iOS 5 Now Available [Download Links]

Oct 12, 2011 - 345 Comments

iOS 5 download available now

iOS 5 has just been released by Apple. The hotly anticipated update brings a variety of major new features to the iOS platform, including Notifications, iMessage, wireless syncing, iCloud support, Twitter integration, Reminders, in addition to over 200 overall feature updates or enhancements.

You can update to iOS 5 through iTunes, plug in your device and launch iTunes and you will get an update notification. Be sure to backup your existing iOS installation before proceeding.

Download iOS 5

Other than updating through iTunes, you can also download iOS 5 IPSW directly from the links below and install the firmware manually.

Build number is 9A334, these links are hosted on Apple’s servers, if you are having trouble downloading IPSW, right-click and choose “Save As”.

Apple TV 2 has also been updated, but is technically on iOS 4.4 with a custom build of 9A334v.

iOS 5 is compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 CDMA & GSM, and iPod touch 3rd and 4th generations. iOS 5 also marks the first time that the CDMA and GSM builds of iOS are the same version. All new Apple hardware including iPhone 4S will ship with iOS 5 pre-installed.


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  1. Sunny says:

    i buy a new iphone 5s but sleman give me iphone of anyother persone so am doing rest iphone but after rest its ob icloud so i dont know how i ares icloud

  2. ScreamingRebel says:

    I am trying to install this to my 3rd gen touch but it keeps telling me that it is not compatible. Any suggestions or help would be great thanks

  3. NRV says:

    How do I update it after downloading it?

  4. Mikee says:

    Hi there. I wonder if anyone can help me. I’ve been trying to update my iPad (first gen) and iPod with the new ios 5. It has taken several hours of downloading with my iPad attached when the whole system crashed. I am attempting the same thing with the iPod, to no avail. The device has been plugged in overnight. The “download” process was over and “backing up” had begun but after an hour or so, the laptop just switched off (crashed). This has happened twice now (not counting the episodes with the iPad).
    Can someone advise me on what to do?
    Thanking you in advance.

  5. kikazz61311 says:

    does this work on ipod 3g mc model 8gb?

  6. krishan says:

    my phone is iphone 3gs… i have some problem with my iphone… phone ring tone is working, but music player sound controler adjust cant see… i think my ios5.1.1 is the problem… how can i do take my old ios 5.1.0

  7. Jagz says:

    Hi. I have a genuine Iphone 3gs. It is not jailbreaked or tampered with. I currently have IOS4.3 on it. can this link be used to update a genuine iphone? coz I am not able to update using itunes. God alone knows whats wrong with itunes.

  8. Winnie says:

    I downloaded iOS 5 but it won’t show up and it says I haven’t downloaded it, Can anybody help me with my problem?? If so can you please reply asap

  9. Hailie says:

    Any solutions if I can’t get my update to work on anything??

  10. Hailie says:

    I tried his process and the message “this cannot be downloaded” came up… :/

  11. josh says:

    i think its dumb that u cant get ios 5 on the first gen ipod touch is there a way to get it?

  12. Chizzle1496 says:

    Now that I have downloaded the update, how do i update my iphone?

  13. Aditya says:

    It is giving an error 3194 and 3002 , I m using iTunes 10.5.1. Do I require iTunes 10.5.0 to use the above Ipsw files ???…

  14. bwaz says:

    The iPod could not be updated because the firmware file was corrupt. is what i am gettin

  15. neithr says:


  16. malanta says:

    Hi, i reset my iphone 3g then it lock,and later i flash it but after the flashing the phone refuse to download anything,but it always required for ios 4.3. please advice me on what to do. thanks

  17. steve says:

    had been downloading this from itunes for 20 minutes and was about 20% did direct download was done in 4 minutes lol

  18. Siddiqui says:

    Hi everybody,
    I have updated my iphone 4g from ios 4.3 to IOS 5.0.1(9A405) , modem firmware 04.11.08. and after that it becomes ipod and not picking my sim . does anybody has an idea that how can I repair it?
    my iphone carrier is AT&T.

  19. Connie says:

    Whenever I try to update the ios using the file, it keeps saying that the firmware is not compatible even after I typed .ipsw after. Help?

  20. Khatulistiwa says:

    Too many dumb people here…
    Updating ios 5 is so simple like that…
    I only need one hour to do this all home work.
    Too easy for me

  21. deqmas says:

    to change the zip file to ipsw u need to go to my computer then go to tools folder and options (for windows xp) for vista and windows 7 u may go to organize and folders and search option. then go to view, search for “hide extensions for known file type” untick this. apply and ok.. u may see the download firmware will show .zip change this .zip to .ipsw

    hope this help sorry for my bad english.. :)

  22. Mon says:

    Hello! I have just learned about this site and I have finished downloading the file. It’s in .ipsw and I know the steps: go to iTunes, connect my device, hold Shift and click Update, then locate the installer. But it doesn’t work. Always error 3002 or 3149.

    Do I still need an Internet connection while installing it?

  23. Hedgehogrckstar says:

    Cydia is just a white box that won’t open

  24. regina george says:

    Updated my iPod touch 4th generation to the iOS 5, now everytime i try to open an app i have downloaded from the app store it won’t. It only opens the pre-downloaded apps. WHY?!?!?! Seriously hating iOS 5 right now.

  25. Chelsea32 says:

    Ok i’m still having trouble updating my iPhone 4 to iOS 5, When I connect my iPhone to iTunes and try to update my phone it always ends up saying “The iPhone software update could not be contacted” or “There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone. The network connection timed out”. I’ve already turned off my firewall and all off the antivirus protection I can find, I’ve cleared my DNS cache,I’m using the latest version of iTunes and I’ve also tried to download the update manually but everytime I try that it says “firmware not compatible” But I downloaded the one that was for the iPhone……I don’t know what else to do!! Please help!!!

  26. Shiver says:


  27. Shiver says:

    Can’t fvcking update my itouch 4g.

  28. Omgidontknow says:

    Hi I have update to the latest iTunes and I have firmware 5.0.1 I update it succesfully and when I back up and I check my phone to see YouTube, they say network error or no network was found something like that, so I restore it and still never fix it and the. I tried not to back up from my computer, my network works fine, can u tell me how to fix this type of problems?? I’m on iPhone 3GS and I run know mine is been jail broken before as this was a second hand phone

  29. siahacker says:

    ihave ipad 1 gsm when i want to update it iTunes says :this device isn,t eligible for the requested build

  30. fasalu says:

    I am getting an error 3002 when I try and update to iOS 5,
    am using iphone 4,version 4.3.3.
    pls help me,,,,

  31. sia says:

    i have ipad1 gsm with one i have to download?

