Troubleshooting iOS 11 Problems

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Troubleshooting iOS 11 problems

Most users are able to install iOS 11 onto an iPhone or iPad without any incident, and they are ready to enjoy the best new features available in the new system software version. But that’s most users.

Unfortunately, problems may arise during an iOS software update, either when attempting to install, or with a failed installation, or various issues occurring after the iOS 11 update has completed. The good news is almost all issues can be fixed with a little troubleshooting effort.

Whether it’s a failed software update, or an inability to install the software update, app compatibility problems, issues with apps crashing, battery drain, performance problems, issues with Outlook or Microsoft services, amongst other theoretical problems, we’re going to include a variety of iOS 11 issues that some users may have encountered with the software update, and more importantly, we’ll provide some suggestions and tips on how to remedy those issues.

Check for a New Software Update

Despite iOS 11 just being released, Apple has already issued software updates to the operating system that aim to address various bugs.

Currently, iOS 11.0.1 is available to download and install now by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Be sure to install any available system software updates, as included bug fixes may address particular issues encountered with the broader iOS 11 release.

iOS 11 Software Update Failed

Some users may experience a “Software Update Failed – An error occurred downloading iOS 11” or “Unable to Check for Update – An error occurred while checking for a software update” or some variation of those type of error messages when trying to get the iOS 11 software update on an iPhone or iPad.

Often simply rebooting the iPhone or iPad, and then trying again is sufficient to remedy those error messages.

Other times, waiting a few hours can help. This is particularly true if the software update server is overloaded by requests when a software update is first released. A little patience tends to fix this problem.

You can also try updating iOS 11 as usual after some time has passed, or even installing the iOS 11 update manually with firmware and iTunes if all else fails and you want to get the update installed right away.

iPhone or iPad Stuck on Black Screen, Device is Unusable with iOS 11

Rarely, an iPhone or iPad may fail during the actual installation of iOS 11 or another software update. This is quite unusual, but when it does occur it’s usually pretty obvious in that the iPhone or iPad will be stuck on an  Apple logo screen for many hours without a progress bar, or the device screen will be stuck in some otherwise unusable state with a completely black or completely white screen.

If you experience a complete software installation failure and a stuck device, you’ll first want to give the iPhone or iPad some time to see if it can continue the installation on it’s own. Sometimes the software updates go slower than expected, and it may take over an hour to complete in some situations.

If you know for certain the update failed and the device is rendered unusable, you will need to restore the device with iTunes.

Simply connect the iPhone or iPad to iTunes and then choose “Restore” from the options available.

If the device is not recognized by iTunes, placing it into Recovery or DFU mode and then restoring may be necessary.

Some apps are not working at all, or 32-bit apps disappeared after iOS 11 update

Some apps are not compatible with iOS 11 because they are 32 bit. Essentially this means that any apps which have not yet been updated to be 64 bit by their developer will either be nonfunctional, or sometimes disappeared from the device entirely if a user restored and the 32-bit incompatible apps were unable to re-download to the device.

The only solutions to the 32-bit app issue is to either have the app developer update the application to be compatible with iOS 11, or avoid iOS 11 entirely.

You can check for 32-bit apps and iOS app compatibility if you are not sure which apps may or may not work with the latest iOS system software.

Apps are crashing after iOS 11 update

If you are noticing apps crashing after updating to iOS 11, the first thing you should try to do is to update the apps. Often developers will have released a software update which will improve compatibility or remedy these type of problems.

Simply open the App Store on the iPhone or iPad, and check for and install any software updates available to the apps.

If app crashes persist, sometimes rebooting after installing app updates can fix errant app crashing issues too.

Poor battery life after iOS 11 update

Many users report battery life issues after updating to iOS 11 (or any other software update for that matter).

The good news is that most battery issues with iOS 11 are related to background activity that completes itself after a software update. Simply plugging a device in over night allows the system software to complete indexing and other tasks, and the battery should behave normally after that. Sometimes this can even take a few days, depending on individual device usage, storage capacity, and content on the device itself.

You can review tips to fix iOS 11 battery life problems here if issues persist, with some suggestions on what features to adjust if need be.

iCloud Drive Disappeared in iOS 11, where are iCloud Drive files?

iCloud Drive was replaced by an app called “Files” in iOS 11. All of the files you had in iCloud Drive are now in the app called Files, the app has been renamed and gained more features to reflect that change. Any files you had stored in iCloud or iCloud Drive remain accessible in the Files app of iOS 11 or later.

Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, MSN, Mail not working with iOS 11

There is a problem with some Microsoft, exchange, Office, and related emails with iOS 11.

The solution to that problem is to update to iOS 11.0.1 (or later).

The Outlook/Microsoft mail problem is described by Apple:

You might see an error message that says “Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server.”

If your email account is hosted by Microsoft on or Office 365, or an Exchange Server 2016 running on Windows Server 2016, you might see this error message when you try to send an email with iOS 11: “Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server.”

Again, simply installing the latest release of iOS 11.0.1 (or newer if one appears) should resolve the Microsoft email problems on an iPhone or iPad.

3D Touch Multitasking Gesture Not Working on iPhone with iOS 11

The popular 3D Touch multitasking gesture on iPhone was removed from the initial release of iOS 11 for some reason, but there’s good news: it will apparently be back in a future software update to iOS.

Be sure to follow up and install software updates as they become available to iPhone to get 3D Touch multitasking gesture back when it becomes available again.

iOS 11 is slow, or an iPhone or iPad feels slow after updating to iOS 11

Some people report an iPhone or iPad feels slow after updating to iOS 11. Older devices in particular may experience some sluggishness after installing a more recent software update.

There could be various reasons for this performance drop, including a device performing background activity and maintenance (which usually remedies itself in a day or two much like the advice for handling iOS 11 battery problems), or for some older devices the hardware may not be well equipped to handle the new iOS 11 features that demand more performance.

Follow these tips to help speed up a device that feels slow with iOS 11.

If you feel the performance of a device is unbearable after installing iOS 11, you can downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3 for the time being, though the window to do so is usually fairly short.

Physically Hot iPhone or Warm iPad After iOS 11 Update

Sometimes users report their iPhone or iPad feels hot or warm to the touch after installing a software update.

The reason for a hot device is usually the same reason some users experience battery drain after installing system software updates, and that is background activity that iOS performs to index the device. This includes indexing for Spotlight search, Photos faces and object recognition, and other maintenance tasks.

If an iPhone or iPad feels warm or a bit hot after installing iOS 11, simply let the device perform necessary maintenance overnight and it will usually remedy itself.

If a device feels unusually hot (or dangerously hot), there may be a hardware problem or an issue with the battery. This is rare and would be almost certainly unrelated to a software update, but unusually extreme heat emanating from a device would warrant a discussion with an official Apple Support channel or visit to an Apple Store.

Field Test Mode Signal Numbers Not Working with iOS 11 on iPhone

Many users like to activate the numeric Field Test Mode signal strength indicator on iPhone, but there are reports that some iPhone users are unable to maintain the numeric signal strength indicator rather than the new signal bars. This could be a software issue that will be addressed in future updates.

iOS 11 Update Causes iPhone or iPad to Freeze

Some users report their iPhone or iPad has become unresponsive frequently with various apps or when interacting with the Home Screen of their iOS devices since the iOS 11 update.

