Steve Jobs: “Your phone is the dumbest f***ing idea I have ever heard”

Jul 21, 2011 - 137 Comments

Famous Steve Jobs portrait from Apple

This will be the funniest thing you will read all day. An apparent excerpt from Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN quotes an epic exchange between Steve Jobs and the ESPN president:

The story goes that ESPN president George Bodenheimer attended the first Disney board meeting in Orlando, Florida, just after the company had bought Pixar, the innovative animation factory, and spotted Apple CEO Steve Jobs in a hallway. It seemed like a good time to introduce himself. “I am George Bodenheimer,” he said to Jobs. “I run ESPN.” Jobs just looked at him and said nothing other than “Your phone is the dumbest fucking idea I have ever heard,” then turned and walked away.

Steve is a champion who is not afraid of speaking his mind.

What an awesome find from Gruber of DaringFireball, who points out that the “dumbest” phone in question is this ESPN branded Samsung flip-phone from 2006, shown here:

ESPN Phone that Steve Jobs wasn't fond of

DaringFireball also points out that ESPN and Disney when on to lose $135 million on that phone, which kind of proves it was a dumb idea. Assuming this quote comes from when that ESPN phone was released (mid-2006), this was pre-iPhone, but the iPhone was certainly being tested internally at that point for a launch the following year in January of 2007. The rest is history, as Apple released the iPhone which changed the entire face of the mobile industry, and in just Q3 2011 alone they sold over 20 million of the phones.

Steve Jobs

By the way, what better way to sell a book than an epic Steve Jobs quote?


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  1. Jimmy says:

    He left his behind a lot of places

  2. Nick says:

    He also called Sergey Brin and Larry Page dumb for supporting android, and now android dominates 70 of the smartphone market. Yeah, Steve jobs was way wrong on that one. pwned.

    • Kayvon says:

      Yeah. Tim Cook destroyed apple. If Steve Jobs was seeing android everywhere, he would just put boot camp for their devices like windows and Mac long ago

    • William White JR says:

      Okay, nowhere to put a Proper Comment, so I’ll leave it here, yes I’m Necroing.

      Stumbled on this when jokingly Googling why Androids–to put it politely–Suck. (The Google attempt was full of Profanity, LOL)

      The last part of the Article is FULL of Logical Fallacies. Just because the ESPN Phone was dissed by Jobs doesn’t make him a ‘Champion,’ nor does speaking his Mind. (Obviously now more correctly ‘having Spoken his Mind.’)

      However, this is the Worst offender of all: “DaringFireball also points out that ESPN and Disney when on to lose $135 million on that phone, which kind of proves it was a dumb idea.”

      No…Loss of Sales does NOT automatically mean an Idea is DUMB. It means it Failed to Perform in the market, and as anyone with a Head for Finance knows, the Reasons such things DO Fail is NOT inherently Indicative of it being a ‘Stupid,’ or ‘Dumb,’ Idea. The Market–ANY Market–is often referred to as ‘Volatile’ for Good Reason. So yeah, nice display if Fallacious Equivalency there, bud. :/ (The Writer, that is.)

  3. Sid says:

    a better question might be how in the HELL did they manage to spend $135M printing an ESPN logo on what looks like an otherwise stock circa ’06 phone? if I’m on disney board I’d want a full forensic accounting of where that $ went regardless of how many (/few) they sold and/or how much PHB-ism was involved in letting it ever get that far…

  4. Edu says:

    To which the ESPN guy replied, “yeah, maybe, but i can always make or buy a better one, but your life will be f***ing shorter and sh***ier than mine, and none on your billions of dollars from your millions of overpriced phones will be able to do anyhting about it.”

  5. Jeff says:

    OMG! Great job steve Jobs! i totally would’ve gave him the same advice. If only he was smart enough to understand the genius behind your rude comment. It was the inside of the comment that mattered not it’s outer appearance. lawl. dick

  6. Paul says:

    clearly shows you what true personality he had, and we he died. I do admit he made amazing products, but vowing to spend all his fortune to destroy Android and Google, destroyed him in the end. His hate to other people and companies is what did him in

  7. Jake says:

    Jobs was a great innovator, but he was not a good person.

