iOS 5 Release Date: Now!

Jun 6, 2011 - 163 Comments

iOS 5 Release Date

Update: iOS 5 is out now! You can download iOS 5 here or through iTunes.

Update 10/4/2011: Apple has announced that iOS 5 release date is October 12 as a free download, alongside iCloud.

iOS 5 is jam packed with new and awesome features, so when can you get your hands on it? Developers will get beta builds today, but the iOS 5 public release date is set for Fall of 2011. From the looks of it, it’s well worth the wait.

The next natural question is, what hardware is iOS 5 going to be compatible with?

  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4
  • iPad and iPad 2
  • iPod Touch 3rd and 4th gen

Missing from the list is Apple TV2, but I suspect that will change in the near future. The other missing piece is the price, but considering a price wasn’t stated, I suspect it will be a free update.

Don’t forget to check out some of most exciting features of iOS 5, watch videos of iOS 5 in action, and if you’re a developer you can even download iOS 5 betas right now.

Also, don’t miss Apple’s official Intro to iOS 5 video, it’s a good look at what to expect:


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  1. Lisa says:

    how do i split my keoyborard

  2. hello says:

    im an apple employ….currently usin ipad 3 whicch has come for testing…it is amazing…and plzz dont buy ipad2 it is nothin in front of ipad3 which is half the weight of it and half thick…retina display….8 megapixel camera with flash and 2 megapixel ahead….working on ios5 it is heavenly…!!!!!…i didnt reveal my name as im scared…this is just for apple lovers..!!!

  3. Apple says:

    iOS 5 will be released on 4 of October 2011
    This is an official leak from Apple.
    I am not going to a give a name because I dont want to be sacked

  4. Antoine says:

    is it out yet?

  5. Brian says:

    They didn’t search every corner. The biggest glaring eyesore still hasn’t been addressed. NO FLASH SUPPORT!!! STUBBORN!!1

  6. […] has only mentioned ‘Fall’ as a vague iOS 5 release date, but new information points to a GM build arriving at the end of the month for a launch early in […]

  7. Rein says:

    Damn, I’ve got an iPod Touch 2G. But will iCloud be compatible with my iPod? I hope so!

  8. […] sometime during the week of September 23 to September 30, which is in line with the only publicly announced “fall” release date specified by Apple. The GM build, which stands for Golden Master, will be then be preinstalled on […]

  9. Sarah says:

    will the split keyboard be available on the iPhone?

  10. Blazek says:

    Jason how do you now? And apple event? :D

  11. jason says:

    Sept. 28th Release date for IOS 5

  12. awseome adam1998 says:

    does anyone know when the exact date will be released

  13. […] the fact that iOS 5 has been promised by Fall of 2011–which, oddly enough, looks like the same time period the Android update will hit–is […]

  14. Dick Larson says:

    Wtf are all you homos addicted to you iphones, ipads and what ever you little homo fingers get on, why don’t you guys go outside and see what it is like, maybe try going out on a date, you wankers.

  15. technoligicalB0N3R says:

    if apple charges for this……Well ill just burn all my apple products and then turn into a HIGHLY POWERFUL MANAGER
    FOR Microsoft !!!!!! then i will destroy competition! and file a law suit on apple ……….

    if all ends well then ill change the name “Microsoft” to Orange……….

  16. I have an Iphone4 that i’ve recently been able to use another carrier other than the default At&t all thanks to the Gevey chip. My question is when IOS is being released is it advisable to update to the IOS 5 and the Gevey Sim will still work? Dont want to fall into Apple’s trap! Lol.…

  17. josh says:

    do u think it wil b released october 2011?

  18. LT says:

    So many feature…..including the most comprehensive browser…yet, still no flash :S

  19. To infinity and beyond says:

    what is the actual release date of the ios5 operating system?

  20. riley says:

    I think that there should be an option for picture folders and have the option of hiding them with a password, I work with kids and I paintball but we dont allow guns where I work so when the kids look through my pics they see that and I have to go into a long explanation of how it is a sport and not just shooting people. I am sure there are many other reasons to hide pics too but it should be an option, at the very least have a folder that people can look at and one that is private????

