How to Use Redsn0w to Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1

Nov 11, 2011 - 105 Comments

redsnow logo iOS 5.0.1 with its bug and battery fixes can be jailbroken using the latest version of the redsn0w tool. For now, this is still a tethered jailbreak, but the semi-tether from Cydia works.

Update: An untethered Redsn0w jailbreak is out for iOS 5.0.1!
If you don’t like the tethered boot process, hold out for an untethered release which is actively being worked on by the Dev Team, no ETA is available for that however.


  • A supported iOS device: iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod touch 3rd or 4th gen – there is currently no support for iPad 2 or iPhone 4S
  • iOS 5.0.1 installed already – download it here or use the OTA update if you haven’t already
  • The previous iOS 5 IPSW for the device
  • Redsn0w 0.9.9b8 – get it for Mac or grab it for Windows

The jailbreaking process will be familiar to anyone who has done this before or who has used a custom IPSW. The main thing to remember here is that you are pointing at the older IPSW file despite running a newer version of iOS, this will continue to be the case until a new version of redsn0w is released to circumvent that aspect of the procedure.

Jailbreaking iOS 5.0.1 with Redsn0w

  • Turn the iOS device off and then connect it to the computer
  • Launch Redsn0w and click the “Extras” button, then click on “Select IPSW” – locate the iOS 5 IPSW (not iOS 5.0.1) and click “Open”
  • Click “Back” to return to the original Redsn0w screen and click on “Jailbreak” as usual
  • Put the iOS device in DFU mode as redsn0w instructs, holding down the Power and Home button for 10 seconds, then release the power button but continue to hold the Home button for another 15 seconds or so
  • As the jailbreak works, the iPhone/iPad/iPod will reboot and you’ll get a notification that it requires a tethered boot, let the device boot up as usual and then put the hardware into DFU mode yet again so you can perform the tethered boot and get Cydia to work
  • Back in Redsn0w, go to “Extras” and select the iOS 5.0 IPSW again, then click on “Just Boot” at the top of the “Extras” menu to perform the tethered boot
  • Enjoy your jailbreak

If you have a white Cydia icon it’s because you didn’t perform a tethered boot properly, so just go through that step again and you’ll be fine. From this point it’s recommended to install the semi-tether since it improves the experience, it’s a free download from the Cydia store.

If all of this seems confusing or causes a headache, just wait until a new version of redsn0w is available or better yet wait for the untether.

Update: The untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 has been released, you can read how to use it here or download the newest redsn0w.


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Posted by: Matt Chan in iPad, iPhone


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  1. Brooke says:

    Okay, so I did it just as instructed. I used the 5.0 firmware instead of the 5.1 and everything… But I always get a 60000 ms error every time! Please help!!

  2. craiggy says:

    my power button is working any help please?

  3. If u have already jailbreak it, plz restore your ipod touch 4thG
    with iTunes then get redsnow 0.9.10b5 open the redsnow (no need to click on extra to select IPSW) just hit jailbreak then you follow the instruction.
    NOTE! u have to be patience when redsnow start identifying
    and it works perfectly with OS 5.0.1

  4. Yenihime says:

    For those of you experiencing problems with turning your ipod back on… Don’t worry, you didn’t break it… It’s easy to fix, this happened to me the first few times when I was learning what to do…I just got my Ipod Touch today, 32 GB, so imagine what I was thinking… “Oh, I broke it already! Craaaap! Why won’t it turn back on?” Now I’m laughing at how easy it is to turn it back on.
    How to fix it?:
    Hold your power button down, along with the home key (Not sure if you really have to hold the home key down but I did.) And just hold it for about 10 seconds… This should take you to the little apple icon…
    Now… There is 2 ways to get it to turn back on…
    Let go of the home key and just hold down the power button… Do this for 5-10 seconds and it should be back on in no time…
    Or the second way, which worked for me once or twice is just to let it sit there, and it’ll come back up itself…

    Basically… Just do what you did to put it in DFU mode again…and it’ll come right back on and shouldn’t have any problems at all…
    I hope this helps and works for those of you who freaked out like I did… Ipods are NOT cheap and thinking you broke it traumatizes you…so I hope this solution helped… If not…lemme know and I will try and assist you further. :)

    And for those of you stuck on the Build identifying/Waiting for reboot… Yeah I’m stuck there too…I’ll post back once I figure out exactly how to get that working…
    Lol I bet half of you are sitting there laughing your ass off and screaming the simplest solution ever. And I’m sitting here, like a deer in the headlights.

