Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 Discovered, Work in Progress

Nov 7, 2011 - 21 Comments

Untethered jailbreak Exciting news for those who like to jailbreak the iPhone and iPad, a Dev Team member has discovered a bug that will allow for an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak. No time estimate has been given by @pod2g, but he cautioned on Twitter not to expect a release soon, although he is actively working on the jailbreak.

There is a jailbreak for iOS 5 available right now but it is limited to a tethered experience. You can read about the difference between tethered and untethered jailbreaks but the simple answer is that an untethered jailbreak is always preferential because it does not require the iOS device to be connected to a computer during boot. This means you can reboot an iPhone or iPad on the go and have full access to all applications, whereas a tether won’t without the assisted boot procedure.

There is a so-called “semi-tether” jailbreak available for iOS 5 right now, and while it’s better than nothing it’s still fairly limited in that it requires a tethered boot for full device and app usage.


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  1. […] like the tethered boot process, hold out for an untethered release which is actively being worked on by the Dev Team, no ETA is available for that […]

  2. goksel says:

    Works great!. Dont forget to select 5.0 everytime you boot!

  3. Bill Jobs says:

    A alternative operating system will be the ultimate solution for iphone.

  4. Bill Jobs says:

    Why nobody found a way to install ios thru pc without itune and veryfication

  5. DrChip says:

    Now kids, let’s not fight over the Icecream the Dev Team claims to working on. iOS 5.1 is closer then you think and it would be foolish to release something for iOS 5.0 and it’s many flavors. Don’t worry, if there is a true exploit and tool in the works it should come out after iOS 5.1. in the mean time play Angry Birds to release some stress.

  6. brberto101 says:

    im not trying to be mean but HURRY UP!!! hahaha i update my iphone to the new software like 3 weeks ago when i was in the usa then i moved to brazil and i been wait for the new jailbreak to come out cause i need to unlock my iphone!! i miss my iphone 4 =[

  7. user says:

    I need to jb my iphone 4 ios5.0 pllzzz make it fast thzzz DEV-TEAM..

  8. Iam#Juan says:

    Should be a nice christmas present if released in December

  9. moazzam says:

    i do,nt think anybody will release untethered 5.0 until apple releases a new version of IOS i-e 5.1 because jail breakers do not want to give apple a chance to fix it so easily

  10. carl says:

    Oh yeahhhh!!! :DDD thats a good news a untethered jlb for ios 5…… keep it up dev team were all whith you :) ;)

  11. iPhoneHacker says:

    Funny, a lot of people are relying on some groups to release a untethered jb for ios5. i only did it for 1 day!

    Since this is the only blog where i posted this claim, maybe some of you can twitt or whatever to those groups this clue,

    “somewhere in the garbage, there is gold! you only have to engrave the words ‘open(yourcrotch)’ then the rest follows!”

    You have to be witty enough to understand that!

    I’ll give those groups 1 more week to show their stuff, if not, i need to see all those groups submit to me! bwahahahah!

  12. Don says:

    If half you idiots actually have a grasp of basic English read the article and do your research , 5.0 is a tethered jb for now it will take a while for the untether to come out once they have found the bug because they will have to implement that. into newer jail-breaking tools to allow us to jailbreak our idevices, be patient and actually understand the technology before posting any stupid remarks. Great job iPhone dev-team!!!

    • broadsword says:

      yup yup, agreed. I say it comes out around the first week of December, b/c it usually takes a few weeks to make sure everything is compatible..

    • Rooster K says:

      If you had a conecpet of how the real world works you would see the last bunch of so called updates are nothing more than a song and donation dance… Now the dev team which you wanna blow all has there shiny new iDevices while you sit here praising them and they laugh at you.. What happened to the 5 userland exploits? Now they have suddenly vanished and Pod2g has found a new exploit. Go back and look at your precious Dev teams twitter pages you will see time and time again they stated They did not want to start a donations for the 4s but within days started asking for them. They are dangling a carrot in front of the jailbreaking community to get what they want and nothing more. You’ll get your scraps when they had thet’re fun laughing at your gullable ass. Paid apps and programs arent a new thing, if these clowns want new devices they should be buying them and selling their jailbreak tool. It takes money to make money. But hey I bet they are happy and Obviously so are you, your probably one of the D-Bags that has willingly handed over money in last few months… And for what?

  13. Mcshoebox says:

    Poor article crap headline to grab fake views. What have u actually explained about iOS 5 jailbreak untethered ? Nothing

  14. Jake says:

    F sake! Stop postig the difference between tethered and un! We all know just hurry up with it!

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