How to Create & Burn a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Install DVD

Jun 8, 2011 - 120 Comments

Make your own OS X Lion Bootable Installation DVD

Apple announced that Lion would be released exclusively through the Mac App Store for $30. This is great because the App Store policy allows a single purchase to install on all your Macs, but what if you don’t have broadband access on all your Macs, or what if you just want a bootable installation disc? Well, you can make your own bootable installation DVD.

Creating a Bootable Install Disc for Mac OS X Lion

This is pretty easy. These instructions are born from the 10.7 developer preview but should remain identical come time for the July public release:

  • Download Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store ($29.99)
  • From the Mac OS X Finder, locate the Mac OS X Installation file that was downloaded, right-click, and “Show Package Contents”
  • Find and open the “SharedSupport” folder and locate a disc image file called “InstallESD.dmg”
  • Copy “InstallESD.dmg” to your Mac OS X Desktop, this is the Lion disk image and what you’re going to create the bootable DVD from
  • Now launch Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/), pop in a blank DVD, select the “InstallESD.DMG” file, and click on “Burn”

After your disk is done burning, you’ll be able to boot from it with any Lion compatible Mac by holding down C during boot up.

The final release of Mac OS X Lion is said to be a 4GB download.

Some of the complaints regarding Lion being distributed through the App Store are from users who have ISP’s with bandwidth caps, a particularly common scenario for anyone using a cellular connection. If you’re in this situation, it might be best to download Lion from a public wifi hotspot and then create a boot disk manually using the above method so that you can install it on your other Macs.

Heads up to TUAW for finding this from EggFreckles.


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  1. Daly says:

    there is no such *.dmg file on the package, at least as of Feb. 2012. Apple is becoming Linux.

  2. check here says:

    The above post is very helpful, although I was not able to burn to a DVD for some reason, burning to a USB stick seemed to work fine.

  3. mateo says:

    i need you help about OS X Base, cause it is the only partition and I cannot add partitions re-instal, delete or do anything else.

    Can you help me?

  4. Stefan says:

    I have updated from Mac Os X and im very happy now. What do you think about the new version?

  5. Jim says:

    thanks for help me to solve how to burn bootable.

    • michel says:

      The Disc is a standard DVD-R disc. Says on the disc (4.7gb) and when I click on the InstallESD.dmg in Disc Utility, it shows “Total Capacity: 4.75 GB”

  6. Helper says:

    Well I would suggest you to download Rufus in your PC. With the help of this software you will be able to make your USB bootable and than add the ISO of Lion or anything else you need and just click convert. When this process is done you will have a bootable USB with the Lion IOS ready to install. If you want help you can reply to my comment I can send you screenshots of the process. Hope this will help anyone.

  7. Cheats says:

    I don’t really understand. I own Leopard, but if I want to install Lion I have to buy Snow Leopard and just then I can? It is crazy is there any other way so I can upgrade directly from Leopard to Lion OS?

  8. meike says:

    Ah, someone beat me to it correcting my earlier post. I accidentally was looking at the Snow Leopard dmg file. My bad. The above post is very helpful, although I was not able to burn to a DVD for some reason, but burning to a USB stick seemed to work fine.

  9. Lee says:


    Need some major help. I went to repair the faulty Mac HD and somehow got rid of that and merged in my OS X

    Now my OS X Base is the only partition and I cannot add partitions re-instal, delete or anything.

    Any idea what the hell I can do?

  10. Chris says:

    When I follow those direction for burning to a DVD, I get to the part where I select the InstallESD.dmg file in Disk Utility and go to burn and it says “The disc inserted does not have enough free space.”

    The Disc is a standard DVD-R disc. Says on the disc (4.7gb) and when I click on the InstallESD.dmg in Disc Utility, it shows “Total Capacity : 4.75 GB”

    Whats up with that?

  11. Sourabh K says:

    I have downloaded mac 10.7.4 “InstallESD.dmg” in my Windows 8 RP. Now, I want to make a dual boot system of Windows 8 & Mac 10.7.4. Can anybody advise me the way to do it in my intel based desktop? Pl note, I have NO Mac installed in the HDD, but I have 200GB free space in the HDD to create fresh separate partition.

