The First Ever iPhone Commercial [Video]

Jun 5, 2011 - 10 Comments

The Dude, Lebowski. Answer the phone, Lebowski, you're in an iPhone commercial

This is where it all started from, the classic “Hello” iPhone commercial for the very first iPhone. The TV ad was an almost instant classic that featured scene after scene of famous actors answering phones in famous movies.

As you watch, you undoubtedly will recognize many of these from movies and moments in cinematic history. And, as if Apple knew it would be cementing it’s place in popular culture, the commercial wraps up with a “Hello” on a first-gen Apple iPhone with a call from ‘John Appleseed’, before flashing an  Apple logo.

Embedded below, years past the original Apple iPhone commercial is still well worth watching again:

This first aired on Oscars night in February of 2007, and it was the very first commercial to show off the iPhone, a full four months before it was officially released in June of 2007.

Do you remember this commercial airing on TV? It sure seems like a while ago doesn’t it? And here we are, years later, with a myriad of other great iPhone advertisements and TV spots, but even after all this time, this one is still special.

And in case you forgot, here’s what the original first generation iPhone looked like:

First Apple iPhone

I think the first iPhone actually aged very well, the aluminum back is beautiful, and the shiny Apple logo matches the front glass and shiny bezels well. Perhaps the only thing that didn’t age gracefully was the super early iOS (then called iPhone OS), or the now considered tiny 3.5″ color display. But it’s still a beauty, and a classic.


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  1. mayor says:


  2. […] And of course, here is the original iPhone commercial: […]

  3. warmz says:

    that was fun! .. :)

  4. DD says:

    I think it is a very clever commercial: it gets and keeps your attention, doesn’t shout and doesn’t insult. I like it.

  5. jim R says:

    Besides Fishcake21 of course (sorry fishcake, you’re excluded), we recognize one of today’s major, commercial powers in Apple’s creative advertising.

  6. Andrey says:

    What’s the name of that one video? It’s one of the first iPhone videos (not a commercial) when the iPhone first came out. I saw it on YouTube, and now I can’t find it. Basically what it shows is this one New Yorker shows off his iPhone with the pre-installed apps. For example, when he showed us the stock app, he made a quarter come out of the charger slot. And I thought it were real. lol. Another thing he showed was some x-ray app scanning his arm, showing his bones. And, he was shaving his beard. lol.

    Can someone find the video? I’ve been looking for it for a year or so now. It’s difficult to find it.

  7. Crap says:

    I am a huge Apple fan, but that commercial is really a piece of crap.

    Why conan ‘o brien didnt make parody?

  8. Paul says:

    It should end by saying “Reach out and touch someone”

  9. Fishcake21 says:

    Even if you are a “Mac” fan, you have to admit, that is the dumbest commercial ever.

    • APo says:

      Well, yeah it is. You see some scenes and then for a couple of seconds you see this rectangular thing, I bet noone back then knew it was a phone.

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