matthew says:

    I think this is cool, but having it on an arm would probably be better, since you need access to ports etc. If it’s a VESA mount you can get one of those easily anyway. Going to grab me one of these ASAP and free up some desk space – Thanks for the tip.

  15. Dustin says:

    Looks very ugly behind the deep table:D
    Its useful only if u have to narow table for the keyboard.

  16. Marc says:

    Looks like it would work well for an (expensive) entertainment setup – not so much for getting work done, especially if one wears bifocals.

  17. brandon says:

    wow thats pretty cool but um all the ports are kinda at the backow are u gona plug things intour mac unless that wall mount can move forward with hinges

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