  8. Jack Shown says:

    Paul Horowitz, there is absolutely nothing humorous about this in the least.

  9. Jack Shown says:

    Paul Horowitz, there is absolutely nothing humorous about this in the least. You apparently have about as many social skills as a chimpanzee.

  10. Anthony says:

    What I want to know is how one person can be so right so many times in his life. If I could get even 10% of that magic, I’d be golden.

  11. John W says:

    One thing I do get from reading the book on Jobs is that no matter how rude the comment was he made to anyone they shouldn’t take it personal…Because, it would appear, Jobs didn’t seem to personally have any feelings except for only a few people (his parents?). So, his unfeeling crass remarks,in reality, hurt alot less since they’re coming from a person of his ilk. His best friend in the early years was Wozniak and he may of not verbally insulted him the magnitude of what this discussion revolves around, but he treated him, many times, with even less regard. His products had style and substance, but, sadly, it seemed his innermost self was hardly as well formed. Just an opinion

  12. Jerry says:


    If there really were a conversation between the two, I am sure it went a whole lot differently than what is reported.

    Gets people’s blood boiling and makes for good discussion, however.

  13. Jack says:

    It has nothing to do ESPN. It is some SUN people who were really lazy and restrict people to J2ME until iPhone and Android came out.

  14. David Sutherland says:

    All this proves is that Jobs was insecure about Samsung even BEFORE the iPhone.

    It’s all crap if it’s not Apple, right?

    And if it is like Apple then Apple sues!

    • Artyom Brazelman says:

      …Well, yes, but, this phone really was a very pathetic attempt. At least with Apple, you get what you pay for.

      • just me says:

        what, do you mean everybody should have same kind of phones?
        Why do we have different kind of cars and houses?
        Because we are all different. I, for one, like freedom and Apple really ties your hands with iTunes, Appstore and other services with strong restrictions.
        Especially you would expect US citizens to be enticed by freedom.

        Pardon my bad English.

  15. KedarnathAwati says:

    Viva Orcidas for speaking the truth…we watch films on TV if not in theaters, (I hope) and if we need a smart phone a musician will certainly choose an android driven one because of the metronomes, tanpura drones and other apps that android users have access to. I have bought a MacAir simply because it is light and supports all my other music softwares efficiently.
    Still, it must be said that the era of both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs has come to an end. Indeed they would never have flourished had it not been for the break up of the Soviet Union. A communist Russia would surely have striven for and perfected open source softwares by the year 1996. Both Jobs and Gates had the paranoid mentality of eccentric accountants. In the later version of Windows it is impossible to access the command line without risking a crash. I have not even tried to look for such a thing on my Mac Air…so long as the appliance does the work it was bought for (writing music) its OK with me….but my next laptop will almost certainly be run on android…mark my words!

    • Internet Guy says:

      I believe you’re looking for “Terminal,” found in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.

      Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? I’m beginning to believe you wouldn’t know the first thing to type in a command line.

  16. Anthony says:

    If I saw Steve Jobs I would tell him “Your iOSification of the Mac OS is the dumbest f* idea I have ever heard.”

  17. Bobbaloo says:

    Sounds like Asperger’s to me.

  18. Rogue_Leader says:

    “One company administrator swears at another”.

    If this impresses you, you’re an imbecile.

    • mqrc says:

      its not a swear towards another company, its a statement, a fact. and someone should tell “them” how crappy it is, rather than sucking up the butt of those who create stupid ‘idea’.

  19. Eric Johnson says:

    Being a genius does not excuse you from being a a**hole.

    • Amazing Iceman says:

      Maybe, but he was very right about that phone.
      Steve could perceive the future of it, and he just told him the truth. Well, Steve actually told it straight and cold, but still accurately.
      Many people considered Steve Jobs a philanthropist, a person who cares for others. The difference here is that Steve most likely expected Bodenheimer to be someone at his level, a powerful person with the power to innovate; in his frustration, Steve directly expressed his disappointment for such terrible phone, just like a man who would yell at his own brother for acting dumb sometimes.