  21. […] ever closer to a GM and the final release date in the near future, iOS 5 beta 7 has just been seeded to developers. The newest iOS 5 beta can be […]

  22. animals says:

    apple is depressed Tech.

  23. Jon Chalk says:

    I am impressed with many of the new features on os 5, but one feature that is noticeably missing is the number keys on the virtual keyboard. Apple could add an option to have the number keys show as half keys on top. This would save time in shifting. I noticed that there are a lot of times when I was tipping that my text combines a mix of numbers and text.

    I hope they add this suggested feature. Any opinions?

  24. […] Those who aren’t developers will have to wait for iCloud and iTunes Match to be released alongside iOS 5 this fall. […]

  25. […] is expected to be released this fall alongside iOS 5, and the pricing plans range from a free 5GB package to $100 a year for 55GB of cloud storage. […]

  26. Chino says:

    Ha I love Diz new update it’s like an android iPhone no problem for me. Da android haters are just mad cuz dey Caint have and iPhone android lol. I luv da new update.

  27. Max says:

    Every update for iOS that I have gotten so far has been free, why would this one be any different? No need to assume it because a price wasn’t stated, assume it because it’s been that way for every other update.

  28. Sal says:

    I love my iPod Touch, but Apple is kind of evil. They hate jailbreaking, but then they steal Cydia app ideas and use them to add improvements in iOS updates.

  29. D says:

    Will this allow swip texting?

  30. […] final version of iOS 5 will be released in the Fall, likely alongside the iPhone 5 in October, or possibly slightly earlier if the pre-order rumors are […]

  31. Apple World says:

    No because what improvements can they make for a iPod touch 5g than a better camera and higher price margins. Stick to a iPod 4g because it gonna be a while for iPhone 5 and matching iPod 5G ;)

  32. aniket says:

    Hi! i wanted to buy iPod touch 4G,should i wait for iPod touch 5G to release?

  33. Apple World says:

    If you are on your iPod without wifi and use the reminder location services to remind you for something will it work without wi-fi or what?

  34. Shamz says:

    I think it’s gonna b awesome. iOS 5
    It’s the next generation is here.
    I have a question also, When is the iPhone 5
    Is coming?
    Pls some one let me know!!
    I’m waiting to get that!!

  35. Alyssa says:

    With the new notification feature, it says you are able to listen to voicemails and read text messages with the swipe of a finger when its on the lock screen, but my question is, if you have a password set, will you have to type the password in first? Or will it automatically unlock it? My parents and friends like to take my phone and mess with it but I dont want them to be able to just go through my stuff.

  36. Bear says:

    I hope they Finally put the android Lock on it its so much easier then typing your password in i believe if they do that not so many people would jailbreak their phones

  37. […] a launch, and this is important because the the only time Apple has publicly given to hint at an iOS 5 release date has been a vague “Fall 2011″ date. It’s practically guaranteed that new iOS […]

  38. True – the notification system was stolen from Android. But the entire Android O.S. was ripped off from IOS. Apple is smart. They will take a good idea from Android and make it great.

    • Bozo The Clown says:

      Really? So is that like saying Apple OS X was ripped off from BSD Unix? Come on people these arguments are retarded. The iPhone was not the first smartphone on the market. Everyone rips stuff off…it’s progress…sometimes.

  39. Heider Sati says:

    Yeah Baby.. !… Both Custom SMS tones, and Select-all looks like they are in ios-5!…

    See this link (features on the ios-5 release):

    Kind Regards

  40. […] of iOS 5 in the process. If you’re not a developer, you’ll have to wait until the official iOS 5 release this fall. stLight.options({ publisher:'fe5e0a84-1fac-40de-8014-9f89fc1cbe6a' […]

  41. […] the registered iOS developer network. This is why Apple is cracking down, until iOS 5 is ready for release this fall, they don’t want unauthorized users muddying bug reports, clogging the Genius Bar and Apple […]

  42. jammer says:

    sorry sir. we just want all the whistles n bells i guess

  43. ijailbreak4U says:

    yeah yeah yeah…yall are a bunch of people who dont even know what yall want anymore. zip it already fools!!