  32. duke says:

    What do i do when it keeps saying “verifying ipad restore with apple” ?

  33. Tiffany says:

    how do i know which type of phone i have to download it?

  34. Andrew says:

    I have downloaded iOS 5 and have done everything that has been mentioned but I am unable to get it on my iPod Touch 4g. Maybe I am missing something. Can anyone help me out.

  35. suhema says:

    helllo………………..i m using iphone4 gsm can anybody please explain me why i m not able to update ios 5…i downloaded through above link…and even tried pressing shift button and restore it but it shows the format is not compatible for my ios 4.3.5…pleasee help and reply quickk waitinngg……thank u

    • james says:

      maybe u downloaded the wrong link u say u have an iphone 4 gen then use that one… if this doesnt work i cant help ya. GL

  36. XShadowX says:

    Thanks I hope i can istall this in my ipod, i have to restore and i don’t want to update to iOS 5.0.1 or 5.1

  37. Drmsjoy says:

    I try everything….. Once the ipsw downloads, I know what to do. Right now, am using orbit and download manager. Am going to try it (the ipsw) out pretty soon. I will keep you informed about it when it works

  38. Drmsjoy says:

    Using orbit and internet download manager……that itunes stuff really getting on my nerves…..aanyway…doing this for a friend cos the iphone is stucked in recovery mode and wont restore….keeps putting up these errors……any ideas whiles this downloads

  39. Jhonny says:

    I Have Downloaded iOS 5 From Here And I Don’tKnow What To Do

  40. Amanda says:

    I have downloaded the new update, although half way through it told me that there was an error. So, i continued with the update and now i can not even get into my phone…what could be the reason for this?

  41. Amanda says:

    I have downloaded the new update, although half way through it told me that there was an error. So, i continued with the update and now i can not even get into my phone…what could be the reason for this?

  42. LorenzoM says:

    What’s error 3002? It keeps on popping out. What do I have to do for this to be a success?

  43. cay says:

    Tried all of these solutions….still no update!!!

  44. Bernard says:

    Hi Folks,
    there’s something i dont understand.
    When doing a restore (via shift,restore) itunes searches for a ipsw file,but the files i can download above are dmg files. How the heck can i do a restore then? And more strange; why does nobody mention this and just heads on saying you can do a restore wich you just can’t with a few clicks? I know dmg files are apple files but i just cant find any program that can work with them since im on windows.
    Sorry for my “angry” mode but im stuck in a restore and i can’t get out of it ;) (because of the dmg files)

  45. Sarah says:

    Thank You So Much!!

  46. zeeshan khan says:

    hi i downloaded for my gsm network and previously when i downloaded with idm i got a zip file and with zip file we can not proceed by changing extension and downloading again with idm still didnt work dnt know why may b due to some error but it didnt work. then i tried the mozilla and downloaded without idm so it downloaded .ipsw file and it worked.

    setup started manually by pressing shift button and clicking on restore restore stared but i had an error 1630.
    could not check for carrier setting :(
    please do help me i m tired with this

  47. Alex says:

    Hi, My son has an iPad2 for school and they removed the iTunes. The only computer I have is from work and will not allow me to download iTunes. If I download the Update from this site, do I download it to my computer? or straight to his iPad2?

    If it is downloaded to the computer, how do I get it updated on the iPad2?

  48. Solay says:


  49. fahad says:

    I wanna say thank you ,,

  50. kristi says:

    how do you know if your phone is cdma or gsm?

  51. intmariez says:

    Finally! It works!
    Thank you so much! ^^

  52. juanjose31 says:

    i want to update my itouch 3 generation im running ios 4 and i would like to switch for ios5 i wanna make sure if is works fine before i made the update please someone help me ….!!

  53. juanjose31 says:

    does anybody use ios 5 on a itoch 3rd generation ?? does it work fine ?? please someone tell me if it runs right !!

  54. egbuna says:

    thank u Aaron ur tip worked for my ipad

  55. Sheleenee says:

    So I waited a year to get my new iPad 2 and was so excited to get it last week!…until I went home and realized I bought a computer that needs a computer(annoying) and so it was super hard to find a computer. When I did I then got my iPad started and bought a iTunes gift card to get iMovie which I NEED tomorrow ( because I promised my friend a year ago I would edit a video we are making) and it says I need iOS 5. And so then I didn’t know what it was so I looked it up and it brought me here, now it says that safari can’t download the file! I’m tired and annoyed and my friend is mad at me and won’t talk to me! PLEASE HELP ME!

    • Matt says:

      I suggest you plug it into iTunes and click on “UPDATE” when it asks you to update to iOS 5. A new iPad 2 should have shipped with iOS 5 included though.

  56. […] Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, download iOS 5 IPSW for your device, and choose “Save As” when you download the file, saving it somewhere easy to […]

  57. Joydeep Das says:

    Hi am relatively new to the concept of updating..
    I have an Original iPad and want to update it to iOS5 using the ipsw provided here..can any body tell my if the ‘ipsw’ s provided here will jailbreak my device or will actually load the official firmware onto my ipad will all the restrictions of apple.
    It is very important for me to know this as i do not want to jail break my ipad.
    So would be highly obliged if a reply iz provided to my query.

    • Matt says:

      Simply upgrading to iOS 5 has nothing to do with a jailbreak, these updates are from Apple as the article states. You would be best served by updating directly through iTunes if you do not know what to do with IPSW files.

  58. Nikki says:

    So I still cannot get the iOS5 to download on my phone. When I open iTunes and the message there is a new 5.0 version do you want to install it.. I have clicked download and update and it took four hours but said it has installed onto my computer, but it will not update on my phone. When I tried to do the shift, update it brings open a browser to my computer, but it is not in any files. Help!

  59. Buff says:

    Hi, plz help. I download the file as a .zip but when I rename it through explorer in Vista to .ipsw, Vista simply adds the .ipsw ext to the filename so I still can’t see the file through the update box e.g.C:\IOS5\iPhone2,

    Any idea how to get rid on the .zip extention is Vista?

