Jailbreak iOS 5 with Redsn0w

Oct 12, 2011 - 150 Comments

iOS 5 jailbreak with redsn0w iOS 5 can already be jailbroken thanks to the iPhone Dev Team’s quick release of a new version of redsn0w (0.9.9b7). This is currently a tethered jailbreak, but an untether is in progress.
Redsn0w will work to jailbreak iOS 5 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 CDMA & GSM, iPod touch 3rd & 4th gen, and iPad 1. Not supported yet are iPhone 4S and iPad 2 devices, due to their use of the A5 CPU.

Before getting started, download iOS 5 and update your hardware, keep the IPSW around, but also be sure to have updated to iTunes 10.5.

Download redsn0w 0.9.9b7

You will need redsn0w 0.9.9b7 to get started, download it now for Mac (v 0.9.9b7 here) or for Windows (direct download links)

Jailbreaking iOS 5

  • Launch Redsn0w and choose the “Jailbreak” button
  • Connect the iOS device to the computer and turn the hardware off
  • Enter DFU mode by holding down the Sleep/Power button and home button together for exactly 10 seconds, then release the Power button but continue to hold the Home button for another 15 seconds. You will get a notification from Redsn0w informing you of the device being in DFU mode
  • Point redsn0w to your iOS 5 IPSW file (older version)
  • Redsn0w will now perform the jailbreak, the newest version does not require you to have to point to any IPSW files because it downloads them directly from Apple
  • Choose “Install Cydia” and proceed with the jailbreak

Now you need to boot the iOS device tethered to get Cydia to load:

  • Open redsn0w again
  • Click on “Extras” and select the iOS 5 IPSW you downloaded in the previous step
  • Back at the Extras menu, click on the “Just Boot” option and follow the on screen instructions to boot into the jailbroken device

Your iOS device will automatically reboot as jailbroken, you can confirm this by looking for the Cydia icon on your springboard. As previously stated, this is a tethered jailbreak so you will need to connect your iPhone, iPad, or ipod touch to a computer and boot it with the assistance of Redsn0w if the battery dies or you shut it down for another reason. This is easy to do, just launch Redsn0w again and choose “Just Boot” again from the Extras menu.


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  1. wesley says:

    i have an unexpected error pop up when i try to do anything in redsn0w 0.9.10b6. now my ipods in recovery mode and it wont let me restore or DFU!!!!

  2. mkless says:

    we are trying to Jailbreak my locked iPhone 4 with IOS 5.1
    the jailbreak worked the DFU for “Just boot”
    did not work ;-(
    i did it with redsn0w
    Could you please advice?????

    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  3. Abhishek Mallabadi says:

    Hi, I ve 3gs and it was jailbroken it was working fine, Now i ve upgraded to 5.0.1 but am not able to activate it, only configure screen is coming. when i try to jailbroke thru redsnow, it shows “Connected device doesnt support untethered version” , am not understanding wat to do n hwo to do….

    plzzz help me..

  4. shawauna says:

    hey my phone is already updated to verision 5.0.1 do i still have to do that extra step that IGMX mention


  5. Duck Rogers 24th 1/2 Century says:

    I can’t see the point in using a tethered jailbreak due to mobile phones poor battery charge life, but thats for taking the time to explain the diff between tethered and untethered.

    Looking forward to the untethered version though.

  6. Sammy says:

    I’m new to iphone…I had an iphone4 from Canada and was formally working with a local SIM card in Ghana(Africa) with gevay SIM. I ignorantly upgraded it to iOS5….It’s no more working (NO SERVICE)….what do I do now?

  7. JOSH says:

    updated my jailbroken iphone now stuck in recovery tied evrything cant even get in dnf mode to run anything,tried redsnow all sorts of things very frustrated right now,some please help me.

  8. Bobby says:

    After it detects my device in DFU mode, it gets stuck on the “Identifying” part? Is it supposed to take a long time or what?