If the device is freezing after iOS 11 has been installed, the first thing users should try is to hard reboot the device, which may remedy the situation.

If one particular app is freezing, updating that app via the App Store may resolve the frozen app problem.

Be sure to check for additional software updates in Settings app as well, numerous bug fix released have been made available by Apple which could fix the freezing problem.

Finally, backing up and restoring the device with iTunes could be a solution and is part of the standard troubleshooting regimen for freezing devices.

iOS 11 Mail Notifications Push / Fetch Issues

Some users report iOS 11 Mail is not properly pushing or fetching mail, or failing to deliver new mail notifications. If the email account with issues is Outlook, MSN, or Hotmail, install the latest iOS software update that is available and the problem will likely be fixed.

Reboot the device, then go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data and be sure the setting is adjusted appropriately.

You can also check Notifications settings in the Settings app for Mail to make sure you have mail notifications enabled.

iOS 11 Wi-Fi Issues, Unable to Join Wireless Networks

Some users report an inability to connect to wi-fi networks after updating to iOS 11. Often this is fixed with resetting network settings, but be forewarned that you will lose saved network passwords and memorized wi-fi networks. From the Settings app, go to “General” then to “Reset” and choose “Reset Network Settings”

If you have experienced any other problems with the iOS 11 software update, share them with us in the comments below, and if you have any tips or troubleshooting success that that as well!


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  1. Nathan says:

    One day when I was going though my iPhone in the settings I decided to change my passcode because I didn’t want my friend knowing it so I changed it to a new passcode so when I did and then when I pressed the power button and turned on my phone again and entered the pin code it didn’t work I swear I entered the pin code in the settings two times correctly and still it didn’t work for nothing so I called apple and they said that I had to fix it with a computer and restore my phone so that I can get into it again sooo yeaaa that was a bug that happend to me on 11.2.5 hopefully this doesn’t happen again or I will be pissed off

  2. Wendy Waller says:

    Since downloading the IOS 11 the numbers button doesnt work. Apple said its because the replacement screen is not from apple but from a 3rd party. The phone, iphone 7 worked perfectly before!!

  3. Lajuana says:

    Currently utilizing iOS11.3 and I cannot utilize my vehicle’s WiFi. While in my vehicle, I cannot send/receive emails, send text messages, use Maps (cannot see written directions nor do I have turn by turn audio), send/receive comments in Facebook or Instagram.
    I can utilize all above when in my office or at home utilizing that WiFi.
    Why do I have this issue utilizing my vehicle’s WiFi? How do I fix the issue?

  4. Angie says:

    Help. Since the update I do not get text notifications when my screen is locked. This is clearly a software issue because when locked I get all other notifications. If my phone is. Unlocked text notifications work.. turn off Bluetooth it works but then my watch doesn’t work. Apple is stumped and everything they told me to do has failed. Now I am again restoring my phone from back up to see if it works one more time before I restore it and try it with out using the last back up.. if that works that’s a crappy fix cause then I loose everything. Anyone have thoughts or same issue? Apple is calling me back at 2;15 to check on my issue. I’ll post update after that

  5. Lisa Materna says:

    Since all the new updates, my phone is a headache to me. The most annoying problem is screen freezing. I did a hard reset. I did not laid any information back into see if it would stop. It still freezes! What’s the problem?

  6. Jenn says:

    Judging by some of the responses on here, glitches in the system with update 1OS 11 aren’t that unusual…this is what I had over a period of 3 weeks
    I had no spell check, I couldn’t access iTunes or the App Store… none of my passwords would work, and when they were changed the phone refused to recognise my passwords, new or old !
    My phone got that hot when charging it that after every charge I’d have to put it in the fridge for 30 mins to cool it down.
    The first 24 hours after it updated it chewed through nearly 2 gb of my data, overnight… and even though it had been charging, my phone was flat. Twice now I have changed the cord and it still rejected it, saying that it was an incorrect device even though it was an Apple charger !
    Then it refused to let me get beyond the 4 digit passcode and it was like this for 3 weeks
    I tried everything humanely possible to change this, even ringing AppleCare to ask if I could delete it.
    Yes, I could but I had to but it had to be done thru ITunes!
    Then a casual conversation with a young man I knew changed all that .
    He took the phone and turned it on and off 4 times until the screen changed and I haven’r looked back , since then. My phone still gets warm though when charging and the Spellcheck has a tendency to lock onto the capital and stay that way.
    Every time it updates I have dramas but absolutely nothing like this time..
    My phone is an iPhone. 5s..

  7. Garry says:

    Both iPhone (6S) and iPad (current model) on iOS 11 asking me to update the same apps – I do and the next day they appear again asking me to update them. Been going on since Dec 7 at least. Anyone else getting this, and is there a solution?

  8. James says:

    Since updating my iphone I cannot open mail or download apps using the fingerprint touch option.

    My fingerprint is still recognised for turning on the phone but not for the above. Why?

  9. yvonne Kackley says:

    Ever since the 11.01& .2 updates any time I hit the back button it gives a square gray box in the middle of the screen with different commands (Exit, Cancel, Edit, ext…) I have to hit the back button several times ( I’ve counted up to 10 ) before it will go back.

    Has anyone else has this issue?

  10. gma says:

    On ipad air latest 11.0.1 & 2 update: cannot close bookmarks bar nor find adequate directions after much searching user/tech comment sources. Bookmarks bar blocks 1/3 screen, instructions via Safari>Settings led to no change results.

  11. Ebba says:

    I closed my iPhone 6s and when I opened it up, it said it was disabled and it had to connect to iTunes. When I searched on my PC what that means, it said that everything I haven’t backed up with iTunes, as well as all my phone’s data will be deleted. Similar thing has happened but it only told me to wait 1 hour. I don’t know what to do and I’m afraid of losing all my phone data without even typing my passcode wrong… Someone please help me and tell me if you had a similar situation because I can’t find a solution or at least someone that experienced the same thing and I’m really worried about my data… Thank you and please answer as soon as possible…

  12. Josh says:

    Every since I updated it my text messages been out of order , it’s not keeping up with the time

  13. Vishal says:

    Bottom bar for Facebook, Contacts, Whatsapp etc is non responsive after iOS 11 update

    I have a first copy screen

  14. S N says:

    Since iOS 11, Apple has disabled scheduled fetch and notifications for favorited folders and sub folders for non-push IMAP mail accounts in the native mail app of iOS. This problem occurs for folders other than Inbox and the scheduled fetch and notifications do not work for folders other than Inbox. The problem occurs only on accounts not supporting Push.
    This fetch for Inbox as well as favorited folders used to happen in iOS 10.3.3 without any problem – regardless of a Push mail account or a fetch account.

  15. Ellen Smart says:

    Keyboard clicks and camera clicks are gone in ios 11.1.1, even though they are turned on, the volume is up, and the silence button is not on silent. The ring tone works.

  16. amera says:

    hello, i have iPhone 7 plus and since the update os11 im facing problems in several programs; pages doesn’t open, imusic stops suddnely while playing a song , and my phone become very hot even if it was off.

    pls anyone know what to do tell me ..


