Mac OS X 10.7 Lion GM Download Released to Developers

Jul 1, 2011 - 22 Comments

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion GM build

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Golden Master has just been seeded for developers to download, the latest and possibly last dev release of Lion comes as build 11A511.

A GM build typically means a public release is due out in the very near future, meaning the Mac OS X Lion release date may be a lot earlier in the month of July than some originally expected.

Developers can download the GM seed directly from the Mac Developer Center on

When Lion is released, it will cost $29.99 as a download exclusively through the Mac App Store. If you’re not a developer, start stocking up on discounted iTunes gift cards and you’ll be able to buy Lion at a discount come time for release, which very well could be next week.

Update: The GM build does not appear to be available via Lion’s Software Update, meaning you’ll have to use the App Store to download the new release.

Update 2: Lion Server GM, iCloud beta 3, and Xcode 4.1 dp7 are also available

Update 3: A public OS X Lion release date may be July 14th


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  1. rachanta says:

    Though moved into os x in a big way, and I now keep playing between Linux and OS X and need Windows at work. So the answer is triple boot or multi boot.

    I have Lion, Windows 7 and Ubuntu (yes folks Ubuntu) all loaded on my jacknife USB Storejet. It boots into Windows (on HDD), OS X Lion (on HDD), OS X Snow Leopard on USB StoreJet, OS X Lion USB Installer and Linux (Ubuntu 11 (natty)) allowing me to boot almost any machine that has no password at BIOS level.

    I also have Lion and Windows dual boot on my Hard Drive (could have gone triple, but needed more discspace for other stuff)

    General loading sequence for triple boot:

    First install Windows. While doing this, make enough partitions for the three OSes and data.

    Next load Ubuntu. Ubuntu grub gets loaded (you can update-grub later to allow boot from grub to os x). Grub is to be loaded only on the partition containing the Linux File System (eg., sdc3), and not root of the USB StoreJet, sdc during the Linux installation. This makes Ubuntu access from Chameleon (which we will load subsequently) possible.

    Finally load Lion (MBR- only MBR can coexist with Windows). With Lion load the Chameleon boot loader (Chameleon-2.0-RC5-r1083) which now operates as an overall cover boot loader that accesses a secondary Ubuntu grub list boot loader, Windows and OS X.

  2. rachanta says:

    Further made a lamp server using Michael Gracie and Jason’s tutes:

    Now I am fully set to work with my with my Dell-E6400-Latitude-Lion

  3. Jacob says:

    “Update 3: A public OS X Lion release date may be July 14th”
    It’s July 15, and there is no sign of the release. I am signed up to be mailed about it, and looked on the App Store.
    No email. Searched it on the App Store…nothing.

  4. rachanta says:

    I have successfully loaded Lion Gold Master on my Dell Latitude E6400.

    I created a Lion USB installer. The installer is a 8GB USB GUID partition that automatically gets named as Mac OS X Base system when it is restored from Base System.dmg on Lion Gold Master. Then I , copied fakesmc, ACPIPlatform…, IOPCI… in /S/L/E on the installer drive. I used Kext Wizard which also repair /S/L/E permissions on the installer.

    Kext Wizard that allows you to load kexts to other drives and repair other drives (from the one you are booted into) is a great help.

    As I was loading Lion on an MBR partition I replaced:
    /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Base\ System/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg and
    /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Base\ System/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/OSInstall
    –on the installer drive with modified files (obtained by googling)

    Then I booted into the USB installer using Chameleon-2.0-RC5-r1083.pkg loaded on my existing SL drive, with -v -f flags. Then O followed regular install process. Once install is through I booted into existing SL and copied fakesmc, ACPIPlatform…, IOPCI… in /S/L/E on the new Lion Drive with Kext Wizard and repaired /S/L/E permissions. I also copied from my old SL into /E of the new Lion Drive and repaired permissions on /E as well. This last step is essential to avoid kernel panic or keyboard freeze at login time after loading Chameleon on the new Lion Drive.

    After initial boot up, for whatever system that didnt work, I used my old SL kexts, such as IONetworkingFamily.kext, IO80211Family.kext, Intel82566MM.kext, VoodooHDA, VoodooSDHC, AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext

    To enable native ntfs, I used iBlacky method of copying mount_ntfs to and saving the follwing script to mount_ntfs:
    /sbin/mount_ntfs.orig -o rw “$@“

    For this too I had to load the kext from SL.

    I now have a fully working Lion Gold Master. As it doesnt have nvidia, I cannot enjoy all graphic applications, but it does better than my SL, as I able to open jpegs with

  5. Tabish says:

    Another issue, my Macbook Pro don’t go sleep itself…

  6. Tabish says:

    GM also has problem accessing NAS via smb protocol, it appears permission issue on each directory on NAS share… hope to be resolved in final release.

  7. Alex says:

    I am gonna get lion when it comes out in a week or two but i was just wondering if i need to activate anything to use iCloud beta(s)?

    • Aaron says:

      Any notice that the iTunes release with GM is 10.3.1? I was using beta 10.5 and it put 10.3.1 on…

  8. […] Lion GM End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) states that users can run up to two additional instances of Mac […]

    • jnl1211 says:

      DO NOT USE the imzdl torrent! It may the most readily available but it’s so slow, it’s INSANE! 0 seeders, I’ve been downloading all night and it’s not even half done. Still says 20+ hours to go!!!!

    • cee202 says:

      mines finished, took 2 hours

  9. […] as soon as July 14th, according to sources at 9to5Mac. This news comes immediately after Apple has released the Lion GM build for developers to download through the Dev […]

  10. Nick says:

    Can’t wait! So close to the public release, looking forward to getting it :)

  11. Lu says:

    downloading now…

  12. […] Mac OS X Lion GM has been released, signifying a public release is due in the very near future. Stay […]

  13. Jonathan says:

    DP4 is still pretty buggy, I have a feeling the final is going to ship with some bugs too.

    • Tamas says:

      And you are perfectly right. A QuickTime Full Screen bug is still persistent, it has been there since DP1 and now it is in the GM, too. The screen is flashing 2-3 times upon startup at the login screen. animations are sometimes glitchy too. This of course does not mean that there are any bugs affecting functionality, but this is less than what I expect from apple.

  14. Hawk says:

    Finally! Public release and new MacBook Air’s coming soooooooooon

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