      • Not Quite So Amazing says:

        He wasn’t really perceiving the future or predicting anything. At the time of this Exchange, Jobs already had the iPhone on the way. The fact that this same Samsung phone was a hit in markets where the iPhone wasn’t available (Korea, for example), proves that it would have been a success for ESPN otherwise. Steve Jobs was just a grade A s-hole.

  20. Gary says:

    OrcinasAdamantos, with all your (self-accredited) intelligence, you still seem to have trouble with simple sentence structure, punctuation and grammar. Yeah, y’know… that ‘old school’ stuff.

    Your first post made little, if any, sense. Then you were busted on the other one with regard to portability, but you completely ignored that. I suppose I could carry a music player, a phone, a notepad, a camera, a brand new map book (y’know… in case someone got the directions wrong or a street got renamed since the previous version… ya I know… ‘oh that never happens’… duh), and… ohoohh yeah… a freakin’ COMPUTER so I can check email, look stuff up on the web when necessary (since I can’t fit the entire Encyclopedia Britannica set in my car… and I don’t feel like taking my car out just to carry all this shite), etc etc etc. I’ll even concede that some of these things would be better than the all-in-one device at particular tasks but SHEESH… to put all that functionality into my *pocket*?!?? Wait… what? You mean it has GAMES TOO?!??

    My mom used to lug over a dozen books with her on a trip, she loved reading so much in her down time. Now with the iPad, she has much, MUCH more selection available to her, wherever she may be, with nary a strain on her (increasingly) aged arms and back. To say nothing of allllll that other functionality she can take advantage of.

    Steve expressed an opinion, that’s all. And jeezus people, we have NO idea what kind of attitude the other dude approached Mr. Jobs with. I personally think *watching* ANYthing on a freakin’ phone screen is insane. That is, unless you are really into myopia. And yes I do mean even a screen as big as the iPhone’s.

    Years ago, when I first saw the Palm OS on a cell phone, I said to many friends that once Apple had a PDA that could play music, make calls (it’s a phone it’s not a phone WHATEVER it makes calls), and ideally have the ability to function as a portable hard drive, they’d take over. And they did… even more stunningly that I’d envisioned. Just wish I could have gotten that damn loan when the stock was at $15/ share. D’oh!!

  21. Tram says:

    “but the iPhone was certainly being tested internally at that point for a launch the following year in January of 2007.”

    The Macworld iPhone keynote was in January, but it didn’t launch until June.

  22. Jason says:

    Never heard of that espn phone.

  23. OrcinasAdamantos says:

    Ahh the ignorance of the Crapple users will never surprise me. Your phones, are not phones. They are MPC’s , mini personal computers. That simply have a “phone” app built in. The best part is, that Steve Jabs@your wallet managed to sell you all a open ended TAB. And thats what you fail to realize. Society I guess, HAS gotten to that mass level of stupid exploitability. You will buy this device, that has reshaped your minds on “wasting money” Empty and useless unless you get some all mighty “APPS” (what ever happened to programs) to waste your time fiddling with. When you should be working, (if its a map app-) using your brain, (a WTF did they make that for app) doing exactly what you are doing on that POS phone, but on PC. I mean I guess the Yphone’s are cool , if you like blowing money on crap, Liking everything everyone else does(fb) , if you really dont plan on using it as a phone. Serious people use serious devices. I see no pro photographers using a Yphone. I dont see artists plugging into their Yphone/pad/pod’s to perform anywhere or ever. Novelty items. You fell for it. hahhahahahah

    • Bodichita says:

      So you suggest everyone uses a rotary phone instead? Maybe a telegraph wire? Brilliant.