  17. Jenn says:

    Hi! I was wondering why my iphone8 if i connect it to my car and see my contacts are on only few people i can see not the rest of them there? Its so frustrating, because i have and iphone 6s before and its doing the same thing. Thats the reason i got an iphone 8 because i thought i will fixed the problem. Until now its the same i have my phone for a week now still disappointed. Pls help

  18. Jeremy says:

    i also cant open my ipod app it crashes to home screen each time i go to use it to listen to music all my other music apps work. thanks

  19. Jeremy says:

    I go to restore my phone and my find my phone is on and needs to be off to restore. what could i do?

  20. Tonia says:

    They’re not even addressing my problems. I’m not able to type the letter Eye without this I️ showing up. I’m hearing a dog barking ever so often as well! What’s going on?? I’m thinking this world has gone to heck and apple 🍎 has a lot to do with it because that apple 🍎 is the same thing as the apple 🍎 in genesis when sin was introduced! NO coincidence there! Somethings going on! This is crazy and I’ve never had issues like this before on any other phone. iPhone is garbage now.

  21. Safi says:

    after update my iphone 6s+ to ios11, ‘Notes’ on my phone cant be used anymore. It says ‘To use notes directly, upgrade your notes’. how to fix this?

  22. Priscilla says:

    i have updated my iPad to 11.0.3. Now I have numbers and symbols on the letters on the keyboard. If you do not hit the letter exactly right I get a number or symbol. Very annoying. Is there something I can do to get the old keyboard back? Thanks.

    • Becky says:

      I have this problem too. I can’t figure out what I’m doing that sets it off. I’ve googled myself blind and find nothing. Ideas, anyone?

    • gma says:

      Keyboard problem sounds same here, tech who designed/changed keyboard seems to not have learned classic touch-typing. “New” keyboard extremely inefficient.

  23. Amy says:

    I do not own an iPhone or any Apple product, for that matter. However, my brother-in-law (who resides with me) does use an iPhone as does my daughter and several of my friends & other family members. This latest update has been nothing short of a PITA for my household. Ever since the live-in upgraded, we’ve been experiencing a network crash every 5-15 minutes whenever he’s home and has his Wi-Fi enabled. The same is true for anyone who comes to our home who has an iOS 11 device & tries to use our Wi-Fi. Within minutes, the router spontaneously reboots itself without warning leaving all Android and other “Smart” devices (i.e. TV’s, et. al.) “unable to obtain IP address”. If we’re lucky, I might be able to get us back online by changing to a static IP, accessing the GUI & rebooting the modem through the the software. Meanwhile, everyone has to forget the network & reboot their phones, say a prayer & try to reconnect. If this doesn’t work, we have to resort to doing hard resets on the modem anywhere from 4 to (current record high) 9 times (4+ minutes per reboot cycle.) I understand this may be a hardware issue with MY router (issued by my ISP provider, by the way), but I’ve never had a problem with it before and really don’t feel as though I should have to deal with such disruptive problem caused by a product I didn’t even purchase! PLEASE PLEASE convey possible fixes that I may have overlooked (I’ve already spoken to my ISP and scoured the internet for weeks to no avail.) If no fixes currently exist, please FIND ONE ASAP! I know for a fact I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Thank you.

  24. Courtney says:

    My messages are constantly crashing. I can be reading and it closes I can be in the middle of typing and it closes and then when I reopen it’s like I wasn’t even on the person I was writing to in the first place, or didn’t even start the message.

  25. Karen says:

    This upgrade is absolutely horrible. Issues with messages…um no way to start a new message, messages out of order, messages not actually showing recent responses. Very very poor testing before release. This is enough for me to drop apple. Very disappointed.

  26. Gina says:

    Since the 11.1 update my contacts have disappeared and although their phone numbers are still in the text messages where the names were but it does not allow to sabe that number as a knew contact. Some contacts disappeared altogether. Anyone know how to fix this?

  27. Marion says:

    My phone is not allowing me to answer it normally it is showing a green line across the top of the phone saying click here to return to call so I am clicking on it and then it ends my call so weird just happened since installing the latest update any help would be appreciated Thanks M

    • ot says:

      When the green bar appears at the top of the screen that means the call is currently active, but you are either at the Home Screen or in another app. The next time you see the green bar, put the phone up to your ear and talk, the person is there if the phone call is with a person.

  28. Mike S says:

    Since the last two uodates my iphone 6 a)verizon signal is much worse b)gps is lost for all gps apps c)bluetooth will not connect from more than a couple feet away d) my phone hotspot no longer works. e)battery drains at warp speeds . Give me a break Apple, did you even test these updates out before release? Ive tried all the “fixes”. Some work only temporarily and the rest do zipps. I use my phone for daily business. Not happy at ALL. Been a loyal Apple customer forever. Forcing me to buy a new 1000 dollar phone aint gonna happen. Going to try someone else, Im done.

  29. Unrealdonald says:

    After 11.0.3 my phone keys freeze usually on first number ,any suggestions .I tried restarting and wishing for a fix .I have 6’s

  30. Ben Brophy says:

    Since updating every time I switch on the phone it shows about fifteen old text messages from
    Over the past 400 days. Every single time I start or switch on the phone.
    It never used to do this and it’s irritating and takes time. How can I stop this and has anyone else encountered it?

  31. Martine says:

    HELP !
    Since I updated my iPod touch (I now have the iOS 11.0.3), I can’t use my iPod touch anymore … GRRRR

    It keep telling me that “to use iCloud on this iPod touch I must accept the terms and conditions” (I don’t really care about icloud … anyways …). And I have 2 choices:
    1. “not now” (which, when I choose it, keep coming back and telling me the same thing)
    2. “View Terms” … which when I choose it, it gave me the “Settings” … and I see there’s a 2 beside “Apple ID suggestions” … but I can’t click on it … it’s disable …
    and I’m stuck !
    Do any of you know how to fix this ??
    Thanks !

  32. Chris says:

    Recent update to 11.0.3 and now when I check my calendar for upcoming events, like birthdays, dates with events are not highlighted. So I have to look at each day to find things. Any ideas on whether I can fix this?

  33. Mark says:

    After updating to iOS 11.0.3 I found that I am unable to send from Photos via Messages. I also cannot share contact information (Share Contact) via Messages.

  34. Kristina says:

    I’m unable to add events to my calendar after updating to iOS 11.0.3. It adds my event for a second and then disappears.

  35. Jamie says:

    I have recently updated to 11.0.3 on my phone most things are fine, but there are a few problems with games playing badly and not fully working anymore. The most upsetting thing is that my phone will not connect to my car via Bluetooth any more this to me is the most annoying thing as I spend lots of time in my car. Yes I can use a cable but that’s not why I got a car that doesn’t need one. Yet again technology has failed 😡

  36. Tori Clendening says:

    I cannot click the details at the top of a group chat and add people or give a group title and there are more than 6 people within the group chat.

  37. Felix says:

    after the 11.0.3 update, now i can’t use internet unless i’m connected to wifi?

  38. Eddy says:

    The contact names does not appear when receiving calls after updating to IOS 11…..

  39. Blank says:

    My keyboard layout in landscape mode has changed, the skip forward and back keys are gone, several other keys missing…?

    The touch access to a text box also seems to be ineffective depending on whether I have already typed in the box or not.