    I was try to find the way for months in internet; but no concrete help is available anywhere. I advise will be highly helpful.

  12. Bearctx says:

    From Windows

    If you have Snow Leopard 10.6.3 retail dvd .

    -Transmac : right click on dvd and ‘Save Image of Disk’ – name it macos.dmg

    – dd for windows extract only hfs partition from dmg ,not also the bootcamp:

    dd if=macos.dmg of=mac.dmg bs=12288 skip=67343

    12288 bytes x 67343 blocks = 827510784 bytes (magic number from where start the hfs partition)
    Now we have only the hfs partition in mac.dmg , write it to the usb partition (for example g: ).

    dd if=mac.dmg of=\\.\g: bs=4M

    Now Install chameleon on that flash to make it bootable.

    that’s all ,have fun . Made By bearctx

  13. kris says:

    Ah, someone beat me to it correcting my earlier post. I accidentally was looking at the Snow Leopard dmg file. My bad. The above post is very helpful, although I was not able to burn to a DVD for some reason, but burning to a USB stick seemed to work fine.

  14. kris says:

    there is no such *.dmg file on the package, at least as of Feb. 2012. Apple is becoming Linux.

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  16. Veng says:

    thanks for help me to solve how to burn bootable.

  17. Peter Sims says:

    As I recollect, the Lion Installer self-initiates after download, during which time I have no control, and then the Installer disappears. When/how do I get a chance to show package contents?

    Noting the question just above this one, how do I make sure I get a bootable disk?

  18. JJ says:

    Well my questions is about the InstallESD.DMG file being burned to a disc. That simply makes a copy of the dmg file. It doesn’t boot when you hold down the C key. I’m running Lion, and need to use Disk Utility from the Install disk to repair my drive. I followed the instructions exactly, but all I’ve got is a DVD with a DMG file on it that doesn’t boot. Is there a part of the instructions missing?

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  21. YAKOV says:

    Hi… Im not sure if you explained it already but i want to install ANY os on my mac pro. i just got it as a gift, used one with no hard drive in it and so no os. i bought new hard drive and now its os time. where, how, which os i can get on dvd and install it from complete zero??

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  23. Effy says:

    Hi. I just bought a new iMac. It’s pre-installed with Lion. So i couldn’t find the file “Install Mac OS X”

    So how do i create the bootable disc? Thanks

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  25. I’ve tried doing this and all I get is a disc failed to burn due to a medium speed error or some such nonsense… :( I guess I’ll have to install Lion on my roommates computer via the Mac App Store.

  26. LionQuestion says:

    Is there someway to install Lion from a bootable disc if my other Mac is running Leopard?

    I’m able to make a bootable disc from my one Mac running Snow Leopard but really think its stupid that I’d have to pay another £26 to upgrade my other Mac from Leopard to Snow Leopard – only then to upgrade to Lion!

  27. Jesus Torres says:

    i can’t do it. i do everything it says here, but at the end it says “unable to burn. verifying the burned data failed.”

    someone help!

  28. BIGMan says:

    seem like a clever new pricing strategy, before we used to fork out loads of dosh on a new version, now we pay very little but you must have the ones below it to get the new one, which add up thats the way to make money from everyone for each step in the updates.

  29. […] some time and burn a DVD before you start the upgrade. You’ll find a tutorial over there at OSXDaily. Another way would be to store Lion to a bootable USB stick, see again on […]

  30. ricoch3n says:

    Works like a charm. Many thanks.

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  33. momo says:

    can anyone download the mac os x lion from any website ( not from Apple app store ) not my own purchase, and install it on his mac ? is it require apple ID or i can use my apple ID to install it ?

  34. Ben says:

    I installed Lion and now no longer have the download. I understand from comments above that it gets auto-erased. Anything I can now do to get it back ?

    • sam says:

      I did the same! Anyone know if there is an answer to this?

      • Chemicalwedding says:

        I was also a little enthusiastic and just installed the new MAC OSX 10.7 version. Is there a solution to get the installation back files back? Anyone???

