iPad Games for Cats

Dec 27, 2010 - 8 Comments

ipad game for cats

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again, because now there are iPad games designed for cats. Yes, you read that right. Hiccup Inc is an iOS developer that is creating iPad games for cats, and their first title, the appropriately named “Games for Cats” is hilarious because cats actually play the game. Well, play as in swipe at a moving object on the iPad screen that is.

Dubbed “The Worlds Best Video Game for Cats” (not sure if there are any competitors in this space), it’s a pretty basic concept really. Things move around the screen and cats swipe at them. You can select either laser mode which mimics the classic laser pointer that cats go absolutely nuts over, or you can choose mouse mode, which features a rabid squeaky mouse that scurries away and squeaks in response to a cats paws touch. The game even keeps track of high scores.

Instead of talking about the game any further, I’d recommend watching some of the videos of the cats playing “Games for Cats” they are pretty funny:

iPad games for cats is a free download via iTunes App Store

If you want more Apple animals, don’t forget that cats love Macs too.


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  1. Jim says:

    You didn’t mention that the game requires your apple ID info to play it and a couple of the people who have rated it say that once the cat is playing it a big BUY more features button appears and the cat can spend your $$

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  4. […] I will be reading these on my iPad (great reason why I got it, to read comics!) before I play the game.  How about […]

  5. […] it did the job to prevent scratches. They’re probably a good idea if you plan on using your iPad for cat games […]

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  7. Dan Uff says:

    Yep it will be. I can see our two cats doing this!

  8. Starbuck says:

    That is ridiculous but I bet this will end up popular

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