  40. Eri says:

    I have an issue after upgraded to ios11
    Whats up message delay if i don’t open it even background enabled
    Any suggest??

  41. Pete Schultz says:

    Since upgrading to IOS 11 and additional patches… the letter t and number 5 will not work in portrait mode but will in landscape, on my keyboard.
    Called customer service and I reset my entire phone but problem still exists.
    I have iPhone 6

  42. Jane says:

    Since upgrading to 11.0 .3, my keyboard disappeared!! What the heck happened? I’m wondering if I go back and just reset everything if I’ll get the old version? I have a iPhone 6S, not really that ancient, and do not plan on getting anything more recent. Have upgraded each time with no problem until this 11 Upgrade an with no keyboard it’s a BIG FAT MESS!! So disappointed I upgraded

  43. Brian miller says:

    When I type the word is it suggests I.S and if you are not looking that’s what you get , I never had this problem before in iOS 10

  44. Tenny says:

    After updating my phone to IOS 11.0.2 my home wifi is not visible on my phone anymore :(
    Any suggestions as to fixing this
    PS (My Macbook is connected ‘in the same location’ to the WIFI so it’s not an issue of WIFI strength.

  45. Alexander says:

    Since I updated my iphone to IOS 11.0.3 Whatsapp web is not working properly, it says that my phone is not connected, but it is. That intermitent connectivity was not there with the earlier version

  46. sharifah says:

    I updated my phone to Ios 11.0.3 and my message and whatsapp wont appear on lockscreen. i went to setting to check the notification settings but the option for “shows on lockscreen” is on and all the other options is on too. even when i have important text i wouldnt know i have receive it!! unless i open up the app itself. Dont tell me i have to keep checking my phone every 5mins? Can you tell me what to do? or can anybody help?

  47. Linda says:

    Links embedded in emails won’t open. Get error message “this webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred” and nothing happens. Have to hit “Cancel” then “Go” again, for webpage to open. Any ideas how to fix?

  48. Christine says:

    After updating, when I go to my contacts and pick a contact to send a text to it does not take me to the text. It sends me to my messages. I have to manually put in someone’s number to send a text.

  49. Dawna Miller says:

    Paul, thank you for the suggestion, and your right I will never make a password like that again. I did enter the password in the old layout I entered the password using the new layout. Nothing. I tried resetting my iPad didn’t work. Did all iPads get new keyboards? I can’t be the only one. Can you think of anything else I could try? Thanks

    • Paul says:

      The keyboard layout may have changed also if you changed the language settings on the device, for example if you use a US keyboard and French keyboard. In any case, you’ll need to enter the password exactly as it was, regardless of the keyboard layout, even if the keyboard layout changed, the core password must be entered the same as it was originally set. Unfortunately without knowing the device password it is impossible to get into it and that is by design, Apple has implemented strict security measures to keep everyones data safe.

      For completely forgotten passwords, you might want to contact Apple Support for help. If you have the device receipt and proof of ownership then Apple Support might be able to help you resolve the issue.

  50. Dawna Miller says:

    My question is still awaiting moderation. Is there something I need to change about it? Please advise. Thanks

  51. Jenifer says:

    When I want to send a new text, I start typing ‘mom’ and Rather than opening straight to my mom who I text all the time it brings up every joint text, any possible Mom and everything else I have to sort through the prompted people to find Mom! It’s a pain, annoying, time consuming. How do I make it auto fill ‘mom’ or ‘brian’ Like it did before the update?!?!

  52. Steve says:

    My iMessages also truncate after I use a double dash. Doesn’t happen all the time though.
    That’s two dashes —, vs only one –
    This bug existed in iOS 11.0, 11.0.1 and still in 11.0.2

  53. Rogue says:

    Ever since upgrading to the new iOS. Whenever I receive whatsapp calls whilst charging the phone. the screen goes black. First time it went dark for 30 mins. Happened again today for 2 hours. What could be wrong here 🤷🏻‍♂️

  54. Laila says:

    Since the update I haven’t received any notifications from WhatsApp. I get a lot of messages but no notifications. Already tried rebooting it, but nothing changed 😕

  55. Dawna Miller says:

    My password to get into my iPhone and iPad Air was a number and then the three symbols under the letter in order, going to the right and hitting Done. My iPhone’s keyboard is the same so it works. My iPad’s number and symbols keyboard is all jumbled. I tried using the same letter and the same symbols, I tried using the same letter and the symbols under the letter as if they were the same, now I’m disabled for 1 minute, I don’t want to try again. nothing works. How do I get into my iPad. Example: old keyboard 5 ) $ &, new keyboard same order is now 5 * ( ). Could someone help on what I should do. Thanks.

    • Paul says:

      You must use the proper password to unlock your iPhone or iPad. For the iPad, you should probably write out your password using the old keyboard layout that you were accustomed to, enter it into iPad, then change the password to something that is easier to remember that does not require the keyboard layout to remain the same. I have seen other people encounter this problem (myself included with special characters) and when the keyboards change they can make entering the password difficult, so it’s best to use something easy to remember on any keyboard rather than a string of characters based entirely on specific device key location which may or may not change.

      Good luck! You may need to rely on old screen shots of the keyboard keys too if you can not remember the actual characters and only the location of the keys, if all else fails…

  56. Joe says:

    Updated to newest release on two out of four iOS devices and the updated devices will not stay connected to cellular or wifi. I have done all troubleshooting (former senior apple technician). No fix. one of my phones will only search for a carrier without ever finding one. The other is intermittent but continuous throughout the day.

  57. Janie Estes says:

    I have to log onto some apps every time I open them. Very frustrating.

  58. Emily McCoy says:

    My AirPrint HP Envy cannot be found. I’ve reinstalled every possible angle I can think of. Ugh

  59. J.J. says:

    I’m having the same issues… seems to occur mostly when attempting to print email attachments. I hope they fix this quick, it’s affecting my work.

  60. Terri says:

    My back arrows on text screen and Facebook no longer work.

    • Michelle says:

      I’m having the same problem. Nothing on the iMessage top bar is selectable (back arrow, contact icon, information icon) unless I happen to get lucky, about one of 10 times. makes it hard to text.

  61. Robert says:

    I updated to 11 the other day and since then my phone cleans my favorite and most played game. Deleting the ‘extra files’ to save space because I’m low on storage. Or so I am told. 3.1gig of free space is low storage? Every time I go to play it i have to re-download the latest updates which take about 10 min each and every time. I can’t imagine what this would do to my data plan if I didn’t use wifi.
    Is there a way to change the threshold when it goes cleaning? Or to tell it to not clean certain apps?

  62. Katie Duncan says:

    Since updating to iOS 11 I have noticed that sometimes messages don’t show up; I know they get sent (my mom has sent texts to me while in same room because we don’t want dad to know what we’re talking about) and I get the sound notification that it was received but when I go to messages tab to read it, it isnt there; all messages from her are gone; or my twitter messages will randomly disappear; when I turn phone off and turn back on again, they show back up; but I don’t want to have to keep doing this 2-3 times a day

  63. Joell says:

    Following the IOS 11 update, my I-Pad refuses to recognize or find my Belkin keyboard. I have turned Bluetooth off and on, rebooted 2x and done a reset on the settings. Just continual churning in the Bluetooth devices screen….Help!!!

