New Mt Fuji Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2

Apr 2, 2011 - 30 Comments


Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2 has a new version of the default Mt Fuji wallpaper. The new picture shows some clouds in the foreground and the mountain itself has a bit less snow on it, creating less of a contrast. As usual for Apple’s default desktops, it’s absolutely beautiful, and it makes a great desktop background.

Click the image above or here to download the full version, it’s a rather large 3200×2000 pixels.

Here they are alongside each other, the new Fuji Mountain default is on the left, and the old Lion Fuji wallpaper from the first Developer Preview is on the right:


Apparently the Lion Space wallpaper from Versions is also different in the new Developer Preview as well, we’ll see if we can track it down.

Thanks for sending this in S.E.!


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Posted by: Paul Horowitz in Customize, Mac OS


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  1. […] window gets blurred. The image above shows this with a blurred terminal window placed over the default Mt Fuji wallpaper. There are several of these theme choices available in the Terminal Inspector and appearance […]

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  3. […] on April 2nd, Mac blog OSXDaily found some of the default wallpaper resolutions in Lion to be as large as 3200×2000 pixels. These wallpaper and icon size increases are interesting because, as far as the wallpaper […]

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  6. val says:

    this one is ugily
    i think the space background in snow is the best they ever came out with

  7. […] de hasta 1024×1024 píxeles de tamaño. Si sumamos esto al descubrimiento ya comentado del blog OSXDaily, de un wallpaper que tenía 3200×2000 píxels de resolución (soportado por el sistema como papel […]

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  9. […] has posted an interesting find. Apparently the latest build of Lion includes some icons which are sized at 1024×1024. That's twice the current 512×512 size of icons in Snow Leopard (four times the pixel count, but 2x larger in each dimension). Additionally, on April 2nd, Mac blog OSXDaily found some of the default wallpaper resolutions in Lion to be as large as 3200×2000 pixels. […]

  10. […] a finding highlighted by MacRumors (via OSXDaily) in February of this year, it appears Apple may be including ultra high resolution artwork in Mac […]

  11. ??? says:

    I like the eclipse background from previous mac versions> Will it be available?

  12. […] of the Fuji wallpaper. Same colours, but from another perspective with another kind of lighting [Source]. Available […]

  13. Simon says:

    At only 115 kB, this photo is ridiculously compressed and has plenty of compression artifacts/effects. To put that in perspective, the Snow Leopard default picture is 553 kB, which is 4.6 times larger despite being only 64 % the size of this new desktop pic. Anyone with a high quality display would easily see how poor the quality of this Fuji mountain photo is.

  14. […] week we posted the newest version of the Fuji Mountain default wallpaper from Lion Developer Preview 2. If you haven’t seen it yet, I described it as a “rather large […]

  15. Jeff Smith says:

    I did some calculations last night, and Loren might just be right: that resolution would make possible Retina Displays, but more than just for the iPad. It could actually enable them across Apple’s entire laptop lineup.

    If you’re interested, check out my post here:

  16. […] folks over at OS X Daily took note that the latest Developer Preview for Mac OS X Lion includes a new wallpaper for Japan’s Mount […]

  17. Neena says:

    I like the new one better also. It is less obtrusive and just as beautiful. Easier to focus on organizing the clutter on your desktop instead of on the background.

  18. Co-ords says:

    I’m still looking for the wallpaper from the first preview, the flower… anyone have it?

    • Liam says:

      That wasn’t from the first dev preview, that from from the first-look event back in October. It was never released to the public.

  19. Loren says:

    Nobody noticed that the 3200×2000 resolution is much greater than any screen offered by Apple? You know what such a resolution would be perfect for? Developing for a retina iPad display.

    It’s coming people, it’s coming.

  20. meh says:

    Low on ideas for blog posts?

  21. b0bby says:

    It STILL doesn’t beat the old pink wallpaper…
    I Think… that the fuji will not be chosen by default… but the water drop wallpaper that came out a couple weeks ago… it’s the same as on your iphone/ipad/ipod… after all it’s going to look like an ipad… see launchpad.

    • Matt says:

      Except that the water drop wallpaper for the Mac wasn’t an official Apple wallpaper. So the chances of that are just about…zero.

    • MrNago says:

      Maybe when you run LaunchPad the wallpaper fades to a different one, like waterdrops?
      Who knows!

      • Joseph says:

        Right now it shows your desktop wallpaper picture.

        Also the cover art screen saver is different in Lion, havent heard of anyone finding that yet.

  22. Mantra says:

    I like the new one more. Maybe they’ll keep changing it in each dev release?

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