    • kim says:

      omg! this is so helpful! i thought i killed my phone >.< Then i found your comment here. You're a lifesaver! :D I managed to get my phone on back and i'm not sure if i should try doing it again :S

  5. Dana says:

    My phone will not cut back on wtf

  6. swapnil says:

    hey help urgent i have an iphone 4 , 16 gb wanted to jailbreak it but is it possible to revert back to non jailbreak mode using revert option available in itunes
    thanks in advance
    a noob 16 yr old

  7. Brother Cadfael says:

    I have a 3GS with old bootrom, iOS 5.0.1, and baseband 05.16.05. I’m trying to jailbreak and unlock it for use on t-mobile, but what I’m seeing online doesn’t work for that baseband. Any suggestions? I’m willing to do a tethered jailbreak for the time being if necessary. Thanks

  8. Brandon says:

    HELP!!! my iphone is stuck on the apple icon screen what do i do

  9. Isac says:

    If I have RedSn0w 0.9.9b9 do I still need to download the previous iOS 5 IPSW on 700mb< or not to jailbreak??

  10. […] by the iPhone DevTeam to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1. It is still a tethered jailbreak and the process is mostly the same as before, except users no longer have to point the redsn0w application at older 5.0 […]

  11. akn2012 says:

    I’ve jailbroken ios5.0.1 through redsn0w 9b9. Everything went fine but it’s not detecting the carrier network. plz smebody help. I’m again trying to reboot through Just Reboot, do i always have to connect the device to reedsn0w for rebooting process….pls advice!!!!

  12. Q.Hack says:

    Works fine,prepared for the final piece so there is no need to “Re-Boot” But thanks thus far.

  13. it does work heres how says:

    It does work, you do exactly what he said EXCEPT before you just boot it you have to close redsnOw then re open it. I learned this the HARD way!!!

  14. RimZ says:

    Hey everyone! I just successfully jailbroke my ipod touch 4g, with iOS 5.

    For those of you experiencing problems with the fingerprint number and unrecognized build, the solution is to “Select IPSW” once again, before “Just Boot”.

    For those who are experiencing problems with having to wait for “Exploiting with Limera1n”, Just make sure to run redsn0w “as administrator” and during the DFU mode “hold on the home key” until the jailbreak is Done!

    Thank you for the guide to jailbreaking my brand new iPod touch! My parents/sister just bought me it today for my birthday :D

  15. Andrea says:

    I just found the answer on a JB Q&A site – when doing the “boot tethered”, you have to go back to the original screen and select your IPSW again, then go into just boot tethered. Once I did that, I’m up and running.

  16. Andrea says:

    I just tried it but got the same message most others are getting. Is it because I just downloaded the IPSW 5.0 and not the IPSW 5.0.1 also? I’m downloading the second one now. Do I go through the whole JB process again or just boot tethered?

  17. yee says:

    it works ,jz try on iphone 4 ios 5.0.1


    Unrecognized build?! I have 5.0.1 installed, but I downloaded 5.0 and specified that as my ipsw, and well, in the end, it said unrecognized build, then fingerprint and stuff. I know the actual build number and stuff, but I don’t know what to do with it. Help!? What do I do? Do you have this problem? How can I fix it? Suggestions?


    OMG! my thing is jailbreaking and it is stuck at “Please wait while your build is being identified.” AND OMG, ITS BEEN FOREVER! LIKE HONESTLY, HALF AN HOUR!? How long does it take? Is it glitched cuz same thing happened 4 times, when i cancelled and tried again? How can I fix it? :( Help?

  20. PLEASE HELP! says:


  21. PLEASE HELP! says:

    Okay, so like I tried this and its like STUCK the place where the build is being identified?? It won’t load more. It’s like at the same position?! HOw long does this take!?!? And i don’t have 5.0 i only have 5.0.1 so i can’t select the ispw. Help?!?!?!

  22. Oh Wow. says:

    I dont have 5.0 ?? i only have 5.0.1 help!

  23. Oh Wow. says:

    OMG!Where is ispw?? I went there and its like something to do wit a fingerprint, and yeah, i cud only find 5.0.1 not 5, so yeahhh what do I do??

  24. David says:

    Does this Work for a Japanese Iphone 4….!?

    Many thanks


  25. kenzo says:

    unthetered version almost available

    Pod2g tweet :)

    pod2g @pod2g

    Got an untethered iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1. Feel free to update.

