Things Allowed in Apple Stores: Dates, Dogs, Darth Vader, Goats, Pizza Deliveries [Video]

Jul 26, 2011 - 9 Comments

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Apparently, you can do just about anything in an Apple Store and the employees don’t seem to mind.

To prove this point, a comedian set about pushing the limits of the Apple Stores unspoken “anything goes” policy, and goes about performing a variety of goofy endeavors within an Apple Store. Everything from hosting a date, ordering a pizza, dressing as Darth Vader, and finally, bringing a goat into the store.

Yes, you can bring a goat into the Apple store. Well, at least this guy did, and got away with it. Or it was allowed. Or nobody seemed to care.

Seriously, watch the video below. It’s quite amusing:

Yes this is a pretty stupid video but it’s an entertaining find from MacRumors. So have a little fun, get a laugh and watch the goofy stuff. Anything goes! Well, not quite anything…

Note this post has been updated to include a YouTube embed above. The original video embed is below, which is not necessarily working for all users to watch since it requires Flash:

Have fun and enjoy the goofy videos and stunts. And hey, try your own if you want to…


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  1. […] much context, so it could be a pre-Halloween costume or just some sort of prank to further test the limits of Apple Store policy, but the picture was taken about a week ago by James Nord, who uploaded it to […]

  2. Alex says:

    Trust me, in smaller stores like the one I have near me, you’d get kicked out so fast if you took a goat in there :P

  3. PsychoX says:

    If a goat is a Mac it is also a PC.

  4. Justin says:

    Mark: You sure that’s his wife @@?
    Anyway, this man is just brave :P
    Why not trying to hold a wedding in the apple store XD

  5. Mark Kalan says:

    Very funny. And for a nerd he’s got a hot wife!

  6. lumis says:

    better yet watch this video with no sound. the guy looks real pissed

  7. James says:

    Too funny! I hope this inspires a bunch of YouTube videos to see what else people can pull off. Just remember – safety first! :)

  8. BambooJackson says:

    I laughed so hard when he asked if the goat was a mac or a pc and then proceeded to carry him out. Classic!!

  9. Vernus says:

    Eating lunch in the Apple Store would save time… hmm!

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