  64. Jill says:

    After I updated my iPhone 6s Plus to v 11.01, the iCloud app icon disappeared.

  65. Pam says:

    Since IOS 11 update I cannot get my text messages. I have to close out of the App each time repeatedly to open a different message. I am so tired of this with each update my IPhone is becoming a glorified paper weight.

  66. Jill says:

    My iCloud icon disappeared after updating my 6s plus to iOS 11.01

    • Mary says:

      I have the same problem – updated my 6 plus to iOS 11.0.1 then 11.0.2 and cannot find iCloud icon! Cannot access any of my files on iCloud. Is there a solution to this please?

    • Mary says:

      I have the same problem with iPhone 6 plus. Cannot access any of my files on iCloud. Is there a solution to this please?

    • Mary says:

      OK, I have the solution now. iCloud Drive is replaced by new Files app in IOS 11. WHO KNEW? … apparently everyone except you and me Jill.

  67. Brandon says:

    When I hook my phone up by usb or Bluetooth and try to play music, it says no music files available. It worked fine this morning, now it won’t play.

  68. Nadir says:

    After updating ios 11.0.2 my wifi option sometimes doesnt allow it to turn on and if somehow it connects my phone restart and than it is gone again. I reset my network settings but nothing happens. Iphone sucks now. Thats the worst problem someone can face. My phone restart on its own.

  69. Deen says:

    Since ios 11 intalled on my 7s plus every call from my contact does not appear by name it only shows the person contact number.
    How can i solve this…

  70. David says:

    Since updating my iPhone which used to find the WiFi signal adequate throughout my house, will now only connect if I am within about 15 feet of the router.
    Anything I can do ??

  71. Robert says:

    Since ios11 my mail sticks on last message read
    I have to reboot each time to clear it
    Any ideas?

  72. Jasmine kibbe says:

    Is it just me or After I installed IOS 11, my Wi-Fi keeps appearing and disappearing and doesn’t want to connect most of the time especially when I’m on messenger, trying to send a message and also when I’m on apps that require internet. Is there anyway to fix this? it would be greatly appreciated if there was a way.

  73. Matt says:

    I have an iPod touch 6 which since updating to 11 now won’t play using an aux cable in my car. Small problem compared to most here, but a really annoying issue for me all the same…

    • ST1100 says:

      iOS 11 failed my iPod Touch 6 connection via USB on my 2011 Pilot. “Unsupported version” is the message after the “upgrade”. iOS 10.3.3 worked with no issues. When is the fix coming???

    • sabrina says:

      I thought my aux chord was broken.. have you found a solution?

  74. Scott Barron says:

    When I am on a phone call and minimize the phone call screen to use other apps, I get 1/2 grey screen on the right. The left side of the screen shows me 1/2 of the app I opened. I’m able to use that 1/2 of the app but the right is grey. Can’t use or see. Therefore I am unable to use any app while I’m on the phone.

  75. Kim H says:

    I updated to iOS 11, husband still on iOS 10, shared iTunes/iCloud – we are able to access each other’s stuff! I get a note at the bottom of my “double click” screen (to switch between apps) for Messages on his iPhone, he was seeing my Evite in Safari…

  76. Liam says:

    Ios 11.0.2 has messed up my cellular signal at full signal 4G i am pulling a maximum of 8mb/s and on 3G full signal no more than 3mb/s this is running on Iphone SE on Vodafone before i updated i was pulling at least 22mb/s on 3 bar 3G Running 11.0.1

  77. Surk says:

    @Rhys. I also have iPhone 7 plus. Maybe the issue is with iPhone 7 plus only. I am on IOS 11.1

  78. Surk says:

    I am having an issue where half of my screen goes black and unresponsive during the phone call if I switch from phone to any other app within iPhone. Does anyone else having this issue?

  79. Paul says:

    Since purchasing an iPhone 8 Plus, I have had two former annual calendar entries showing up as invitations that I can neither accept nor decline. I have tried deleting them to re-enter, without success. I am running 11.01.

  80. Rhys says:

    Since updating to iOS11 on my iPhone 7 Plus,
    If I make a call and try to use messaging or any other feature on the phone, just less than half of the complete right side of the screen goes black and isn’t responsive or usable. Makes using the phone whilst talking completely useless.

  81. Cinthia M says:

    i just updated to 11.0.2 today and it is not letting me accept the new icloud terms and conditions. I click “view terms” which takes me to my appple ID then i click on terms and conditions and nothing happens; It doesn’t do anything. I have restarted my phone and nothing. I’m stuck

    • James says:

      Same problem here. It’s infuriating because it’s my toddler’s iPad and he can’t play any of his games because the dialog box keeps popping up.

  82. Susan Martin says:

    where does one start- so many problems – but today NOTES is driving me crazy, the lag is huge to do anything, open, type and God forbid you would want to add a photo which used to be simple it takes 5 minutes just to open the camera! ugh!

  83. Susan Martin says:

    where does one start- so many problems – but today NOTES is driving me crazy, the lag is huge to do anything, open, type and God forbid you would want to add a photo which used to be simple it takes 5 minutes just to open the camera! ugh!

  84. Susan Martin says:

    where does one start- so many problems – but today NOTES is driving me crazy, the lag is huge to do anything, open, type and God forbid you would want to add a photo which used to be simple it takes 5 minutes just to open the camera! ugh!

  85. Fil says:

    I have two issues on iPhone8Plus and iOS 11.01

    1) The notification swipe to view an incoming message is not working. It shows a blank message screen on my lock-transition screen.

    2) In Messenger, as I’m typing, it constantly now freezes up for up to 3-7 seconds as I’m typing, and then catches up and fills in all the letters at once and unfreezes… Happens back to back to back as I’m typing a single message.

  86. Mark Kevin says:

    Since upgrading to iOS 11 voice recognition using the internal microphone on my iPhone 7 is terrible, unusable. If I insert a mic or use my car mike, voice recognition is the same as before.

    • Steve says:

      I’ve seen the same thing. Voice recognition has taken a big step backward, and neither my hardware nor my actual voice has changed. I rely on voice recognition a lot, so this is a problem.

  87. Nick says:

    I have iPhone 6+. No probs with iOS 11.0.1 but this morning (Thurs 5 Oct) phone prompted me to update to 11.0.2. It then froze mid update, and took many hours before it completed. Now has 11.0.2 (which it installed together with the update it made earlier this morning before it started downloading the update) but…..

    (a) won’t recognise wi-fi, despite home network ticked and 3 bars in the Wi-Fi part of Settings

    (b) can’t receive/send email, as error message states ‘Cannot Get Mail’ claiming imap problems with my gmail server

    (c) I can only access half my apps as remainder need to finish downloading before they can become active, and every time I click on one it states ‘Loading’ but then stops as it can’t access the internet

    (d) App Store and iTunes store – error message when I click on either “Cannot Connect to App / iTunes Store”

    Truly trash and any assistance/ideas gratefully received.

    • Paul says:

      I’d recommend connecting to a computer with iTunes, backing up, and then using the “restore” function, restore it from a backup you made. Restoring should fix the problem. Be sure you have a reliable internet connection when restoring so that all the apps can re-download so you won’t get stuck on the “loading” situation for each.