  44. Rick says:

    What is the name of the game that they are showing on above you tube clip. Thank you

  45. […] for iCloud storage plans that will be available this fall when it is launched publicly, presumably alongside iOS 5 and iPhone […]

  46. […] unlikely that Apple would release iPhone 5 and not ship it with iOS 5 pre-installed, which is due for a release in Fall. As I’ve mentioned before, Fall doesn’t begin until September 23, making it virtually […]

  47. Girish says:

    Does facetime not run with cetain service providers??

  48. Kento says:

    The reason Apple hasn’t signed a contract with Adobe Flash is because they believe in HTML5… They believe it’s far better than flash player and will be revolutionary, however HTML5 is a work in progress still and will take a few years to be finished. But HTML5 can play videos and has no holes in security and doesn’t need constant updating. Soon, all apple products will have HTML5 and won’t have a hole in viewing any videos or really at all. Although HTML5 isn’t finished yet, there are beta versions out… Another problem with apple being problems integrating HTML5 in to the iOS.

  49. Eddie says:

    Does anyone know if the current betas are as cool as the video says?

  50. UncleSpanky says:

    Quick question in from south africa when is IOS 5 being released cause it says fall period but when is that for america cause here in SA already had our fall period when is yours

  51. […] features for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users, but won’t be released for public usage until Fall of this year. stLight.options({ publisher:'fe5e0a84-1fac-40de-8014-9f89fc1cbe6a' […]

  52. Gundakioko says:

    How dare you say best improvements??? No Flash support… java Support… What the heck??? Websites no longer alive if its not using flash!! Think again Apple!

  53. andrew says:


    That information is untrue, Jailbroken iphones an ipod touches are now legal due to the fact that Steve jobs tried to file it to make it illegal, The mpaa/RIAA SAid Newp, it gives a chance for us to brace our knowledge and make our own unsigned apps and stuff

    I had my ipod jailbroken, but a cracked Screen with Extended wararanty, Bestbuy REplaced it without no problem, They even saw Cydia on there, you only void warranty if you open the device

  54. Max says:

    Abhir all iso mobile updates are free

  55. Max says:

    Why does everyone moan about outdated flash… Ive had my ipad a year now and never even notice that it lacks flash…
    Theres an app for all most every thing out there and with html5 now being supported by all majpr players… Well flash is old school and those that moan,, well your juat showing your age lol.

  56. Abhir says:

    is this ios is free of cost or not.. can any one tell me!

  57. NabGirishHater says:


    The apple warranty is 90 days, unless you have an extended warranty. Which you pay for, but if you walked into an apple store with a jailbroken iPad/iPhone, then they would turn you away. If you restore your phone, it doesn’t kill the warranty. If you jailbreak, it does. But if you Jailbreak then restore to official iOS, then that warranty status would be still in warranty, unless it’s out side 90 days.

    • Apple@CYDIA says:

      Your actually wrong. The 90 days does not apply, you have something like 14 days to return the phone. But aside from that when you buy and iPhone from the apple store it comes with a 1 year limted warranty. The extended just adds an extra year.

  58. Girish says:

    I have jailbroken….but it is slowing down my phone…if i do a restore will i get back my apple warrinty???someone pls helpp

  59. Girish says:

    Will the ios 5 be free??

  60. Roc Da Mic says:

    i will wait until the jailbreak software for ios 5 releases.

  61. Roc Da Mic says:

    I think it will release this spring.

    Any way i am not using it because my jailbroken will be removed.

  62. Pezz says:

    Seriously you couldn’t just google what month is fall, you had to ask someone on this page.

    • Darthvader says:

      Yip,as the citizens of the USA ask other stupid questions,other citizens have the right to check what language is being used…..fall??????what fell?

  63. Jac says:

    No Radio?? :/ awww that was what i was the most excited about :(

  64. adam says:

    This might sound dumb, but what month is fall? And what does fall mean? Im am a new zealander and our seasons are opposite and we have summer,winter,autumn,spring.. So whats fall? Cheers

    • alex says:

      Fall in the US is september 20/21 – december 20/21. So i think our fall is your spring. Fall is just another name we have for autumn, but seasons are switched in northern and southern hemisphere.