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  37. Bill says:

    Actually it was just announced today that you can buy it in August on a USB stick for $69

  38. […] done! Mine took over three hours. I'm burning it to DVD right now. In case you need to know how. How to Create & Burn a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Install DVD __________________ Mike ~Your pet is your best investment~ Preamps/tuners:McIntosh C50, C46, […]

  39. […] of those issues have since disappeared as Apple has provided a method, possibly unsupported, for creating a DVD image of the downloaded Lion installation. The steps are extremely easy and I had the DVD created within minutes of downloading. I tested the […]

  40. […] – How to Create & Burn a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Install DVD […]

  41. Jaco says:

    Seems you’re not able to re-download Lion. It say’s a newer version is installed, if you want to re-install move the app to the trash. So I don’t see a way to burn a bootable DVD. Any suggestions?

    • OSXDaily says:

      You only need to download it once, just locate the Install Mac OS in /Applications/

      • Jaco says:

        Unfortunately I’m not finding it anywhere on my MBP. I’m afraid once you install it, it is trashed. The only way I can see getting a bootable DVD is to burn one before you install, in which case you would have to force quit the installer make your bootable first. I did not do this (stupid me). So now I’m faced with having to reinstall my entire system re-download Lion (if I can) and begin again.

        • Cris says:

          Yes, it´s gone after the install.

          • zach says:

            its not gone… hold option while opening the mac app store, and it will show lion as being able to install again… redownload the 4gb file, and there ya go…make your dvd

          • zach says:

            Not what anyone here wants to hear if u have bandwith caps, but better than reinstalling the whole system….

      • Ben says:

        I don’t see any “Install Mac OS” in /Applications after my install. Seems like an important detail is missing from these instructions.

  42. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the useful article :)

  43. […] from an already installed version of Snow Leopard. According to the instructions on here, you can create a clean install bootable DVD after purchasing and downloading Lion through the App […]

  44. […] Thanks to OSX Daily. [1][2] […]

  45. Stuart says:

    @Peter…Apple didn’t “need” to do this. They are systematically pushing consumers to buy everything from the App Stores and this is another way to force them to do it. Great business model for them – I can see that. But it just shows that they are now a far more arrogant corporation than Microsoft ever was. They have forgotten where they came from and the Apple customers that have been with them from all corners of the planet for many years. We don’t all have the luxury of high speed high quota bandwidth. We do have the right to voice our concerns that the inability to download large software impacts on us. For many of us installable media is the only option. So pull your head in.

    • Oh Boy says:


      Ah, Apple hate and those that cant see the true logic in this move.

      Come up with all the tin foil hat remarks and excuses you want, Apple has been and always will be a leader that everyone else follows.

      By not selling a retail “PLASTIC’ disk and forgoing all the packaging, Apple has saved the consumer Money and in turn has made Apple a greener company by not using materials that harm and use Un-disposable resources.

      You compare Apple with Microsoft, Very Funny, When has Microsoft done Anything to innovate and change the users experience to be better other then when its good for them and they can line their pockets with a badly coded OS that has been reused with a different shell for the past 15 years, Now thats “arrogant” as you say expecting people to pay $150.00 for an update to a vegetated OS that has been the same since “95”, Don’t talk about arrogant behavior unless you understand the word robbery and irony and then place it in the same sentence with the fledging company called Microsoft.

      By going this route Apple has saved Billions in Fabrication and Production Packaging Costs and have allowed the consumer to see the rewards in the lower cost OS upgrade path.

      I worry about the entitlement of generations by not seeing the moves Apples and other innovators make that are more positive then negative.

      I Suggest you do some research and see how changes in society in the way things are done for long periods have always been hard for people to accept when a better way is presented, change is hard for those that are use to the same thing over and over.

      But without change we would still be in the dark ages, imagine no electricity or transportation by vehicles and only by animals, no running water or even medical accomplishments that have saved billions from death, without penicillin etc.

      Yes, these things where also looked at as bad moves due to people not understanding or being able to understand that change is Progress and Progress is Human Nature.

      Look at the difficulty automobiles had, when folks had been use to horses for hundreds of years as transportation, or how television and movies had been seen as evil and fads and bad morel moves, Change is hard to understand, but it will happen with or without an individual. History can teach those who cant accept change to understand that it’s going to happen no matter what.