  9. Pete says:

    I have a Iphone4 with iOS 5.0 Im using redsnow for JB, today i opened cydia and i needed to update cydia, apparently I hit the wrong choice, as Cydia wont open now. What can I do?

  10. granted says:

    doesnt work on ipod touch ios5

  11. BIORIN says:

    First i should say my contract is up and I had been using my 3gs as an iTouch with basic functionality camera, notes, poker games and safari wifi.

    My phone was never jb or unlocked before! The whole reason Im in this mess is because I (stupidly) clicked update iphone in itunes on dec 1st (from a fully functional 4.3.5 to get the new 5.0.1) and my itunes said “Sim not supported” (yes it was the latest iTunes version) so I have gone through all the steps to jb and unlock, when I never desired any of this!!

    My phone
    3gs 05.16.05bb, running 4.2.1, with redsn0w9.9b8 jb, (if this helps Tiny Umbrella 4.1 shsh and 5.0.1shsh). It was working fine as an iTouch/wifi device, though I never “set up as new phone” in iTunes inorder to avoid losing all my 4.3.5 back ups (because I want to one day get back to where I was before the dark dark day of dec 1st). I turned it off, like i had before and went to “just boot” and i get a white screen.

    Issue at hand

    in redsn0w i point to the 4.2.1 ipsw, select just boot, put into DFU,
    redsn0w says its done, but all I get is a white screen. I would just jb it again but I spent some time getting a few contacts and apps back on it.

    I have tried many many times with redsn0w (even trying different versions like 9.9b5) running with TU and without, with itunes running and without, restart computer, remove usb devices.


    I’d like to have 5.01 unlocked. But I would gladly settle for 4.2.1 working like I had it for a few days. Though I dont want ipad bb because i dont want to lose my gps (forever?). I’m an artist that uses Square Up from time to time, and the location-receipt is very important.

    Side note: my time machine backups are not available as i only keep the last back up (small HD), which unfortunately is from last week the 10th.

    Thanks to all who read this. A many many thanks to any helpful reply.

    Once I get it figured out, I will post my results!!
    Thank you! Thank you!


  12. Sarki says:

    i am using an iphone 4,but when i tried to reboot it,i keep seeing”no identifying data fetched.it used to boot before,but not anymore.i really dont know why,and i hope its not a major problem.i wish i can get help pleasssee…..

  13. Jadahbee says:

    I have just bought my ipad 2 and basically I ma new to the apple market . I have been reading about the JB . can someone baby step me on the process. I know its for unlocking the pad but where do i get the step by step guide on this. what are the risks associated with this. will the pad still carry its warranty as stipulated when i bought it .


  14. chris says:

    love you!!!!!!!!

  15. youp says:

    where can you find instalous for you’re ipod touch

  16. chirag says:

    hey there! when i select the ipsw, it says “Ipsw is not supported, with this version of redsn0w” i use redsn0w 0.9.9B8 , if am not wrong its the latest redsn0w, am now fed up with iphone and its process, please help me ,any help will be appreciated.

  17. RNBW says:

    Hey osxd

    I successfully jailbroke my 5.01 iPhone with redsn0w 0.9.9b8. I have Cydia installed. IntelliscreenX. and SBsettings.
    I am unable to get my device into DFU mode. I’ve tried the following.

    Hold Power/Home – Apple logo pops up, disappears, reappears.
    Hold Power/Home – Apple logo – Hold Home – Recovery Mode
    Hold Power – Hold Power/Home – Apple Logo – Recovery Mode
    etc, etc. Recovery mode won’t establish a connection with iTunes.

    Please I know there is a wizard out there somewhere.

  18. Kevin says:

    I’ve had my iphone 4 with 5.0 jailbroken for a while now and had no issues. It froze and I had to reboot. No big deal since I already had semi-tether or so I thought. I got to my pc and rebooted with redsnow. Everything came back but all apps including cydia open full screen and then quickly move to 1/4 of the screen. After reading blogs, I think its because of an essential upgrade which cydia tells me there are two. My problem is that I cannot click on the “upgrade” button for some reason. I can’t find how to put my phone into safe mode without having to download something that I clearly cannot because I can’t navigate cydia. Please Help!!

