Keep Magsafe Cords Out of the Way on MacBooks with a Neat Trick

Apr 17, 2011 - 6 Comments

Magsafe clipped to side of MacBook Air

Is that Magsafe cable cord getting in your way when using your Mac laptop? Try attaching the cord to the side of your Mac’s display by using the cables clip as shown in the pictures. This works with newer MacBook Pro’s, unibody MacBooks, and new MacBook Air too, it clips directly onto the side of any MacBook display and you can keep the cable out of the way from interfering with anything else.

If you’re wondering, this is not what the intended use of that magsafe clip is, it’s intended to wrap around and clip to itself for easy carrying, but it works. This is a really creative way to manage cords, although it’s not quite as universal as the binder clip method.

This is a pretty nifty little trick that Lifehacker found from Reddit, but contrary to what Lifehacker says, the Magsafe clip does in fact stick to the edge of a MacBook Air just fine as you can see in my picture above. In other words, this works with basically every Mac laptop out there, be it a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or MacBook, clip the magsafe adapter to the screen, and you’re out of the way and ready to go. How cool is that?

Here is LH’s image of this fancy cord-out-of-the-way trick in use on a MacBook Pro:

I’ve tested it on Retina MacBook Pro and different MacBook Air screens and it works great, as long as it has that little lip on the edge to grab onto you can almost certainly latch the MagSafe adapter cable to the side and keep it out of the way.

Try this out yourself, what do you think? Cool huh? Speaking of cool MagSafe tricks, check out this handy tip to wrap the MagSafe cable securely and hassle free, it’s another good one!


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  1. Jack Benimble says:

    This has to be the greatest tip I have ever seen!

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  3. Eric says:

    Need an inductive charger/battery so the corded adapter is 100% gone.

  4. unknown says:

    This will ruin the whole point of the “mag” safe adaper. In case of an accident, the laptop has a greater chance of falling because the charger will not be able to disconnect easily

  5. land of tech says:

    the cord is annoying but i like staying fully charged haha… oh and it doesn’t clip very will with my macbook pro 13.

  6. macopat says:

    and the point is? this is just silly. the cord is still there, clip or no clip.

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