    • HAF says:

      Download it in firefox or chrome. Not Internet Explorer, otherwise it makes it a .zip file and you can’t easily change it to .ipsw

  60. sam says:

    Thanks guys…

  61. smasher says:

    helllo guys

    i have updated my itunes to 10.5 what ever and downloaded the IOS 5 i restored in to iphone every thing goes alright but in activation section when i go furthur to sim card installion well i am not using at&t or other sim i’m living in afghanistan it tells me only compitable sin cards from….etc it’s urgent please guys help me i have to make a call.
    how to skip this section

  62. smasher says:

    helllo guys

    i have updated my itunes to 10.5 what ever and downloaded the IOS 5 i restored in to iphone every thing goes alright but in activition section when i go furthur to sim card installion well i am not using at&t or other sim i’m living in afghanistan it tells me only compitable sin cards from….etc it’s urgent please guys help me i have to make a call.
    how to skip this section

  63. smasher says:

    helllo guys

    i have updated my itunes to 10.5 what ever and downloaded the IOS 5 i restored in to iphone everthing goes alright but in activition section when i go furthur to sim card installion well i am not using at&t or other sim i’m living in afghanistan it tells me only compitable sin cards from….etc it’s urgent please guys help me i have to make a call.
    how to skip this section

  64. David says:

    Unable to download iOS 5 update for my iPhone 4. I have flushed the dns cache, disabled my firewall, disabled kaspersky antivirus 2011, uninstalled kaspersky and tried about 7 times. I’m seriously flipping out. Error 3259 keeps showing up. It says the time has run out. Can anyone help me out?

  65. Nith says:

    i don’t know why i always fail with updating iOs5….i always see the error 3194…have anyone knows and give me an idea.?

    • james says:

      i think this happened to me u need to download tiny umbrella and uncheck something i cant quite remember what iit is called but its easy to look up:) hope this helps

  66. Nichole says:

    Ok, so which way is the safest to get ios 5 onto my iphone4? itunes sucks when i try to update bc it always gives me an error right after i wait the full 5 hours for it to try to “update”. Help! id like a way that will not cause errors against my phone or any viruses on my phone. helppp. lol

  67. Jessica says:

    I downloaded this software for my ipod4th generation. when i click on the downloaded file, it linked to my itunes. what should i do next?

  68. John says:

    I want to upgrade itouch 3g 8gb to ios5. I tried to upgrade after restore, but still at 4.2.1 ver. when i try to update it says current version 4.2.1 why? cannot install? whats wrong??

  69. […] Do the links to the iOS 5 IPSWs listed on the website below work for you? Reply With Quote […]

  70. Wanting says:

    It does work!!! I tried 5 times yesterday via iTunes to update my iphone to iOS 5 but got the same timeout message everytime after I downloaded it for hours. I was so frustrated and mad. However, this manual updating method does work and only took me about 1.5 hours to complete everything and started using my new iOS5. Thanks so much!!!

    • Rajani says:

      All who experienced ERROR 3002
      Simply after downloading ios 5 copy it in download folder.
      then open itunes attach your phone it will show i keep shift button pressed and right click over restore.follow it with a right click on updates.all along this procedure keep shift button compressed.
      Guys i managed to update my iphone 4 to ios 5 this way without any was pretty quick,swift and accurate so far.
      goodluck to all of you

  71. AmanADalal says:

    Awesome..its working..downloaded in 4 hours and now updating might take up to 15 mins..ThankYou if its gonna work..! very much..
    Got a 3002 error previously but it can be solved!

  72. Andy says:

    We have limited bandwidth (HughesNet) which only allows for 300MB per day, but unlimited downloads during the “Download Zone” between 2AM and 7AM. Your links above allowed me to schedule the download, and the instructions provided herein helped us upgrade both of our iPod Touch units (3G & 4G). Thank you for this information and the download links… it is MUCH appreciated!

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  74. Koushal says:

    What is
    iPhone 4,1 (4S?)

    Doesn’t anyone here know anything about it?
    coz to the 2 comments asking about iPhone 4,1 (4S?) above,
    ppl have replied about iPhone 4 GSM and iPhone 4 CDMA, but no one wants to talk about iPhone 4,1 (4S?)

    What is it?

    Matt Chan, perhaps you’re the only one who can help

  75. Dawn says:

    My iPod says -5000 error when I try to update new 5.0 help plz been at this 24hrs going crazy

  76. Alex says:

    it worked fine with me. at first i got error 3002. after a few minutes, i tried it again. it was successful the 2nd time. i didn’t even disabled my KIS2011.

  77. prolaxer42 says:

    I keep on getting error 21 and my phone is in recovery mode. Please help!!!

  78. […] only real requirement is that the device is running iOS 5, which you can upgrade / download here if you haven’t yet done so through iTunes or […]

  79. sw07tc says:

    damn, downloading each file 2mbs at work! sweettzz!!! should of know this at first, I was downloading at home at 160kbs. Now downloading all iOS version collecting to do some jailbreaks/unlocks on the side :D! thanks for sharing osXDaily… you guys rock…

    btw just change the .zip extension to .ipsw easy as that or choose Save as type: All files then change the .zip at the end of File name: to .ipsw!

  80. adam says:

    Have downloaded the ios5 file for my 3G and followed the steps (hold shift click restore select downloaded ipsw file, and i get the following message;

    “the iphone “adams iphone” could not be restored becuse the firmware file is not compaitable”


  81. Debbie says:

    Wow I am so excited that I finally got iOS 5 installed on my iPhone 4!! Been trying in-itunes download but it is extremely slow so I decided to update via the download link.
    To those who still haven’t update your iDevices, here’s some tips:

    1. Backup your iDevices before doing any updates!
    2. ‘Shift’ + ‘Restore’ instead of ‘Shift’ + ‘Update’ (this is why backup is important since you have to restore your device and ‘Restore’ can solve error 3002)
    3. Be patient! But for me, it takes only 3 hours to done with update to iOS 5!

    Good luck to everyone!

  82. Richierich says:

    Thanks, I clicked on your link and found info:
    1) Connect your iOS 5 compatible device
    2) Right click device on updated iTunes.
    3) Choose ‘Backup’ and wait for all your files to backed up
    4) Download iOS 5 iswp file
    5) Hold shift and click restore, locate the iswp file
    6) your prompted to restore after backup – click restore
    Jobs a gooden

  83. Richierich says:

    Error 3002 – manually dl tried update using shift key. Starts to extract resulting in error 3002. Have carried out many dl’s from Itunes and from this site with no luck. Run a diagnostic check using itunes and it states that current user is not an administrator, which is strange as Im the only user set up on it. check under users in control panel to confirm this which states I am. What do I do now???? I have also disable my firewall and internet security. ANY IDEAS ANYONE?????

  84. sanjeev says:

    is it safe to update my ipad1 wifi+3g by downloading the ios 5 from a direct link??
    my device is unjailbroken and idont want to jailbreak it.

  85. chiong says:

    i have downloaded iOS 5 by using iTunes, but when i wan to upgrade it shows unknown error 3194, can any1 teach me how to solve it???

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  87. SamSin says:

    Thank you ! Worked like a charm ! That iTunes error 3295 was very annoying. Couldn’t take it anymore ! Thanks again !

