Apple Market Share is #1 with the iPad

Oct 25, 2010 - 8 Comments

apple market share including ipad

See that graph? That’s Apple taking over the world… if you think the iPad counts as a PC that is. The chart represents PC Market Share in the USA (AKA United States of Apple), and includes Apple with and without the iPad counted as a PC. That massive blue leap is Apple with the iPad.

Here’s what you need to notice about this market share graph:

  • Every other PC manufacturers market share is declining
  • Apple’s growth is exploding: Apple now has a commanding 25% market share counting the iPad as a computer

Did you catch that? Counting the iPad, Apple is shipping 1/4 of all computers in the USA. Did I mention that the other PC manufacturers on that graph are declining? Yea they still have dominant sales of PC’s, but look at the bigger picture and the trend is obvious. Is it fair to call the iPad a computer? I think so, because it’s changing computing. Why get a simple PC for simple tasks when you can get an iPad and have a better experience?

The chart is from Fortune, who quotes a Deutsche Bank analyst saying:

“The iPad is driving a rapid, unprecedented shift in the structure of the computing industry.”

This unprecedented shift is currently entirely Apple. Has anyone else noticed the complete and total failure of any decent iPad competitors to arrive? Nothing is competing against it yet. The upcoming Google Tablet running Android or Chrome OS show a lot of promise, but for now they are nowhere to be seen. Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a tablet, but where is it? Surely both Microsoft and Google can feel the market slipping between their fingers when they see graphs like this of Apple’s amazing growth. Will it be too little too late for the competition?

Minus the iPad, Apple’s market share of just Mac’s is still at a recent high of 10.4%, as AppleInsider recently reported. With Macs dominating college, that number has nowhere to go but up – even without the iPad.


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  1. intocad says:

    I prefer my xoom tab over an iPad any day. Android platform is already catching up and will rule the tablet platform just as they did with smart phones.

  2. icebreaker says:

    The iPad is not a pc, it will never be. It is just a nice addition next to my pc and macbook. It can’t even multitask and the file saving system is not even close to the quality of Mac OS. I could go on and on but the iPad just isn’t a pc.

    • Rez says:

      I think Apple doesn’t care if you call it a PC or not… and actually they probably prefer that you don’t. That said, keep an eye on those numbers, like many are observing, the iPad is changing the way we do computing. In households where you have multiple computers, the ipad becomes a very good option when comes time to replace an aging PC or Mac.

      I agree, the iPad doesn’t have the functionality that it should, but remember that this is first generation. They have barely no competition and they we really introducing the interface to the masses in a larger form factor than the iphone or ipod. With all this consumer user base and experimentation in the enterprise, I think the next couple of generations of iPad are going to put the PC manufacturers in shell shock!

      Time for Microsoft, Google (not worried for them they will adapt) and the PC manufacturer to move off their butts!

      • Eric says:

        I have a desktop computer, and I was thinking of getting a laptop, but with the iPad, a laptop seems superfluous. It does exactly the same things a laptop does and the games are better on an iPad than they are on a low-end laptop.



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  5. Arnan says:

    iPad cannot be counted as a PC/Mac, simply because it NEEDS a PC or Mac to activate. No other PC or Mac requires that they’re standalone.

    Once the iPad does not need to be activated it’s an autonomous device like a PC or Mac and can be in the same ranks. Until then, not so much.

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