  19. Shehryar says:

    i have an unlocked iphone 3gs running os4.3.3.
    if i update to ios5 and then jailbreak will my sim still work?

  20. Summer says:


  21. Todd says:

    I’m having an issue that doesn’t seem to be mentioned here. I managed to JB my iPad1 about 5 days ago (I bought it used with ios5 pre installed). It was working for 3 days and now every time I boot tethered it freezes on the pineapple logo. I pointed it at the IPSW and retried many times but still a freeze. It lasts for about 10 minutes and then boots on an apple logo. I have all of my Cydia Apps but none work.
    I have re downloaded Redsn0w and the IPSW, synced with iTunes (I have not upgraded to 5.0.1). I re JB’d withe Redsn0w and that worked fine but same issue with tethered boot.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


  22. Paanjr says:

    ive updated my ip4 to iOS5 and id jailbreaked it.. but somehow i want to restore it back to fresh iOS5… seems like there is an error 3109.. any help please?

  23. robert says:

    I am stuck in 4.11.08 iphone 4.I know that there can not unlock for this baseband.But I would like to use as ipad.Can I jailbreak with redsnow?It shouldn’t have ask original sim which I don’t have.Please help me with this.Thank you.

  24. Beto says:

    I did the jailbreak on my iPhone. It worked great!!… I have downloaded several of my favorite tweaks but when I was rebooting the iPhone, It will not come out of the pineapple (redsn0w) logo. It will not complete the reboot cycle. Help please!!!!

  25. I LOVE YOU REDSNOW says:

    Omg i love you redsnow… thanks !

    Finally i can jailbreak ios 5.0 <3

  26. usukh says:

    Jailbroken iPhone 3gs running iOS 5 firmware, if I restart/turn off/ the phone it comes to use Redsnow 0.9.9b8 /just boot/ again otherwise all the programms stop working. Is there anything to fix it?

  27. mindy says:

    Hello, I am trying to jailbreak my iphone and I’m not sure if rebooting is supposed to be taking this long, nothing is moving there is no progress it’s been about 20 minutes, I’m just not sure what to do, someone help me pls.

  28. […] panoramic camera option will be available to current iOS 5 jailbreakers through the Cydia store shortly with an app called Firebreak, but for those who aren’t […]

  29. […] There is a jailbreak for iOS 5 available right now but it is limited to a tethered experience. You can read about the difference between tethered and untethered jailbreaks but the simple answer is that an untethered jailbreak is always preferential because it does not require the iOS device to be connected to a computer during boot. This means you can reboot an iPhone or iPad on the go and have full access to all applications, whereas a tether won’t without the assisted boot procedure. […]

  30. TheEagle0704 says:

    nm i did it, now it just get stuck on the loading screen, once again, HEEEELLPPPP MEEEE!

  31. TheEagle0704 says:

    I went straight to freaking RECOVERY MODE! HELP ME!

  32. Jonathan says:

    Hey, having issues I’m on an iPad 1 and ios5 using redsnow but it works only issue I have is that when I use just boot it opens my iPad in like a iphone fashion I can’t use any of the apps they all open but can’t use them I’m no pro at this so I don’t know what an ISPW is for example lol, and help will be appreciated :))

  33. buffon says:

    hey any1 can help me? i follow the steps given.. but however when they say exploiting with limra1n, my phone would then restart back to the normal screen… with the redsn0w stucking at the same message..

  34. Erika says:

    I followed all the steps and Cydia is installed now, it works, I installed Installous… I had jailbrokened my old iPhone 2G successully… but i dont know whats wrong with this one…
    Just got iPhone 4, updated to iOS 5
    and did what i said before but i dont know why the apps dont install (by itunes), it says that there’s an error and blah blah (like if its not jailbroken)
    please help! :C

    P.S. sorry if my english isnt really good, its my second language

  35. Shagun says:

    Thanks a lot. i successfully installed cydia on my iphone and its jailbroken. now i can easily install installous through it and install free paid applications very very very easily…. thanku thanku so much……..