  88. […] life quite a bit. If you go this route, be sure to backup your device first, and you can either download iOS 5 IPSW to restore from manually or try the standard iTunes Restore method. Either way you’ll need to […]

  89. shuayb says:

    I downloaded the ipsw for my 3GS. I pressed “Shift” and update, it started to extract and then I got the error 3002! What do I do now?

  90. Robin says:

    I did the update and now my wifi doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  91. stuarty says:

    I downloaded ios 5 for my 3gs and when i open it it opens itunes but nothing happens? I’ve synced my phone and selected check for update and everything and nothings happened

  92. Tri says:

    When i press ‘SHIFT’ then update and click the file it comes up with a message saying the file is not compatible ? can someone help me

  93. ray cafre says:

    it is faster!!… im downloading it!!!

  94. Huai says:

    So if i jailbreak my phone i just need to connect my phone(iphone 4) black and download iphone 4 GSM right?.. And hold the shift button and click restore?

  95. […] it from Apple’s servers – here’s a list (Make sure you download the correct version for your […]

  96. kenny says:

    a little more info, when i open the folder in itunes, theres just more folders that come up until its empty, what is the exact file i’m looking for? do i need to unzip it after i download it and which file do i need the change the name to .ipsw because no files in that folder have that extension

  97. kenny says:

    downloaded the file, tried to unzip it. cannot find the file when i try to open it in itunes, it cant be found. what steps should i take after i download it?

    • Matt says:

      It doesn’t need to be unzipped, it’s an IPSW file with a .ipsw extension. Don’t use Internet Explorer to download the file, IE tends to screw it up.

  98. Bryent says:

    I go to update and I get unknown error (14), what should I do?

  99. […] the stock iOS 5 IPSW file for your […]

  100. Hentie says:

    Hi. Have iPad2 Wi-Fi, non-jailbroken. Running iTunes 10.5 on Windows 7 PC. Downloaded iOS5 manually with DAP. Copied file iPad2,1_5.0_9A334_Restore.ipsw to … \iTunes\iPhone Software Update, held down “SHIFT” key and clicked on “Update” (tried it with restore too). Message: “This iPad could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible.” Rebooting iPad (while connected) didn’t help. Please help.

    • M says:

      Make sure you download the correct IPSW file for iPad 2 Wi-Fi model, don’t use Internet Explorer, and do right-click “Save As”,1_5.0_9A334_Restore.ipsw

      Try saving it to your desktop and selecting it manually rather than moving it to the iTunes folder.

      • Hentie says:

        Hi M,

        Thanks for the info. Was excited about the link, as it is the first time in days that I could download (without an accelerator) the full file without disrupted connections.
        Followed it through, but it still renders “This iPad could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible.”
        I definitely have an iPad2 Wi-Fi. The old version on it confirms such: iPad2,1_4.3.5_8L1_Restore.ipsw
        Again, thanks for your trouble.

      • tigger says:

        I’m having the same issue. I tried repeatedly to update from within iTunes and got failure after failure. I used the published links to download the appropriate file for my iPad 2 WiFi. The downloaded file is .ipsw format, per the Properties info box.

        I did as instructed – held down the shift key while clicking update within iTunes and navigated to my downloaded file, which I left right where it had landed. iTunes seemed to like that fine, but then gave me the 3002 error. I tried a few times and got the same result. Now what do I do?

        There is no such folder at \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates. In fact, mine ends after Users\ and then just shows my documents, music, etc.

        What can I do?!

        I’m on Windows 7, a pretty new and hearty machine.

  101. CJStradders says:

    I am getting an error 43 when I try and update to iOS 5. I want to do a manual update and have backed up but I want to know what information I am going to lose. Will it keep text messages, music, contacts, notes etc. I don’t want to update if I am going to loose a lot of info on my iPhone 3GS.


  102. Schyte says:

    I have an Iphone4 White. But I don’t know which version I should get?

  103. Mast.P says:

    I just bought my a new ipad 2 and only used it for one day. Downloaded the iOS 5 file from above and tried installing. Its been stuck on the “Restoring ipad software” stage and hasnt budged at all. I dont know what to do. pls help

  104. Cooldude005 says:

    Has anyone had problems with updating to ios 5 with ipod touch 3rd gen 32 gb? I have a windows vista home premium on a dell inspiron 1545 2009 model? I just want to check before updating

  105. […] Download the iOS5 manually. See iOS 5 Now Available [Download Links] […]

  106. Vatsal Zadafiya says:

    Guys my download was finished in 25 minutes and didn’t face any problems and i even jailbreaked it within 5 minutes
    if u wnt to jailbreak within 5 minutes reply on my comment i will post the link.

  107. Blimp101 says:

    How do you check what Gen your iPod iPod or iPad is…?

  108. […] camera app, you can use the volume up button as a shutter to take pictures. Yet another reason to upgrade to iOS 5 if you haven’t done so […]

  109. Rajdeep says:

    This update is sick and only took me about 4 hours for the whole process, from downloading it to installing it in my device! im in love with this awesome shiiit ;)

  110. Tri says:

    it says ‘the firmware file is not compatible’

  111. jules says:

    hey there, i have updated my iphone to ios 5 but it told me that this device is not registered as part of the iphone developer program. can it be because i installed it with itunes 10.1 ? plz help

  112. no_carrier says:

    Hi all

    probably a dumb question, but can anyone tell me if this ios’s for iphone 5 are only for US or can be used anywhere in the world?

    My iphone 4 is carrier unlocked. i bought it unlocked and in Mozambique i am using a GSM carrier.
    can I DL from the links or has to be only from Itunes?

    Whick IOS 5 should i DL/

    Thank you

  113. ChongYiTak says:

    I tried to upgrade the operating system to IOS 5, But when i clicked into iTunes, It only shows 4.3.5, Is there another way to upgrade the system?

  114. Why am I being told that my firmware is not compatable? I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 but this is the message that i’m being told…Any help would be greatly appreciated

  115. Ahmad says:

    Connect your iPhone or iOS device to your computer
    Select the device in iTunes
    On a Mac, hold down the “Option” key and then click on “Update”
    On a Windows PC, hold down “SHIFT” key and then click on “Update”
    Select the IPSW file you downloaded and click “Choose”
    Let the iOS device update as usual
    You can also click on “Restore” and select an IPSW instead but you will lose the existing files and settings on your iOS device.

    • SHABBIR says:

      Is this Instructions for Jaibroken iphones or just regular.

      Can You Tel Me how to update in iphones & ipods..I’m bit confused in this brother??