      • Nick says:

        Many thanks Paul – I tried that but iTunes said I first have to turn off ‘Find My Phone’ and when I tried to do that (through the iCloud settings on the iPhone) it required me to enter my Apple ID Password, which I did, but then gave me another error message that ‘Verification Failed’ There was an error connecting to the Apple ID server’.

        It seems one step forward and two steps back….

  88. Bre says:

    Can’t send videos to androids since updating.

  89. Ryan says:

    After update my iMessage isn’t an option for forwarding a photo or article. Only mail, whatsapp and other apps. Fix ideas?

  90. Nightmayers says:

    Native Apple Calendar app gets hung up when creating an event and trying to enter a location. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to complete the calendar entry/invitation or make changes to an exiting calendar invitation. Until this is fixed, I will be forced to ditch Calendar and use Outlook instead.

    • Kensei says:

      I’m on iOS 11.0.3.
      No problem to explore the calendar, however, the app becomes unusable when entering an address when creating/editing an event, both on iPad Air 2 and on iPhone 6S.
      The calendar freezes for several seconds – even tens of seconds – at each tap on the keyboard.

      I passed througt every version of iOS since iOS4 and I never was so disapointed. Maybe they should have released one or two betas more before releasing this crappy final version…

  91. rlnmy says:

    My iphone 5s was also updated to ios 11. just today, my phone got drained until it powered off automatically. So i charged it but only apple logo appears andas stucked. The phone was heating up but not even charging. I triedto hold the power button with the home button, but nothig happened it only turned black then it shows the logo again. what to do now? how to fix it? help pls

  92. Patti says:

    Voice app not typing text anymore and I LIVE on this thing… I can’t use without it. This is a huge feature loss.
    So will have to backtrack to other OS. I will never update again when it suggests me to.

  93. Ed Armstrong says:

    Since update 11.0.1 I have had a problem when selecting a contact from my contact list. I select the contact mobile number I want to send message to – the screen that comes up next is the full ALL contacts messages… not the individual contact screen with the new message line. Frustrating as I now have to scroll down the list to select the contact AGAIN. I have updated to 11.0.2 and it is still happening. My phone is iPhone 6

  94. Erin says:

    Since installing 11.0.2 I have noticed when I’m texting that part of my message does not send. Also, when emailing from outlook, my full message does not send there either —help!

  95. Jvh says:

    11.1 is a beta.
    Never use it on a daily to use device !!!

    It’s for developers to test and not for use to normal customers. And to send bug reports to Apple.

    You should read 🍏 warnings much more carefully.

  96. Dana says:

    My cover sheet has my lock screen background but does not show the time or notifications. How do I fix this?

  97. Bonnie says:

    My mail app disappeared after I updated to iOS 11. I re downloaded the app but when I try to sign in I get an message that the mail account is already downloaded on my iPhone. What is going on?

  98. Robert Smith says:

    My pervious message was for iOS 11

    • Tim Cohen says:

      Hi Robert…did you resolve the issue of text message problems and getting the recipient message template…

      I have exactly the same issue and can’t see how to fix it.


  99. Robert Smith says:

    When attempting to send text message to one of my phone contacts, I only got the recipient message template once. Ever since the first time, the message template does not come up for me the continue writing my message but the list of messages appears and I have to hit the ‘new message’ icon and I have to enter my contacts email address to be able to proceed.

    • Tim Cohen says:

      Hi Robert…did you resolve the issue of text message problems and getting the recipient message template…

      I have exactly the same issue and can’t see how to fix it.


  100. Andre Dieckvoss says:

    What about the phone completely refreshing without warning? I use the phone as GPS and for pandora while I am driving. It will shut down and restart at random times. And yes I have iOS 11.0.2 already and that doesn’t fix it, and it’s only a iPhone 7 😡

  101. Amanda says:

    SInce the iOS 11 update I am having difficulty printing to air printer HP 3830. I get a messsge that says “CONTACTING PRINTER” and nothing ever prints. I have done the turn off and on your phone, turn off and on your printer, hard reset, and completed the wizard set up for my printer (again). Nothing seems to work. Sometimes it prints and sometimes it does not!

  102. Tim says:

    I had an iphone 6 that was working perfectly on ios 10.3.3. Never damaged, always in a case. I made a complete backup in itunes, then did the update process in itunes over the cable to ios11 due to storage constraints (16GB). The update process verified there was enough free space available to proceed with the update. After about 1.5 hours of updating, my iPhone 6 failed the update process to iOS11. Itunes gave me the option of restoring to iOS10 using my backup, or losing all data and reinstalling the firmware to ios11. Both of those options failed. After this, the phone was stuck on the cable screen telling me to plug into itunes. I took it to the Genius Bar and they were unable to recover the device, or reinstall the firmware. It was bricked. They told me the diagnostics said I needed a new logic board at $300.

    Thanks Apple.

  103. David Taylor says:

    Since upgrading to IOS11 my keyboard on my iPhone 6 doesn’t function correctly. I have to hit the same key multiple times to get the letter to appear. Then a couple of keys will work then back to multiple times. It worked fine prior to the upgrade.

  104. Kurt says:

    My iPhone 6 Plus is very slow when opening apps with iOS 11. Still with last two updates too. And yes all my apps are up to date. Even apps like iMessage and mail. All of them. Much worse performance than with 10.

  105. Carol says:

    I updated my software yesterday and am unable to stay connected to the internet. I have an unlimited data plan and rarely use my wifi connection. Now it seems if it is NOT turned on, I cannot connect to the internet at all. My 4G will not let me connect unless the wifi is turned on. After a while, it turns off and I lose my connection even though I still show a strong signal. I have been turning the phone off and letting it reset then turn it back on, but to keep doing this repeatedly is crazy. How can I fix this? Or is there a fix for this? It is getting to be increasingly frustrating to say the least.

    • Cevriye says:

      Hi! this is what is happening to me right now and I have no idea what to do and im extremely frustrated, if you find a solution please let me know!

  106. Amanda Wylie says:

    I cannot get my iphone to connect to the wifi at my work. It shows it’s there but it states there is no internet connection. I’m blowing through my data! I have already reset my network settings and that did nothing…

  107. LYNN says:

    So I had the terrible luck updating that crashed and phone had to be restored to factory settings and it would only let me set to the Jan 2017 back up- which I’ve had several back ups since Jan. So that’s problem 1. Everything between Jan and today gone. Problem 2 i cant add any new email accounts to this phone. something buggy in the system. I enter new email and password then it tried to go to next page then immediate hymns me back to email accounts page (all in settings). I can’t even tell what other issues I have yet, as I’m trying to set up my work emails. I was up all night with this. S

  108. Chris says:

    After the latest 11 update. My do not disturb turns it self on to manual even though I have it scheduled for 8pm thru 6am. I am missing calls.

  109. Molly says:

    Has anyone else had the second half of a txt cut off if a dash is used in a sentence? it looks complete to me but recipients aren’t receiving in full.

  110. Joann says:

    Since updating to iso11.0.2, my bottom bar is in the middle screen?
    2. The bar show my last used apps, as well as what I had on that bar. 3. I can’t delete an app?

