Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 4 Update Released to Download

Jun 15, 2011 - 15 Comments

Lion Developer Preview Software Update 5

Apple has pushed out another software update to Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview, it’s labeled simply as “Lion Developer Preview Update” and is recommended for all users running Developer Preview 4. This is the first update to DP4, but Apple is not referencing it as Developer Preview 5. Build is 11A494a and downloads as a speedy 656 MB delivery via Software Update.

The update likely focuses on bug fixes, but you’ll notice there is a restyled login screen, showing the Apple logo over the linen background wallpaper that is seen elsewhere in Lion.

Linen Login screen for Lion Dev Preview

This version of the login screen was shown briefly at WWDC when Phil Schiller logged into OS X.

Apple is pushing closer to the scheduled release of Lion in July, when it will cost $29.99 as a download through the Mac App Store.

Edit: Yes, Mac OS X is still called Mac OS X here too.

Update: Courtesy of @MacRumors another gorgeous screenshot showing the new login screen with multiple user accounts:
New Lion login screen with multiple user accounts


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  1. Allards says:

    Same issue with the Battery life here, seems 45% less!?

  2. Bosco says:

    Two finger scroll between next and previous webpage is also not working for me.

  3. Mickey says:

    @shravan – Yes, I’ve noticed exactly the same thing on my quad-core MBP. Meh.

  4. Shravan Sundaram says:

    Anyone else noticed battery issues? Since I downloaded Dev Preview 4, my battery life has become extremely sloppy. Discharges from 100-30% in about an hr. I have re-installed it as well, but no changes and this update doesn’t seem to have helped.

    • Shannon says:

      I’ve noticed battery issues since installing the first Developer Preview. Usually, I can only get about 1.5hrs from a full charge, with SL I was getting 6+

  5. lion says:

    Changes –
    Updated login screen (new background)
    There is a slightly new animation when switching windows into and out of full-screen mode
    There is a new background for Mission Control:
    By default, Mission Control is now activated by four-finger gestures (likely for people moving from Snow Leopard)
    Preference panes have been moved around in System Preferences:
    “About This Mac” has received a slightly new design:
    Mail and LaunchPad databases have been updated. LaunchPad has been reset for some.
    Users still cannot use multiple windows of a full-screen app in one “desktop” if using an external display.
    It might be interesting to note that there must be at least one more update before Lion is released to the Mac App Store because videos on new gestures are still “coming soon.”:
    It seems a new bug with scrolling between next and previous webpages in Safari has been introduced.

  6. Diego says:

    I’m getting the same error! and now its dowlonading MASSIVELY SLOW

  7. FFSBBQ says:

    I keep getting an error saying:

    ‘The Update “Lion Developer Update” Can’t be Saved’

    ‘The update could not be verified. It may have been corrupted during downloading. The update will be downloaded and checked again the next time that Software Update runs.’

    Tried three times now and same message, anyone else?

  8. Blake says:

    can anyone get that background with the apple logo? looks awesome.

  9. […] poco menos de una hora que las novedades llegarían conforme se fueran probando y ya tenemos la primera: la pantalla de login o […]

  10. Jared Meyer says:

    The logo to enter Full Screen has changed and is a lot larger, almost cartoonish. Not sure if I like it, but it’s a feature.

  11. ian says:

    Did they rename it OS X yet??


  12. xf says:

    FYI it’s 994mb for me, downloading slowly now.

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