  116. jacob says:

    i have downloaded the ios 5 but not through itune but through the links, pls i want to know how to install it

    • Ahmad says:

      Copy the file to the update folder then click update

      Local IPSW File Locations
      Any iPhone IPSW files that you have already downloaded from iTunes are stored locally on your machine. You can access these directly at the following locations:

      Mac OS X: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

      Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

      Windows Vista & Windows 7: \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

      • jacob says:

        @ahmad i downloaded the ios 5 file for my ipad1 but when am trying to update it it says your ipad cannot be updated because the firmware is corrupt can some help me fix this pls

  117. […] getting started, download iOS 5 and update your hardware, keep the IPSW around, but also be sure to have updated to iTunes […]

  118. Mohamed says:

    this thing is awesome, i love u osx daily, and since i had 4.3.5 i can finally jailbreak and stop giving my mom a credit card bill so high u just wanna kill yourself!!!!! and though the good die yound, they live their lives getting everything!!!!!

  119. […] who have upgraded to iOS 5 have probably noticed that little Newsstand icon is unable to be moved to a folder, and like all […]

  120. […] 5.0) then you need to unzip sn0wbreeze v2.8b8. now you also need to dowload iso 5 fimware from here iOS 5 Now Available [Download Links] choice your phone and then once youve done that your ready to build you firmware click on the blue […]

  121. Tim says:

    I updated my 3gs to ios 5 and it worked great until the end where it had a sync issue with one thing. It asked do I want to sync with my Address Book or Tim’s Iphone. I checked my phone and it updated to ios 5 and still had my contacts so I clicked the button resolve later. Anyone else see this? And also if I sync my phone again and it happens again, which one should I choose? I don’t understand what it’s asking. Any help is appreciated.


  122. Kevin says:

    Ok. This is a dumb question, but i am not a super computer person so after i download it what do it do?

  123. Porky Pie says:

    Downloaded the update for my 3GS using the links posted here. Connected by phone, fired up iTunes and clicked on shift+update, choose the downloaded file and hit ok. Approx 10 mins later I have iOS5.
    Worked without a hitch.

  124. […] syncing requires iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5 or later, be sure you have both installed before attempting to enable syncing […]

  125. maku says:

    i have installed ios 5, and having problem with caller ID. can anyone help me here? thanks

    • Tahhan says:

      I have the same problem. Facing the caller id issue with some contacts only not with all. Although all my contacts numbers are saved with international code prefix, some are showed correctly, and some are not. Usually the calling process should recognize the number either with adding the prefix code or without. But not anymore after updating my iPhone 4 to iOS 5. 
      Any help?

  126. iPhil says:

    @courtney – I had other folders in my Photo app that I created via WinXP Explorer. The update deleted all of those folders, but didn’t delete the main Photo folder – Camera Roll

    • Courtney says:

      Did the update delete any of your contacts in your address book?

      • iPhil says:

        No – it didn’t appear to delete any contacts, but everything has been moved to the iCloud. I am thinking that iTunes is defaulting everything to my macbook as the source when syncing with the cloud. I’m going to switch it back when I get home and see if my calendar comes back from Yahoo.

      • knitter says:

        It deleted my contacts off of my phone, but they are on my macbook pro, so I can get them back on… somehow. ;)

  127. Courtney says:

    I was just wondering that if I downloaded the 5.0 update will this delete my pictures, contacts, or songs off of my phone?

    • Matt says:

      Updating though iTunes will not, manually updating with the IPSW will restore the phone to a blank state with which you must then manually restore from your backup.

      Just be sure to backup your iPhone beforehand in either case.

  128. iPhil says:

    I have an iPhone 4. Always updated/synced my calendar/contacts/etc with Yahoo via iTunes. Updated to iOS 5 last night and turned on the iCloud service. Today I noticed that my Calendar on my iPhone is empty. It appears that the update is no longer using my Yahoo calendar, but using my OS X calendar (which I don’t use). Do I need to turn iCloud service off to get my calendar back?

    • iDJ says:

      Did you get any answers on this? The iOS 5 did the same thing to my Yahoo calendar on my iPhone 4. Oddly enough the calendar info is still fine on my iPad 2 but the calendar on my iPhone is completely empty. It won’t even let me select the yahoo calendar when I’m in the calendar, even though I have the yahoo calendar turned on in settings. Someone please help! My life is on that calendar. Yes, I had it on my iPad but I need it on my iPhone. Ugh.

      • iPhil says:

        No replies yet. I think it is gone. I think that during the set up of iOS 5 when I selected the iCloud option, it wiped out any type of selection for syncing with Yahoo. What I am doing as a work-around – is sync my Mac calendar with Yahoo. Then that syncs with iCloud and my iPhone. Only problem is that with events set on Yahoo, you can’t alter/delete them on the iPhone. And if you create events on the iPhone, they don’t get synced back to Yahoo.

        Now I am investigating bad battery life.

        Not a happy camper

        • iPhil says:

          Battery life seems better today. I read somewhere that it is the Locations Services, specifically for the Weather app, that is causing the problem. So I went in to Location Services, and turned it off for a number of apps that I don’t use regularly. Battery life has lasted more like normal.

  129. Ash says:

    Does the ios 5 format of ipad 2 wifi also work on ipad 2 wifi and 3G

  130. Martin says:

    How do I know which version of the iPhone 4, GSM or CDMA. I am with Bell Canada.

  131. Tiki says:

    from the iOS5 beta 7 if i already download iPhone 9a334 how do I install to my iPhone? shift restore or alt restore?


  132. Adrian says:

    A little clarification – please
    iPhone 3GS
    iPhone 4 GSM
    iPhone 4 CDMA
    iPhone 4,1 (4S?)

    which one of the above download links is correct for my iPhone4(v4.3.3)
    I am assuming

  133. […] (or the equivalent place on your own system), or you can find out the URL from somewhere else such as this helpful article on osXdaily. […]

  134. amarkj8 says:

    I had a beta version and itunes didn’t recognize it. Downloaded this on PC and right clicked and hit rename file and added .ipsw and it worked great. THANKS!

  135. TVS says:

    The file has downloaded as a zip file so what do I do with it now? None of the files are .ipsw so itunes won’t recognise them when I shift+update.

  136. jap says:

    I’m encountering error 3194, how can I fix this. please help

  137. AASHIR says:

    wow thanks alot dude ; ) its workin fyn

  138. iHelpBoard says:

    […] iOS 5 Direct Download Links: iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 GSM iPhone 4 CDMA iPad iPad 2 WiFi iPad 2 3G – GSM iPad 2 3G – CDMA iPod Touch 3rd Gen iPod Touch 4th Gen Apple TV [Download Links via OS X Daily] […]

  139. phunckyone says:

    I’ve downloaded the iPhone 4 ios 5 update, how do I install it?