  36. […] beta jailbreak becomes available. The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 have been noticeably absent from the current iOS 5 jailbreak, both devices share much of the same internal hardware including the A5 CPU, and has posed a […]

  37. mjk says:

    Hey guys,

    I have used redsn0w to enable multi-touch gestures on my iPad1 and it seems like my bluetooth is no longer making automatic connections. (with my car, my ear-set and etc.)

    When I try to make manual connection from my car’s audio, it says, connection failed.

    Is there anything i can do to fix this? or is it going to be solved when an updates come out?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

  38. Aditya says:

    i have already jailbroken my ipod touch and its on iOS 4.2.1.What should i do to to update it to the jailbroken version of iOS 5?

  39. […] anyone who has used the existing iOS 5 jailbreak methods, a new package has been added to Cydia that allows for a semi-tethered […]

  40. delloboy says:

    I have the iPhone 4 and i did my jailbreak using Redsnow 0.9.9b5 and it work fine . thank

  41. Mailgu says:

    Please help me , I has try to jeilbrek iphone 4 by Redsnow 0.9.9b7 then try to install cydia application after
    finished the device will reboot but the reboot process it not coplete it still at the apple logo. I already connect the iphone with computer .When stay in that process can’t do anything only restore the iphone by iTunes.

    I tyr to do this so many times but still same problem.
    If somobody have found the problem and can sucess resolove that problem please help to suggestion to me.

    Thanks lot for help in future.

  42. willie says:

    i try to jailbreak it…but nothing happend it said not recognized…this is a iphone 4 IOS 5.0 i follow the steps… no results as jailbreak…..please advice….A.S.A.P.

  43. ciara says:

    I jailbroke my 3gs with redsn0w for 4.2.1… but with an ipad baseband. I tried redsn0w for ios5 and have it, but it’s not complete. it’s not recognizing my phone# or cydia. I’ve done the process a million times already with the just boot now. (my phone was tethered before too) and still nothing. Does that mean I need to choose “ipad baseband” as well as installing cydia?

  44. dani says:

    Guys iv spent 6 hrs its freaggin 7am i finally got my iphone updated to ios5 from the freaggin 3194 error. Did the jailbreak and now im booting tethered but it WONT LET ME BOOOT! WTF! plz i beg u HELP! SO CLOSE YET SO FAR!!!!!

    • Gator says:

      @dani, depends on what you are using to boot. With Redsn0w, select “just boot”. 3194 usually indicates iTunes error – are u using the latest version?

  45. Kevin says:

    Works fine on Ipod Touch 4G, I’ve done this jailbreak with redsn0w on 3 different Ipods! Thanks a lot! Do you know when the untethered jailbreak is coming out?

  46. Dr Ja says:

    Thanks Man Works like a charm :)

  47. James says:

    i am having trouble my ipod touch 4th gen i try to jailbreak it and it keep saying Exploit failed plz help i dont know what to do

  48. Warren says:

    I have done the iso5 jailbreak on my iphone4. However I cannot boot tethered. redsn0w uploads the exploit, the iphone reboots to a white screen and redsn0w says “exploit failed”. Can anyone help?

    • guillermo says:

      im having the same problem…what the hell. everything goes well up until ‘just boot’ i end up with ”exploit failed’ also

      • j.diz says:

        I had the same issue two or three times, even after I restarted the computer and restarted redsn0w. So through the panic I attempted to restore through iTunes and got a error 1600. Through more panic, I put the phone in DFU Mode and attempted to restore. After what seemed like two days it finally restored.

