Mac OS X Lion Supports TRIM for SSD’s

Feb 25, 2011 - 14 Comments


Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will support the TRIM function for SSD’s, this should significantly boost the lifespan and performance of SSD drives. Hints for support were first discovered last year by Anandtech, but now HardMac has confirmed that support is included in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview.

TRIM is important because it allows the operating system to notify an SSD which blocks of data are no longer in use on the drive, allowing them to be wiped and written over more efficiently. Without TRIM, an SSD drive can become gradually slower over time as blocks that were once in use become slower to write new data over.


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  2. carob says:

    How to make TRIM work on 3rd party SSD’s:

  3. ravedog says:

    Apple is not supporting TRIM on 3rd party SSD’s.

  4. choopeee says:


    I have an iMac (27″ 3,4 Core i7 1TB…) and i put an SSD into it. I have lion on this, but the TRIM is not working and the machine crash always after one week…
    I tried to fix with these apps, but these not working.

    Please HELP!


  5. […] probably know that Mac OS X Lion will add TRIM support for SSD’s, but what can you do right now if you’re on 10.6? If you’re brave, you can use this […]

  6. Miles says:

    Could this also improve performance of iOS devices (even if in subtle ways)? I know they don’t use actual SSDs, and I don’t know if this is in an area that is common to both Mac OS and iOS. But if this applies, I’d think it might keep iOS devices healthier longer.

  7. […] was recently discovered that Mac OS X Lion will have SSD TRIM support, but OS X users with SSD devices may not have to wait until 10.7 is released this summer to get […]

  8. qo says:

    @ Michael

    No, you won’t have to wait. As long as the drive and controller firmware support the TRIM command, then you’re good. Though it remains to be seen which SSD drives Apple has used over the last couple years came with native support. It shouldn’t be too hard to lookup e.g. MacFixIt teardown articles to get brand/model info and then Google that model+TRIM :-)


  9. Gianni says:

    It’s really strange cuz on my two external ocz (vertex2 and agility2) lion is telling trim not supported

  10. Michael Aye says:

    But one important question:
    If I use an SSD first on Snow Leopard and then do the upgrade to Lion, will the system find the bad blocks and still be able to prevent the slowing down?
    Or should one really wait until Lion before using an SSD drive on the Mac?

  11. hudson says:

    i ordered an SSD with my new MBP :)

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