      • OrcinasAdamantos says:

        no a phone to make phone calls.

        how smart is it buying a phone, to write letters with -.-

      • OrcinasAdamantos says:

        And yes, I would recommend people to use both of your above mentioned methods. I bet 99% of the people who would attempt to do so would have to google directions on how to do those simple tasks. Obviously you dont get it. You cant make things that were never hard in the first place, easier. People dont know how to say, open a Thomas guide and get to where they need to go. People cant even TALK to people because they are too busy texting, writing messages from a phone, a device which you verbally communicate with another participating party. A picture? Youl never see a professional photographer say “hold on I gotta take this pic, and I cant do it while aim talking to you” No, they will have a REAL camera for that. I guess if you have nothing at all its ok for games. Well, no I have a Vita, and 2 PSP’s got that beat. Maybe I want to un learn my dont touch the HD display etiquette.

        • Nigel says:

          Yes, all those things individually are better than the equivalent feature in a smart phone.

          However, when you go out would you rather take your street guide, camera, computer, portable game device and phone in a bag or just slip a smart phone in your pocket? I find a smart phone is just so much more convenient now.

          • OrcinasAdamantos says:

            Yes I do, a PSP, or my vita, has its own battery. My phone, has its own battery. My camera has its own battery. Not to mention their own memory. And the ability to use them all at once. As for directions, I look up where Im going before hand, and I am from “the old school” I have the rare ability to figure things out for myself. I don have to resort to asking “HAL” . Its like this, if having everything in one is great, why didnt the TVCR/TVDVD/TVBR take off? Because anyone with a individual identity, wants to pick their own components. That way of thinking has sadly changed. People will swallow anything that is thrown on a plate before them. Except, for me. (and remember, every time we set foot out side our houses, and get away from cyberspace, its an opportunity to actually connect with REAL people. So I dont need to have all of those entertainment options with me) I prefer to socialize whilst in society.

    • @OrcinasAdamantos – You obviously live under a rock.

      • Ash says:

        To quote OrcinasAdamantos
        “I prefer to socialize whilst in society.”

        Yeah well keep working at it buddy, you’re not that good at it.
        You would be the worst guest/friend I can imagine. I can imagine you just criticise everyone for not being the same as you. Talk about a superiority complex. Which ironically is your problem with Jobs.

        And talk about a circular self contradicting argument.

        I quote “Youl never see a professional photographer say “hold on I gotta take this pic, and I cant do it while aim talking to you””

        Yet you also say “my PSP, or my vita..My phone… My camera… And the ability to use them all at once.”

        Also, just a plain insult, is that your real name, or are you really that pretentious.

    • Leott says:

      Please sir, teach us how you got to be so enlightened that you feel purchasing multiple devices makes you far more advanced than society which, according to you, has obtained a mass level of stupid exploit-ability through purchasing one device to full fill their needs.

  24. Bob says:

    Ehh ok… Maybe he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, but that doesn’t make him less of an asshole for behaving that way.

    I think the man was bloody brilliant; I harbor many of his products myself. But it seems like there are always people like him: brilliant, but egotistical. Then again, if he WASN’T this way, we definitely wouldn’t have the sleek, streamlined items we all own by Apple today.

    God rest your soul, Steve.

  25. Nick says:

    He was certainly a man who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. I am currently reading “Steve Jobs”. At times he behaved like a child, crying when he didn’t get his way.

  26. Mike Hunt says:

    And now the douchebag is dead in the ground. The world is a better place for it; now maybe the reality distortion field can dissipate and all these iSlaves can stop eating everything that is shovelled down their throats by the Apple marketing team.

    Just goes to show what an unlikable, antisocial aspie he actually was.

    • Internet Guy says:

      The reality distortion field made people get things done that they thought were impossible. Steve would demand something and if somebody said it wasn’t possible he would give them a deadline and more often than not they would succeed. It may not be the best method of motivation for a lot of people but it worked at Apple.

    • John says:

      You sound like an infinitely more horrible person than Steve Jobs could ever hope to be. Well done. I feel despicable and dirty for even reading your mean-spirited, nasty comment.

      But guess what? Apple will continue to do extremely well without Steve, because he built an incredible company, with an incredible team, and focuses on created extremely useable, innovative, high quality products. Hate-filled, acne riddled basement dwelling loners like you will not change that fact.

  27. ahnch says:

    Look where Samsung is now a couple years later. From Dumbest phone to one of the greatest android on the market. With the S3 just over the horizon, who knows where Samsung is headed.