  111. Susan Richardson says:

    Since upgrading iOS 11 Facebook Messenger app either doesn’t open at all or crashes immediately. I have tried numerous times rebooting, reinstalling both Facebook and Messenger, turning WiFi on and off – all suggestions given online – and nothing works. Messenger works fine on my Android phone, but not on iPad. Another iOS upgrade popped up today and I hoped this would sort it – but No. I can’t find anywhere on the Apple website to help. Will I just have to accept I can’t use Messenger on my iPad any more?

  112. Greg says:

    Since updating to 11.0 when I go to notes it freezes for about 3 minutes. I’m only using about half my 32 gig. Is there some way to partition my notes by year? I have about 3000 notes that are saved by categories

  113. simon_987654321 says:

    I have an issue with iPhone 6S after iOS 11 update with camera app. I cannot delete pictures from camera app (select pic, hit the recycle bin icon and confirm deletion). Operation goes fine, just like with iOS 10 but newly deleted pic will re-appear immediately again. Deletion from photo app works.

    • Teresa says:

      I can’t delete my pictures from the camera app as well but haven’t thought about the photo app. I will try that. Thanks for the suggestion. I was getting frustrated!

    • Searose5 says:

      Today, I updated to version 11.0.3 and now I can’t delete photos on my iPhone. Any suggestions folks????

  114. Jean says:

    i updated to ios11.1 recently and now I cant connect to our wifi..(its connected even before i updated to ios 11.1) and even the cellular data is on, it states no internet connection. please help me. thank you

  115. Joseline says:

    After updating my phone won’t connect to 4G. Meaning when I’m out of my house it keeps saying no WiFi connection but it won’t go to my 4G.

    • Becky says:

      I called my service provider and they had me reset my network settings and restart. That fixed it, although I now have to redo WiFi name and password for networks I use to connect to automatically.

  116. Davidh says:

    iPhone 7+, iOS 11.0.1
    When sending text messages I have discovered this and notified Apple “support”!!!
    IF you have the “Subject Field” enabled in Message settings AND you send a text message with a picture AND subject field has any characters in it the App WILL go “bonkers!”.
    This happens both on messages to other iPhones or Android devices.
    The TEMPORARY work-around when sending pictures via text message is either leave subject field empty or disable it in settings.
    After doing that the texts with pictures seem to deliver normally.

  117. Darshan says:

    Me Centar button is now what I do

  118. Melanie says:

    After installing iOS 11.0 I noticed problems with text messages not being sent.i send a message to my sister each morning with a flower attached. The latest version has been installed iOS 11.0.1 & still not working. When I go to iCloud I can see the flower & used space of msg but no text msg is there. Please help!
    Thank you!

  119. Ricardo Salas says:

    Boy I miss Steve Jobs. Apple has become sloppy and irresponsible, releasing system updates that have not been properly tested. My MacBook Air won’t boot after the latest system upgrade and my iPhone 6+ got so slow after 11.0, it is unbearable. It takes a couple of minutes for WhatsApp to accept text, for example. Unbelievable!

  120. Sandie says:

    After installing update 11.0.1 I CA no longer get my keyboard into landscape mode. HELP

  121. Michelle says:

    Half of my emails go directly to the trash folder. When I try to manually move them to inbox, they get booted back to trash!

  122. Abbey says:

    Since update my phone will not charge when screen goes off. It only charges when I am using my phone??

  123. Megan says:

    My volume button won’t work and all my apps keep freezing and crashing. And on top of that I think the lightening port is faulty and it won’t charge.(It’s not the wire, worked on someone else’s phone). Great stuff apple, £65 a month WASTED.

  124. roy says:

    I cloud gone! finger print gone! update Apple ID settings crashing! no keyboard showing half the time! Screen got blacked out for two days! Ridiculous, I cannot use my phone. Terrible update!

  125. Nancy says:

    Since update text messages won’t pick up single contact. Only groups. Back arrow doesnt work. People saying they are not getting my texts. Have done reboot no luck.

  126. Marcy says:

    Since this update my maps app doesn’t work. The voice commands are gone. This is when I click on an address from another app. If I type in the address it works. If I ask Siri for directions there is so sound and direction prompts

  127. All my texts were green and would send pix… now my texts are blue and green and is apparently adding an email to the texts that I barely use anymore… WTF?

  128. Tessa says:

    Ever since I updated last night all my text messages are seriously messed up!
    They all appear in the wrong order and will not notify me when I get a new text. They also display the wrong date on them.
    A text conversation from months ago with my mother is showing at the bottom of the text screen saying that it happened yesterday while the current conversation is shooting way back.

    • CHUCK says:

      exactly the same to mine, I have to check my messages everytime to know that I have messages.. and the order is little bit confussing…

    • Val says:

      You’re lucky. After installing 11.1.2 my messages all disappeared and I can read new messages or send any messages. I called the apple help desk and they had me clear and reload ios from backup the night before installing 11.1.2. This did not help and they said I need a new phone. Funny how the phone worked great until I installed 11.1.2 and now I need a new phone.

  129. Dee says:

    I keep getting a message saying sms message won’t send not enough digits but I haven’t sent any??? Any ideas

  130. Donna Roberts says:

    Since I downloaded iOS11 I can no longer access iTunes to purchase apps and music. I’ve contacted Apple 5 times and they’ve made the issue worse as they told me to back up the phone, do a factory reset and then obtain the back up. Now I still cannot access iTunes and therefore have no access to my apps as they require iTunes to download back onto my phone!!!!!

  131. Carly Cauthen says:

    Just installed the new IOS 11 on my IPad Air 2 and the new notes features are not showing up on my keyboard when I go in the notes app so I am unable to draw. My Dad has the exact same IPad and is having no issues with this. I don’t understand. Please help! Thanks!

  132. Joe stephens says:

    Can’t send videos using messages not iMessage but a regular message
    I have an IPhone 7 my wife has iPhone 6 and upgraded with no issues
    IOS 11

  133. John Cashman says:

    When I try to send a message in pen mode to an Android device it fails but if I send it to an iPhone it works. I am using iOS 11.0.1

  134. Ronnie says:

    I bought a new IPhone 7.. Friday. Saturday I downloaded ISO 11.0.1. Since the upload, the back button on messages does NOT work. It tries to edit when I hit the back button.

  135. lee says:

    sorry charge

  136. lee says:

    cant get iphn 6 to change. have done all the usual check out let, new accessories, reboot, clean port.

  137. Alyssa says:

    After I installed the latest update, my phone only works on wifi. Its like I have no cellular service. The top left corner has full bars but no 4G or LE and none of my text go through and I cant use the internet. Once I connect to wifi everything works.

    • Harald Thiis says:

      I experience exactly the same. I ‘ve tried a lot of the advice given, but nothing seems to work. Even contacted my mobile network company, who tried to reset the network settings. No use.

      • Jared says:

        I have the exact same problem. Cellular service hasn’t worked properly since October 3rd. Connection is spotty at best. Cellular connection reads searching or no service 90% of the time. Wifi connection however is working fine for the time being. Tried resetting factory network settings, had service for maybe an hour after then reverted back to the searching status.

      • Wesley says:

        I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!!! Its been searching for multiple days now and won’t connect to att. I even took it into apple and they said that my phone is messing up and want me to spend $300 to get a new one. Now I tried resetting it and it won’t turn back on. They said I was the only one with this problem!

