Redesigned MacBook Pro Lineup to be Revealed This Year?

Feb 10, 2012 - 8 Comments

MacBook Pro Lineup in 2012 maybe

The entire MacBook Pro lineup will be redesigned “radically” this year to more closely resemble the MacBook Air, according to a new report from AppleInsider. Citing a source who says “they’re all going to look like MacBook Airs,” AppleInsider also suggests the MacBook Pro 15″ will likely be the first of the bunch to be redesigned, and will feature the removal of older technologies like the traditional hard disk drive and optical drives, in favor of digital distribution and SSD drives.

Assuming the latest report lines up with past rumors and reports, here is what we could possibly see from a refreshed MacBook Pro line this year:

  • Thin and light MacBook Air inspired design
  • Dual Core & Quad Core Ivy Bridge CPU’s with speeds up to 2.9GHz
  • An ultra high resolution display at 2880×1800
  • SSD drive to replace the traditional hard drives
  • Removal of the optical drive
  • Longer battery life
  • Emphasis on digital distribution for software installation

Taiwanese trade publication Digitimes previously suggested that a new MacBook Pro (or Air) 15″ model may come in March, which would coincide nicely with the iPad 3 rollout. If the suspected high resolution display was included, it would also help to resolve the issue of designing for a retina iPad resolution on the currently smaller screen resolutions offered with Mac laptops.


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  1. Stewart says:

    I actually don’t mine having the optical drive on my MacBook Air – I have an USB drive and not sure if speed is issue – all they have to do if so is make a Thunderbolt drive – hopefully Blu-ray.

    I am looking for this computer a lot. Less moving parts – I do understand why they might solder the memory to motherboard but it would be nice to have option for additional memory.

    One of the nice things about mac book air is there no user upgradable parts on it – that means it last – it two years old and no different then when I first got – excepted for Lion.

  2. Heleno Paiva says:

    you guys really believe it would be interesting to release a line of notebooks where there is no Optic drive at all?
    A LOT OF PEOPLE still rely on optic discs for several different activities.
    the optic disk drive is the only reason why i bought a MBP instead of a MBA.
    there is no logic at all in lauching a MBP that has no DVD drive.
    maybe apple will finally leap into the second decade of 21st century and we will see a MBP with bluray drive. this is completely related to the so called ‘retina display’ they are talking about!

  3. icebreaker says:

    Make the SSD at least 240gb and keep the optical drive, else you could just as well upgrade the MacBook Air line. People buy the MacBook Pro for a reason.

  4. Dan says:

    A lot of people, including me, use a MBP instead of desktop. I don’t have space for an iMac. I chose a MBP because, combined with my NAS, it’s as good as a desktop.
    I want the DVD. There’s no troubleshooting substitute for booting from the SL DVD for some things. (No, the Lion USB doesn’t have some of those options)
    I need the Ethernet option for when I’m transferring GBs of projects to the NAS, or downloading OSX updates. Unless this comes with USB3 and the ethernet dongle gets upgrades too, then that’s slower than ethernet.
    I’ll be pretty upset if there’s no suitable upgrade path when time comes to refresh my MBP.

  5. Marc_UK says:

    I will just get one of these new Macbook Pro clones, i need DVD, decent HD, metal construction,backlit k/b. it’ll prob come with Win7 on, but i’ll trash that rapido, and put a KDE based Linux on. Mac OS isn’t anything i’ll miss. Happy Days. I Hate this trend of hiding features in GUI’s and Apple are dumbing down hardware now too ? – i’ll be off like a shot

  6. Essam says:

    Frankly, the reason I didn’t buy an Air is because I *want* the DVD drive. Plus SSD drives in the capacity I got (750gb) are ridiculously expensive.

  7. Joseph says:

    I’m waiting for the next 17inch macbook pro please :)

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