Windows 8 Demo Video Shows Impressive Competition for Apple

Jun 2, 2011 - 14 Comments

Competition is heating up as everyone races to catch up to Apple’s runaway success with iOS. Now Microsoft is throwing it’s hat into the touch and tablet ring with their first video demo of Windows 8. Clearly influenced in part by the iPad but still adding a unique twist to touch interfaces, Microsoft’s demo video of Windows 8 is actually pretty impressive. There’s a lot of good ideas shown here, the user interface looks really interesting and there’s a lot of shared elements with Windows Phone 7, but aspects like tiles clearly work better on a larger touch screen than a smaller 3.5″ mobile display.

The video is about 4.5 minutes long, but it doesn’t really start showing off features until almost a minute in. Check it out, it’s interesting to see what Apple is up against.

Update: Here are 6 features that iOS needs to borrow from Windows 8, although I imagine iOS 5 will address many of these.


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  1. FreeRange says:

    So we see a very controlled and staged demo for a product that looks like it runs fast and smoothly, but is still a year away from release? Nice try MSFT. It also looks like it was designed by someone with Attention Deficit Disorder. It is very telling that MSFT would demo a product in their “design room” filled with clutter, which looks just like this interface, filled with clutter and lack of organization. Can you imagine Apple demoing a product with such clutter? The beauty of Apple is that they strip all the clutter and complexity away, not add a graphical layer on top of a crap OS doing the same old thing.

  2. […] be clear, I’m not trying to Microsoft-bash here, I think the Windows 8 touch interface shows promise and I even wrote about how iOS would benefit from borrowing some of Windows 8 […]

  3. Blacklisted_D says:

    Mac sucks on gaming no matter what

  4. xf says:

    this is Microsoft really branching out… looks good but the integration with Windows 7 is a mess and shouldn’t be included

  5. Sahil says:

    The point is “Will it Work”?
    & the answer is “Never”!!!

    Windows was is & will be always Sh** , but you are still free to waste your money…

  6. adam says:

    (At 2:05) “One thing that’s great about a PC is that it can do 2 things at once…”

    Really? I find that fascinating! Score one for Microsoft! To think that Macs are so limited in their functionality. Obviously, they aren’t capable of that functionality. Clearly, Macs are the wrong choice…

  7. Zoli says:

    Microsoft tries to develop further, the ideas stolen from Mac OS X and IOS, has been doing this for years, there are no unique ideas for Michrosoft

    • Anirudh Vyas says:

      Apple didn’t even know what touch tablets were about or iPhone was about for that matter, and even before that Microsoft was doing intense research on designing touch OS, Microsoft Surface is an example of close 10 years of research probably. Think before you just jump to a conclusion.

      • FreeRange says:

        So they spent 10 years on research and still don’t have a viable product. What exactly is your point again? Classic MSFT – they get hung up in their own underwear with their “legacy”. And MSFT Surface? Really? Basically conceptual product with minimal application and very limited market. Think before you jump into a conversation. And as to Apple, “didn’t even know what touch tablets were about or iPhone was about…”? What kind of moronic statement is that. These are the two market leading products in their respective categories BY FAR, with MSFT practically non-existent, so what exactly is it that they didn’t know? Time to go back to school Anirudh!

        • jacob says:

          They do have a viable product there’s been plenty of people using the demo and they love it and 10 years ago windows realized the first tablet but everyone thought tablets were dumb. But then mac did it and million of mac fan boys spent to much money for a below average product which the android and hp touchpad is superior in many ways

  8. Darren says:

    I appreciate that Microsoft is doing their own thing here, but this is such a far cry from existing user interfaces that I’m not sure it will catch on.

  9. […] on my bullet proof vest here, dare I say there’s some features shown in the Windows 8 demo video that iOS and even Mac OS X would greatly benefit […]

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