    • mandy says:

      i have full internet so can get emails etc in the house but no Service even contacted apple and they can not sort it

  138. Parth A. Leach says:

    Since upgrading, iCloud is no longer updating iCalendar entries or Reminder entries on my iPhone SE unless the app is awake and open.
    I make an entry on my computer, and it does not automatically appear in the phone app…I have to open the app and then I see a visible update process.

  139. Debbie says:

    Since the 11 update, my voice sounds like I’m talking in a barrel and echos on the receiving end.

    • alex says:

      yes, I am having exact problem or maybe worst, people cant hear my voice at all, it only happens after 2 days updating IOS11.0.1, however using whatsapp & messenger calls is ok….big headache, regret updating it so soon…. sigh….I juz saw another release IOS11.0.2, will dl now and hopefully resolve my issue….

  140. Jason says:

    i’ve got so many issues i don’t know where to start. speaker phone not working. phone mutes randomly during phone calls. music thats playing doesn’t show on the lock screen or the control center. do not disturb driving feature not working. screen keeps freezing in certain apps. phone just goes un responsive randomly. went to apple store they were no help. done a bunch of resets in the process of erasing my phone and restoring from back up. if this doesn’t work. i’m just going to downgrade. this is a F-ing shame. no solutions.

  141. Gillian says:

    My videos aren’t playing in my camera roll since the update. Does anyone know what this is?

  142. Gillian Webster-Ashcroft says:

    Since update my gps has totally failed. Not one single app can figure out where I am and maps is useless. Any ideas anyone?

  143. Amanda says:

    Since updating I can not receive or make phone calls pleas help

  144. Cathrine Fallesen says:

    Does anybody else have issues with bluetooth? My Garmin watch keeps loosing connection to my iP7+ after the update, quite annoying, I have tried several solutions, but all is temporary 😫 and that decision to kill FB integration on calendar is gonna kill my planner gene, and no where on the interweb is there a solution to get FB back in my calendar 😡

    • Sylvain Masclin says:

      I do have also trouble with my bluetooth. I can’t use my wireless headphones anymore since the update, since the sound is always getting disconnected and connected… awful!

      • Mike Salter says:

        I have the same problem with my Tag Heuer watch, the watch doesn’t even see my iphone 7. And my car connection with my iPhone 7 doesn’t work. Have yet to try any of the 5 other bluetooth devices that were formerly connected, but I’m worried.

    • Philippe says:

      I have the same issue with my Garmin Forerunner 235 and my IP7+.
      Did anyone found a fix?

  145. Sean says:

    Since updating my touch screen does not work at all!
    I have an iPhone 6s

    Help please

  146. Bob Baker says:

    My 6 plus keeps dropping the internet connection.

    • Keith says:

      Can’t use my att iPhone 6 on Facebook and the internet while I’m out and away from WiFi. Everything works ok at home but when I’m out elsewhere it drops everything. Mail internet everything. What do I do. Rollback my old software or what. Worked good before update iOS 11

      • Arthur says:

        I agree, most of my applications including iPhone apps cannot connect after connection has lost or re-connect with Wi-Fi or Cellphone Data. Have to shut down and restart several times a day.

      • Gogodah says:

        When that happened on my iPhone 7 it needed a new SIM card (available free from your provider…

  147. Thomas A McKay says:

    I have 6s & the 11.0.1 did not change my camera at all. I have no option for Jpeg/HEIF & the photos are only jpg. Is the new HEIF file format not for 6s?

  148. Shari Hanson says:

    I upgraded and in NOTES I can not scan documents. the tool bar above the keyboard does not appear. I have the iphone 6. I have restarted the phone twice and it has not fixed it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  149. Martha says:

    With iOS 11 I can no longer send videos or digital touch messages to friends with an android phone. I called apple and they had me do a hard restart and then.return to factory settings and still that did not fix the problem.

  150. Lloyd Anthony says:

    Surely Apple knew of these issues prior to the ISO 11 release.
    Really tells the complete story on the competency within Apple. Steve Jobs “RIP” hasn’t been replaced. SAD!
    The Country is going to hell, along with Apple!

  151. Alessandro says:

    After upgrading to IOS 11 when i exit from an app the screen turn to gray and no background image is loaded; this appens also after installing IOS 11.0.1.

  152. tobjizzle says:

    on my iphone 7 with ios11 sometimes it freezes on the homescreen, cant swipe left or right, cant open apps and i cant hard reset the iphone and the only thing to fix it is to drain the battery and then charge it. Happend also yesterday and it happend now

    • djn1010et says:

      This makes two of us, with identical symptoms. I may need to make a (long) trip to an Apple store to troubleshoot and repair.

      • djn1010et says:

        @tobjizzle’s solution worked for me. Hopefully this problem doesn’t repeat, because letting the battery drain takes a long time. Perhaps a software solution can be looked into. Thanks tobjizzle — you saved me a long trip to an Apple store. peace

  153. Robert says:

    I went to Settings>General>Software Update.
    Guess what? I get the message:
    “iOS 10.3.3. Your software is up to date”

    Now what?

  154. Heather says:

    After updating to iOS 11.1 my Live Photo button and options are gone

  155. Mark says:

    My camera won’t change from photo to selfie. Only way to change cameras is to hold down the camera icon in the pull-up menu and select camera or selfie? Is it just me?

  156. Robin says:

    Since upgrading, I’ve noticed two issues. 1) The hollow arrow location icon is always in the upper right hand corner, even when I closed all the apps running. 2) I use the Timer in the Clock application daily. I used to be able to lower the volume on the alarm that goes off at the end of 7 minutes. It doesn’t work anymore. The volume is high, even though I lowered it to two tics. Can you help me with these issues?

    • Alex says:

      1) Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services, go to the bottom of the screen and turn off Status Bar Icon.

      2) Settings > Sounds and turn off Change with Buttons. You’ll make the alarm independent of the volume buttons.

      Hope these may help you.

  157. Charli says:

    Since doing iso 11.1, my iCloud storage is stating it’s full when it clearly is not and the red icon is stuck on, Im unable get remove despite resetting phone and removing various apps

  158. INWDC says:

    This may not be a thing, and is kind of a random thing I noticed…but I now notice an option for “springboard” under Settings>Cellular (it’s under the Cellular Data section). Not sure if that is new or specific to the carrier one has. Anyone else seeing this?

    • Dan says:

      SpringBoard is the standard application that manages the iOS home screen. (That’s what Wikipedia says anyway.). I’m going to leave it as is; On.

      • INWDC says:

        Ah okay so you are seeing it then, too. I wasn’t sure if it was a new thing in 11…apparently it is. The weird thing though is that it doesn’t have an icon like every other setting does. You just get that placeholder wireframe icon (the one that you get sometimes before the actual icon loads).

  159. Seraj Ahmed says:

    Steve Jobs is dead, all his successors messing up iPhone with incomplete updates, if updates there are lot of problems, battery drain faster, slow charge, other apps above 150 MB can’t update on cellular

    And finally there is nothing new in iPhone

  160. Stephanie says:

    What about the wifi turning on all by itself? I usually keep mine off unless I need wifi and every morning for sure, my wifi is on even though I didn’t leave it on the night before.

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