      Someone will always come up with a better way of doing things, and in turn those things will be looked at as strange or “Bad Moves”.

      Embrace change and see that it’s going to happen even if you don’t like it, and of course you can stand by watching the world go by while you complain how bad an idea it is, But in either case, it’s happing and it will pass you by, so get with it or get run over by it.

      • Adam says:

        I’m sorry, but I didn’t read anything after you stated Apple “a greener company” because they are no longer providing optical media. That is a ridiculous statement, as downloading software consumes a ton of energy in the form of electricity used by the servers storing the software and the computers downloading it. How do you think electricity is made?

        There is no such thing as a greener company. A company can only shift the resources used and does not necessarily mean they are doing the planet any favors.

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  49. Peter says:

    It’s great that this can be done (of course it can, duh), and it’s great that are no more stupid retail DVDs.

    Apple needed to do this and I bet they even thought about it back with Snow Leopard, but it was too soon. DVD software is so completely over.

    Every person complaining is simply a lazy wank, who wants everything but doesn’t want to pay for it, and doesn’t want to download. Oh well. Then don’t.

  50. Jim Sta. Isabel says:

    I wonder how I can download the Lion installer without the AppStore installed in my Mac…

    • Peter says:

      You can’t. Either do this on someone else’s Mac, or upgrade your machine.

      I really, really, really don’t get the breadth of people complaining that they have to update their machine….before they UPDATE THEIR MACHINE. You understand that you’re out of date, but want the latest and greatest anyway. Really obnoxious.

      • Stevo says:

        I think you missed his point, I think his original point was more: yes I only have to download it once not 3 times. ie 4gb instead of 12gb

        In Australia its not uncommon to only have 35gb 40gb 50gb or even less… he is lucky that he has 80gb yes, I only have 50gb.

        If you are already using all your quota every month it is hard to curb your normal usage to allow for large downloads like this. Often the internet is shared between family members or housemates its hard to control what/how much other people download. Particularly when the user can have no idea that they are downloading anything (windows updates, steam updates, youtube… etc).

        If you have never been on a metered plan please do not judge others, quite a few have hefty fees excess fees and if they don’t they slow your service to dial-up like speeds.

        tldr: you read his post wrong, don’t judge people anyway

        • Stevo says:

          yes i do realize that i posted the above in the wrong spot it was the website timing out and stuffing up,

          see Australia has quality internet…

  51. Jacob C says:

    Whoo hoo! Here I was so frustrated with Apple and their no-disc release of Lion. Being able to burn off Lion to a disc is going to be a life-safer. Here in Australia, we get bandwidth limits and I’ve only got a 80 gig quota a month. I’ve got 3 macs too, (imac, macbook air, and a macbook pro) – that’s like 12 gigs total if I were to download and update 3 of my machines.

    This is good news…


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  56. hitesh says:

    How to Install Mac OS X Lion 10.7

  57. bsarules says:

    This is good, now Thanks to EggFreckles we can now make the installation disc that Apple should be allowing us to purchase.

  58. […] UPDATE: See a post from OS X Daily on how to make a bootable Lion DVD. […]

  59. […] to be about 4GB, so dialup is not really on. However, the developer version comes as a DMG file. OS X Daily have instructions about putting this on an DVD and making a bootable disk; Federico Viticcion […]

  60. […] Ale przeciez mozna wypalić. W czym problem? How to Create & Burn a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Install DVD Komputer: MacBook Pro 17" C2D 2.93 GHz, 4GB RAM Cytuj   […]

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  62. Trench says:

    Great. I can put it with my Ubuntu and KDE install disks.

  63. Antony Watts says:

    No one has suggested Apple might deliver Lion on USA stick. Like the OS for the Air.

  64. gah says:

    I am astonished at the lack of knowledge about internet constraints in much of the world manifested by both Apple and some correspondents. I live in rural areas of the UK and Italy – the idea of a 4 Gb download on connections that are often unreliable and barely exceed 256 kbps is ridiculous. Few public or subscription wi-fi connections will tolerate a 4 Gb download – it would kill their economics and is outside the limits on all fair use policies. Ditto for almost any non-US mobile or satellite broadband connection, etc, etc. Even if these limits did not exist before, they will rapidly be imposed because the cost of bandwidth on satellite, wireless and similar connections is simply too high. And as for middle and low income countries – well one must assume that Apple has given up on them as a market.

