8 Great Videos of iOS 5’s New Features

Jun 8, 2011 - 9 Comments

iOS 5 videos

Sometimes seeing is believing. I mentioned a fair share these iOS 5 features before but videos do some more justice than screenshots, so here’s a collection of eight great (see what I did there?) videos that show the best of iOS 5’s beta features.

We’ll start it off with Apple’s official Intro to iOS 5 video which is a nice 5 minute roundup of new features and what to expect come public release this fall. Following that up is a series of amateur videos showing off more specific features like Airplay’s wireless video mirroring, the PC free setup of first boot, Notification Center and how you can customize it, iOS 5 performance on older hardware, and more.

Apple’s Official Intro to iOS 5

This is first on the list for good reason, it’s Apple’s brass showing off the features their teams have worked so hard to build. Shown are some of the killer iOS 5 features on both the iPhone and the iPad.

All New iOS 5 PC Free Setup

This is shown in the Apple video as well, but this end-users perspective really demonstrates how simple the post-PC world is:

iOS 5 Notifications Center & Settings

Notification Center is a massive improvement to how iOS 5 handles notifications, here’s a look:

Here’s another video of a users first hand look at the new Notification Center and the corresponding customizations and settings that can be achieved in iOS 5. I think the settings are particularly interesting because of the level of customization Apple is offering:

iOS 5 Wireless Video Mirroring with AirPlay

This video shows just how easy to use and how well iOS 5’s wireless video mirroring feature works. The video shows an iPad 2 wirelessly mirroring it’s display onto a TV thanks to AirPlay and an Apple TV2. This is going to make a killer living room combination:

Here’s another of iOS 5’s video mirroring:

iOS 5 on iPhone 3GS

There were some rumors that iOS 5 wouldn’t support older hardware, but that’s not true. In fact, iOS 5 works great on iPhone 3GS, here’s a video to prove it:

Split Keyboard – It Moves!

This video is a little obnoxious in that YouTube V-Blog shaky self-documentary style, but it shows a neat feature of the split keyboard… it moves! The video shows you can split and rejoin the keyboard, plus move it around anywhere on the screen, making it more comfortable for anyone to type with.

iOS 5 Beta Features as seen on the iPad 2

OK so technically this is the 9th video on this page, which is fitting because its from 9to5mac… anyway this is a 10 minute walkthrough of the new beta iOS 5 features as seen from an iPad 2:

Want to see more iOS 5? Watch the WWDC 2011 keynote, the iOS 5 segment goes into depth about features and everything else. It’s kind of like Apple’s Intro video, except much more thorough.


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  1. MacFoxPro says:

    There are only 8 that you can watch. Way to go with attention to detail, Pendantic.

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  4. […] If you’re wondering why 1080p playback matters on small screens like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4, consider iOS 5′s AirPlay video mirroring feature. Although this is said to be an iPad 2 only option, this would create an HD capable wireless media center out of nearly all the iOS devices if the feature becomes widely adopted. You can see AirPlay video mirroring from an iPad 2 to an Apple TV2 on our list of videos of iOS 5 features. […]

  5. nixoninajar says:

    This OS comes at least half a year late.

  6. Pendantic says:

    There’s 9 videos on this page, can’t count I guess?

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  8. ian says:

    I wonder if it’s stable enough to use on a daily basis? Looks really nice and refined for a beta.

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