  28. summer says:

    to me, that just proves that he was a douche. if i was a rich as him, i would certainly also not be afraid of saying whatever i wanted – but i would still have the choice of being a decent guy. stupid idea or not.

  29. I actually think the samsung espn flip phone is stupid..

  30. buckski says:

    fyi Typo: went on to lose $135 million

  31. […] Steve Jobs: “Your phone is the dumbest f***ing idea I have ever heard” ( […]

  32. tuffigirl says:

    Just because he was right (and he certainly couldn’t be sure of that back then) does not give him the right to be such a dick. Guess he never heard of karma… maybe he’ll look into it now that he’s sick and it’s come back to bite him.

    • summer says:

      i guess he didn’t look into it

    • John says:

      What a despicable post. Yeah, SJ got cancer and died a painful death because of ‘karma’ just like all other cancer patients, right? They must have deserved it too because they did something bad once. And all the other people who die of painful diseases. Or of starvation. Or in wars. Or raped. etc. Get out of here with your horse-crap

  33. George Bodenheimer says:

    Who the **** is Steve Jobs?

  34. sports nut says:

    Thanks for censoring my F$&$ word! I guess only Steve Jobs can say the F-word and get away with it. Please hold your editorial to the same standards as your reader comments. Thanks.

    • Matt says:

      Comments containing curse words are automatically prevented from publication for anti-spam reasons, I removed it so the comment would pass the filter.

  35. sports nut says:

    What is the music equivalent of ESPN? RIAA? ESPN phone is like a RIAA phone no? And isn’t iPhone about as close as you can get to an RIAA phone? Meaning, Apple uses DRM + iTunes to control that content licensed to them by RIAA. ESPN is the Sports Content equivalent of RIAA. Granted sports and music are much different forms of content. Nobody tends to watch sporting events over and over like they listen to the same song tracks. But they do subscribe to “Teams” and watch them play new seasons year after year. If Steve things the ESPN content + ESPN Phone was such a bad idea, what does he think RIAA + iPhone is? It’s the same thing, albeit the iPhone is a better execution, but music was also an easier market to succeed in since it isn’t LIVE.
    If George ever meets Jobs again – I hope he has enough balls to break his Jaw.

  36. Nono says:

    If this is the funniest thing you will read all day, you are going to have a very sad day.

  37. anonymous says:

    Steve Jobs on ESPN PHone: “Your phone is the dumbest f***ing idea I have ever heard” and the phone went onto make a loss of $135 million

    contrast that with:

    Steve Ballmer on iPhone in 2007: “IPhone – dont make melaugh” and iPhone is the fastest selling phones in the history of smart phones!!!

    i think that says it all.

    • Charles says:

      ESPN lost way, way, more money on this phone than $135 million. More likely $250 million.

      What of the greatest technology mis-reads of all time.

  38. yos says:

    The king of the douchebags

  39. David says:

    Just more proof that Steve Jobs in a complete douche.

    • BDK says:

      When you personally take a company from death to the most profitable in the world, then you will earn the respect to call him whatever you want. Until then your opinion doesn’t mean anything.

      • Hack says:

        Nah. Steve was a douchebag…a talented douchebag…but a douchebag nonetheless. I have not done anything like what happened at Apple. That doesn’t make my opinion any less worthy.

        Enough already with the canonization of St. Steve. He was a smart guy, a good leader in some ways, and a creator. But was was also quite flawed in his behavior and delusional thinking.

        • John says:

          What the hell was Jobs ‘delusional’ about? Do you even know what that word means? I can’t understand how he would be viewed as delusional (ie. seeing delusions) when he turned out to be right on pretty much everything, even when he was mocked when he was making those decisions. The guy had some rough edges, but I’d take issue with summing him up as a ‘douchebag’, especially after reading the opinions, anecdotes, thoughts of the countless who have known him personally and worked with him.

          • Derek says:

            Let me give you some insight:

            Jobs was delusional in thinking Apple would beat Microsoft.

            There, now you know.

  40. These Comments Suck says:

    Are these comments auto-generated?