    Snow Leopard upgrades have become an increasing problem because they are so bloated. Clearly, Lion will never be adopted in large parts of the world other than via the purchase of new Macs. Finally the cost of producing and selling DVDs is a non-argument unless Apple intends to stop producing DVDs for iLife, iWork, … as well as to accompany new Macs.

    • George says:

      Steve jobs wants to save the world. No more plastic.

      The internet in your part of the world sounds archaic. Bandwidth is artificially expensive for the most part. Also, major movie/music studios pressure ISPs to limit bandwidth. Korea doesn’t seem as much under the influence of the pig dogs.

      • jmn says:

        no more plastic… except for the plastic credit card that you have to use to buy apple products… he’s ok with that plastic.

        i prefer to do business in person and in cash. i know i’m a dinosaur in this regard, especially when it comes to technology purchases, but people like me still do exist.

    • dev says:

      im sorry but that’s bullshi. nobody in europe has 256 kbps anymore. i once was in on of the shittiest cities of italy and my ipad measured 2.5mbits on the cellular network. everyone else have 2-7-20 mbits on adsl. what are you saying is a non-sense. dvds must die, hate having that polycarbonate all around my house

      • asvensson says:

        Not bullsht, at least if we’re talking (as the original commenter seemed to be) observed speed. Where my parents live in Sweden (a few km from a city of 40,000 in the southern part of the country, nothing out of the ordinary) the best they can purchase is 2 mbps, but in practice it rarely exceeds 256 kbps.

        • Thosor says:

          Sweden in general is one of the worlds leaders in high speed internet connections. All most every one have at least 10 mbit, many have 100 mbits.

          I live in Denmark an know of no one who has less than 2 mbit, often 10-100 mbit.

          Stop talking about Europe like it is at 3 world part of the world :-)

    • Jim says:

      They already have shown the promise to burn the production of their apps on optical media… you can download iLife and iWork from the MAS as well as apps like FCP etc.

  65. albatetra says:

    For mates wondering where is the file located, is in your Application folder.
    But after installation is erased, so download it again from App Store and copy in some safe place before you install it

  66. icebreaker says:

    If you have the money to buy Apple products then why the hell are you on a cellular connection. Talking about priorities :P

    But because you can burn your own disc then I have absolutely no problem witch purchasing through the App store.

    • ian says:

      That is mostly aimed at those outside of the USA where mobile service is a primary method of getting online. Even in the USA there are services like ClearWire, Verizon MiFi, AT&T Hotspot, that are just 3G & 4G connections with data caps.

      4GB is the equivalent of a months of data usage on AT&T’s standard iPhone and iPad data plan with Personal Hotspot, to give you an idea of how sensitive to MB some of those data plans are.

  67. qka says:

    If you’re in this situation, it might be best to download Lion from a public wifi hotspot

    I so much look forward to dragging my iMac to Starbucks.

  68. cyman says:

    So, this download is not dongled to the mac it was downloaded on, like other software from the App Store?

    Happy times!

    Where is this dongling saved, then?

    • Matt says:

      That’s correct, a single purchase of Lion will install on your other Macs. It’s an extended personal license.

      • cyman says:

        yeah, I read the marketing materials too. What ‘intall on your other macs’ says to me is ‘you can also download the installer on any of your other macs through the Mac App Store and then install it on the mac you own’.

        Which is not my question. Usually, the binaries that are downloaded get dongled software-wise to the mac they were downloaded to, they don’t start if you just copy them over!

        So, the question is, how do you circumvent this with the Lion Installer when you burn it to a disc!

        • Jim says:

          AppStore purchases are tied to your AppleID… since you can use the SAME AppleID on any of the Macs you own, logic would show that you can install ANY app you purchase from the MAS to any of the Macs you own… same with Lion.

        • Jeremy says:

          I’m pretty sure “dongled” is not a real word. A dongle is a physical hardware device that must be plugged in for software to be used, like a key. But we know what you mean.