  140. vinz420 says:

    The link for the iPad 2 WiFi and the iPhone 4 GSM works absolutely fine for me – no errors whatsoever and works as it’s supposed to.

    Thank you for the links OSX daily!

  141. Tim says:

    Hey..I just updated lion to 10.7.2 and iTunes to 10.5. I plug in my 3G iPod touch and hit update, and it says my 4.2.1 (jailbroken) software is up to date.

    Am I missing something? Do I need to restore since it is jailbroken? I’ve unplugged and plugged in the iPod a few times.

    • Chris says:

      no issue at old this model of ipod id too old and doesnt have any new upgrades to download. 4.2.1. is where your version got off the bus.

      • Jesse says:

        sorry that was kind of confusing to me, i am also having the same problem as tim. i have a 3rd gen iPod touch which is supposed to be compatible with iOS 5 right? but it still says 4.2.1 is the current version.

        • Tim says:

          Looks like it is true. If your ipod touch “3rd generation” is an 8gb, it is still considered 2nd gen. Check back of your ipod.. search the model number “a1288” — 2nd gen.

          WHAT DOUCHES!

          • sam says:

            >If your ipod touch “3rd generation” is an 8gb, it is still considered 2nd gen

            Are you kidding?? that is just bull
            so this means my 3rd gen 8Gb ipod touch will never get ios5? :( :(

            so not fair!

      • Tim says:

        Apple site says ipod 3rd and 4th gen are compatible.

        • Jaydeep says:

          The site also says that iPod 3rd Gen. is not available in 8 GB Variants. Look here :


  142. Yousif says:

    is this beta version??

  143. gp76 says:

    after downloading is05 from mentioned apple server,how to upgrade ipad2 for ios5 ? is it required to place ipsw in ..AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad Software Updates ?

  144. Sumit says:

    Hi I am running iOS5 beta 7 on my device how to get the released version on iOS 5 on my phone . My Itunes does not detects the update when i connect my phone.

    • Chris says:

      you have to manually remove itunes and then completely reinstall. By doing this is will not recognize and will allow restore. Enjoy!!!

    • Matt says:

      You can either restore back to iOS 4.3.5 or you can just manually update to iOS 5 using the IPSW.

    • vinz420 says:

      I went for a different method:
      1.) Download iTunes 10.5 and install over 10.5b7 (not necessary to remove old iTunes first)
      2.) Download the appropriate IPSW from the links above and install.
      3.) Enjoy.

  145. ipad_iphone says:

    Thanks! worked well for my Ipad iOS 5.0 upgrade

  146. Alex says:

    anyone else have problems trying to connect to a wifi connection?

    • Alex says:

      I have problem connecting to internet using wifi after updating to ios5..anyone can help?

      • Lisa says:

        same here. My ipad 2 just acts like it’s trying to connect continuously. Any ideas?

        • Jennie says:

          I am having this problem too when I was going through the set up and then when I gave up and went to settings- it finds my home wifi, looks connected on the top bar but it definitely isn’t connected to anything. When trying to set it up, it just continuously spins next to the wifi name and never ticks it. My wifi is fine with my laptop.

  147. Pete says:

    Ryan- even though itunes says update 4.x.x is available, click update and it will open another box that states 5.0 is available.. I had the same issue….

  148. Meko says:

    Hey People!!Some problem here..please check lion recovery software update and OS update(@Software update on your computer)!Did that now its fixed…

  149. Ryan says:

    I have an iPhone 4 with older iOS 4.2.1. Do I need to be upgrading to 4.3.5 before getting iOS 5? iTunes keeps prompting me there is 4.3.5 update rather than 5 until now.

  150. Ralph Wiggum says:

    Another tip, if you’ve already downloaded the update via iTunes, you can use that to update your phone. Just search for the .ipsw file on your computer. I found it at C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iPod Software Updates\ (I have an iPod Touch). Just shift-click on restore, and use that file.

  151. James says:

    Hey, what’s the difference between iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA, and iPhone 4,1 (4S?)? I’m using an iphone4, which of the three should I be downloading?

  152. Outland says:

    The option to hide the sms message on locked screen disappear. Hope Apple will fix this rapidly.

  153. Morten says:

    I tried to update my iPhone4 through iTunes. I got the error 3002. I tried to solve this by following the link provided by iTunes, which was restart your mac, and know iTunes won’t even show that my iPhone is connected to the my mac. What to do?
    My iphone is also jammed, because I can’t even shut it down at the moment…


  154. Miran says:

    I am not jailbroken but the jailbroken apps and stuff ar still on the iphone is that a problem ?

  155. Miran says:

    !! I tried to update but then a message came with a red cross in a little box failed to restore or something??? Help please

  156. andre says:

    will this wipe my iphone 4 if i try to install manually with the restore option?

  157. Titania says:

    This may be a really dumb question, but how do I know which firmware to download. I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2.

    • Matthew says:

      If you have At&t download the GSM option, Verizon with the other

    • Chris says:

      Not a dumb question you will need the iphone 3,1 5.0 and for the ipad if ATT then youeither have wifi or 3G. The 3g ipad is 2,2 and the wifi is 2,1. Hope this helps. As always download firmwares from

  158. Rash says:

    Downloaded the IPSW for the iPhone4 from the links given above because the download through iTunes 10.5 was painfully slow.

    However, hitting Option+Update / Restore and browsing to the file returned an error. So copied the IPSW to the “~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/” (without quotes) folder. Restarted iTunes and hit ‘Update’. Even that did not work.

    Re-downloading through iTunes now…

    • Matty says:

      Hey Rash,

      How do you re-download through iTunes? I can’t find the option to do that. Whenever I hit update, it think its already got it downloaded and I get error 3002.

  159. Indra Ahmad says:

    i tried rename it ending with .ipsw so i update via itune hold shift look for the file but how come the file that i just rename .ipsw, it became thus give me the 3002 error

  160. Dave says:

    Ruh Roh.

    Didn’t update. Got through the d/l, backup & sync, iPhone is trying to restore and…


    This took 2 hours.
    sounds like there’s either a corrupt download, or bad interaction between iTunes/computer/iphone.


  161. brett says:

    I am also getting the error 3002 when attempting the update on my iPhone 4 – threw the error when I tried both “update” and “restore” options…

    Any advice?

  162. oscar says:

    someone can help me i got an erron 3002, when trying to update i got the same code with mi iphone, ipod and ipad , some advice? thanks

  163. MjrSpork says:

    Just want to confirm, this is the version that was released today, correct? Seeing that it’s got “_Restore” in the name, want to make sure that it won’t erase my iphone.