  41. S.B. says:

    An excellent time to publish this: just as Samsung’s Galaxy S is outselling the iPhone. Karma IS a harsh mistress.

  42. Me says:

    “when on”?

    You mean “went on”!

  43. Lame Nerdy says:

    What an utterly lame geeknerd humor. Pointless up to a level of total fail.

    You will ruin any date with such boring stuff.

  44. john says:

    sorry, I’m hardly understand the word “epic” means what, can u detail to me

  45. Apo says:

    I did not get it :/ ?

  46. El Barto says:

    Karma is a bitch, just saying..

    Personal experience from when was at the top of his game- you steered clear from Steve when he was leaving the IL campus.

    Sorry man, I’ve seen the cupertino city meetings on the expansion for CC4-5 on homestead road ( remember Glenn, your facilities VP? ).

  47. Dave says:

    I was involved with a couple of exchanges with Steve Jobs in the 1980s; this sure sounds like him. However, rudeness works well when you’re on a great uphill sweep as Apple is now. It didn’t work so well when the company struggled and had to have (shudder) Microsoft help them out. Jobs is hitting on all cylinders now but should learn some manners if for no other reason than to show his own maturity.

    • BeaMeUp says:

      AFAK: The “help” MS gave Apple back then was how they settled a lawsuit Apple had against MS. MS agreed to support Office on the Mac for 5 years, and invested in the Company. They kind of kept that quiet for awhile. That’s the keynote where he uttered the epic phrase about changing the way they think: “For Apple to succeed Microsoft doesn’t have to lose”

    • Gaurav says:

      I’m with you on the manners thing. I don’t care how smart or good at your job you are if you can’t work with other people and be civilized, that’s not okay.

  48. Obey the Noodle says:

    Motorola ROKR.

    Pot, meet your friend the kettle.

    • Azzasigh says:

      Actually ROKR was genius move by Apple ! It was killing 2 birds with 1 stone… It was the perfect example of “This is how NOT to do it!” and kill Motorola’s credibility as well in the process!

  49. fred says:

    Sorry, I’m French and I’m Affraid to understand : “Dumbest f*** idea” : could-you help me (of course not for f*** !). Did steve was CEO of Pixar in 2006 ?


    • Joseph says:

      Yes and Disney bough Pixar with Steve, and Disney also owns ESPN. Steve though ESPN’s phone was a stupid ides, he was right.

  50. Joseph says:

    You mean Disney went on lose $135 million?

    • Joseph says:


      • DERPomine says:

        It’s ok man. Read the article again.

        “DaringFireball also points out that ESPN and Disney WHEN on to lose $135 million on that phone”

        The writer isn’t that great a proof reader hisself.

        Excuse me: “himself”.

  51. bikorchi says:

    Just cracks me up. Man, he got balls to tell him that.

  52. The Dude says:

    Steve Jobs is the coolest genius on the planet. The Dude abides.

    • souffle says:

      This is not Nom, this is bowling, there are RULES!!!!

      • bastion of the highlight says:

        Its ‘nam, and steve jobs is about the furthest person from “the dude” to ever live.

    • samfu says:

      More proof that Steve Jobs is, oops was… a f***ing a**hole. Open your eyes people quit playing tribute to someone who didn’t deserve your admiration. It WAS a good phone and a game changer, but there are far more people out there that deserve your admiration then that f***ing a**hole.

      • im0 says:

        Perhaps if you paid at least a tiny bit of attention and actually read the article, you’d know ESPN and Disney lost $135M on this dumb idea.

        How is this a proof? If anything, your comment proves that you’re an ignorant imbecile – oh sorry most anti-Apple brain deads are like this anyway.

        • Remmik says:

          @im0 LOL You just proved how you are an a-hole just as you defend your a-hole deity by being an a-hole in pubilc (and yes, this is public). Someone goes out of their way to meet you (and he is a top CEO also in a loved organization by the majority of Americans) and you have to act like an a-hole child, spout out crap and leave….yea that is proof. It’s hilarious that you can’t even see that. Also, just because a company loses money on an idea dons’t make it proof that it was a bad idea (Your not even business savvy), Gees.