  65. Jill says:

    The drag down menu looks identical to my Samsung Infuse!

  66. Mike says:

    Wow, they said they looked in every corner and asked themselves “What can we do?” False they looked in every corner and said “TO CYDIA!!!”
    Yet they still can’t make the iOS official as good as iOS jailbroken.
    I’m disappointed Apple, very disappointed.

    • AAred says:

      “TO CYDIA” that’s hilarious!
      But it’s so true, so many things have been added from cydia, like exact replicas… I hope developers can turn around and do the same, porting the things Apple actually came up with to older devices… That’d be some epic pwning…

      • Steven says:

        I agree with both of you. Apple takes whatever they please but nobody does anything because they can’t. At least developers in Cydia can get paid for their work now. Some people buy Cydia packages. Others just use the insanelyi repo to get everything for free, but that’s not the point.

        There are a few things that Apple has done in the past that they took from Cydia but made MUCH better. Cut, Copy, and Paste in iOS is so much better than it was with the jailbreak. I was a jailbreaker of the iPod touch 2nd gen way back when. I have seen some of the older Cydia stuff and it doesn’t come close to what Apple has done. I do agree though… they copy so much nowadays.

        • Timkay says:

          Am a person who really likes and loves to keep something original and genuine the way it was made and as i purchased it,, so i can never think of jailbreak. apple products are really fine without jailbreak.

  67. dadajack says:

    If apple puts a dual core and LTE from Verizon in the iphone 5, I’ll switch… if i can hack it and get free tethering. I cant stand the thought of paying for unlimited data and then paying to share some of my “unlimited” data with another of my devices. For now though, Android is the only way I’ll keep a contract with a carrier. Not a hater, my ipad 2 rocks. best of both worlds baby, best of both.

  68. Ricardo says:

    The notifications is a lot like the androids.. :/ I’m an android user but I think I’m getting iPhone now,

  69. […] Two new and distinctly different iPhones may be released this September, according to a new analyst report. Yes two iPhones, both an iPhone 5 and a lower cost iPhone 4S, are now expected to be launched this fall, presumably alongside iOS 5. […]

  70. MARK says:

    When is the start of fall? come on apple we dont all live in the USA.

  71. […] non-developers, iOS 5 will be released in the fall. stLight.options({ publisher:'fe5e0a84-1fac-40de-8014-9f89fc1cbe6a' […]

  72. […] has publicly announced the iOS 5 release date is set sometime this Fall. If Bloomberg is correct, then the release of iOS 5 and iPhone 5 will […]

  73. J says:

    Will the IOS 5 Airplay work with a mac mini?

  74. Victoria says:

    I don’t think this will be a free update. iOS4 was not free. Also, there is a comment in the info for iCloud that it will be “free with iOS5”, that indicates there will be a fee for the iOS5 update. But, to be honest, last time it was only about $30 to update… and with all the improvements, I would even be willing to pay more than that for this new iOS!!!

    • Cole says:

      I thought iOS 4 was free… I have it on my iPhone and I didn’t pay for it. Plus, “free with iOS 5” is just telling people that iCloud is not just for mobile me users. Since mobile me is centered in the “cloud,” the name “iCloud” may confuse people. Apple wont charge us just to update our phones, iOS 5 will be free like the updates before it :)

    • Mike says:

      The only time the iOS needs to be purchased is with the iPod Touch. The iPhones have always been free, (I do now have an iPad, so I do not know about them). The update has always been $10. I think you might be confused with the OS X Lion being $29 dollars to upgrade.

    • Bill says:

      If you paid for iOS4, they saw you coming.

    • Deej says:

      Since when was iOS4 not free. Im not sure how you got yours but Ios4 for me was absolutely free

    • Timkay says:

      I’m not sure where and how you got your ios4 but for sure mine was completely free….. i have it on ipod touch actually now i have 4.3.5…. i dont know about the ios 5 but i just hope its free.