  164. […] iOS 5 update – for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch […]

    • jap says:

      Hi, can you please help me, I’m encountering error 3194, after donwloading the IOS5 in the itunes and clecking the update after a few minutes it says Error 3194.
      how can I fix this? what is the cause of this problem?

      • Jay says:

        jap, I’m getting that error too. Apple recommends that we disable any AV or Firewall software, which I’ve tried 2x with no luck. I tried pulling down the IPSW file via Firefox, and that crashed as well.

        • Jason says:

          Do a restore to original first, it is because you have jailbroken that this happens. Happened to me too, I restored to original and it worked. If you have jailbroken you get this error on upgrading on some devices.

        • Mustafa says:

          You should try putting it in DFU or recovery mode to fix this error. I had the same error too.

          To put it into DFU mode make sure the device is off. Hold the power button for three seconds, without releasing the power button hold the home button for 10 seconds. Then release the power button but not the home. Wait for iTunes to say ‘iPod in Recovery mode. You must restore before it can be used.’

          Recovery is easier. Make sure your device is ON and PLUGGED IN to your computer. Hold the home button and power button together until you see the startup sign (apple logo) then release the power button and keep holding the home button until it says connect to iTunes.

          Hoped this helped.

          • jacob says:

            mustafa pls how do i update it i have already downloaded it but not through itunes through one of the links so pls can u teach me how to update it

          • Ahmad says:

            Local IPSW File Locations
            Any iPhone IPSW files that you have already downloaded from iTunes are stored locally on your machine. You can access these directly at the following locations:

            Mac OS X: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

            Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

            Windows Vista & Windows 7: \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

          • Ahmad says:

            How to use IPSW files
            You can use IPSW files on Mac or Windows, both require iTunes.

            Connect your iPhone or iOS device to your computer
            Select the device in iTunes
            On a Mac, hold down the “Option” key and then click on “Update”
            On a Windows PC, hold down “SHIFT” key and then click on “Update”
            Select the IPSW file you downloaded and click “Choose”
            Let the iOS device update as usual
            You can also click on “Restore” and select an IPSW instead but you will lose the existing files and settings on your iOS device.

          • france says:

            please help1.. my iphone 4 is nos down.. tried to restore since i got an error while updating ioS5.. but then i also got error 3259 when i click the restore button.. what will i do now?..

          • france says:

            can u pls help me.. Iphone 4 now down.. got error 3259 when i clicked the restore button.. i cant use my phone anymore.. :-(

          • vixxxen says:

            after many failed attempts it was really frustrating. but when i read your advice and followed everything, updating was a breeze. thank you so much!

          • bad advice says:

            I tried this and now my ipod no longer works at all.

      • paulk536 says:

        This happened to me. Found out it was because I’d previously rolled back to an older f/w and i’d left the saurik server ip in the hosts file. Just google ‘restore hosts file to default’, microsoft have a fix program for it ;)

  165. willy says:

    ipad 2,2 is GSM
    ipad 2,3 is CDMA

  166. […] iOS 5 is out now! You can download iOS 5 here or through […]

  167. […] iOS 5 is out now! You can download iOS 5 here or through […]

    • Timkay says:

      Thanks, itunes was painfully slow and the network time out thing is also annoying! thanks again!

      • Donna says:

        I have tried all morning to download but get the time out message after 15 minutes and have restarted again. What do I do to get it downloaded and continue after it downloads instead of saying it timed out

        • Randy says:

          SAME PROBLEMS: I had the same problems many times last night because Apple’s server was
          overloaded with millions of people trying to download.

          SOLUTIONS: You can trick
          their server like this: while downloading iOS 5, try to surf around
          their iTunes store. Hence, Apple’s server won’t time you out. Make sure
          you click frequently. Don’t stay idle more than 15 seconds.
          The best way is try to watch a
          free video tutorials from iTunes U. Because it is streaming, so the
          server keeps keep you connected. You will complete downloading in about 30
          minutes (in my case). Good luck!

          • aaron says:

            My phone is doing the same thing. It did it when i had to update to the 4.3.5 version as well. You have to download it from the apple site not from iTunes and make sure it comes in as a ipsw if u download it using safari it will automatically do that for you. if you are using internet explorer it will want to download it as a zip fire if it does then u can rename it and change the fire from being a zip to an ipsw. once its downloaded save the file then open I tunes put your mouse over the restore button hold the shift button click the right mouse and then click your iOS 5 update and it will up load that way .

          • Emma says:

            thanks very much for that tip! It finally worked, after one too many attempts :)

          • zach says:

            how do you download it from apple

          • tony says:

            brilliant advice – works perfect thanks

        • aaron says:

          all you need to do is download which ever version you have the GSM or CDMA then save the file. then plug your phone in and instead of trying to update it through iTunes hold shift then click restore. then it will bring up the open box select the update then then click open and it will manually install the new iOS update. just make sure u back up your phone before you do this. my phone did this to me on the 4.3.5 update and again now for the iOS 5 update.

          • Lance says:

            error 3194 any solutions?

          • Matt says:

            Use the search in the upper right corner

          • jay says:

            i opened up the file where the upgrade was downloaded and itunes wont find the file.

          • jay says:

            i think i found the problem. i mixed up ‘gsm’ and ‘cdma’ type phones, had em backwards.

          • saurabh says:

            i tried the way u said but it says error 3194.. plz help

          • soni says:

            ive downloaded 3gsios5 from now how to update it i have version 4.3.3 i m worried if i lose this version and the phone hangs what precausions should i take because i cant go to istore for atleast 5 months help me plz

          • sheeks says:

            ….then plug your phone in and instead of trying to update it through iTunes hold shift then click restore….

            what do u mean by this? i hold shift where? because i hold it nothing appears. can you tell me details on this… i have downloaded the ios 5 not by itunes. i really want to update my iphone to ios 5 and im trying hard to find how to do it. im not that expert in using the computer. i would appreciate if you could help me and give me a stepp by step to do this and i mean a precise and detailed one. please… thank you.

        • Nik Ivanovich says:

          I disabled Kaspersky antivirus and that fixed the problem.

          • Brenda says:

            That worked for me too, just disabled Kaspersky

          • Brenda says:

            however, now i can’t get text messages and I cant send out emails, was on the phone with tech services but was on hold forever and when I tried to call back they were closed. Great wont be receiving any texts until tomorrow. Does anyone have any solutions for this.