  49. iKing says:

    the JB works just fine, i have 2 problems:

    1.- I can´t update any free app from the official appstore, imust erase it and reinstall it
    2.- When i try to open iBooks, it shows a loading logo and then it crashes

    i tried restoring my iphone and reinstalling everything, but doesnt work, any ideas?

    • Matt says:

      The issue with iBooks is a known bug and being worked on, the app store apps might just be a result of not booting tethered. Be sure to use Redsn0w on the phones reboot so the jailbreak properly loads.

      • iKing says:

        Hi Matt:
        I think I boot tethered well, since the installous apps work perfectly, i guess it´s another bug that doesn´t let me update native apps, we´ll hace to wait until an untethered version comes.

        thank you!!! :)

  50. iKoi says:

    hey there ya’ll…

    i was hesitant at first to do this JB since this is a TETHERED one, but i still went and did everything as instructed.. everything went well, was able to Jailbreak my iPhone and had Cydia working..

    and to my SURPRISE, i don’t use tethering just to turn my iPhone ON… everything is just as normal as it suppose to be..

    HONESTLY, folllowed steps written here and I got an UNTETHERED JAILBREAK!

    one problem that i cant seem to find a fix yet is..

    CAN’T RESTORE FROM BACK-UP!!! keeps on crashing saying that the back-up file isn’t there or something..

    PLEASE HELP.. i really do need my CONTACTS LIST..

  51. […] certainly need a jailbreak in order to use this, which shouldn’t be challenging considering iOS 5 is jailbroken already, for one to transfer the Siri software over, and also to be able to spoof an iPhone 4S in order to […]

  52. dick says:

    got ios5, did the jailbreak, got white icon cydia but when i rebooted using ‘ just boot’ i keep getting the apple loading screen on a loop. I did point to the ipsw file each time i used redsn0w. help…

    • Keith says:

      if youre still getting the white icon it’s because you need to reboot the device one more time with redsn0w click on just boot, then you will get the pineapple boot screen and everything will work

  53. S317 says:

    After getting into DFU Mode, I have got this “The connected device does not support untethered options”. Please help. Thank you

    • Matt says:

      Sounds like you’re using an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S, those can’t be jailbroken yet.

      • S317 says:

        Im using iPhone 3GS on 06.15.00 firmware.

        • Matt says:

          Oh, this requires custom IPSW if you are using iPad baseband on an iPhone 3GS with 6.15, you can make custom IPSW without the baseband update in the “Extras” menu. So make the custom IPSW and then point to that, but you have to put it in the “PWNED DFU” mode through redsn0w before using it in iTunes.

        • 3gs says:

          try going into DFU mode FIRST before clicking on “Jailbreak” on redsn0w. works for me.

  54. medx says:

    jailbreak works awesome. Does anyone why if you turn off the iPhone you have to reboot through redsn0w again?

    • Keith says:

      because it is a tethered jailbreak. that’s what that means. the devices relies on your computer to boot the device.

  55. Roby says:

    After doing everything, at last reboot on cydia phone stuck on apple logo.
    Please help!

    • medx says:

      what’s up man? same thing happened to me. You have to connect the iPhone to your computer and reboot from redsn0w. Click on the “just boot” option and follow the steps.

  56. Rick5 says:

    After the jailbreak all my apps open up but only occupy about 1/4 of the screen …. really really tiny!!!
    Anyone else suffer from this?

    • Sili says:

      U must have installed powerup, uninstall it by going into safemode using sbsettings power tab, cydia should open full screen now, uninstall it, respring and voila u r full screen again .

  57. StuF says:

    Just one clarification for a newbie. If I jailbreak my iPhone4 and I am forced to do a reboot when I am not near a computer, I will still have basic functionality, e.g. email and phone. I know that Safari may not work and that j.b. apps certainly wont work, I just want to have enough of a phone that I can limp through the rest of the day.

  58. :D:D says:

    when i jailbreak it says, The connected device does not support untethered options. Anyone help? please?

  59. Gazra says:

    Well i can confirm that this does work on iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 GSM and iPad the jailbreak works flawlessly like always.

