iOS Hacked to Run on Meizu M8, Other Smartphones Next

Feb 24, 2011 - 4 Comments


Believe it or not, that’s not an iPhone 3GS you’re looking at, that’s the Meizu M8, a popular Chinese iPhone knock-off that looks practically identical to iPhone 3GS. The only problem of course is that unlike the iPhone, the Meizu doesn’t run iOS at all, it runs Microsoft Windows CE 6.

That whole OS problem is being resolved though, according to a thread on Meizu forums the iPhone lookalike has been hacked to run the now outdated iOS 3.0.1. Not everything works yet, even call features aren’t reliable due to issues with microphone drivers. But phone calls or not, you can go so far as to access and download things from the iTunes App Store, and the hackers are actively working to get voice and everything else functioning as you would expect.


It’s not just the Meizu that will be hacked to run iOS though, other smartphones are apparently next. According to a rough translation, those working on the port say “We want those who wish to experience iPhone OS to be able to without having to buy the expensive iPhone”. With how popular the Meizu phones are in China and Russia, this is likely to be a highly desired mod if it’s stable enough for the average user to deal with.

The other side of the story is Apple, who isn’t amused with Meizu or the other iPhone knockoffs and grey market iPhones available in China. Meizu has already been in trouble with Chinese Intellectual Property authorities due to infringing on Apple’s copyrights and patents, and you can be sure that porting Apple’s iOS to run on non-Apple smartphones isn’t going to make anyone happy in Cupertino.


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  1. Darwin says:

    Well it seems like Apple do not learn from their past mistakes. In the early 80s , then Apple computer was shipping the popular Macintosh who made a revolution in the personal computer industry by its intuitive and easy to use OS. Steve Jobs went on wagging war to IBM who he thought was a threat to Apple market share and forgot about Microsoft Bill gates who was preparing his dominance on the computer industry with Windows OS. Even if you have he best OS in the world, people would always want to try different devices. I am not sure the majority of smatphone users will cope with the same pricey iPhone model for years waiting to see the new holly grail from Apple. Its time for Apple to make their grip on iOS loose and let other phone manufacturers ship their iOS models. This will keep Android from emulating Microsoft. Wake up Apple !!!!!!!!!!

  2. cyrozap says:

    I thought it was a fake… They would have to have aquired the iOS source code to recompile it for the Meizu’s processor. Also, there were no videos of anyone actually doing the things that it was claimed to be able to do (mainly download apps).

  3. meizume says:

    Guys, read our threads. It is a FAKE!

  4. LJ says:

    I can understand Apple not being pleased by the knock offs, but think of the extra billion app sales these phones would generate in China and Russia.

    Not to mention the more upwardly mobile Russians migrating to real iPhones after getting hooked on iOS goodness!

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