      • alex says:

        Just going to throw this out there but if you back up and restore you get the new IOS without paying anyway because apple will not sign the older IOS’s Which forces them to give you the upgrade

  75. Kurt says:

    WE.NEED.FLASH. If they looked everywhere on the ios for improvement, then why didn’t they see this gapping hole! Before everyone stops me and start to say that the flash would make the iphone lag on the internet, why not make flash a feature that you could switch on and off, just like the text-reader that they’re incorporating. I know alot of people, including myself, would gladly give up some speed for the option of having flash content.

    • Bill says:

      WE. DON’T.

      • Jerry says:

        Your an idiot. Flash is a huge problem. I’m thinking about buying a zoom just because iPad lacks this feature. I run an evo and it is not slow

        • xWisp says:

          I’m pretty sure you can get by most of the web without flash (in the case of iOS who needs flash games when you have such a great app store) and i think the problem isn’t it being slow but it draining battery life. the only possible reason you would need flash is to play videos that aren’t html 5 and there’s an app called skyfire for that so I really don’t see the problem. Unless you want flash ads in a lot of your web browsing sucking your battery life.

          • Steven says:

            I have one scenario for you. I was on vacation and wanted to see the box scores of the NCAA College World Series. I went to the website to see the bracket. The bracket had flash. I had to go out of my way to find some other spot that mentioned who had won. The box scores worked, but the in-depth coverage was completely inaccessible. I am a major South Carolina fan and I missed one game of the CWS. I could have had a nice browsing experience if the browser had flash.

            SkyFire only works on videos so that wasn’t even an option. iOS needs flash so that websites like that can function to their fullest. I am disappointed in Apple.

          • Phone Company says:

            Flash is outdated. Site web developers are just too lazy to code in HTML 5. It going that way across the web. Three word work shop on change.

            JUST DO IT!

        • Lucas says:

          Download Frash from Cydia. It allows flash videos to be played :D
          Don’t ever switch to some crappy android os phone. Traitor…

          • Sintjin says:

            *cough* not crap *cough*

          • mikey says:

            Im not downloading crap from cydia even cydia! I did On My Ipod Touch 4g i just got it and it gave me the white screen of death!!! so i had to restore my whole fkin ipod -.- but i got all off my stuff back expt my pics and videos and contacs -.-

      • Grant says:

        Flash is the hole! A great big security hole with a long-standing, lazy and expensive development crew. We don’t need it. There’s not a single site that I can’t live without that requires Flash.

        • Steel says:

          Say what you will about being able to live without flash. Until Apple adds this functionality to its devices, they can search every corner of thier OS as long as they want. Its equivalent to searching all over for pests in your home while having a huge ant mound in your living room.

          • The One says:

            Yea flash is a big let down but it causes alot of crashes within apple products. And id rather not have flash and wait a while longer till they can add it without my ipad crashing. Ive managed without it so far infact millions of people have managed without it.

          • Sjios says:

            People who don’t understand the process and function of flash and how it destroys iOS will always say ignorant things. Flash is a dead end it’s outdated. Apple can see how it would be more trouble than anything to add it to iOS. Why put a sick fish in the bowl? Frankly, if you don’t or can’t see the light here, then apple really don’t need you as a customer.

        • Adam says:

          If you want to play flash, download the skyfire browser app (on iPad 2 for sure) and this will convert the flash video to HTML5 on their server and resend it to the browser and can be streamed…easy…no need for flash, which will be needed less and less with the introduction and adoption of HTML5 throughout the web

          • Steven says:

            I almost agree with you but I can’t. The world will NOT reformat everything in existence just to coincide with what Apple is doing.

            Flash video is not the only flash thing in existence. Slideshows, scoreboards, media coverage, animations… The web uses tons of flash content and none of it can be played on iOS. SkyFire only works (poorly) on videos. It does not give you flash. It doesn’t change your browser to let you access sports coverage that requires flash. All it does is video, and it can only do that on certain websites.

    • BOB says:

      Yo, Apple was making a deal with flash, for what ever reasons apple could not make a contract that pleased both parties, flash has now decided to go to RIM for their new OS..

  76. kp says:


  77. neal says:

    most of this stuff is what you get if you jailbreak

    • M says:

      yeah but with this new IOS 5 update there will be no need to jailbreak.
      i have the beta of IOS 5 on my iPhone 4 and i love it! its everything you need and more! im waiting for it to be released so me and my friends can iMessage!
      its amazing

      • Steven says:

        But without the jailbreak, how will you pirate software, take up extra RAM, screw up your iDevice permanently, and be a douche? We need jailbreaking so we can do all those things!