          • Benji says:

            +1 for disabling Kaspersky

      • FeFoo says:

        use (Internet Download Manager) 100% tested:

        ipod ios 5 ………….100% done
        ipad ios 5 ………….100% done
        iphone4 ios 5 ……..100% done

        • James says:

          Hey, thanx man, it really did work… I tried to download off here with google chrome, it would do about 100mb, then just stop for some reason, so I tried you internet download manager, an my speed was going at about 440kb/s like on average, was done very quickly thanx (:

          PS everyone… IT WORKS

    • Joey Y. says:

      I am one lucky guy, I guess. I needed a break from the occasional catastrophic update hickups. Blech!

      I started my update to iOS5 at 12:30 p.m. Pacific and thought it was finished around 4.5 hours later but it didn’t really finish the restore apps back in to the phone ’til about almost 9 p.m. :-) What an update! I have about 1,200 apps.

      In all, done! No timeouts or lag from the usual in-iTunes update. Now to update the apps to be iOS5 compliant via OTA.


    • David says:

      FAIL! Itunes says that there is an error 3002 with this download.

        • jeremy says:

          and me

          • Joey Y. says:

            For any 3002 errors, try hardwiring your computer instead of WiFi.

            Tried and proved here when one system had no grave errors since it was hardwired to the router/network.

            The one that was WiFi kept failing during the download and getting errors and timeout and can never complete the download and install process BUT once it was hardwired, all went well and finished -still taking about 4 hours for the whole process, depending on the number of apps, music or other data that needed to be re-synced back into the phone.

            BELIEVE ME, IT WORKS! Drop the WiFi and go hardwired for now, for the love of…!!!!

          • chathan says:

            me two….. error 3002….

          • shuayb says:

            I downloaded it but still getting the error when Apple is verifying the update… please help? Should I connect my lap top to the router instead of using wifi?

          • kaleb says:

            i have the same problem error 3002 and im connected to a router

          • Rajani says:

            All who experienced ERROR 3002
            Simply after downloading ios 5 copy it in download folder.
            then open itunes attach your phone it will show i keep shift button pressed and right click over restore.follow it with a right click on updates.all along this procedure keep shift button compressed.
            Guys i managed to update my iphone 4 to ios 5 this way without any was pretty quick,swift and accurate so far.
            goodluck to all of you

      • JpPs0o7 says:

        I think the problem is that this download doesn’t work to update, you really have to restore! I tried to update it first and it didn’t work, then I tried to restore and never got that error!
        I hope I was helpful! CYA

        • James says:

          I tried do all the above, restore and update with shift key but it still didn’t work. I have the file downloaded but I still can’t update to ios5. Before that I got Errors 3002 with update button and another one ( can’t recall) with the restore button.

          Something is wrong ..please help.

      • Alice says:

        update –>> error 3002
        restore –>> error 3194
        FAIL -.-

    • Chewie says:

      argh, tried downloading last night, when i woke up, it didn’t complete. tried it again, it timed out. this is frustrating….

    • awi says:

      I have iPad2 WiFi +3G. There’s GSM n CDMA up there, which 1 should i get? What’s the different?

      • rob says:

        GSM= uses a sim card (at&t)
        CDMA= does not use a sim card (verizon)

        i am not sure about sprint, but it shouldnt matter because any iphone from sprint should already have ios 5 on it, i think.

    • Holly says:

      I have downloaded the zip file but when I shift and update it jjust opens the folder and I don’t know which part i need to click on…it just opens each sub folder.

      I’m really sick of this now

    • kyle wilson says:

      Now that i have downloaded it, how do I update my iPod with the update?

    • Mohamed ELabd says:

      I have a problem with downloading ios 5 .. the problem is after itunes finishes downloading ios 5 a network time out error appears and the the downloading is failed.
      Now Im in Egypt i have an unlocked iphone 4 and i want to download ios 5 for my iphone so which one i have to download for here iPhone 4 GSM or CDMA.
      please reply on me ASAP.

      • gagz says:

        if your iphone supports GSM sim card then you can download GSM version otherwise CDMA

      • Hatim says:

        Hi…I m experiencing the Same prbm, after downloading full latest version of ios5 via itunes it showing an error saying check your internet connection & try again, Do u hve any solution for that…

      • JJ says:

        Someone gave the solution. go onto the itunes site and watch video’s or click away in their so it doesn’t time out

    • lucky says:

      i downloaded the IOS5 and followed intrustions but it did not work and has wiped my hole phone clean and now i cant restore old settings what has happen to my phone?? and more inportantly how do i fix it???

    • cody says:

      i downloaded the one for iphone 4 cdma and it downloaded as a zip file and itunes cant find it when i shift and left click it wont pop up as an option

    • JR says:

      I have downloaded successfully and extracted – but iTunes does not recognise the file format – how do I now initiate the firmware upgrade?

      BTW Work has prevented iTunes from automatically upgrading iOS – so when you press Check for Update it looks to the hard drive.

    • Ab maini says:

      I downloaded ios5 for iPad2 wifi but can’t open file with my laptop os windows7 32 bit. Am a novice HELP

    • siobhan says:

      7 hours sitting at my computer again today!! and not to mention the last two weeks, i sat trying to download Iso 5 for my IPOD 4 and 5 times a day…THE FACEBOOK PAGE is a load of crap..Only once responded to my comment..Got no help what so ever…Please can anyone help me and advise me in how i can download 657.6 MB on a slow internet speed..
      What clown created such a big memory to download on crap internet speeds we have in the midlands of Ireland??? unlike the rest of the world and the U.K with their fiber Optic net speeds.???

    • Huzaifa says:

      After Downloading ios 5 not from itunes from these above link i am not able to install it how to install it plz help me! I have the latest version of itunes installed

    • andy says:

      Error 21 on my ipad after uploding latest ios what do i do to get my ipad working again ?

    • Rnie says:

      I’ve tried to download but I get message that safari can’t open file what now

    • confusedhelpme says:

      i’m using a macbook and i dont know what to do after i download the file. PLEASE HELP ME AND REPLY ASAP. :) thanks :D

    • Tim says:

      i have a i pod 3g and a windows 7. I already downloaded the I pod 3g update of IOS 5. Its not working!!

    • Keri says:

      YES! Okay i finally stopped getting 3002, 3200, and 3194 errors and was able to update my ipod touch 4g:

      1. I turned off my internet security software (kaspersky) AND windows firewall/defender.

      2. Then i plugged in my ipod, selected it in itunes and clicked “update” like you normally would.

      note: this was for a iOS 5.0.1 update

    • ashley smith says:

      same here i restored my iphone 3gs cuz i cldnt set a home screen n it didnt give me the option to update to ios5 hopefully this wrks!!!!!!

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