Fake iPhone 4 is freakishly similar to real iPhone 4

Dec 31, 2010 - 7 Comments

fake iphone 4 sophone

Would you believe this isn’t a real iPhone 4? This freakishly accurate counterfeit is called the SoPhone, and the enclosure is so precise that it fits into all existing iPhone 4 cases. Not only does the outside look identical to the iPhone 4, it’s apparently running a customized version of Android that is themed to look and feel practically identical to iOS.

Perhaps the only thing that gives this away as a counterfeit is the screen resolution, which at 480×320 is the same resolution as the iPhone 3GS and not the real iPhone 4’s 960×640 retina display. Oh, and the price of course, which at $225 is about $500 cheaper than what a ‘real’ iPhone 4 will set you back on the Chinese grey market.

So remember those white iPhone 4’s for sale all over China? Yea, you might want to skip those since the chance of getting your hands on a real one is likely slim…

More pictures of the phone, UI, and a video of it in use next to a legit iPhone 4 below:

Features of iOS are replicated very closely, here’s the Cover Flow iPod interface replicated:
fake iphone 4 coverflow

The Maps feature too:
fake iphone 4 maps

Notes doesn’t have the craziest UI experience so I imagine counterfeiters didn’t have too much trouble with that part:
fake iphone 4 notes

More UI elements:
fake iphone 4 ui

And of course the camera:
fake iphone camera

Here’s a video showing the fake iPhone 4 being used next to a legit iPhone 4 (complete with totally awesome Chinese pop music):

So what can you learn from this? Don’t buy what you think is an iPhone from China maybe? Fake or not you have to be impressed with the attention to detail the counterfeiters did here. I imagine Apple is less than happy about these pseudo-iPhone’s existing, but it’s notoriously difficult to stop counterfeit production in China, so what will they do?

You can see more pictures at Shanzhaiji or SoPhone’s website.


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    can these phones be used in the u.s.?

  2. matt says:

    Jen the song is guandong shenzu

  3. Jen says:

    Heyy I’m gonna ask a weird question thst’s been bothering me for years. What are the names of the songs in the fake iPhone??? I used one when I was very young once, and I got addicted to one of the Chinese songs. I don’t understand Chinese of course, so I couldn’t find it.

  4. Imran says:

    Chinese are great hustlers, how do we now they are not making out its a copy of the Iphone, yet it might be the orignal, then when you order they send you the actual fake phone. I bought a Iphone from China via the internet and the lady claimed it was orignal, upon arrival it was a poor fake imitation, screen cracked within a week.

  5. […] shows a SIM card slot. However, it is possible that these images could just be of a dissected counterfeit iPhone 4 or even one of the mystery Chinese iPhone’s that are for sale all over the Chinese black […]

  6. Trench says:

    Cheap Chinese knock-offs. Doesn’t surprise me.
    This one didn’t bother me as much as hearing that they make imitation Remington shotguns.

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