        [This sarcasm is brought to you by a minimalist jailbreaker.]

  78. […] another reason the public iOS 5 release date can’t come soon enough. stLight.options({ […]

  79. […] iOS 5 release date announced: Fall 2011 – beta releases for developers will be available sooner […]

  80. […] without an iOS developer account will have to wait for the public release date this fall. stLight.options({ publisher:'fe5e0a84-1fac-40de-8014-9f89fc1cbe6a' […]

  81. joe says:

    some of the stuff in the update (like multitasking gestures) are stolen from the jailbreak. :/

    • M says:

      Many aspects of iOS 5 are at least influenced by jailbreaking apps, but I think this is just Apple listening to what their customers want. There’s a lot of great developers in the jailbreak world with a lot of good ideas, Apple pays attention.

      • JCON says:

        At least we are getting what we want. Overall I was please with the new realeases.
        As a side comment on the iphone 5(4gs), prefection takes time.

        I tell everyone that will listen, these is a reason why Sunsung/Lg keep making new Andriod phones and Apple just updates their phones. They are just that much better.

        • Sintjin says:

          Not just multitasking but the pulldown tab as well, and the discrete notifications, they were all stolen from Android

          • Cane says:

            THEY DIDNT Android software runs off ios that was give to them from apple and now they are taking back Android so android stole it from Apple

        • Phone Company says:

          You mean iPhone 5(3.5gs) of course. There is no 4G network yet. It was decided that the difference was to complex for the average consumer to understand. Confusion has been caused by some mobile carriers who have launched products advertised as 4G but which are actually current technologies, commonly referred to as 3.9G at best, which do not follow the ITU-R defined principles for 4G standards.

      • Ethan says:

        Well, the original person that created the jailbreak was recently hired by Apple. So I don’t see why many of the the aspects wouldn’t be influenced by it.

    • M says:

      multitasking gestures was in an IOS beta before the jailbreak.

    • Cory says:

      Well ofcourse there trying to avoid apple users to jailbreak

    • dadajack says:

      Stolen from the jailbreak? They were stolen from Android! lmao! I guess they got tired of being replicated and decided to go ahead and try a little replication themselves. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting the update on my iPad 2.

      • AliB says:

        Totally stolen from Android! I have an iPad 2 and an android phone and I’m looking very forward to this upcoming update. My android phone is much easier to navigate due in part to the drop down notifications window.

        • Shoaib says:

          Finally, someone says the truth at least. I think, both iOs and android are both great pieces of design, and we don’t need to demean one in order to boast the other. I personally prefer iPad over honeycomb because I find the latter too distracting to me, though I would always prefer android over the iPhone, and on both sides am eagerly waiting for the iOS 5 and ice-cream sandwich.. !!!

    • Sal says:

      They stole Lockinfo. Lockinfo is just like the lockscreen notifications.

  82. flakefrost says:

    i hope the the keyboard on iPad can be normal as well as split… I don’t like the split keyboard at all :(

  83. icebreaker says:

    free update, why do you think you pay so much ;)

    • blah says:

      Apple have charged in the past for updates so it is a good point.

    • cassus says:

      By pay so much, you mean the same as most other tablets out there? Tablets (Android, looking at you) that sometimes don’t even get the newest OS update because the manufacturer don’t see it as cost effective to spend time on old (1year) hardware.

      I’d much rather pay for a device I know will get updates rather than buy a device for the same price that I know might probably get the update at some point, maybe. Sure, i can root it and install the new OS myself, but most of the time, even that gets released “at some point when we get to it”.
      Screw that. I’d actually pay 100bucks more just to future proof myself. There are android tablets both cheaper and more expensive than the iPad. Turns out, making tablets cheap wasn’t as easy as people expected, and the iPad hit the price pretty much spot on.

  84. […] know that iOS 5 will be released in the Fall, but what are the latest and greatest features? Here are some of the most exciting features that […]

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