Organize iOS Apps by Actions Instead of Categories

Jan 23, 2012 - 15 Comments

Arrange icons by action rather than categories

Can’t remember what folder you stuffed that iOS app into? If you have a ton of apps on your iPhone or iPad, try rearranging them all by their actions (or by verbs), rather than by the apps category.

Although you’ll have to do this manually by moving apps around and renaming or creating folders yourself, it’s actually more intuitive and it’s easier to find things based on what they help you to do rather than some rough categorization that isn’t always the most descriptive. You could go beyond iOS and do this with OS X Lion’s LaunchPad as well, but the larger Mac screens and optional nature of Launchpad seem to make folders much less necessary there.

Great little tip idea from @ginatrapani on Flickr

Arrange iOS Apps by Verb


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  1. pacoj says:

    You only have this problem on a cluttered sluggist OS like the one iPhone has. It’s so simple its disgusting.

  2. chlamydomonas says:

    Interesting approach. Where may I find the wallpaper as used above?

  3. MuTz777 says:

    This task will be much much easier if you simply connect your iDevice to iTunes and then move over to the Apps tab. You can re-arrange, create folders, delete apps, etc from there…

    The most useful thing I found in that is the fact that you can even re-arrange pages/screens. i.e. you can bring the 3rd screen before the 2nd andd then all your apps on the 2nd and 3rd screen will simply swap their places…


  4. Ogulcan says:

    Why Newsstand is not delete-able Apple, WHY??

  5. sblowes says:

    NETSHARE in Set Up!!!

  6. pweasel says:

    talking of uses, anyone know of an app that allows me to modify images? i kinda play a lot of RPG and it’s very useful to have the map of the land and mark the sites i’ve already looted. like fingerpainting over the map of Oblivion.

  7. Voltron T2 says:

    This is exactly what I do! I love only having one or two pages on my iPhone/iPad.

  8. AJ says:

    I’ve found that as soon as I put something into a Folder I stop using it. I only have one now and it’s a virtual “Lost and Found” archive on the second page of my iPad screen that gets use once a month or so at most.

  9. Tim says:

    I don’t understand the app clutter problem, but then again I also don’t install all the garbage most people litter their iPhones with. How many apps do you really need to send an email, take a picture, or write a note?

    • Tom says:

      If you only need to send an email, take a picture, or write a note, you don’t need an iPhone, you need an old Nokia phone from 2006. XD

  10. 911 says:

    F*cking Newsstand.

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