Mac Setup: Wall Mounted iMac 27″ with iPad as Dual Display

May 30, 2015 - 22 Comments

Wall mounted iMac setup

This weeks featured Mac workstation comes to us from James F., and it’s a beauty. With a clean well organized desk, and the awesome wall mounted iMac that utilizes an iPad as a secondary display, you can see why this is one sweet Mac setup.

Let’s dive in and learn a bit more about this great desk setup!

What hardware makes up your Mac setup?

The setup includes the following hardware:

wall mounted iMac workstation

The SSD is used for most processes and apps, with the hard drive being used as main storage.

Why did you pick this particular setup?

I chose the 27″ iMac because of it’s extra screen real estate.  The iPad Air 2 was chosen for it’s thin profile and lightness.  Also used for a second monitor using the Duet app.  iPhone 6 Plus was chosen because obviously, bigger is better!  

wall mounted iMac workstation 2

What do you do with your Mac gear?

Most of my time spent at my desk is used for working on my bachelor’s degree in psychology.  I do a little photo editing, but nothing major.  

wall mounted iMac workstation 3

Do you have any particularly essential apps for OS X or iOS?

As for apps, I use Duet quite a bit in order to use my iPad Air 2 as a second monitor.  I also use Word extensively.  One app I could not go with out is the stock Reminders app.  Being so busy in school, I love this app because I can keep all my tasks synced between all my devices so I never miss a deadline.  

Wall mounted iMac with an iPad as secondary display

Any advice or productivity tricks you’d like to share?

I think my best piece of advice for those with limited space is to pick up the Apple VESA wall-mount adapter.  Wall-mounting the iMac has saved me considerable space since I don’t have to have this massive computer sitting on my desk!  Also, adding an SSD has been the best thing I’ve done to this computer.  I have all the storage I need with the 1TB HD and it screams with the SSD.  

wall mounted iMac workstation 5

Do you have an interesting Mac setup you want to share? Of course you do! Take a few good pictures, answer some questions about your setup, and send it on in. You can also browse through our other featured Mac setups too, there are tons of them if you’re looking for some desk inspiration, or you’re just curious how other Apple users make use of their gear.


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  1. Larry Edwards says:

    The setup looks great, but I personally would mount the iPad horizontally and drill a hole in the wall behind the desk and screen to conceal the wires completely..

  2. John says:


  3. Charlie says:

    Where did you get your desktop picture? I would like to use that one to.

  4. Ixmntr says:

    I feel as though these posts are now about the amatuer “look at my stuff” aspect rather than the professionals who actually use apple products in their respected field. I would prefer to “peek” at a professional’s work area than some cluttered dudes basic desk.

    • Om says:

      If you’re a professional and have a nice desk, perhaps you should send it in to be featured? Mac users come in all forms, no matter what they do, it’s all interesting.

    • Charlie says:

      I like looking at both. Maybe the amateur more so because most of us here are using out Macs for personal use and the desk is anything but cluttered. Most personal use pics here are very neat, clean and organized. Gives the rest of us here some ideas on how we can improve or change our setups.

  5. Jed says:

    That looks great, however I personally would have mounted the iPad horizontally and drilled a hole in the wall behind the desk and screen to hide the wires completely.

  6. Tom says:

    Next time have all electronics turned on (IPhone), with lit displays for more bling factor.

  7. Joe says:

    I’m a fan of OS X and a developer. I find these post kind of funny. Are we suppose to worship these products? They’re just electronics like anything else. What ever floats your boat, I guess.

  8. Alex Cruz says:

    What brand are those speakers? I’ve been looking for something similar for my desk.

  9. Sean Gonzales says:

    Now THAT is what I call a Mac setup! Love the wall mount solution, is it just screwed / nailed into the wall using the mount or do you have one of the swivel arms behind it?

    Also what’s the control arm that is holding up the iPad?

    • Sean Gonzales says:

      Oh and I really like how the cords are hidden in the little strip bar, that’s a nice touch too. Such a clean desk, makes me want to spruce mine up a bit… heh

    • James Fox says:

      The arm is a Hoverbar made by Twelve South. It is a great mount for the iPad. This particular one will work with the Air and Air 2, just a little more wiggle room with the Air 2. To mount the iMac, I used a flush mount wall mount that is screwed into a stud and the Apple VESA adapter bolts to the mount. Thanks for your compliments!

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