    Just a few notes though.

    Why must people jump on the bandwagon to update i mean it’s obvious jailbreaks are not going to be untetherd until a couple of days/weeks after this that and the risk of updating a baseband.

    With the release of iOS 5 many of you are excited to make the jump from 4.x -> 5.0. There are a couple important things to keep in mind:

    There is no untethered jailbreak… yet.
    The tethered jailbreak works but Cydia/MobileSubstrate and the tweaks that use MobileSubstrate still have some moderate bugs. (Being worked on now)
    iOS 5 contains a whole new baseband. This means that those of you on iPad2 GSM/CDMA be VERY wary. Once you perform ANY kind of restore, if apple is no longer signing that firmware, you will be STUCK in recovery with no way of getting out. (This is because there is NO public bootrom exploit for iPad 2)
    Also, if you rely on unlocks STAY PUT until Dev-Team/iH8sn0w updates PwnageTool/redsn0w/sn0wbreeze to support custom firmware!
    SHSH playback won’t work for iOS 5.0+. This means that restoring iOS 5 will not work the way it did with iOS 4 and below.
    Note that you should still be able to use your SHSH for any iOS 3 or iOS 4 version without any problems.

    This is some more information that i thought you might all like to no

  60. mila says:

    Jailbreaking not working for me. Spend hours trying it and wouldn’t work. ANY IDEAS!!!

  61. mila says:

    My iPhone 4 it s stuck on the apple logo after reboot. HELP!

  62. […] works.. sorry just read your previous post my bad… umm have you tryed redsn0w the latest version Jailbreak iOS 5 with Redsn0w here and click on extra then recovery fix if that doesnt work google irecovery thats the last […]

  63. Alex says:

    I just installed on my iphone 4 ios5 with the redsnow 0.9.9b5 and the jailbreak logo appears when i turn on my iphone and my baseband is also like on 4.3.3 on 04.10.01 but there is no cydia or white cydia icon on my springboard. Anybody knows what to do? Thank you.

  64. Jaxon says:

    Hey, Just got Ios 5, jailbreaked it… then i went on cydia got an app from cydia then rebooted my device. Is now stuck on the apple screen… PLEASE help me!

    • Natsu says:

      I am having this problem as well. I had to reboot for some apps i installed through cydia, and on bootup it was just stuck at the apple screen. Will not bootup, computer will not recognize it when it is in this state. cannot boot tethered through redsn0w. help?

    • medx says:

      you have to reboot from redsn0w by connecting your device to the computer and clicking the “just boot” option.

      • dave says:

        i already try just boot from red snow. its work. but after it, i turn off n turn on , its stuck again n again. how to reboot without red snow?

      • MattDillon says:

        I normally boot tethered, but this time I can’t get it into DFU mode. After holding the home and power button the screen goes black normally so I release the power button, but the Apple logo still pops up.

  65. Harvey says:

    iGMX, you are so right. :D
    Other people that are freaking out are crazy. lol :D

    Read the comment iGMX Posted:

    He knows what he is talking about guys.

    Relaunch redsn0w
    • Click “Extras” And then click “Select IPSW”
    • To Back in the Extras menu, click the “Just Boot” option and follow the instructions and wait for the jailbreak to finish.

    That will do it for you. GOOD LUCK

  66. Hantok says:

    I need help. I update my at&t iphone 4 to iOS 5 with iTunes. Now I have baseband 04.11.08. So, my gevey sim is not working now(((
    What can I do to unlock my phone? I think i need to have another version of baseband, how can I downgrade to earlier version?

    hope for help!

  67. Erik says:

    so i installed the itunes firmware 5 then jailbroke it and it worked then i installed winter board it wont leave safemode… ive tryed rebooting it with redsn0w help? its a 3gs btw

    • Keith says:

      yeah I’m having the same issue. after I installed winterboard I can’t get my ipad1 to leave safe mode. has anyone figured this issue out yet?