    • pandora says:

      So please enlighten me: What exactly are you describing when you refer to “dongled” and “dongling?”

      What you get from the MAS is a software download of nearly 4GB that is saved to your /Applications folder as Install Mac OS X Lion. Performing the steps above will create a bootable DVD with the installer so you can boot from it and do a clean install on whatever partition you wish, assuming that the attached Mac is capable of running Lion.

      There’s another article about how to create a bootable USB stick: You’ll need an 8GB stick, though.

      There is no “dongle” involved.

  69. Brian says:

    When you download an app from the App Store, is there a certain location that it is downloaded to on the computer. If a person knows of his folder or location before hand it saves searching for it after the download is finished.

    • pandora says:

      I thought that apps downloaded from the MAS were downloaded/installed into the /Applications folder. That’s where I find the downloadable installers.

      • pandora says:

        Correcting myself a bit: the installer is indeed downloaded to the /Applications folder but once it’s been run, it is auto-erased. To avoid this, copy it to another folder or hard drive partition before launching it.

        • Bob says:

          Don’t you think Apple will have thought about people copying the installer?
          They’ve probably covered up that loophole. :(
          They’ve most likely made it impossible to have a DVD with 10.7, the only way is to get the $70 flash drive with it.
          Apple’s pushing people to buy it with the app store so that people realize how easy it is to use the app store and they start using it more so apple gets more money.
          Apple’s not stupid.

          • Ash Connell says:

            Apple have allowed people to download it on the App Store because it would be plain silly to have people download it from their website when they have the App Store that they created specifically for others to download conveniently accessible mac apps…

            The file automatically removes itself because it is a large file.

  70. Zotya says:

    hmm, I’m not really understand. I have Leopard, but if I want to install Lion I have to buy Snow Leopard and just then I can?
    It seems no sense.
    or how can I just upgrade from Leopard to Lion?

    • Land Of Tech says:

      in a way it doesnt make sense that you can’t jump from leopard to lion but you need snow leopard 10.6.6 to get 10.7

      • pandora says:

        So this begs the question of booting from the DVD created using the directions above: I don’t think you need Snow Leo at all if you’re booting from the DVD and want to perform a clean install on a new empty partition. I’m going to try this within a couple of days to verify.

        • Hardy says:

          There seem to be issues with the “bootable” dvd and Leopard.

          I have created the disk as instructed three times. In Lion is mounts when it is inserted into the cd drive. In Leopard it it is represented as a blank dvd :(. Whacking the disk in a windows system shows that it is not blank at all. Ignoring the blank dvd in Leopard, shutting down, starting and hitting “C” does not work (it does have a think about it, but ends up spitting the dvd out and booting from disk).

          I am NOT happy about this solution at all. I have 5 macs. 1 (now) running Lion (was running Snow Leopard). 2 running Leopard and 2 running Tiger. I like some of the features of Lion, but am not going to go through 2/3 install procedures on each machine, let alone 5 downloads of 4gb. My broadband (in the UK) is slow and limited. It is worse at the place I’ll be staying in Thailand shortly.

          I want to install cleanly on the other systems. 0 write formatting, and install of just ONE OS from disk. I have no problem paying, it is convenience I am after – I am not interested in “getting something for nothing” as some kids on here have implied towards others unhappy with the set up.

          I use Windows and Linux on a daily basis (but until this issue OS X has been my main and preferred environment). Both of those operating systems make synergy and OS distribution easy (if not cheap in the case of Windows). I really think the guys at Infinite Loop have dropped the ball here. And it saddens me.

    • Macfoxpro says:

      I Didn’t think Leopard had the Mac App Store. That’s why you need Snow Leopard.

    • Thomas says:

      you can get the lion thumb drive for 80 bucks

  71. eMancu says:

    It will erease whole partition if I want to ?
    Because I want to do a fresh install and I think that Lion over Snow will be dirty installation.

    • ian says:

      Yes, if you use a separate installer disk of course you can create a fresh install

    • vy tran says:

      can i do this on win, because i have just downloaded 10.7 on torrent , and i want to burn a dvd , so i wonder how can i make a dvd os lion on win

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