Mac OS X Lion Release Date Imminent?

Jul 1, 2011 - 45 Comments

Mac OS X Lion

The public release of Mac OS X Lion is imminent, possibly coming as soon as July 14th, according to the well-sourced 9to5Mac. This news comes immediately after Apple has released the Lion GM build for developers to download through the Dev Center.

Releasing the GM build today will give time for any potential bug reports to come in over the weekend for Apple engineers to address next week, suggesting that the final release could be as soon as next week but more likely the week after.

Looking at the past we can get another hint of the potential release schedule based on prior Golden Master builds. A former Apple employee @iDannyOcean points out that the Mac OS X Snow Leopard build was released a little over two weeks before the official launch, and he suggests that July 19 would be a “good bet” for a launch date. I suspect this could be accelerated slightly, matching 9to5Mac’s date, due to the exclusive Mac App Store digital distribution method. Keep in mind that Apple will still have to print Lion Restore DVD’s and USB Key media to be bundled with new Mac purchases, which may include the long-expected MacBook Air refresh.

OS X Lion will be released exclusively through the Mac App Store as a $29.99 download, this includes a generous personal license that expands the upgrade to all of your personal Macs.

Check out the Lion system requirements and review our archives for more about Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and it’s many new features and improvements.


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  3. james says:

    It’s ok be patient my son it will come out when the almighty Apple says it will.

  4. javier says:

    It’s the 1 4! :( no lion yet.

  5. javier says:

    It’s the 14! :( no lion yet.

  6. […] now starting to accept Lion apps, that email could indicate that OS X Lion will not be released this Thursday as originally anticipated, but instead slightly later in the […]

  7. james braselton says:

    hi there pex how do you know that servers were bumper up for the july 12 servers needs more extra bandwith i do know the internet download only and reqier 4 gb out of the macbook air 256 gb ssd soo 252 free gb flash storage at 400 mb/s read write speeds the internet saying lion was coming out on july 14 2011

  8. james braselton says:

    hi there i want new air have 1 tb ssd or 1 terabyte solid state flash drive in terabytes

  9. shams k says:

    at about 1 am this morning, July 10, my iTunes announced that it would expire in 116 hours. 116 / 4 = 4 days. 10 + 4 = 14. I think, therefore, that I may infer July 14 to be a very likely correct date.

  10. […] reported that the Mac OS X Lion release date is indeed set for next week, likely on Thursday, July 14th, and that a new Macbook Air will launch […]

  11. […] new reports suggest that the Mac OS X Lion release date is indeed set for next week, likely on Thursday, July 14th, and that a new Macbook Air will launch […]

  12. yanko says:

    I´ve been told by an Apple salesman that do NOT install lion in my macbook pro..he said if I do, the battery will last no more than 4-5 hours!!….

    • Troll Catcher says:

      BS, there is no way an official Apple sales associate would tell you that because Apple sales associates are not allowed to discuss unreleased products. Nice attempt at trolling though.

      • hank says:

        i also seem to get lower battery life on lion GM, but i think overall the battery life is on par with snow leopard, we just need to wait for the retail version.

  13. Rob says:

    The Macbook Air just got refreshed in October. What is this about a refresh? Why?

    With previous versions they had to actually press up media and so a two week lag made sense. Now it’s nothing more than putting the image on the servers and bracing for the stampede.

    I’m hoping for 10.7 on 7/7/2011. :)

  14. Ash says:

    If only it was on a per IP address torrent with registration and fees of course.

  15. […] Deshpande Accoording to this site, release date is 'mostly' 14th July.http:/… (more) Sign up for free to read the full text. Login if you already have an account.This answer […]

  16. […] 記事元: Mac OS X Lion Release Date Imminent, Possibly July 14th?. […]

  17. James says:

    So… how long do you think it’ll take to download this thing? I hear it’s about 4GB.

    • Steve Austin says:

      All depends on your connection to the interweb & server load. Apple’s AppStore servers will be very busy for a few days after release so if you can wait for it to calm down all the better then just leave it to download over night.

  18. Argelius says:

    “Imminent” isn’t in two weeks. Imminent is, like, tomorrow.

    I want an Air with 512GB SSD., imminently, please!

  19. Jared Digby says:

    I hope Lion comes sooner:-)

  20. Carl says:

    Apple normally has a thing for Tuesdays when it comes to releasing products so my guess is on the 12th or 19th, though it wouldn’t surprise me too much if it were next tuseday!

  21. Brian says:

    I hope Apple Stores have the new Air in stock on July 14th, I will buy one on release day. So stoked!

    • Nicolas says:

      hey don’t get too excited. There is no plans for the new macbook air’s. Apple will have keynote and show off the new macbook air sometime and will address when it comes out. There is a 0.01% chance the macbook air will come out on the 14th. You can get the current version of the macbook air right now and you can get mac OS X Lion for free on launch date.

      • Ragman says:

        Wow, you guy’s all need to learn when apostrophe’s are and aren’t appropriate.
        Personally, I won’t be considering a MacBook Air until they bump up the processors to at least 2.26 GHz. I mean, they pulled it off for the base-level MacBooks in ’09, so I don’t see what the big delay is.
        And I’m sure I’m not the only consumer out there who looks to upgrade with new purchases rather than taking a step down (or even breaking even) specs-wise.

        • Englishtutor says:

          apostrophe’s? Go clean your own stall first before you pick on other individuals. We all make mistakes. If you find any, keep them, they are your individual property then.

        • Chris says:

          “guys” shouldn’t have had an apostrophe, and neither should “apostrophes.”

          Christ some people are retarded.

    • --- ' --- says:

      I believe’s that’s the’s lunch’s date’s will’s be’s on’s July’s 19th’s… guy’s. :)’s

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