  68. Uyung says:

    Ibooks crash with jailbreak redsn0w, please fix it !

  69. iveney says:

    I notice that siri is not supported in iPhone 4.
    Does the jb help to unlock it?

  70. Harry says:

    Awesooooooome@@@@@@ It works!!!!!!1

  71. Апо says:

    anyone else remember the crap talk about iPad 2 jailbreak being release after the release of iOS5

  72. caesar says:

    not working fro me …iphone4 stuck on activation after ios5…??
    pls help me out…

  73. Bobby says:

    itouch64gig 3G os4.3.5 redsnow jailbreak passes dfu then says no identifying data fetched.. what now its just stuck like that..pls help.

    • Uzb3k says:

      heres a tip for you:

      u opened redsn0w pointed at the ipsw then put ur device into DFU mode right?
      then u installed iOS 5 from itunes.
      then you attempted a jailbreak using redsn0w without pointing at the ipsw because its not necessary…

      i did the same thing and got the same problem.
      so everytime i used redsn0w i point at the ipsw again each time, this seems to fix the problems. even when ur booting up in tethered mode.

  74. Raphael says:

    As soon as the iPad was jailbroken all apps started crashing on launch.

  75. Uzb3k says:

    will this update my baseband? can i use gevey ultra to unlock after this update? please someone help out! i’m sure i’m not the only one with this question!

    • Omar says:

      Use “sn0wbreeze 2.8b8”, it will enable you to use Gevey SIM.

      • Uzb3k says:

        Yes i did that actually. Cydia keeps crashing after installing 2-3 cydia apps. i thought of reinstalling the iOS to fix this, then the Mail application as well as the messages applications keep crashing. So i decided this is still an iOS 5 issue to be look at by developers so i downgraded back to my 4.3.5…

        If there are any tips any of you would suggest to fix these issues please let me know!

        • jnew says:

          I had the same issue. I downloaded winterboard and the ios5 winterboard fix along with a theme for my phone and all the sudden the stock ios apps started crashing. i even uninstalled the above cydia apps and the apps were still non functional. So I am running ios5 like a clean virgin until i hear of quality jailbreak.

  76. Charlie says:

    I got a problem after jailbreak and then tether boot. It recognize the device after into DFU mode but then the after reboot, screen turn to white, b4 lot it with a info: no identifying data fetched. Device never get up until I hold power button to turn it off. Anything wrong there?

    • RDIL says:

      Same thing happened to me!! I got Iphone 4 with IOS5. Installing cydia is successful with white icon but when try to boot tethered, it shows no identifying data fetched!!!

      • RDIL says:

        For those who experience “NO IDENTIFYING DATA FETCHED”, keep trying with “just boot” feature and point to IPSW (Select IPSW). My Iphone 4 finally manage to boot tethered after 4th times trying…

        • jvm says:

          I still get “NO IDENTIFYING DATA FETCHED” i think it’s because i can’t find any file that is IPSW format at all after zipping the stuff and looking for it through every possible way on all the youtube vids and comment boards

    • Omar says:

      Try jailbreaking it with sn0wbreeze as it installs “iBooty” which will boot your device without connecting it to your computer. Mine is working like a charm, but no Cydia..

    • Uzb3k says:

      guys, each time u use redsn0w, point at the ipsw each time, this seems to fix this issue.

  77. iGMX says:

    The instructions are incomplete. Cydia will not be installed properly after doing the steps above, all you get is a white icon for Cydia that will not open. You need to do the following steps to fix this AFTER doing the steps posted above:

    • Relaunch redsn0w
    • Go to “Extras” and point redsn0w to the iOS 5 IPSW
    • Back in the Extras menu, click the “Just Boot” option and follow the instructions and wait for the jailbreak to finish.

    Voila! Cydia should now be usable. :)

  78. DiRTDOG says:

    Will we ever see a jailbreak for iPad2?

  79. Davis says:

    As soon as it’s released, it’s jailbroken, LOL

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