  26. Tenor Sax + Skrillex says:

    I got an iPod 1st generation and jailbroke it and I LOVED having my iPod jailbroken! But about a year ago, I really wanted the iPod 4th generation so I bought me one. Apple did a really nice job on it.
    Anyway, I talked to my uncle who’s a big technology guy much like me just yesterday, and he said jailbreaking is totally legal, very fun to do and won’t screw your iPod up. He also said that he recommends Redsn0w.
    I haven’t tried this yet and I’m really counting on this to work.

    Thanks for your help dude! I’m off to a great start!

    iMissU Steve Jobs. Just like your name, you did your job here on earth.

    I am 12 years old.

  27. Brate says:

    How can you locate file 5.0 IPSW? I cant find it I dont understand I downloaded the newest version of RedSnow and I don’t get it. I have an Ipod touch 4th gen. Can someone please help?!

  28. Anar says:

    works thanks, is just me or every time i jailbreak my device using redsn0w the battery drains? Without jailbreak its fine…

  29. Wanz says:

    Worked like a charm, thanks man.

  30. Hipster315 says:

    Why does it keep rebooting on the Apple boot screen after the pineapple disappears? In the Just Boot mode.

    Did I do something wrong or out of seq?

  31. stephanie says:

    i get the unlock to go through on my 3gs but whenever i install installous i crash and have to restore …..why???

    • tim mcmillen says:

      stephanie, sorry i do not have an answer to your question. but i have a question for you. i, too, have a 3gs running 3.2.1 unlocked and JB with limera1n. want to JB iOS 5.0.1 but also want unlock. do i redo the jailbreak with redsnow and then unlock? how did you go about it?

  32. aero says:

    Here is the problem with it not working, most of you are not following instructions. I would love to have the hardware you have. I have an iphone by a user who religiously updated. So i have a 3gs, new bootload, MC model, baseband 5.16.05. This thing is untouchable it seems. trying to unlock it using ipad baseband method. During the process it says please wait for minutes at a time, but in between posts an error about unable to unlock NAND. Any experts can tell me if i have to wait for a new version of redsn0w to exploit this?

  33. Sanchit says:

    select the 5.0.0 ipsw and it will work to jailbreak 5.0.1. God it wasted so much time

  34. Karan says:

    Followed the instruction worked like charm n not getting cydia white icon also
    thanks for help

  35. ghostmm says:

    im finish that jailbreak and when i turn on iphone my signal is on NO SERVICE :/ ??

  36. pijan says:

    same problem here….plz help…

  37. fall says:

    The jailbreak went fine but when doing the “Just boot” after I get the pineapple logo then the apple logo just keeps looping while turning itself on & off repeatedly :? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    • Um says:

      Same here, keeps on rebooting. I can turn the phone off by holding down the home and power button, then turn it on. But the Cydia icon is still white – not sure if I can put any network sim in it though.

  38. DTR says:

    Got it to work after a few. Biggest issue was the holding the buttons stage. You have to press them near exactly the same time, Hold down and you will see your screen flash, by that time you’ll be at 7 sec if counting in your head, still wait for 10 and release the power button and count to 5 then release and the screen will be black. Then done and done.

    IPOD 4G i done it on.

  39. jj says:

    i download redsnow 0.9.9b8 et firmware 5.0 then i click it select ipsw , i salect my firmaware and i click ok that said the
    ipsw is not suppoted by version (fingerprint ) …. on windows

    how can i do for hack

    • Josh says:

      The best answer yet lol I did that on my 3GS and I never had to boot teather now.. but I’m sure I need to 50% of the time most apps are whit but they still work. And I can power on and off with out limiting myself . But all in all I will be boot tethering soon my app locker makes it go in safe mode lol. Can’t wait for the real deal

  40. GhostHunter1198 says:

    @Gaetan If ur phone is in that situation just try to put ur device in DFU mode again. It really works. Ur device wil just boot like usual.

  41. Ridhwaan says:

    Why is it still saying i’ve got the old version of redsn0w????

  42. Ronnie says:

    After Jailbreaking and doing a tethered boot which is pointing at the iOS 5.0 ipsw, I see the pineapple logo. It then flashes and defaults to the screen which prompts me to plug the phone into iTunes. Any suggestions?

  43. […] Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 with redsn0w or another tool […]

  44. Bobby says:

    The instructions in the tutorial do work. I also go the white cydia icon but if you follow the “just boot” option in “Extras” then the cydia will work. Although i must have tried at least a dozen times. Good luck all!!!