          • lolwut says:

            Congratulations, you just won the ‘dumbest comment on the internet award’ for August 21st 2012. I’m a Nigerian prince and we have been holding this charity for the less fortunate for years, please contact me ASAP to get you prize money.

            -Nigeria Prince

          • Edu says:

            Mr. Remmik, we are extremely sorry to inform you that, after carefully reviewing all comments, the ‘dumbest comment on the internet award’ has been finally awarded to Mr. lolwut (by himself) the infamous Nigerian prince. This means that Mr. lolwut has won this award, presented by himself, in three consecutive times (the life of the award).

          • Derek says:

            Aw, him wanted iPhone but could only afford the LG. Now him yells at the rain.

            The real definition of an idiot is someone that can’t give credit where it’s due based on personal, uninformed gripes.

            Congrats, and you should definitely take the Nigerian Prince up on his offers. They are suited to your IQ.

      • BDK says:

        Losing $135 million is a game changer? Good phone? If you had worked for me I would have just fired your ass because your business sense sucks.

        • Erroneous says:

          I think samfu just wasn’t eloquent enough. I don’t think samfu meant the ESPN phone. I think he meant “yeah, the iPhone was a game changer, but that doesn’t give Steve Jobs the right to be a total dick to everyone.”

      • BDK says:

        Oh, and you’re proof of why the man is considered a genius.

      • It's True says:

        For Jobs to blurt something like that as the only thing said to someone, yeah it shows him to be a total jerk. For samfu to talk the way he did here, yeah he is a total jerk as well.

    • joef says:

      Steve Jobs is the coolest plagiarist on the Planet.

      He is known as a “tech tweaker”, doesn’t really create anything of substance. just copies other’s ideas.

      Nobody realizes that there is no ‘I’ in Team.

      I have some iMedicine to cure your illness, oops, sorry Steve.

      Guess you won’t be needing it after all.

      • charlotte says:

        “coolest plagiarist on the Planet”

        Well, considering he’s no longer on the planet, do you mean “coolest plagiarist who has ever lived?” Doesn’t Thomas Edison give him a run for his money? I bet they’re in hell now, giggling about f*cking over people with no business savvy…

    • Edu says:

      To which the ESPN guy replied, “LOL, yeah, maybe, but i can always make or buy a better one, but your life will be f***ing shorter and sh***ier than mine, and none on your billions of dollars from your millions of overpriced rounded-corner products will be able to do anyhting about it”

      • Ed says:

        You missed the part where those overpriced, rounded-corner phones changed the face of mobile products.
        Whatever cool phone you have is a mere spawn of Jobs’ iPhone. Jobs hardly led a shi*** life.

        • Charles says:

          Alas Steve is gone the ESPN Exec probably still alive and he probably is a customer of the Android system.If this excerpt is true sounds like Steve might have had a chip on his shoulder & all the gold in the world will not bring him back God rest his soul this coming from an Apple user.I hope Steve was not as rude as this and this is all fabricated.

          • Charles says:

            Let Me add Being an Apple product user I still believe he had a lot to do with the communication revolution,but hope he was not as arrogant as this excerpt makes him out 2 B .Again I never Met Steve But Love My Mac.& my he rest in Peace.

          • Charles says:

            Now that I think about it i’m using the Google system 2 make this comment on my Apple Mac with I believe a Windows operating system made for Mac if I’m not incorrect about the windows thing .my point being We are all a great big Family here on Earth & as the late Rodney King famously said Can’t we all just get along .LOL

          • JD says:

            He was that rude and arrogant. Albeit still a genius.

      • George says:

        In his short life, Steve Jobs changed the way we communicate, do business, and entertain ourselves, not to mention that just looking at an Apple product can make a person’s day just a bit better.
        How many legacies will you leave behind?

      • rolamante says:

        That’s one of those comments you wake up with cancer one day and maybe regret just a little bit.

      • hello says:

        wow, that comment sums up your intelligence in one fell swoop, i feel bad for the people who interact with you on a day to day basis,

      • gb says:

        pfft. you’re such a tool for that comment

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