iPhone Speed Dial Made Easy With Speed Dial Icons

Jan 4, 2011 - 12 Comments

iphone speed dial icons I tend to use my iPhone Favorites list for speed dial purposes, but what if you could just tap on a springboard icon to speed dial someone? Great idea huh? That’s exactly what LifeHacker John P thought too, so he created a nifty webapp that allows you to input some a name, phone number, and icon image to create a speed dial icon directly onto your iOS springboard. The result looks like the image to the right.

Using the webapp is completely free and extremely easy to use, just check out the site from your iPhone to get started. After you click on “Create Speed Dial Icon” you’ll be prompted to call the number entered, just cancel that call and save the page to your home screen (like any other Safari bookmark in iOS). Now when you click on that icon, it will initiate the phone call directly.

create iphone speed dial icon

Once a speed dial icon is created, the icon no longer requires an internet connection to dial the number, which means it’ll make the call even when your data reception is in a poor coverage area.

You’ll notice on the iPhone Speed Dial webpage that Skype speed dial support is coming soon too, meaning you’ll be able to use this app on your iPod touch and iPad in the near future as well.

Is this cool or what? This would be a great feature for Apple to add directly into iOS. If you’ve ever used an Android phone you’ll know that Android OS does allow you to add user contacts directly to the phones home screen, it’s a nice feature and iPhone Speed Dial replicates it on the iPhone pretty well.

Heads up to LifeHacker and their reader who created the webapp and for the springboard screenshot shown above. You can probably tell but they chose to put the speed dial icons in a ‘Speed Dial’ folder which is also a pretty good idea.


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  1. Heather says:

    Is there a way to add the pause with an extension to a speed dial icon?

    • Elisabeth says:

      If I had to guess, a pause would be a comma? At least that’s how it appears in my address book.

      I use the “Speed Dial with Photo” app for my frequently called contacts. I like having one speed dial icon on the home screen (that is in the bottom bar of apps), but more importantly, since it pulls the contacts from my address book, I can create the numbers with pauses using “+*#” and “pause”.

  2. John says:

    @Barry Smoot – It’s a really simple app. I’m not storing the phone number or anything else (I think do so many even be illegal where I live).

    @riffraf Currently that’s not possible with the iphone :( but I’ll add it should it ever become available.

  3. Hendrik says:

    FaceDialer on the AppStore let’s you create speed dial icons just like the solution described here. In addition to that it let’s you select contacts directly from the address book and photos from your photo library.


    I hope some of u like it:-),


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  6. great simulation says:

    not as good as the real thing, but does a pretty good job replicating

  7. riffraf says:

    Kind of less than useful when you need to find a photo on the web… I know it’s free, but what about photo library integration?

  8. Barry Smoot says:

    Maybe they can take your contact’s phone number and sell it? Maybe that’s how it’s free?

  9. Desmond says:

    Great works perfect

    This should be an actual iPhone app

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