    • jon says:

      i have done all of the steps and when i hit just boot in extras it all works out and says done. then i get the pineapple and immediately after i get the apple sign and a loading sign switching off making the charging noise, how do i get it to work?

  45. Mel says:

    I tried it on my 3GS and got it to jailbreak. Then I just boot tethered and that worked too. Then I tried to open cydia and it did like and upgrade , then I lost the cydia app and all the apps that came on the phone iOS 5.0.1 originally

    • Jabad says:

      Same happened to me, can’t find info anywhere, you’re the first I found that had same problem. Although Cydia appears and works on mine. Most stock apps gone. Have you found any info elsewhere? I have 3gs 5.0.1 upgraded to Ipad baseband to do the jailbreak.

  46. Jon says:

    So, everything was going perfectly until I downloaded the .zip file. I extracted it, and there was no IPSW file. Could you please tell me where it is?

  47. Jmork says:


  48. kenzo says:

    Hi i have an Iphone 4g on IOS 5.0.1 with Baseband 4.10.01 if I do this Jailbreak it will upgrade my Baseband and will loose the unlocking process?

  49. Sak says:

    Best one thanks i tryed to jailbreak for days and this one actually works!!

  50. uriel says:

    help i cant select ipws file i keep going to the firmware folder and doesnt work it says no files

  51. Sasi Attili says:

    Please help. I have jailbroken my iphone 4 on ios 5.0.1 with redsnow yesterday and it says ‘no service’. Rebooting and installing cydia has made no diff.

    • kenzo says:

      Just jailbreak and installing cydia does not make your phone unlocked, you’ll need to use ultrasn0w or gevey sim to unlock your it, if you have the right Baseband.

  52. Hasbi says:

    works pretty goooood thanks

  53. Twist2Open says:

    cool, worked handsomely on my iphone 4. tnx!

    • del says:

      how do u do that…?i still work on it…still same i got reply by “this ipsw unsupported by this version of redsn0w…but i tried used the latest redsn0w 0.9.9b8…please guide me the with the proper instruction…

  54. Juan Jose Rodriguez says:

    it worked perfectly

  55. says:

    I followed exactly the instructions given above – and tried it 3 times …. with the same result. Failure.
    Im using redsnow 0.9.9b7. I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1 – downloaded the 5.0 ISPW as instructed, and when it reboots after trying to install Cydia, my iPhone does not show Cydia is installed at all. (it show’s up with a blank white icon, and cannot be opened)
    Although my iPhone goes thru all the motions of the installation, installing bundles etc.
    Then if i try to do step 7. (boot tethered) – Redsnow tells me ‘unrecognised build’ ?? …. and some fingerprint number. ??

    Plz help.

  56. brig says:

    after lots of attempts and different tries, and near close to my phone dying and reviving lots of times. i finally got it to jailbreak by doing as pointed out … by making sure you select ipsw 5.0 every time before i boot up.
    yet to unlock it… any update yet?

  57. Person says:

    cant find the godamn ipsw???

  58. Nick says:

    You failed to mention that owners of 3GS shall not proceed if they use Ultrasn0w. At the moment there is no Ultrasn0w working version for iOS 5.0.1 and all we get is No Service… :( Can’t even downgrade.

  59. sSupreme says:

    tethered boot does not work after the jailbreak

  60. Mike P says:

    Works but Cydia Icon is solid white and automatically closes when started,

  61. Shan says:

    my cydia is crash after ‘done: package’ >.<

  62. nabs says:

    this steps Worked.. i moved all the IOS files to the redsnow folder and fallowed this steps and now i am good to gooo.. thanks dud..

  63. EDZ says:

    Stock on boot how do i fix it

  64. Enteng says:

    same result as the other , No Service or No Sim is seen….

  65. Gaetan says:

    Hmmm. Same as the previous posters.

    I did first upgrade my iphone 3GS to IOS 5.0.1. I followed these instructions, selecting ios 5.0 as ipsw and redsn0w 0.9.9b8 could only get me to the “Exploiting with linera1n” screen, leaving me then with the only “Cancel” option… At this point, the iphone shows the itunes and usb plug…

  66. pedro says:

    it does not work, i tried it 5 tikmes and I could only jailbreak not rebooted

  67. pollytintop says:

    my 3gs just keeps jailbreaking instead of booting… what am I doing wrong?

  68. parakeet says:

    Do this for now then download 0.9.9b9 when it’s out later this weekend :D

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